Monday, April 29, 2019


by Pamela Veigas, Smitha Suvarna and Gail Timmins

KUWAIT, APRIL 29, 2019: On Good Friday, the Liturgical Ministry Commission (LMC) along with the youth of St. Thèrese of the Child Jesus parish animated the Meditation on the Passion and love of Christ themed, ‘He Died for Me’, under the guidance of the Spiritual Director Father Francisco Pereira and Kenneth Remedios. 

The youth enacted seven characters of the Passion story of Jesus presenting their experiences as they walked down the Via Dolorosa and portrayed those momentous events of Jesus’ Passion and Death.

The torment of Judas Iscariot, the hesitant decision of Pontius Pilate, the bewilderment of Barabbas, the wondering gratitude of the thief on the Cross, the change of heart of the Centurion, the love and shame of Simon Peter, and the indescribable sorrow and acceptance of God’s will by Jesus’ Mother Mary were portrayed. 

In the second part, following Jesus’ exhortation, example and considering that Good Friday is the first day of the Divine Mercy Novena, those present were invited to offer the pain of their personal crosses for the good of others as the Divine Mercy Chaplet was sung and prayed for different intentions.

Finally, the attendees were encouraged to contemplate Christ on the Cross, by surrendering their own personal crosses at His feet.  Earlier when people walked in for the Meditation, each one was presented with a small wooden cross with the words: ‘He Died for Me’ printed on one side and ‘I live for Him’ inscribed on the other side of the cross. 

After a prayer of personal surrender, those present were invited to unburden themselves by coming forward and touching their small wooden crosses to the big cross displayed in the hall to draw healing and grace.

Many of those present were deeply touched. The youth were convincing in their enactment of the different characters, some were touched by Judas, others by Pilate, some by Mary, and so on.   

“The script and presentation were very good and the content was spiritually nourishing. The Cross which was the focus of the meditation will surely help us to carry our own cross,” Father Blany Pinto, the parish priest said.

 “The meditation was simply awesome," a parishioner said. “It was too good and enacted beautifully, ” a Lector added.


by Brother Akhil Abraham
MUMBAI, APRIL 29, 2019: Over 100 youth participated in prayer-filled leadership camps that were organised by Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga at Boscowadi Uttan. A Youth Pasch was held at Don Bosco Lonavla in the month of April too.

The first leadership camp for the seniors was held from April 3 to 6, with 55 participants in attendance. The second leadership camp for the juniors was held from April 10 to 13, with 58 boys in attendance at Uttan.

The camps focused on helping youngsters to discover their leadership potential and to learn teamwork. This was done through sessions, workshops, group presentations, competitions, and animated games.

Time was reserved daily for spiritual growth. Well animated Holy Eucharists, Rosaries and morning meditations offered a taste of Salesian Youth Spirituality to the youngsters.

Father McEnroe Lopes, Father Leon Rodriques, Brothers Akhil, and Gaurav were the Salesian animators along with outgoing standard 12 aspirants of Don Bosco Lonavla, who volunteered to ensure that the camps go on smoothly.

To enkindle their faith and find meaning in the events of the Paschal Mystery, 29 post-secondary and working youth also gathered together at Don Bosco Lonavla for a Salesian Youth Pasch from April 17 to 21.

There were various sessions, moments of prayer, and intense discussions on topics like suffering, death, and the new life which made them reflect on their lives and how they need to grow in their love for Jesus.

