Tuesday, November 22, 2016


by Sheetal Pereira Fernandes


KUWAIT, NOV 22, 2016: The Salesian Cooperators from Kuwait conducted a one-day Outreach programme for 120 young boys and girls at a farm house - or chalet as they are known in Kuwait - on November 21. 


The seeds were sowed by Father Glenford Lowe earlier in February 2016, on his visit to Kuwait, when he addressed the Salesian Cooperators. While explaining the frame of reference for the Youth Ministry he invited them to organise events which embrace all the four elements – Formation, Spiritual, Physical and Social.


The Salesian Cooperators meticulously prepared for the fun-filled Youth Day, which started with action songs by Edward D'Souza followed by an ice-breaker game Bingo. The coordinators, Francis Sam and Christopher Pereira enriched the youth with various sessions on the theme 'I am precious' and our treasure chest being the Word of God i.e. The Bible. At the end of each session, the youth received bookmarks.  

A skit entitled "Punchinello" enacted by the youngsters and the Salesian Cooperators raised this question for the youth – What are our black spots and how do we overcome them? The theme of the skit was that God has created us and since He never makes mistakes each one is precious. He has gifted all with numerous talents. 

Due to unwarranted and excessive criticism in life, people go on accumulating black spots which makes them think that they are worthless. This eventually deters them from using their talents for the glory of God. "Everyone has a weakness and black spots which can be overcome by keeping God as our guide and mediator," Georgina D'Souza, a Cooperator, said. 


Tele matches and dances kept the youth thoroughly entertained. The day ended with Holy Mass con-celebrated by Father Franco Pereira and Father Blany Pinto. Father Pereira, emphasised that we can get rid of our black spots through Holy Scripture, Holy Mass and the Sacraments. In his homily, Father Pinto spoke about the black spots in his life and how he overcame them. 


The culmination of all the sessions was the Holy Mass. The youngsters witnessed the removal of the black spots from Punchinello (skit character) after the reception of Holy Communion, thus symbolising the cleansing through Holy Communion.

"It was a wonderful and great experience especially witnessing the Liturgy where I felt that my black spots were fading away as the Lord was inviting me along with the youth to surrender our black spots as each one is precious in his arms," Vincent Rego, a Cooperator, said. Daniel Gomes, a youth said, "I liked every bit of this day and wish we could have this again."

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