Wednesday, December 7, 2016


by BIS Correspondent

MUMBAI, DEC 5, 2016: The National Delegate of the Past Pupil met the Provincial Council at the Don Bosco Institute of Learning, Kurla on November 28.

Thirty three participants from the Andheri, Borivli, Kurla, Matunga and Wadala units, the four Salesian delegates, the National President and Provincial Office bearers gathered to hear the Delegate chalk out a Vision for the Federation at the National and Provincial level. 

Rajeev Mehra, the Provincial Secretary recited the 'Past Pupils' Prayer'. The President of the Federation, Amarr Prabhu welcomed the participants and introduced the new Delegate of the Kurla Unit, Father Cyril DeSouza.

Ketan Gala briefed the gathering about the decisions taken at the National level. Father Vivian D'Souza, the Provincial Delegate, briefed the participants about the forthcoming programmes.

Prabhu, then introduced the Speaker of the day, Father Noel Maddhichetty, the National President. Rajeev Mehra presented a memento on behalf of the Association. Father Maddhichetty then traced out the Vision and Mission Statement that was spelt out at the just concluded Asia-Oceania Congress at East Timor in October 2016.

He also briefed the group about the happenings at the Congress and dwelt at length on the Seven Priorities that were spelt out at the Congress by the World President of the Don Bosco Past Pupil, Michal Hort.

The priorities dwell on Growth and sustainable Structure, the formation and training; GEX (young Past Pupil) promotion; Funding and Fund raising; Family Support; Salesian Family; Communication and External Relationships. He also touched on some of the issues that come up at the National Level of the Association. He spent some time answering the queries of the members. The talk and the interactions were much appreciated by the members.

Prabhu then addressed the gathering on three projects taken up, which include the proposal of having a 'Past Pupils' Day' gathering of all the units in one place on the proposed date January 26. Members finally decided to have the meet on Sunday, April 23, 2017. A core Committee was formed to organise this event.

The Mumbai province had also taken on the task of creating a comprehensive Web site at the National level. Gawli from the Institute, did a short Power Point presentation on the components, and the members expressed their views and gave suggestions to tailor it to the needs of the province and the units as well. It would also take care of the membership enrolment and the I-cards for the Life members.

Prabhu also briefed the gathering about three of the seven priorities the Executive had taken up for the province, viz  a Formation programme in place,  creation of a data base of the members with details at the Provincial and local level; and form and build up the GEX units in each of our local units.

Father D'Souza then spoke of the forthcoming Family Day on the January 8, 2017 and encouraged the members to have the Salesian Family celebration in their units, whereby the different branches of the Salesian Family in the unit, come together in a common celebration.

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