Monday, August 21, 2017


by Mehtab Shinde


PUNE, AUG 21, 2017: Eight hundred and forty students from standard five to ten of Don Bosco High School, Pune participated in their first ever Bosco Kala Utsav, which is an exhibition of their talent in arts, fine-arts, languages and literature on August 18.


The institution was divided into various zones, namely the hall, the college basement and first floor. The first zone hosted the fine arts and fun games. The second zone hosted language and literature-based competitions and third zone was the arts zone.


In the first session that began at 8:15am, students from seventh and eighth standard participated in the 'minute to win it' and singing competition. Students from standard nine and ten, participated in english, marathi and hindi elocution, while students from standard five and six put their artistic skills to the test by making bookmarks, sandwiches, rakhis, 3D-greeting cards and painting t-shirts. 


Groups were then rotated in three zones so that they all participated in one art competition and one fine art or language-based competition. In all, the students had 15 art competitions and 19 language, literature and fine-arts based competitions to choose from.


Thirty-two experienced professionals from various fields were invited to judge the competitions. In all 110 individual certificates and 142 certificates for group activities were awarded. 


Felix Michael and Cixen Ohal from standard ten participated in Mock-Rock and received prizes for Best Drummer and Best Entertainer. "Since we have learning difficulties, it is very difficult for us to participate in any non-sport activity.  This is our first prize, ours mothers will be happy to see this," they said.


Sandhya Jadhav, principal of Appasaheb Jadhav School, said,  "We are invited here as judges but believe me we are feeling honoured to witness such a wonderful talent on display, everything is so well organised and each student is involved in some activity or competition."


Programme in-charge Mehtab Shinde alongside her coordinating committee consisting of Vineeta Jadhav, Victoria Dias and Shilpa Shelar spear-headed the event.



by Cleric Jeswin Mastan  


MUMBAI, AUG 21, 2017: Twenty practical trainees of the Salesian province of Mumbai met for their first official annual gathering with a special focus on Value Education and Catechesis for the year 2017- 2018. The theme for the meeting that was held at the Don Bosco Provincial house in Matunga on August 17 and 18, was Journeying and Faith formation. 


The first day commenced with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Father Godfrey D'Souza, the Provincial. Father Savio Silveira, the Vice Provincial, conducted the sessions and urged the participants to make the most of their training period. He helped them evaluate and become aware of themselves. 


Later in the day, Father Silveira dealt with the four dimensions of Salesian youth spirituality, namely, introducing the faith, group and social experience, vocational discernment and the cultural dimension. He further stressed on integrating youth spirituality with the forthcoming Boscoree 2018, which is an all-India gathering of scouts and guides from Salesian schools. 


Father D'Souza, in his address highlighted the importance of Don Bosco's Preventive System of education, which is essentially based on three pillars: reason, religion and loving-kindness. "We need to revisit the preventive system and use this phase of formation in deepening our Salesian identity, mission and work," he said. 


The following day Father Cletus D'Souza, animated the brothers on the theme of journeying with faith formation, which entails a deep nurturing and love for scripture and tradition. He focused on the role of the practical trainees as catechists in the various Salesian institutes.


For the trainees in attendance, it was a time of relaxation, a meeting point of ideas and a learning experience. "The meeting broadened my vision and helped me to look at education to the faith with a newer perspective," Brother Chris Ferreira, a participant, said. 

Saturday, August 19, 2017


by Father Rolvin D'Mello


PUNE, AUG 19, 2017: Forty women from a Self-Help Group (SHG) who participated in a specialised five-day training programme in 'spice making business' and 'phenyl and hand wash production business' were awarded certificates by the Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Chinchwad on August 12.


The main objective of the venture was to empower the women from the slums of Chinchwad by teaching them some skills, which in-turn will help them to earn an extra income for their families. This programme was organised under the aegis of Women Empowerment Project funded by AXA Business Services. 

