Thursday, January 19, 2017


by Avril Baptista

MUMBAI, JAN 19, 2017: An Executive Leadership Training Programme for Small Christian Community (SSC) animators, heads, assistant heads of associations and cells was held at Saint Dominic Savio Church, Wadala on January 14 and 15.

Father Savio D'Souza, the parish priest, organised the programme, which was conducted by Melvin Sequeira and Rubin Srontaro from the Office for Lay Collaboration in Ministry (OLCM). 

The sessions were held over the course of two days, for two hours each day. The attendees were divided into four groups with 15 people in each group.

One day one, a session focused on 'team building – Jesus style'. Leadership techniques and how to deal with issues were illustrated by tasks given to each group. Upon the completion of the task, the trainers shared their feedback based on real life scenarios that take place. 

On day two, the emphasis was on acquiring 'my leadership style'. The programme provided tips on how to handle people sensitively, given that at the core those involved were parishioners that dedicated their time to the church as a way of giving back to God. 

Incorporating some of the suggestions will help build a stronger community bonded by the Church, rooted in Christ.

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