Monday, October 10, 2016


by Madonna David 

KUWAIT, OCT 10, 2016: The Salmiya Parish Youth (SPY) invited all the Catholic youth in Kuwait to celebrate the eleventh birthday of their youth group at their parish, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus on October 6.

The evening began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Father Derek Misquitta followed by an hour of Praise and Worship in co-ordination with God's Love Community, a Charismatic group of the parish. The event was organised to bring the Catholic youth of Kuwait together for an enjoyable evening of faith, service, formation and fellowship.  

The theme chosen for the event was, 'Our Lord is Praise-Worthy.' The group praised and thanked God for granting them more than what they deserved. They thanked God for all the wonders He is working in and through them. They experienced an outpouring of God's love in the Spirit through His Word: Ask and it will be Given to you, Seek and you shall Find, Knock and the Door will be Opened to you.  

Jayson Serrao, a youth member said, "Little deeds of love and selflessness along with joyful praise and worship bore much fruit. The exuberance of the youth truly enriched the hearts and faith of many at the Salmiya parish youth 11th anniversary".

After the Praise and Worship, a fun introductory game session enabled all to get to know each other better; followed by a fellowship meal. Aldrich Fernandes, a youth said, "The spirit of togetherness is what inspired me. Everyone is bound to each other and this helps us unite as one in fellowship with God." 

Rocky D'cruz, another youth added, "It is a wonderful experience! We came to know how God works in mysterious ways to protect youngsters from evil. "

Parish Priest, Father Blany Pinto SDB, Father Xavier Fernandes OFM, in charge of the youth in Kuwait, Father Lionel Braganza SDB, Spiritual Director for SPY and Gaspar Baptista, the youth animator along with the SPY team worked tirelessly for the event.

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