Thursday, July 20, 2017


by Father Cedrick Sankul


SAVEDI, JULY 20, 2017: Punctuality, attendance, dangers of watching cartoons, health, hygiene, sports, extra-curriculars and homework were some of the issues addressed at the first Parents Teacher Association (PTA) for Don Bosco Vidhalaya, Savedi in Ahmednagar held on July 15.


Parents of students from kindergarten to standard eight were present at the meeting, which began with a prayer by Father Cedrick Sankul, the principal of the school. Sushmita Padale, a teacher, who anchored the meeting, welcomed the management and the staff along with the parents.


Father Vishwas Pereira, the manager and the rector of the institution, addressed the assembly and urged parents to have self-discipline for their family and to keep their wards away from mobile phones. Father Sankul then highlighted certain issues and issued clarification on doubts like uniform and fees expressed by parents.