Kasturba Mahila Khadi Gramodyog Vidyalaya, a registered organisation with Khadi and Village Industries Commission, was the training provider who certified them on the basis of their knowledge and practical tests.


Minal Yadav, corporator – Chinchwad, was the chief guest for the programme, which began at 3pm. The welcome address was given by Lalita Choudhary, project co-ordinator – DBDS, who spoke about the Women Empowerment Project and the need to work for equality and empowerment of women.


Advocate Preeti Sathe also conducted an awareness session on the 'Rights of Women' in which she informed participants about their rights and legal remedies available in case of crimes committed against them and violation of their rights. 


Nagsen Chavan, training co-ordinator – DBDS, shared his knowledge and experience on 'micro-entrepreneurship'. He shared examples of SHG women who are running small businesses after completing their training.


Yadav expressed her joy that women in slums are adding to their skill sets and taking up small business initiatives to empower themselves economically and socially. She also visited the stalls put up at the venue by the SHG women to sell their products like various kinds of spices, liquid soap, phenyl and garments.


"Thanks to Don Bosco who helped me in learning phenyl and liquid soap making. I have already started earning through this business," Pratiba Bansode, a participant, said. Course conductor and senior technical trainer, Ramni Pillay, added, "The participants were very punctual and staff also extended their full co-operation to us."

Friday, August 18, 2017


by Uma Pant


MUMBAI, AUG 18, 2017: Over 60 students from standard 11 and 12 of the Don Bosco Junior College, Borivli had an opportunity to showcase their talents on stage on August 4, at the Talent Hunt Competition organised for them.


The competition gave the students a platform to perform and entertain the students and the staff through the wonderful gifts they are blessed with. 

All the students performed with confidence and grace in the different categories, which included solo singing, solo dancing, group singing, group dancing and mimicry. The competition was organised by Larissa Coelho, the chemistry teacher. "I express my gratitude to all the participants without whom this event would not be a success," Coelho said. 


The judges Priyanka Kale and Darshan Shah - teachers in  junior college - enjoyed being part of the event. "The event was one of its kind and displayed the unique talent present in the children, " Kale said.  "It was a pleasure to be a judge for an event like this. Don Bosco Junior College has got an amazing pool of talent," Shah added.  

"Don Bosco Junior College organises various activities for the students throughout the year and gives students a platform to perform which enhances their confidence, " Nathan Fernandes, a participant said.


by Bento D'Souza 


KARJAT, AUG 18, 2017: On 16th August, 35 trainees of the Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha, Karjat celebrated the 202nd birthday of the founder and Father Don Bosco. 

Four Salesians and eight  staff gathered in the audio visual studio to celebrate the date of birth of Don Bosco. Brother Alex Carvalho gave the introductory words and welcomed the students with theme: Don Bosco hamare sath rah.


The programme began with a song clip, a floral tribute, lighting of the lamp, a half an hour movie on the life of Don Bosco, a speech, song and ended with a prayer.

The three Salesians - Father Monty Rodrigues, Father Jesu Robinson and Father Bento D'Souza then sprinkled rose flower petals  on the icon of Don Bosco and lit the Indian diya. The cake to commemorate the birthday was then  cut by priests.


The Director, Father Rodrigues in his speech said, "Yesterday was the birth of Lord Krishna, today is the birth of our own Krishna named beloved Don Bosco. The 202nd anniversary of Don Bosco is the reason for us being together here.. a family of Salesians and young people," Father Rodrigues said. Salesians of Don Bosco work in 123 countries and in 12 provinces of India. 


Stephen Morias, a foundation course student  said, "The programme was very nice. I enjoyed it." All the students left energised by the memory of a man who laid down his life for the young to live. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


by Mehtab Shinde 


PUNE, AUG 16, 2017: The staff and students of Don Bosco High School, Pune used skits and dances to mark the 70th year of India's Independence on August 15.


