Monday, February 6, 2017


by Datta Gade 


MUMBAI, FEB 6, 2017: Bosco Boys Home organised the annual Inter-NGO Rink Football Tournament on January 9, with nine non-governmental organisations (NGOs) participating at Don Bosco School, Borivli. The aim was networking and to build a good relationship with other NGOs and foster a spirit of sportsmanship among the beneficiaries. 


The competition format was decided in three pool stages, each with three teams. Winners moved on to the next stage to compete with other pool winners. The competition was intense from the start, and many came prepared with coaches and had trained hard prior to the event.

Great teamwork and camaraderie was evident on and off the pitch; and teams that were eliminated stayed back to cheer those that entered the finals.

Leher Foundation won the tournament with Bosco Boys Home taking the runner-up position. Prizes were also awarded to the 'Best Player of the Tournament', the 'Best Goalkeeper' and the 'Top Scorer'.


Father William Falcao, Rector of Don Bosco School was present for the closing ceremony as a chief guest.

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