Saturday, March 24, 2018


by Father Dinesh Vasava and Cleric Sachin Tribhuvan

GUJARAT, MAR 23, 2018: Twenty students from N S Patel College, Anand-Gujarat attended a two-day long exposure-cum-training programme on various issues in social work at the Kapadvanj Don Bosco Society (KDBS) campus on March 21 and 22.

Father Mayank Parmar, the manager KDBS and Director DRISTI Don Bosco, animated the initial session of the workshop with a specific focus on the social upliftment that DRISTI engages in the Kapadvanj block of the Kheda district in Gujarat.

Professor Narendra Vasava and Professor Mukesh accompanied the students for the programme. Following the initial discussion with Father Parmar, the students participated in International Women’s Day celebrations on the theme of women’s empowerment with a socially relevant cultural presentation. 

In the post-lunch session, Shailesh Parmar, programme officer - DRISTI Don Bosco, animated a session on the interventions possible for the upliftment of rural poor through relevant social aid programmes. A session on personality development was then conducted by Father Parmar, who invited the students to introspect their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and life values, which are essential to have a purpose, vision and mission as Master of Social Work (MSW) students.

A campfire in the evening, which included action songs, skits, yells and garba was planned and organised by the hostellers at KDBS under the mentorship of Father Dinesh Vasava, Director-AmrutDhara Don Bosco. He also screened socially relevant award winning shorts on environmental sustenance, alcoholism, bonded labour, respecting women, thinking positive and family values for the students.

Father Vasava further animated a short question-discussion based on the film-screening, in which the students expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the inspirational ‘life is beautiful and it is to be used wisely and prudently’ reflection, that will enable them to better their own lives and that of others.

Salesian scholastic, Sachin Tribhuvan, conducted an early-morning spiritual meditation on the second day. The students were grateful for this time of prayer, silence and contemplation. The one thing they cherished the most was the silence which helped them be calm and serene in order to pray and reflect.

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