Wednesday, June 14, 2017


by BIS Correspondent
VIRAR, JUNE 14, 2017: The Virar-based Resurrection Youth Movement (RYM) met for their first youth meeting for 2017-18 on June 12 and they were encouraged to maintain a balanced participation in the activities organised by Don Bosco Youth Services and Diocese of Vasai, without neglecting their non-Christian neighbourhood youth members.

The youth welcomed the newly appointed Parish Priest Father Anton D'Souza and Father Ranald Lopes, the assistant parish priest and youth in-charge. Father Lopes enlightened the youth with his address which stressed on the commitment of the youth in helping in the over-all growth of the parish.

The youth were then given an opportunity to express their views, expectations and suggestions for strengthening and stirring the vibrancy for the spread of God's kingdom. They did so and the sensitivity they projected in sharing their concern and love for the neglected was a sign of God's Spirit working through them. The meeting concluded with a pledge to remain united in God's love.