Wednesday, May 3, 2017


by Samuel John


VADODARA, MAY 3, 2017: Father Anthony Pinto, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco School, Vadodara inaugurated a play park for students on April 29. 

In the presence of the Salesian community, teaching and non-teaching staff, students of the play way section, parents and labourers, the park was blessed and the ribbon cut by a retiring teacher, Marguerite Naidu, who has served the institution for over 23 years.


The campus lost a large part of its open playground, wherein the kids lost their former play park. The new park was completed under the  administration of Father Dominic Martis.

"Don Bosco's love for children is visible here and so we did not the count cost to give the best to our children," Father Pinto said, spelling out the Salesian priority of creating an ideal learning environment for kids. 


The play park added smiles on the faces of the kids who enjoyed their 'first-ride' at the park.