Saturday, May 12, 2018


by Valerian Rozario
Walvanda, May 12, 2018: The second English summer camp was organised for the tribal students of class seven, eight and nine at Don Bosco Walvanda from May 2 –11, with 90 participants - both boys and girls - in attendance.
The days begun with prayer and meditation. The students had grammar, vocabulary and conversation classes in the morning session. Afternoon sessions consisted of inspirational movies followed by a discussion on the movie.
During the camp students were taken for Vanbhojan, where they were taken to the wilderness and had to cook lunch themselves, after which they were entertained with games and dance. Other activities like computer classes, learning on tabs, games and special programmes were organised after supper.
The camp was planned and organised by Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha under the leadership of Father Anaclete D'mello. The chief coordinators were Brother Bless Rumao, Brother Neville Coutinho and Sebastian Francis with the support of Ankush Valvi, Bhaskar Golwad, Pradeep Ghute, Krushna Shinde, Pushpa Borse and Bharti Waghchaure.
    The third and last camp for this summer will begin on the May 17.

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