Father Michael Bansode, the Rector, was the chief guest and hoisted the National Flag, while the National anthem was sung. Sai Sonawane, a student of standard eight, then delivered the Independence Day speech. Ranraj Kaur, a teacher, from Junior college, melodiously sung "Ae mere watan ke logon..." evoking sentiments towards the Indian soldiers.


Students of standard eight portrayed the contrasting picture of our nation in their skit, which left the audience thinking whether we are truly free. Equally spectacular was the theme-dance by the students that depicted the execution of our freedom fighters.  


"Most of the things that we have seen today are under the title of sacrifice that speaks about our freedom struggle as well. Independence being the fundamental right of every nation, calls for the use of it in the right spirit.  We need to emulate Mahatma Gandhi  as our role model.  We need to uphold the spirit of secularism and respect the preamble of our constitution," Father Bansode said. 


"It was so mesmerising.  For an instance I felt I am actually in the era of Independence. My eyes were welled up," Nayan Rathod, a student of standard 12, said.


by Andrea Gonsalves


MUMBAI, AUG 16, 2017: Students and staff of St. Dominic Savio School, Andheri reflected on the words of Harivanch Bhacchan in his poem entitled, 'Himmath karne valo ki har nahi hoti' during a special assembly marking India's 70th Independence Day on August 15.


Father Brian Moras, the rector and manager of the institution, urged the gathering to listen attentively to the poem in a bid to draw inspiration to reach for greater heights. Alumni, who have achieved success and bought laurels to the institution, were honoured during the course of the assembly.


The parents of Harsh Agarwal – the school topper with 94.4 per cent in the state examinations - were the Guests of Honour and were present alongside Father Moras, Valerie Mascarenhas, the principal, Vice Rector and Administrator Father Shekar Mariadas and Father Mylin Noronha, the vice principal. 


Father Moras hoisted the National flag, while a group of students sang the National Anthem. Father Moras then lauded Agarwal for his accomplishment. "We have decided to felicitate Harsh Agarwal and his dear parents, to show that hard work, sincerity of purpose and the willingness to sacrifice can bear fruit."


"We also felicitate our under 14 football team which were the runners-up in the Subrato Cup football tournament zonal level and the boys who won Tai Chi Event -9th All India Suburban Sub Junior/junior Wu shu Championship, 2017 for their accomplishments."


Mascarenhas and Father Moras honoured the Under-14 football team and coaches Dayanand, Sachin and Tai Chi competitors. Shubham Herale, a current student, then addressed the gathering in Hindi on the issue of corruption, crime and public lynching.


Following the certificate presentation to Agarwal, his parents said, "It was an honour and privilege to be a part of the institution. Children are the focal point of a parent's life, but if there's anything that you can give your child it is time. Every child needs their parents presence, more than gifts."


"Apart from mastering academics, opportunities for adapting to debates, music, dance or sports should not be left unexplored as these are a method of self expression that leads to good communication skills, which lead them with flying colours at their work place."


by Cleric Agnel James 


MUMBAI, AUG 16, 2017: Boys from Shelter Don Bosco participated in a series of games, quizzes and slogan presentations as they brought an end to the month dedicated to Mother Mary on August 13.


The programme began with a Marian hymn and lighting of lamp by Father Pratap Damor and the captains of the four teams. Father Damor, in his address, told the boys that Mother Mary was taking the place of their mother at Shelter and hence they could turn to her in their times of difficulties.

A round of games, such as maze, decoder, word search and picture puzzles followed. The quiz rounds were unique since the questions were on different religions, which were dealt with during the Marian month. The teams then prepared lively slogans on their team names which they presented. 

Team Nehru, under the leadership of Yuvraj Pandey, won the Marian Nite with 450 points. "Our team is the best. Everyone cooperated and worked together as a team, hence we were able to win," Pandey said.


