Wednesday, October 12, 2016


by Eustace Fernandes


MUMBAI, OCT 12, 2016: Former American President, Bill Clinton once said, "Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all." In keeping with the theme of Mental health, Bosco Boys Home, Borivli celebrated 'World Mental Health day' on October 20.  The residential boys, technical students and staff were present for the programme. 


Nizamuddin Shah and his team, Jannat Media Work Production in collaboration with Bosco Boys Home students Chetan Nanaware, Sunil Kamble, Arjun Panjge, Vishal Suravanshi and Feroz Khan enacted two stories themed on Mental health. 


The skit raised awareness about Mental Disorder and other pressure related diseases which are hampering the development of all human beings and how as a civilized society, we should come together to help another become fruitful citizens.  

Datta Gade, a social worker from Bosco Boys Home explained the statistics of the people suffering from mental disorder. Statistics show that almost 45 crore of the total of population suffers from mental illness. 


One of the actors, Sunil Kamble - a class 10 student - said, "It was an amazing experience to perform in front of the audience and I was entirely into the character. The skit has made a deep impact on my life."

Another actor, Feroz Khan - studying in class eight – said, "It was my first experience on stage and it has helped me to conquer stage fear and face the crowd." 


Father Solomon Rapol, Rector of Bosco Boys Home, gave the vote of thanks, lauding the efforts of those involved in the production of the skit. He stressed on the need to have 'empathy' toward people suffering from mental illnesses. 

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