Friday, March 3, 2017


by Brother Christopher Nadar


NASHIK, MARCH 3, 2017: The young Salesians of Don Bosco (DB), presently pursuing studies in Philosophy at Diyvadaan, Nashik or undergoing Practical Training in DB institutions, are often invited to focus on the four words of Don Bosco - For you I study! 


Their formation process has always been 'Youth-directed', dwelling often on the façade of an intellectual world. Father Fabio Attard, General Councillor for Youth Ministry, reset the Salesian compass, to embrace the rich Salesian spirit and charism and to relive Don Bosco's pedagogy for the present times. 

The two-day Youth Ministry seminar, from February 24-25, was well attended by all the formators of Divyadaan, 60 students of philosophy and 18 practical trainees.

Father Attard based his sessions on the all-important 'Salesian Youth Ministry: Frame of Reference'.  He invited all to reflect on their present vocational journey and the situation of the young at large. Drawing inspiration from the journey of the Church over the last fifty years and the Salesian response to this ecclesial invitation, he then challenged all to make relevant responses to the young. He focused on three important aspects: pastoral criteria, pastoral choices and pastoral models.  


His sessions were enhanced with his own vast personal experiences from his Salesian life, coupled with his characteristic style of humor. Focusing on the importance of the 'Preventive System', which Don Bosco insisted upon, Father Attard guided the brothers to help them realise the value of this precious gift from Don Bosco.

The brothers in practical training also got an opportunity to share their enriching encounters with the young, not forgetting the problems and challenges they faced in their mission. Father Attard with a rich background in spiritual direction and with his intuitive mind, was able to lead and advice the brothers to grow in pastoral intelligence. He also challenged all the brothers to take up responsibility for this vast mission of Youth Ministry which is the prime vocation for Salesians. 


Adding to the joy of the occasion, during the conclusion, Father Jacob Palaparambil, from the community of Divyadaan, launched his second book entitled 'Expounding the Philosophical Argument of Private Language'. Father Attard released the book. The book promotes Ludwig Wittgenstein's understanding of language which is the synthesis of two of his major works. The brothers then expressed their gratitude to Father Attard through song and dance.


Finally, all the young Salesians committed themselves to keep alive the fire burning in them. "You are the future, today," Father Attard said.

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