On interviewing a few, the Exodus journey and the labyrinth prayer garden were two defining moments that helped the youth to get in touch with their inner selves and enabled them to look at life differently. The camps are meant to offer holistic formation to the youth and to help them discover their talents, potential, and grow in devotion.  


by Cleric Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes
MUMBAI, APRIL 29, 2019: Thirty-five boys and five staff from Bosco Boys Home (BBH), Borivli, participated in a special half-day Praise and Worship conducted by Father Allywn Misquitta on April 24.
Harry Menezes, a parishioner from Don Bosco parish, Borivli, assisted Father Misquitta in the service. The theme of the day was to highlight the meaning of moral ethics.
At the onset, Father Corlis Gonsalves, the Rector of BBH, thanked and welcomed Father Misquitta and Menezes for having agreed to spend their time with the boys and helping them understand the basic importance of cultivating good habits and shunning away from bad habits.
The programme was separated into two parts. The first session focused on the theme, 'Jeevan ke Mulya for a healthy life' Nyan Indrya - Sense of perception. In this session, five important points were focused upon namely: eyes-aankh, ears- kaan, nose-naak, taste-swaad, and touch- sparsh.
The boys were told how these sensory organs are connected to five important aspects of their life: chith, mann, vichar, utthchar, and karya. Then they were introduced to the five Karm Indrya (action performers): tongue, hands, legs, genitals, and rectum.
The second session highlighted the moral values of being sensitive to friends (savandsheeltaa), importance of punctuality (samai kee pabandi), neatness (saaf sutraa), how one must inculcate scientific attitude (vidyanik manodhristi), courteousness (vinaytaa), dignity of labour (shram ki maryada), equality (samanta), religious intolerance (dharmik shahenseelta), deshbhakti (patriotism), rastriy ekta (national integration).
“In today’s situation, all are besieged with these above values. If a person succeeds in mastering these core values he will manage to control his life but in reality, it is very difficult,” Father Misquitta said. Menezes stressed on the harmful impact of bad values in the society which is affecting today’s age group.
In the interactive session, the boys were encouraged to share their knowledge of moral values. Few boys came forward to share their testimony on how they had overcome various vices which curtail their personal growth.
“It was a very beautiful and prayerful session. I experienced a calm and peaceful feeling. I understood that I have to be far from bad habits because it will slowly destroy me. I have to cultivate and practice good values and habits,” Krishna Sharma, from standard six, said.
“Father Misquitta focused on being liberated from all vices, which becomes an obstacle in our connection with God. The session was made eye-catching with praise and worship songs at the background by Mr. Menezes,” Eustace Fernandes, BBH staff said.
At the end of his talk, Father Misquitta requested all the youth to stay away from vices and to live a healthy life and become responsible citizens of the society.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


by Cleric Jittin Mathew 
 MUMBAI, APRIL 23, 2019: The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) joined forces with Bosco Boys Home (BBH) Borivli to train students and to impart practical experience in the sector of youth at risk and children in need of care and protection. 
Two first-year students pursuing a Master in Social Work (MSW) degree from TISS, namely Paul Mung Ja and Mugdha Cheemakurthy were inducted into BBH as part of their fieldwork training. They were placed at the institution under the supervision of  Trupti Karkera and Dr. Poonam Gulalia,  the field coordinator from TISS School of Social Work. Datta Gade represented the social work sector of BBH.
“TISS was established in 1936 as the Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work. Since its inception, the vision of TISS has been to be an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge,” Gade said.
“It was a nice initiative to have these students do their fieldwork at BBH which is mainly an orphanage for boys from the street, children of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs), children from difficult backgrounds, and those in conflict with law situations, ” Karkera said.
“The students were placed for fieldwork for two semesters. The first semester consisting of July to September and the next from November to February.” 
Cheemakurthy, while describing her experience at BBH, said, “It a learning experience. We were involved in lots of activities like case studies of individual boys, group session, therapy session for boys on education, health and hygiene, discipline and personality development, outreach programmes, school visits, documentation, exposure visits, case filing, and teaching but the highlight was the Bal Mela of which we were part of the animating group.”
Mung Ja shared a similar sentiment, “We had this time to apply all that we learned in theory into practice. We had lots of fun but also some moments when we were tested to our limits by the boys. I really enjoyed my time here at BBH taking sessions on topics like Human knot, Free Art, non- verbal and non- violent communications. I believe that BBH strongly believes in breaking the cycle of creating a second generation of marginalized people by proving opportunities to the young to experience a broad range of innovative and educational activities.”

