Friday, June 30, 2017


by BIS Correspondent


KUWAIT, JUNE 30, 2017: The Salesians in Kuwait invited Father McEnroe Lopez from Don Bosco Matunga to organise a three-week vocation camp for their young boys. Thirty two youngsters signed up for the three-week camp which began on June 25 and will end on July 13. The camp is being held at Don Bosco school from morning to noon. 

The purpose of the camp is primarily to enlighten the participants that one needs to respond to God's call. Those who show a positive disposition towards priestly or religious life will be followed up closely. The sessions are prepared to enable them to grow in self-awareness. This will make them realise their strength and the areas in which they need to grow and develop. 


Each day, one Salesian is invited to share with the youngsters his vocation story. This sharing will inspire them to look into themselves for signs if God is calling them to a religious or priestly life. Daily, after the talk, the children have time to play games which is followed by an audio visual presentation on the life of Don Bosco. 


On the first day, the rector of the community, Father Derrick Misquitta, shared with the youth his vocation story. They were all ears to the rector as he shared his early life as a musician in a beat group, his life as a lawyer and the various people who inspired him to become a Salesian. 


After listening to the rector, Allan D'silva, a participant said, "The most important thing that inspired me from the rector's talk was that all of us have our share of difficulties and problems but we will receive the grace from God to move on."

This was followed by an hour of games on the basketball court which the youngsters enjoyed. After the games, they were led to the audio visual room for a short movie on the life of Don Bosco. Father Lopez then projected a snippet from the movie which highlighted the dream of Don Bosco at the age of nine. The participants were divided into four groups and Father Lopez led them through reflection and discussion on the dream. 


Anson Pereira, a participant said, "I came to know the hardships Don Bosco had to face in his early life as he desired to study to become a priest."

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