"The programme was very creative and lively, I liked it because children enjoyed it very much," added Father Damor.


by Cleric Justus Mendis


PUNE, AUG 16, 2017: Twenty-five youth from various Pune-based parishes, like Sacred Heart Church- Yerwada, Our Lady of Perpetual Help- Tadiwala, St. Anne's- Solapur Bazar and St. Ignatius Church- Khadki participated in the 'Dialogue Yatra', at Don Bosco Youth Centre in Pune (DBYC) on August 13.


The programme aimed at highlighting the importance of dialogue between diverse groups of people. Marina D'costa, from Mumbai, together with her co-hosts Jacinta David from Khadki and Salesian brothers Bryce Rodrigues and Justus Mendis from Koregaon Park in collaboration with St. Ignatius Church Youth Group, Khadki organised the event.


The yatra began at 11am on the walking plaza bridge of Yerwada, where the youth were briefed about the event. The participants were paired with buddies and given a bucket list to be fulfilled on the streets of Yerwada. The bucket list consisted of tasks like appreciating a person's work, knowing a rickshaw driver, singing a song on the street.


At 12.30pm, they gathered at DBYC and shared their experiences of intentionally making meaningful conversation with the local people of Yerwada. Participants were made aware of the struggles of people on the streets and also the joys and hopes with which they live their daily life.


D'costa, the host, at the end enlightened the group about the value of dialogue through meaningful conversations contrasting to the merely 'Hi-Bye' type of conversations in our families, neighbourhood, parishes and society at large. 


Father Derrick Coutinho, the youth in-charge of Khadki parish, lauded the creative effort of the youth and the team in building meaningful friendships through meaningful conversations.

Monday, August 14, 2017


by Barrington Serrao


MUMBAI, AUG 14, 2017: Don Bosco High School, Matunga, an institution traditionally known for its sporting prowess, lived up to its top billing with the school's under-14 and under-16 footballs team clinching major titles in the year.


In the Under-14 category, Don Bosco trumped Kolhapur, 1-0 in a closely-contested final to bag the Maharashtra state title in Balewadi, Pune on August 12. The win helped the team qualify for the Nationals to be played in Delhi in the coming month.


On August 8, the Under-16 team trounced Campion school, Colaba 3-0 to claim the MSSA Division 1 title at Cooperage stadium. The Under-16 'B' team beat St. Lawrence , Borivli, 2-1 to finish third in the MSSA Division 2 competition.


'This is for you, Leslie Sir' screamed the headlines on the Midday newspaper the following day, alluding to the statement from Manan Dang, captain of the Under-16 A side.


"This win is really special for the whole team as this is our last year. We wanted this win for Leslie sir and the school. We played like one big family through this tournament," Dang said. 


Leslie Machado has coached the institution for 25 years and continues to inspire the youth to produce top-calibre football. 


"Our school teams make the games and the wins look easy – but it is far from the truth. With a growing number of entries of schools – state board, ICSE, CBSE and international – and the increasing competition, our coaches and boys have to put in that extra bit of hard work, training and sacrifice. Commendable work from our coaches Leslie and Pillai, our students, and more so our parents," Father Bernard Fernandes, the Principal, said.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


by Karen Laurie


DELHI, AUG 10, 2017: A census on migrants in India recently estimated that 45.36 crore people migrate to cities in a bid to make a better living. Migrants are not always welcome and struggle to gain a foot-hold in their new environment. Institutions like Bosco Enhancement Services for Tribals (BEST) look to raise the profile of migrants to provide skills to enhance their employability.  


BEST, in the month of July and August, organised the second edition of hockey league exclusively for migrants, which began on July 2 and ended on August 6. Thirty-two teams participated in the tournament which reached its climax, on August 6, with Energetic Club and Milizuli locking horns for top honours in a tightly-contested final at Shivaji stadium in Delhi.


The 2000-odd spectators present at the venue were treated to a contest of high-calibre hockey as both sides attacked and countered in a bid to draw first blood. Milizuli eventually trumped their opponents, via a penalty shoot-out, after both side's drew even 4-4 in regulation time.


