Wednesday, February 8, 2017


by Ashley Alleluya


KUWAIT, FEB 8, 2017: The Faith and Light community in Kuwait celebrated its 40th anniversary with a programme entitled the 'Feast of Light' on February 3. 


The community, formed over 40 years ago in France, devotes much of its time towards enhancing the lives of persons with special-needs, their families and friends, through prayer, retreat camps, pilgrimages, activities and community service.  


The community has been an active group within the Church, uniting different families of Christian faith. Communities from Alleluya (Kuwait city), Ruha (Abbasiya), Ray of Light (Salmiya), gathered together to make the celebration a special one.


The festivities began with the spiritual guides of each of the Faith and Light communities in Kuwait offering a special Holy Mass, concelebrated by Father Peter Mathew, Father Johnson Nedumpurath and Father Raymond Mtanios, at Saint Therese Church in Salmiya.


The Gospel reading seemed specially addressed to the community members, proclaiming the importance of being the salt and light of the Church. Father Mathew then gave a homily in which he stressed the value of the special-needs person and their importance in our lives as the true salt.

"Everything God created, He saw that it was good. Children are a gift from God.  He has chosen to give you, parents this special gift too, " Father Mathew said. The Holy Eucharist ended with the children of the community singing two songs close to the hearts of the Faith and Light families, 'You're loved by God' and 'Maranatha' to loud cheers and applause. 


After the Eucharistic celebration the communities came together to celebrate with food, dance and music. The children were serenaded by Nibin and Adil, two talented singers and musicians. Singing favourites such as 'Romans 16:19 says' and 'The Lord is my tower', they had everyone in the hall on their feet, shouting out the lyrics and dancing. 

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