Tuesday, December 27, 2016


by Cl Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, DEC 27, 2016: Amidst a myriad of bright colours and lit up hearts, the staff and students of Don Bosco, Chhotaudepur began their 27th Annual Sports Day on December 18. 


The year 2016 had many reasons for the school to celebrate. It won prestigious laurels at the state level in the field of sports. Besides, the school also boasts of its students competing at the national level in the field of hockey, football, athletics and target ball. 


The meritorious sportsmen came in procession for a a distance of three kilometres from the town of Chhotaudepur to the school campus. The chief guests for the day, senior coach for the sports department of Chhotaudepur district, Vijay Rathwa and the district sports officer of Chhotaudepur, Laxman Chauhan were welcomed with a Guard of Honour. 


In his speech, Vijay Rathwa spoke about the various scholarships that gifted sportsmen who play for the state can avail of. He promised the granting of a District Level Sports School (DLSS) status to the school in the near future, to which the audience roared jubilantly.


The finals of the track events were conducted after the march past, hoisting of flags and the mass drills. The best sprinters received their medals of honour and certificates. 


This was followed by entertaining games for the teachers, students as well as the parents present. The Valedictory Ceremony  at the end of the programme felicitated the best sportsmen of the school.

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