Friday, January 20, 2017


by Cleric George Kujur


NASHIK, JAN 20, 2017: Over a hundred people attended the Annual Masters in Philosophy (Mph) Symposium on 'Genesis, Exodus and Revelation: a philosophical understanding on family' at Divyadaan Institute of Philosophy, Nashik on January 14.


The programme began at 2 pm with a short prayer service. This was followed by an introduction of the three speakers, Cleric Kitboklang Tyngkan, Cleric Palla Velankanni Joseph and Cleric Antonysamy Leo Nepolian.


Cleric Tyngkan was the first to present his paper in which he spoke about the origin and roots - Genesis, various definitions, beliefs, theories, basic forms and new forms of family.


Cleric Joseph then gave a philosophical outlook of the family from the seven Isms: Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism, Behaviorisms, Existentialism, Marxism and Post-Modernism. He summed up his paper with two pertinent questions, namely 'Is there a perfect family?' and 'Can the Exodus of the family end?'


Cleric Nepolian then dwelled on 'Revelation: The revelation of philosophy in the understanding of family'. He highlighted the natural law and the principal of finality, i.e. conjugal union and openness to procreation. 


Finally, the symposium ended with time for the audience to raise questions and clarify doubts on the papers presented. 

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