Monday, December 5, 2016


by Mehtab Shinde


PUNE, DEC 5, 2016: Students and teachers of Pune-based Don Bosco High School attended the international story telling fest, which featured 11 story tellers from across the globe, held at Ishanya Mall on November 19.


The festival was organised by The Sakal group. Students were divided into different stations for different age groups. The kindergarten students got a chance to attend the story telling by Rosemarie Somaiah from Singapore and Jeeva Raghunath, an Indian. They sang songs, made chuckling sounds, mimed the animals during their story telling.

Rosalia Baker and Karen Lee catered to students from standard one to four. They made effective use of puppets, sketches and origami to bring their story alive. Their teacher, Sangeeta, who accompanied the group said, "We as teachers became aware of the new techniques of origami and its use to make story telling more interesting." 


Students from standard five to nine were introduced to Craig Jenkins from the UK and Jum Phanida from Thailand, who guided them into an enthralling experience of story listening. Teacher Dipti said, "I could see the delight on their (students) faces, they were so curious to listen to him and with them even I was enjoyed Craig's rhythm, enactment and humour."

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