Thursday, June 15, 2017


by Cleric Agnel James


MUMBAI, JUNE 15, 2017: Fifty street children and their parents participated in an awareness programme, on the dangers of child labour, that was organised by Shelter Don Bosco in Matunga, to mark world day against child labour on June 12.


The programme began with an introductory video on the issue of child labour, which was presented by Vijay Jaiswal. A prayer service with a bhajan gave the programme a spiritual touch. Father Pratap Damor then addressed the gathering, highlighting the importance of youth enjoying their childhood. He shared jokes and stated that no one can deprive a child of a childhood.


Jaiswal then had an informative session with videos about the various laws enacted by the government on the subject of children's care and other child-welfare policies. The boys presented a skit on the ill effects of child labour showing the sufferings of children in child labour. Father Roshan spoke to the parents about educating the girls and not keeping them for household chores, which could also be considered as child labour.

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