"We adivasis have been playing hockey since our childhood. Now, through this yearly tournament we get a chance to continue to play the sport. We look forward to playing it every Sunday during the tournament and practise in playgrounds and parks for the tournament," Dileep Barla, from team Milizuli, who migrated from Jharkhand to Delhi, said.


Delhi NCR edged out Noida to clinch third place in the tournament. Veterans, over the age of 40, also participated in an exhibition match to showcase their skill. The participants, originally from Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Odisha, reside in Delhi.


Father Nobert Xalxo, director of BEST Club spear-headed the campaign of contacting various tribal leaders and urging them to send their teams for the tournament. Social media tools were also used to coordinate logistics for the matches which were held on Sundays. During the course of the tournament, potential youth were identified, who would now be trained through DBTech and other institutions and be prepared for job placements.


"The aim of the tournament is to identify youngsters who we could help get jobs. Also to help the youth to interact and get to know each other. They works through the week, so Sundays- when the tournament is played, they can relax and socalise," Father Xalxo, said.  


"There are two types of migrants. Those that come to study and those that come to work. We focus on those that come to work. We train them and help them with placements and follow up on them. We have placed 30 youth since the first season of the tournament."

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 8, 2017: One hundred and twenty youth hailing from slums in Mumbai participated in 'Dream Big, Achieve BIG', a career-guidance programme organised by the Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) at Don Bosco, Matunga on August 6.


Father Rolvin D'Mello, the executive director of DBDS, while welcoming the youth, mentioned that Don Bosco as a society is committed to the well-being of the youth and especially the under-privileged youth. He further added that DBDS is truly devoted in assisting youth in shaping their future.


Father Glenford Lowe, the Rector of Don Bosco Provincial House highlighted the facilities available at the Matunga campus, meant for the youth – especially for the youth from the slums.  


Three resource persons - Sachin Khedekar, CEO of Chetana Foundation, Akshay Goud, the Director - Guidance Group and Nivedita Kathe, staff, Brain Lorio - covered a wide variety of career-related and personal-growth topics, which included aptitude and interest, steps to career planning, setting career goals, 7D model and preparing for competitive exams. 


Special attention was given to careers in banking and finance sectors and on cracking the Bank Probationary Officers exams of various private and public sector banks.


by Lawrence Vincent


NASHIK, AUG 8, 2017: The Salesian Community of Divyadaan, Nashik dared future generations to dream, despite the odds being stacked against them, by staging a musical 'Boy Choir', a theatre adaptation of a film with the same title, at Divyadaan, Nashik on August 5 and 6.

The musical by Father Jacob Paraparambil, the prefect of studies and Cl Joyston Machado, the brother assistant, centered around a child- a troubled and angry orphan- played by Cleric Soniverus Lygndoh, who ends up at a Boy Choir school after the death of his single mother. Completely out of his element, he then finds himself in a battle of wills with a demanding Choir Master, Anton Carvelle – played by Cleric Arun Mendonca - who recognises a unique talent in the young boy and pushes him to discover his creative heart and soul in music.  

Father Robert Pen, the Rector, had at the onset of the programme, encouraged the audience to dream, just as Don Bosco made his dream come true with the help of Divine Providence. The Divyadaan band also played the musical piece of a popular song, 'Shape of You' and stirred the listeners with their melody.

"The musical is well suited for the present times, especially for us youngsters to keep going with our dreams and to make it happen," Kaitan Lobo, a college-going youth said. Father Paramparambil, the director added, "The musical has met its purpose of presenting the Salesian elements of accompaniment and loving kindness and encouraging the youngsters to follow their dream."


by Father Vishal Lopes


AHMEDNAGAR, AUG 8, 2017: Eighty seven youth from three Salesian parishes, in the Ahmednagar region, namely St. Anne's church, St. Johns' church and Don Bosco church celebrated Friendship day on August 6.


