Tuesday, July 25, 2017


by Mehtab Shinde


PUNE, JULY 25, 2017: Twenty- seven girls of Don Bosco High School, Pune, attended a career guidance course conducted by the telecom giant Ericsson at Giga Space, Pune on July 21.


An eight-member human resources team of the company led by Pradnya, organised and animated an interactive session on telecommunications, especially for girls to enhance female contribution in the IT field.  They began with dividing the girls in three equal teams with three different colour bands.


The groups were then taken to different stalls to study the working system of Ericsson and other telecommunication companies. Anushka, Atul and Kanika, currently working with the company as engineers, taught the girls about evolution of the concept of generations from 1G to 4G. There were other stalls that touched on the history and innovations of Ericsson.


In the second session, the girls were taken for a short visit to the different floors of the office where they learnt about the different facets of the company.


"It was a wonderful experience, the workspace and their system of working has really impressed me, I always wanted to take science after tenth but now I will ensure that I will take up subjects that are necessary to take up engineering after twelfth," Fatima Shaikh from standard 10, said.


"It's a pleasure sharing our experience with such young enthusiastic girls who are so inquisitive and I am sure soon we will step into 5G when you join us," Rajesh, from Ericsson, said. The students finally departed with goodies and certificates of participation on behalf of Ericsson, Giga Space.

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