Monday, April 24, 2017


by Ravi D'Silva


KUWAIT, APR 24, 2017: The Holy Father, Pope Francis, in his recent tweet reminds us not to forget the elderly and the sick. To this end, the Extraordinary Ministers for Holy Communion Distribution (EMCD) of the Church of St. Therese of the Child Jesus organised an outreach programme for the sick and homebound - aged 70 years and above - on April 20 at holy Mass. 


Although, on a regular basis the EMCD visit the homes of the sick and homebound parishioners to give them Holy Communion, the outreach was organised so that such parishioners could get out of their homes and meet in the church.

Janet D'Cruz, daughter of a homebound parishioner said, "Thank you EMCD for organising this outreach and I was happy that my mum could come for holy Mass after a long time." Nine parishioners were in attendance with their families. EMCD made transport arrangements too. Before holy Mass, Father Blany Pinto, parish priest said, "The sick, homebound and the elderly are never forgotten by us and are always in our prayers." 


"It was a very touching moment for me when I recollected bringing my mother every Friday morning for Mass previously; after many years the Lord made it possible with the help of the Eucharistic ministers that mummy could partake in the Eucharistic celebration," Annie, the daughter of the elderly Rofina Fernandes said.


Father Francisco Pereira, spiritual director of EMCD was the main celebrant and in his homily said, "The sick, homebound and the elderly have a story to tell of how they have lived a devoted sacramental life and that should be a lesson for us to imitate and draw on the wisdom and discernment of the elderly."   


As a token of love from the EMCD, a statute of Mother Mary, was blessed and gifted to the attendees with the message, 'Silver and gold we have none, but we give you our love, prayers and good wishes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." 

The fellowship that followed was a moving experience for the attendees. Teresa, wife of Everest Fernandes said, "Thank you EMCD for taking this initiative to show care and love to all such people who need nothing other than being accepted by society as they are up to some extent considered as a burden. Everest was happy to be there to attend Mass and had a great experience when all came forward to greet him."                       


The outreach was organised by Eucharistic Ministers: John Fernandes, Aju Simon, Davidson Daniel, Joseph P Joseph and Ravi D'Silva.

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