Wednesday, January 30, 2019


by Brother Jittin Mathew 

MUMBAI, JANUARY 29, 2019: In an effort to show gratitude for the generosity and sacrifice of their benefactors, the management, staff, and boys of Bosco Boys Home (BBH) organised a ‘Thanksgiving Day’ at Don Bosco School, Borivli on January 26.

The programme began with the Rector of Bosco Boys Home, Father Corlis Gonsalves welcoming the Chief guest Father Solomon Rapol, the Rector of Don Bosco School and Parish, Borivli and the well-wishers.

Father Gonsalves thanked them for their kindness shown towards the boys and invited them to enjoy the show presented by the boys. The boys welcomed everyone present with a freestyle cum hip-hop fusion dance with six songs infused.

The highlight of the day was the musical ‘Armaan Sab Ka’ (everyone’s dreams and desires) performed by the boys. It was a musical play based on the life of an orphan, who grew up on the streets, encountered many helping hands in his life and how after landing in BBH, fulfills his dream (armaan) of attaining happiness and freedom, thereby overcoming his inner struggles.

The play was directed by Nizamuddin Shah and his team from Jannat Media Production. The welcome dance was choreographed by Anup Kashyap and his team from Muskaan foundation. The play was written by Cleric Jittin Mathew.

“It was a wonderful experience for me. It was the first time that I did a musical. The story felt so real because everything I acted on stage, I do every day in Bosco Boys Home,” Om Pendekar, an actor in the musical said.

“Every child has a dream i.e. armaan in his life. He may or may not fulfill it. It is the responsibility of the society to help every child to fulfill his armaan and make his dream a living reality because “Armaan Sab Ka,” Shah, the director of the play said.

 “The musical was really inspiring. It deeply touched and underlined the undercurrents of what goes on in the life of street boys and how they could be helped. It was an educative, emotional comedy-drama with a very important social theme and a Christian message,” Vaneesa Lobo, a benefactor said.

“In fact, it was Deacon D’Souza, who conceptualized and proposed, encouraged and made this musical (his idea) a reality- Armaan Sa Ka!” Father Gonsalves, the Director of BBH, said, adding, “The purpose of organising this event was to thank the benefactors and sponsors who have supported us and also to extend our gratitude to the volunteers who come and render their services and selfless sacrifice.” 

The vote of thanks was given by Deacon Romero D’ Souza, the Perfect of Studies. He extended his gratitude to all who were present for the musical play and invited each of them to spend some quality time with the boys whenever they could.

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