Saturday, July 29, 2017


by BIS Correspondent 


MUMBAI, JULY 29, 2017: Around 30 parents of children who frequent Shelter Don Bosco's open shelter attended the monthly meeting on July 27 aimed at encouraging parents in instilling the importance of education in their children.  


The meeting was a part of the monthly meeting that is held for the parents every month to instruct them on pressing issues. Kailash Pawar, principal of Satabdi Solah BMC school was invited to speak to the parents on the occasion. He had an interaction with the parents about the hard work done by the staff in the school and also elaborated on the admission process.


Pawar further spoke about the various requirements expected of the students, including the development a child undergoes because of proper education. Parents were advised about providing a peaceful environment for the children to study well. He encouraged them to send their children to Shelter Don Bosco every day to study.


According to Albert Bhandare, an educator present at the meeting, one of the key reasons for the boys' disinterest in studies is the lack of importance given by their parents to their studies. In order to overcome this issue, it was necessary to instruct the parents on the matter.


Bhandare conducted a session, with the help of a power point presentation, on the ways in which they can help their children in their daily studies. He charted out simple steps for them to follow, like asking them every day what they learnt, asking the child to teach the mother to read or write, giving respect to their books and study materials, making sure they go to school every day, asking the teachers how he is performing in school and being strict with them in matters of studies.


With the help of the saying 'Good behavior is not taught, they are caught', Bhandare requested the parents to be good role models, so that the youth could model themselves. He also asked them to set up parenting goals, which they could achieve in a particular period of time, and work towards achieving them. "It was an eye-opener for me. I am ready to do anything for my son to get educated," a parent said. Other's expressed similar sentiments.

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