Thursday, September 28, 2017


by Libby Sequeira



KUWAIT, SEP 28, 2017: With a generous attitude of gratitude, the Salesian co-operators of Kuwait organised an 'Appreciation Evening' for nearly 100 altar servers of the St. Therese of Child Jesus Parish in Kuwait on the September 22.


Invitation to Appreciation Day is based on a points system, whereby points are awarded to altar servers for participating/serving at the holy Mass, attending monthly meetings and taking part in the weekly oratory programme organised in the parish. The senior and junior boys have to earn a minimum of 200 and 100 points respectively in a year, to qualify for an invitation. This year 89 altar servers out of 146 received the prestigious invitation. 


The altar servers were commended for their dedicated service to the parish and were awarded certificates, medals and plaques. The Best Altar Boy award went to Ruzario Richard Sequeira who said, "I am very happy to receive the Best Altar Boy award but this was only possible because of the support of all the priests, my co-ordinators and my family members.  I also ask for God's grace to help me to continue to serve Him wherever I may be." 


Leon Fernandes, another altar boy said, "I felt overwhelmed on receiving the medal and certificate. It was a sign of their appreciation for me. I thank them for organising the event for us. I want to continue to serve God."


The children enjoyed the games organised for them and worked hard to gain points for their respective teams. This was followed by a dance session to the music played by DJ Marcus Fernandes. Salesian priests – Fathers Derrick Misquitta, Lionel Braganza, Blany Pinto, Francisco Pereira and Edison Fernandes graced the occasion with their presence. The co-ordinators of the altar servers were also felicitated for their dedication and commitment to training the boys. 

Oswald Aranha, a co-ordinator said, "Being with the youngsters was an enjoyable and a refreshing experience." He was happy to receive a memento in appreciation of his service to the altar servers ministry and thanked the Salesian Co-operators, Kuwait.


The event ended with a vote of thanks and a final blessing by the Parish Priest, Father Blany Pinto- the Spiritual Director of the altar boys.

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