Tuesday, February 5, 2019


by Christopher Pereira

KUWAIT, FEB 4, 2019: The Salesian Cooperators of Kuwait celebrated the solemnity of the feast of St. John Bosco on the January 31 at St. Therese of Child Jesus Church. The Holy Mass was concelebrated by Father Philip Parakatt, Father Derrick Misquitta, Rector, Father Blany Pinto, parish priest, and Father Francisco Pereira, catechetical director.

Twenty-nine Cooperators renewed their promise while five Aspirants were confirmed as Salesian Cooperators after they pledged themselves to the service of the Salesian cause. In his homily, Father Parakatt reminded all to nurture the spirit of a child to prepare themselves for the kingdom of God and to emulate Don Bosco’s love for children who need love due to poverty, lack of family, societal support or any other reason.

The Aspirants Libby Sequeira, Raymond Rego, Walter D’sa, Lynette D’sa, and Rositta Lawrence prepared themselves for over 18 months to learn, understand and experience the Salesian spirit. They attended various talks and discussions led by the Parish Priest Father Blany Pinto and facilitated by Francis Sam, the spiritual guide of the Cooperators.

The Aspirants were active participants in many activities conducted by the Cooperators like Crossroads – a career guidance programme for class 10 and 12 students, Bridging the Gap – a programme for children and their parents, Thanksgiving Mass for students of class 10 and 12, Children’s Oratory programmes, Altar Servers felicitation, Christmas and Easter Bazars for fund collection, Mama Margaret canteen for Catechism children as part of their journey.

“The Salesian Cooperators inspired me the most to work with youth and the young children. I felt this was my calling to work with them and bring them close to the Church. The Oratory programme is now a part of my mission to serve God through his children and lead by Don Bosco’s example,” Raymond Rego, one of the newly professed Cooperators said.

“It was a wonderful journey all through the 18 months where I was trained in Don Bosco’s ways, in his work and in his realistic and dynamic spirit. I thank God for this vocation which is a path closely tied to maturing in the faith, in a dialogue with God that will last for my entire life,” Libby Sequeira, another newly professed Cooperator said.

“Having taken the promise on the feast of St. Don Bosco, I feel truly blessed to be called to this vocation and am glad to be a part of the Salesian family. I pray that I will always be committed and faithful to my vocation and humbly fulfill my duty of bringing the young closer to Christ and teach them to love and follow Jesus always,” Rositta Lawrence, a newly professed Cooperator said.

“It is truly a blessing to be a part of the Salesian family. After the pledge, we feel all the more committed and thus shall dedicate ourselves for the service of the young, ” Walter and Lynette D’sa, added.

The Cooperators – both new and experienced - expressed their gratitude to Fathers Blany Pinto and Derrick Misquitta, as well as to Francis Sam, the spiritual guide for enriching them with a wealth of knowledge about Salesian values, motto, and mission. With a fellowship after Holy Mass, the new Cooperators received a warm welcome into the family of the Salesian Cooperators.


Joaquim Fernandes said...

Congratulations to all the Salesian Cooperators. May Don Bosco guide you to serve the young with joy and love. Viva Don Bosco.

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