Thursday, November 17, 2016


by Swati Patil  


PUNE, NOV 17, 2016: Don Bosco High School and Junior College Yerwada, Pune celebrated Children's Day cum Pet day on November 15.


The students came dressed in their best to witness the special surprise programme prepared for them by their teachers. It began with a prayer service. The Rector, Father Anton D'Souza, addressed and blessed the students.


A variety of entertainment programmes were put up by the teachers like fusion dances, fashion show, songs and a skit. The students appreciated the teachers performances. A student from class eight said, "We were very surprised to see our teachers, not with chalk, not with books or pens but dancing and enjoying onstage."  


To develop a sense of love and care for animals, a Pet Day was also organised. The students brought their pets to school. They walked the ramp with their pets and introduced them to all present. The activity encouraged the youngsters to learn to care for animals and many were inspired to adopt pets.  
Thelma Samson, headmistress of the primary section, said, "I was amazed to  see the young and energetic teachers don the 1970's retro look and to add to the excitement, the pet ramp walk was a hit where we got to see so many different breeds of pets."

The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the Principal, Father Bosco D'Mello. After the programme, the children enjoyed a meal organised by the management.

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Its good to see the children's day with difference.