Tuesday, April 18, 2017


by Amarr Prabhu


MUMBAI, APR 18, 2017: The 52nd annual function of St Joseph's Industrial Training Institute (SJITI) held on April 2 at the campus, displayed the student's craftsmanship and depth of technical knowledge.  


The Chief Guest, K Nandakumar, CEO of Chemtrlos Ltd, along with Rector Father Colbert Da Silva, inaugurated the exhibition of the projects. The students of each of the ten trades offered at the institute, worked hard to come up with innovative ideas to demonstrate the working models of their exhibits, which they confidently  communicated to the large number of visitors. 

Parents and students from other institutes, prospective trainees, employers scouting for talented technicians - were all present and the euphoria was a great motivator for the students. Preparing for this event itself was a learning process that demanded new ideas, solutions to problems encountered, procuring the right materials, working within a budget and a tight time frame, learning new skills, documentation and strong communication ability. 


The young trainees assisted by their instructors, received praise for the innovative projects on display, especially for being aligned to innovation and automation - the keystones of the industry today. Some noteworthy projects were Teslar Coils, Follow me Robot, Line following Robot, working model of HVAC, working model of Split AC, Air and Electric Horn system, Pneumatic breaking system, Alcohol Breath Analyzer.

The students did not only mean business, they also entertained with their cultural programme. Dances, music, comedy, UV acts were showcased by the boys. It began with the traditional Lezim and the lighting of the lamp. Father Da Silva welcomed the gathering of special invitees, parents and students. He spoke about the inception of St. Joseph's ITI and the proliferation of other institutions at the Don Bosco Center for learning (DBCL) campus. He thanked the parents for their support and cooperation during the year for helping the institute in fulfilling its objective of Educating the young to Life and Livelihood. 

In the annual report, Principal of SJITI, Amarr Prabhu highlighted the achievements of the previous academic year. The chief guest felicitated two instructors who had won awards at all India level competitions. Meritorious students were awarded medals and certificates by the guests-of-honour from various partner organisations. A total of forty students were awarded merit scholarships during the last academic year.


Nandakumar in his address to the gathering complimented the rector, the principal and his team of instructors for their passion in skilling the students. He even offered to partner with SJITI in any way that his organisation could contribute. In his parting message to the students he said, "Hard work, integrity, honesty along with innovation should always be the bedrock to build a successful future."

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