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


by Cleric Jittin Mathew 
MUMBAI, APRIL 22, 2019: A tree plantation campaign was held by Bhumi, a youth-led non-profit organisation, on the occasion of Earth Day on April 21 at Bosco Boys Home (BBH), Borivli. 23 volunteers from Bhumi together with over 30 children from grade five to eight from BBH participated in the campaign.  

Before commencing with the planting, the volunteers ensured that the kids were aware of the process of the growth of a tree and the importance of Earth Day celebrated on April 22 worldwide. There were around 65 different saplings like neem, mango, tomato, chilies, coconut planted by the boys with the help of the volunteers.

“Different teams of volunteers and children took up various activities like shoveling and digging, getting the saplings out of their bags, placing it in the pit, and then watering it. The kids knew just how tenderly to handle the delicate flower plants. Throughout the campaign, the kids were supervised by the volunteers,"  Sanket Mendon, the coordinator of the event, said.

"The main aim of this drive was to spread awareness about the importance of trees and how it helps in restoring the balance of nature. One additional effort taken by the volunteers after the activity was making every two kids choose their favourite plant and ensure that they take complete responsibility for it and nurture it till it grows.”

On behalf of the management of BBH, Deacon Romero D’Souza said, “Great thanks to Bhumi for making the boys know that to plant a tree means to save a life. The campaign was a success as each student and volunteer contributed profoundly.”

After the planting drive, the volunteers organised an hour of animated games for the boys which ended with a dance session. “Trees give us oxygen to breathe and shade to sit and relax. I planted four saplings and I promise to water them regularly,” Prince Chawda, a grade five boy from BBH said.


by Father Leon Cruz
NASHIK, APRIL 22, 2019: Nasik experienced the riches of the first Youth Pasch held at Divyadaan from April 17 - 21.

The Youth Pasch is a popular Salesian spiritual experience conducted for youth, to help them grow in their Catholic faith, from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, through the participation, enacting, and re-living of the crowing events of the life of Jesus Christ: His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

The 14 senior youth who participated went through the traditional Youth Pasch Exodus experience, labyrinth garden, and the empty tomb occurrence. The new elements added to the Youth Pasch of 2019 were sessions on relationship, forgiveness, brokenness, conflict, the Emmaus experience, and learning to imitate the Heart of Christ.

The Youth Pasch provided an opportunity for deep self-introspection and a faith experience for the youth, who participated whole-heartedly and discovered the richness of the Church liturgy.

The Youth Pasch at Divyadaan was organised as a joint collaboration by the youth animators of Divyadaan, Maria Vihar, Salesian Training Institute, and Sacred Heart Training Centre. Father Briston from the Catechetical Centre in Pune also helped with the Youth Pasch.


by Cleric Jittin Mathew

MUMBAI, APRIL 22, 2019: ‘Run, jump, play but do not sin,’ the words of the Salesian Founder, Saint Don Bosco echoed in the hearts and minds of the students of Bosco Boys Home (BBH) Borivli - a Salesian run institution - as they participated in Nakshatra Sports 2019, an annual sports event bringing together over 500 children from shelter homes across Mumbai on April 13.

Held on the HP grounds in the city, the event kicked off with a march- past parade by the participating children, a torch-bearing ceremony, and a dance performance. Thereafter children from 17 shelter homes, including 35 from BBH competed in an array of sporting activities including track and field events like relay, shot put, 100m, 200m, 400m races; outdoor games like rink football, cricket, throwball, Kho-Kho; indoor games like chess, carrom, and badminton.

The BBH children ensured they made a mark by winning several competitions. “Bhumi provided a platform for us to dream, exhibit our talents, and get competitive exposure. It helped us to discover our true potential and dazzle in an atmosphere of healthy competition and enrich ourselves. Thank you Bhumi and continue the good work,” Rahul Kavadia, a participant from BBH said.