The celebration began with a prayer service animated by the youth of St John's Church, after which Father Thomas welcomed all the youth to the event. Father Vishal Lopes then addressed the youth on the concept of love. He dwelt on the different forms of love, namely causal relationships, true friendships, infatuated love, fraud love and committed love. Father Vishal incorporated elements of music and games to put forth his point.  


The organisers also stressed on the youth making use of various Church social media channels, like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter to find out about the various activities planed at a parish level. The event ended with every youth being given three friendship bands to make new friends.

Monday, August 7, 2017


by Father Bento D'Souza


KARJAT, AUG 7, 2017: Over 50 students and staff of Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha (DBYS), Karjat welcomed newly elected Bishop, Father Allwyn D'Silva, as he made his first pastoral visit to the institution on August 3.


Bishop D'Silva was accompanied by Father Callistus Fernandes, the parish priest, of the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, Karjat. He was ushered into the institute in procession, with students lining up on either side. In traditional Indian style, an arathi ceremony followed. Being the Bishop in- charge of climate change in South East Asia, he was gifted a potted plant.


Brother Alex Carvalho then introduced the Bishop to the youth and explained his role in shepherding the Christian community to be one flock. The history of the life of the Bishop then followed.


Bishop D'Silva, in his message to the youth said, "Prepare for the future due to the intervention of the Salesians by acquiring a skill that makes you employable." He exhorted the students to be happy and serene in life.


Father Monty Rodrigues, the director, thanked the Bishop, the shepherd for caring for his people and being the animator of the Raigad district. The Bishop then blessed the youth. The visit ended with all going to the chapel. A group photograph brought the first pastoral visit to a close.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


by Amarr Prabhu 


MUMBAI, AUG 3, 2017: Eighty-five alumni attended the annual general body meeting of past pupils, organised by the Don Bosco Mumbai Provincial Federation of Past Pupils at St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri, on July 30.


Father Godfrey D'Souza, the Provincial of Mumbai, was the chief guest for the event and was present alongside Father Diego Nunes, Salesian Family delegate, of Mumbai Province and Ketan Gala, the President of the Indian National Federation of Past Pupils.


The meeting started with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and other members. Wency Pinto led every one into the past pupils prayer. Father Shekar Das, the administrator of the host school, welcomed the gathering. Father D'Souza, in his address, touched on the history of the Federation of Past Pupils. He then dwelt on the seven priorities given by World Confederation of Past Pupil, namely, growth, sustainable structure, formation, training, GEX promotion, financing, fundraising, family support, Salesian family communication and external relations.


Father D'Souza then introduced Father Nunes as the new Salesian Family delegate. Addressing the gathering, Father Nunes then spoke about strengthening the Federation and reaching out to the dormant units. Amarr Prabhu, the President, Mumbai Provincial Federation of Past Pupils, presented the annual report for the year 2016-17, highlighting the visit of Father Noel Maddhichetty, the Salesian Family delegate of South Asia, Father Maria Arokiam, Regional Councillor, South Asia, the formation of the new GEX unit at Bosco Boys, Borivli and the representation of 10 delegates from the province of Mumbai at the 11th East Asia Oceania Congress from October 4 to 8, 2016 at Timor Leste. 


Joseph Gomes tabled the statement of accounts for the financial year. The minutes of the AGM held on July 2016 were read by Rajeev Mehra, the secretary. Father Glen Lowe then spoke in detail about the Boscoree which is slated to be held in Nasik from Dec 30, 2018 to Jan 2, 2019. He said that 5000 scouts and guides would be invited from all over India for the event.


The individual units of Andheri, Borivli, Kurla, Lonavla, Matunga, Nashik, Pune, Vasai, Wadala and Chottaudepur then presented their reports for the year 2016 -2017 and highlighted their plans for the forthcoming year.


