Wednesday, July 26, 2017


by Alareen Fernandes 


MUMBAI, JULY 26, 2017: Grandparents are special! In a bid to make the elderly feel that way, Don Bosco High School, Matunga hosted Grandparent's Day for the grandma's and grandpa's of the students of standard one to four in the Bianchi Hall on July 22.


Nearly 300 grandparents attended the special celebration, which began with a welcome song by the boys of standard three and four. This was followed by the lamp ceremony led by the Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes, Head Teacher, Griselda Fernandes and some grandparents.


The school captain, Rudra Shetye, welcomed all the grandparents through a reflective speech. Tiny tots from standard one presented an action song and standard two students performed a graceful dance to keep their grandparents amused. The venue was decorated for the occasion, with the teacher's ensuring the stairways, entrance, stage, backdrop, and invites were all well coordinated. 


"Grandparents are an important part of each person's life and I am very happy to be here on this occasion," Sequeira, a grandparent, said. "I truly appreciate the school for giving us this opportunity to come and enjoy this day. Thank you very much for remembering us," Ravin, another grandparent, added.  

Before the event ended, the grandparents penned their thoughts about the programme, which were displayed on the board for all to read. "At Don Bosco Matunga, we are constantly striving to bring more and more people into our fold, to be a part of our extended family. Grandparents' Day is one such step in this direction," Fernandes, the head teacher, said.

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