Bhumi, the NGO organising the event is a youth volunteer organisation, aimed at contributing to the holistic development of children through the promotion of extra-curricular activities. HP Sampark was a co-sponsor. The chief guests for the evening were Pushp Joshi, Subba Rao, K S Shetty, and Dr. Prahalathan KK, the co-founder of Bhumi. Brother Jittin Mathew and Datta Gade from BBH accompanied the boys.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


by Premila Lewis

KUWAIT, APRIL 17, 2019: Around 120 children of class eight, preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from St. Therese of the Child Jesus Church in Salmiya, Kuwait attended a spiritual retreat on April 12.

Father Francisco Pereira, the Catechetical Director of the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia, conducted the retreat.  He began by explaining the sequence of activities planned for the day – prayer, Bible, Holy Eucharist, and Vine and the branches.

Father Pereira explained the importance of prayer in one’s life, how and why we need to pray, and the different types of prayer. The children were asked to write their own prayer.  Father explained in detail the meaning of the six important statements from The Lord’s Prayer – the Our Father. They were also taught simple ways to pray and what they should keep in mind while praying. A handout was distributed on a variety of techniques of simple prayer.

Then, Father Pereira pointed out the importance of reading the Holy Bible daily. The faithful reading of the Holy Bible will lead to one's formation which will bring about a transformation in one’s life.  The three R’s that will result from daily Bible study is Revelation: of God’s word; Revolution: change in one’s life, Resolution: determination to follow the change.
On the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, Father Pereira emphasised that the Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian Life. He highlighted three points that are essential to maintain a fruitful experience of the Holy Eucharist. The first is preparation which involves fasting one hour before Holy Mass, dressing modestly, reading the Holy Mass readings at home, and arriving in Church at least five minutes before Holy Mass begins.

The second is participation. We are not called to be spectators but are required to participate actively in the prayers, responses, and singing. The third is mission. At the end of Holy Mass, all receive a mission, as they are sent out as representatives of Christ to love and serve God in the community.
 “The retreat got me close to God, and deepened my faith in the Holy Eucharist as it was a very enriching experience of our Christian faith,” Kevin Ralph Crasta, one of the participants said.
The final session by Francis Sam, the catechetical coordinator, was on the Vine and branches. He began by emphasising our need to be connected to Christ who is the Vine. As a branch, we need to remain connected to the Vine through an intimate and personal relationship with Him. God will prune us in various ways through the Sacraments, sufferings, etc in order to transform us.  

Sam explained the three important steps of abiding in Christ: being connected, being dependent, and most importantly, the continuance which is the main characteristic of abiding in the Vine. Candidates were then given cutouts of leaves and fruits to pin to the branches of the Vine as a sign of always being connected to it.
 “It was amazing as I found the retreat very informative.  I felt a sense of personal union with Christ while pinning the leaves and fruits on the vine branches,” Deon Jacqueline D’souza, a participant said.
“I feel truly blessed for having attended this retreat as this will help me to share what I have learned and experienced to the children in a better way,” Ruth Veigas, a catechist said.

A copy of the novena to the Holy Spirit and prayer cards were distributed to the candidates at the end of the retreat exhorting them to pray the novena in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The Retreat concluded with the final blessing by Father Francisco Pereira.