Gala then spoke about the national scenario with respect to the functioning of the units. He also mentioned that the National Council was working to revive the Delhi and Goa Federation. New identification cards for life membership were also presented to the audience.


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 3, 2017: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Mumbai organised a Disabilities Awareness programme for over 65 self-help group women residing in the slums of Ashok Nagar, Kurla, Mumbai on July 31.


The workshop was aimed at creating awareness among women about the importance of the different vaccinations for children. Three special guests from Italy, namely Francesco Tagliabue, Erio Bevilacqua and Matteo Zampieri from an Italian organisation, Auxilium India were present at the seminar.


Auxilium India has supported the works of DBDS for last nine years. Father Rolvin D'Mello, executive director – DBDS, in his welcome address highlighted the main objective of the workshop. He thanked Auxilium India for their constant support extended for activities in 26 slum-pockets of Mumbai.


Tagliabue in his short address expressed his great joy in witnessing the programme and he wished all the women a bright future. Following the programme, the guests visited the other works of DBDS in the slums of Mumbai. They visited Sion Koliwada and Wadala. "It was truly phenomenal to see the kind of work done by Don Bosco fathers (priests) in the slums of Mumbai," Bevilacqua said. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


by Marossa Fernandes


MUMBAI, AUG 2, 2017: The staff members of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, alongside staff from Don Bosco International School, attended a seminar on the 'DBWAY' which was conducted by Father Peter Gonsalves in the Bianchi Hall on July 19.


Father Gonsalves used videos, cartoon strips and film clippings from films like 'Taare Zameen Par' and 'Stanley ka Dabba' to put forth his point on educating students with love and compassion. There were group discussions to emphasise how the DBWAY could aid teachers in efficiently dealing with school-related hurdles.

 DBWAY essentially encapsulates Don Bosco's preventative system of education, which is a student-centered education based on a combination of prevention and expression, assisting in the process of self-actualisation and social participation. Don Bosco believed the system helps a teacher build positive rapport with the child and can help a teacher become a nurturing and motivating figure.

"Being good to students doesn't mean we pamper them; you need to be firm with them too. Do not be sarcastic, rude, nor lecture while correcting; be reasonable," Father Gonsalves said.

The teachers also shared their valuable class-management techniques using the preventive and expressive methods of education learnt from their personal experiences. "I always wondered why God sent me to Don Bosco High School, Matunga and today I know the answer and that I am in the right place," Jansi Dharamraj, teacher at Don Bosco High School, said.


Father Crispino D'Souza, Rector of Don Bosco High School, Matunga and Director of Don Bosco International School, Matunga, also shared his experience of changing a child's heart by winning his confidence and trust with love. "If you deal with your problems (with boys) using violence, boys learn that violence is the only way out when they face a problem," he said.


by Andrea Gonsalves 


MUMBAI, AUG 2, 2017: The primary section of St. Dominic Savio High School in Andheri participated in an all-important Fire Drill on August 1 to test the preparedness of students, teachers and administrators and their response to a fire at the premises.  


At 8am, an alarm bell sounded and each class teacher - with her register in hand – made their students stand behind their chairs and guided them – in a single file - out of the school building. No running was permitted as that could lead to panic. The teacher in charge of each class indicated the exit routes to be used and everyone was directed to a predetermined assembly point.


An assembly area, the basketball court in this case, was designated for the students to gather. Once at the assembly area, students were asked to stand according to their roll numbers and the attendance was taken to check if all the children were present at the assembly. Authorities managed to evacuate the school in six minutes.


by Swati Patil


PUNE, AUG 2, 2017: Over 550 parents of students studying in standard one to four, of Don Bosco Primary School, Pune, attended a health awareness programme, animated by Doctor Anuradha Khadilkar, an expert in epidemology and a pediatrician in Jehangir Clinical Development Centre, Pune on July 26.  


