Friday, November 25, 2016


by Curie Colaço


KUWAIT, NOV 25, 2016: Around 50 ministry members from St. Therese Parish in Kuwait participated in a yearly recollection entitled "Fill my Cup" aimed at Formation and Spiritual Renewal at Don Bosco School on November 19.


Members are advised to make an annual Recollection, and to ensure that all members take part, the parish organises a recollection thrice a year, so that all the members can choose a convenient date. 


Father Francisco Pereira animated the recollection and led the participants through prayer, meditation, personal reflection and group sharing.

The participants gathered at the venue and were each given a booklet and a coffee mug. Father Pereira then shed light on the deep spiritual journey they were about to begin.


At the recollection, the participants walked along with their respective cups, to six different rooms spread across the venue – each room was intimately connected to a concept namely The Cup of Life, The Open Cup, The Chipped Cup, The Broken cup, The Cup of Compassion and The Cup of Blessing. 


At the end of the recollection, the participants were divided into six groups and asked to revisit the room allocated to them along with their Cups. They then took part in a group activity and shared their experiences with one another based on the theme of that particular room. 

Francis Jayaraj said, "The Cup of Life made me realise that the space within the cup represents the divine presence within myself. I was drawn closer to this loving presence and sensed it permeating my entire being. I felt the enlightenment in silence and tranquility, as God spoke 'I am here'." 


The recollection concluded with Holy Mass. During the offertory, Father Pereira asked the participants to contemplate on their Cups and place their thoughts and worries into the Cup, as they placed it in front of the altar. 


"A truly inspiring, informative and faith-stimulating retreat," Latha Kuruvilla, a participant, said. 

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