Monday, April 3, 2017


by Nevelle Coutinho


MUMBAI, APR 3, 2017: Dance Movement Therapy [DMT] was conducted at Shelter Don Bosco twice a week - on Wednesday's and Thursday's - in the month of March by Rumya Natraj. 

The sessions were full of creative activities involving different types of movements using props like balloons, streamers, colours, stretchable cloth, supported  by instrumental and other abstract music.


Though each activity had a goal and a structure, the boys enjoyed the freedom to move and be themselves. Their active behaviour was acknowledged and appropriately routed through the activities. 


Evident behavioural patterns like using foul language, hitting and kicking each other in anger or playfully were the issues addressed through the sessions using movement activities of various types. In the process, the boys were unknowingly exploring themselves and learning to function as a team. 

At the closure sessions, the boys were educated on how they could implement the learnings from the eight DMT sessions into their daily lives and the purpose of using DMT as an intervention strategy.


"I could actually see the magic of DMT playing here. The boys, though mischievous, were still a pleasure to work with. It was indeed amazing to see them grow through the eight sessions and how they expressed their interest for more. I look forward to being with them again sometime soon, " Natraj said.  

The boys expressed their gratitude by promising to implement what they have learnt in their day-to-day life.

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