Doctor Khadilkar addressed issues like child growth, habits, and introduced a nutritional programme for students between the ages of seven to ten, wherein they would be provided with a nutritional health drink daily for nine months, free of cost. The programme was aimed at fostering the concept of 'continuum of care', which meant offering children fortified malt-based food products to boost their immune system.


Doctor Khadilkar also explained that the nutritional programme would include physical examination of students, monitoring student absenteeism due to illness, dietary couselling to both parents and teachers, blood sampling of students to assess their hemoglobin and protein levels. 

Doctor Khadilkar further added that the test results would be shared with parents. Free consultation and medical advice will also be provided to both the student as well as the parent, while health and nutrition education would be available to the school staff. Finally, she added that special treatment for diabetic students would be provided free of cost.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


by Cleric Agnel James


MUMBAI, AUG 1, 2017: The youth at Matunga-based Shelter Don Bosco like to watch television. This time though they were more eager to tune in as they featured in the audience at the studios of the new comedy show "Drama Company", which was broadcast on Sony Liv on July 24.


The shooting for the show was held in Filmistan Studio, Goregaon West in line with a kidS-special theme. Given the theme, the producers felt it apt to invite children as part of the audience. Thus, the boys from Shelter Don Bosco along with the girls of Anmol NGO were invited.


The youth entered the studio and were impressed with the huge theatrical props on display. Krushna Abhishek, the director of the show, gave all the necessary instructions to the children and asked them to enjoy the show whole heartedly. One of the Shelter boys, George Fernandes, was also asked to aid in the show alongside the host actor.


Many well-known actors like Mithun Chakraborty, Ali Asgar, Dr Sanket Bhosale, Sugandha Mishra, Krushna Abhishek, Sudesh Lehri, Ridhima Pandit, Tanaji, Aru Verma were part of the cast. Since it was a kid's special show, a few budding Bollywood actors, Matin Rey Tangu from the movie Tubelight, Dishita Seghal from the movie Hindi Medium also participated in the show. 


The children were all excited see the celebrities and enjoyed the experience. After the show, the youth were given dinner packets, which they enjoyed on the way back home. 


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 31, 2017: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) Mumbai, organised an awareness workshop on July 27 at the Salesian provincial house in Matunga, for 130 women from the city's slums to help them procure their rights and entitlements from the government.


Pradeep Moon, regional director – Central Government Board - was the main resource person for the seminar and addressed the women about a host of issues. Father Rolvin D'Mello, executive director – DBDS, welcomed the gathering. Matteo, of the Auxilium India Organisation in Italy was also present.


In his opening address, Father D'Mello said, "Women must stand-up and demand their rights and entitlements from the government, because those benefits legitimately belong to them. DBDS will walk that extra mile to assist the women in obtaining these schemes and benefits from the government." 

Moon then spoke about the various women and child-related welfare schemes of the Central and State Government. He also spoke about work, entrepreneurship, and loans. He not only provided information through his presentation and explained procedural formalities, but also enthused the spirit of the marginalised women. 


An open-house question and answer session helped participants clarify their doubts. Surekha Pednekar, the DBDS coordinator, thanked the resource person for his presentation and the participants for their enthusiastic participation.


by Andrea Gonsalves


MUMBAI, AUG 1, 2017: Parents of children studying in the primary section of St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri in Mumbai attended a workshop in Mathemathics on Numeracy at the school premises on July 22.


Class teachers from standard one to four took the parents through a planned a series of hands on activities to help them understand mathematical concepts, to better assist their child at home. The activities included, 'The Harry Potter game' to help children practice multiples of two, three, four and five time tables. They also participated in the "My shoes pizza" which helped them distinguish between various shapes.


In the second session, the teacher's played 'Finding their partners', to revise the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In the session that followed, the teachers engaged parents with the game 'Counting with currency', to practice the skills of counting.  


The last session brought parents together to learn how to do pair and share work. They interacted with each another about the activities conducted at home to promote their child's math skills.