Wednesday, December 7, 2016


by Anita Philip

MUMBAI, DEC 7, 2016: Matunga-based Don Bosco High School is known for its sporting prowess. Now, the institute has excelled in the field of science as well, with a team of young researchers from the institute being selected for a National-level competition for their research work on using Polymer modified vegetable oil for smart industrial lubricants.

The National-level competition will be held in Baramati from December 27 to 30 and the team comprising of Tarun Kripalani, Ashif Mondal, Amog Kairamkonda, Soham Shastri and Nivesh Sharma will vie with 14 other qualifiers for the coveted Science prize. 

There were in all 2200 projects from different districts all over Maharashtra, out of which 68 reached the state level; of these 15 qualified for the National round. Other teams from the institute also excelled in other categories in the state-level competition held at Digras in Yavatmal from November 26 to 28. 

The Juniors Solar team, comprising of Arnav Sawant, Rasesh Bhagat, Swayam Singh, Calvin Rizario and Atharva Shreshtha scored Excellent in their citation report. They focused on optimal utilisation of harnessed solar energy using net-metering.
The Seniors Photo catalyst team, comprising of Don Selvin, Heramb Podar, Varun Alagappan, Atharva Ghadi and Nirnay Korde, also scored Excellent in their citation report. They worked on the degradation of organic dye-waste by using a nano-photo catalyst TiO2. 

The Hydrogen team, comprising of Harsh Kadam, Sahil Dawankar, Suryansh Talukdar, Ahmed Khan and Vansh Chauhan, reached the pre-national stage. They worked on the generation of hydrogen using nano-particles.

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