Thursday, December 1, 2016


by Sasha D'souza

KUWAIT, DEC 1, 2016: The three-day long course for catechists entitled 'the Vocation of a Catechist' began in the Northern Arabian Vicariate on November 24.

Father Francisco Pereira, assistant parish priest of Saint Therese Church, Salmiya addressed the gathering at the onset. On the first two days, he focused on the General Directory of a Catechist (GDC) that is also called the Passport of a Catechist. The catechists were assigned homework to answer questions that revolved around catechesis. This assignment had to be submitted at the end of the three days.

On the last day Father Pereira focused on the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and on the important tips of how to use it for effective study of faith and when preparing lesson plans. He explained at length how a catechist can incorporate the CCC in the lesson plan so that the students can be well grounded in faith.

"This course has opened my eyes and made me realise how much more there is to learn about the Church and our faith," Joe Colaco, a Catechist, said. "I feel I was lacking in the knowledge of the ultimate purpose of catechesis which is to learn, celebrate, live and pray and teach others to do the same. I now feel reformed in my Catholic faith."

Another Catechist, Maura Rodrigues, added, "I knew earlier that being a catechist is a vocation, but now, was once again strongly reminded about the same. I thank Father Pereira for constantly making us aware of this truth which we often take for granted." 

Father Pereira concluded the three-day course by leaving the catechists with a pointed and an important question, "How many have become priests and nuns from our parish?" The lack of large numbers joining priestly or religious life was as an eye opener and revealed to each present that vocations are an important objective of Catechesis.

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