Tuesday, June 27, 2017


by Lidwina M and Himshweta D


MUMBAI, JUNE 27, 2017: St. Joseph's High School Wadala joined hands with several city-based schools to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, with several yoga enthusiasts coming together at dawn to perform yogic asanas for an hour confirming to the yogic protocol.


Children performed asanas like Uttanpadasana, Pavan muktasan (spine posture), Dhanurasana, Makarasana (prone posture) were done with complete involvement of the mind, body and soul. St. Joseph's has had yoga as part of its physical education programme for the last 25 years. Yoga as per ancient Indian tradition trains the mind and body, increasing agility and the power of imagination. 

The general assembly conducted in the school hall at 8am also had yoga day celebrations as the main part of its programme. A presentation depicting the origin of yoga and its relevance was shown to the assembly that comprised of the staff, students and the school management.

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