by Ramona Crasto and Donovan Ferrao
KUWAIT, APRIL 16, 2019: To deepen the Lenten spiritual experience, Salmiya Parish Youth (SPY) from St. Therese of the Child Jesus Church, Kuwait, organised an overnight Youth Pasch at Don Bosco school from 8 pm to 8 am on April 14. Around 70 youth from the four parishes of Kuwait attended the Lenten youth retreat titled ‘Youth Pasch 2019’ that took the participants through Christs’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection.
“It is very heartwarming to see weeks of preparation come to fruition in the smiles and tears of the participants. This is one of the most important events of the year. One that calls every young adult during the most important time of our Christian calendar – Lent, to renew their friendship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” Paloma D’sa, SPY animator, said.
The event started off with an introduction, signing of the commitment and welcome by SPY’s Spiritual Director Father Lionel Braganza. Participants were then divided into different groups. Various group discussions based on Bible verses of the three iconic days brought each group closer, as they shared their personal experiences and thoughts with each other. Father Franco Pereira explained the importance of the liturgy of the Paschal Triduum.
Maundy Thursday session began with the youth conducting a skit on one of the most iconic paintings of our time, ‘The Last Supper’. The night then proceeded to the most awaited part where Father Braganza and Father Pereira, with the help of Salesian Cooperators, recreated the Jewish Passover meal as a Catholic resemblance of what Jesus performed at the Last Supper with his disciples. Each plate had the seven food items of the Seder meal, along with four glasses of wine, each representing an important part of the meal. 
The participants then washed and kissed each other’s feet just like Jesus did after the Last Supper. “Staying awake with Jesus was like being one of the apostles who was told to stay awake at Gethsemane. During the washing of the feet, I was least expecting to have to kiss the feet of my group mates. But in fact, it was the most humbling experience one can go through, as it helped me understand a completely different aspect of humility. Overall the experience was beautiful and really helped me better understand the events that took place during the Holy Week,” Roseandro D’costa, said.
Good Friday dawned with a eulogy with different characters that met Jesus on His way to Calvary. “Being a part of something so emotional and heartfelt was beyond words. The idea of a eulogy for Jesus was very new and playing such an important role of Mary changed my perspective towards the Holy Week entirely. It was like standing in her shoes and feeling what she felt at the foot of the Cross,” Freya Saldanha, who played the role of Mother Mary, said.
The youth then set on their way to Calvary by carrying their own crosses and partaking in the Stations of the Cross. Members from each group enacted the importance of carrying crosses by relating it to problems faced by the youth of today. After experiencing the Passion and Death of Christ, many engaged in the Sacrament of Reconciliation through Confession.
Holy Saturday brought about the message of waiting in solemn silence for Christ’s Resurrection. As day broke, pictures of Jesus depicting different emotions in His life’s journey were placed before the crowd and they choose a face of Jesus that spoke to them and shared the reason behind choosing that picture with the group.
The retreat was brought to a close with Holy Mass celebrated by Father Braganza and Father Pereira. SPY continues to inspire the youth through such events and encourages them to participate and be a part of the Church through the youth group.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


by Jittin Mathew 
MUMBAI, APRIL 2, 2019: Bachat Gat Yojana is a project initiated by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for basti women. Under the scheme of Bachat Gat, a group of five to six ladies from a particular basti come together to learn a skill, so as to make an earning through it. As part of many activities to make the city self-reliant and progressive, the BMC through this project helps women to learn and earn their livelihood.

Helping the BMC in this philanthropic and benevolent venture, Bosco Boys Home, (BBH) Borivli collaborated with BMC in its Bachat Gat Yojana project to train basti women of the nearby bastis of Borivli: MHB Colony, LIC Colony, IC Colony, Gorai, Charkop, Chikuwadi, Babhai Naka.

BBH offered their facilities and instructors to train the basti women in the skills of bakery and cookery along with short term courses on soft skills and spoken English this academic year. BBH managed to train 60 women through two batches conducted between the months of December 2018 to March 2019.

Reflecting on the words of Saint John Bosco, ‘Making good and honest citizens’, Father Corlis Gonsalves, the Director of the Institute said, “It is a great initiative undertaken by BMC for the women of our society and we at BBH are very proud to be part of this programme.”

The bakery classes were taught by Baker Rowena Ferreria. “These ladies were so happy to just come here and get away from their daily chores at home. They were very eager to learn new things and also made new friends. I taught them 30 dishes in bakery comprising of cupcakes, cakes, brownies, biscuits, and bread,” Ferreria said.

In the cookery section, the women were trained by Chef Almitra Cheulkar. The women were given recipes of 80 to 85 dishes and were taught to prepare 25 dishes practically. “I always believed that one should learn what will help one in life. That is why I gave them 80 to 85 recipes with the help of which they can start up any catering business. While teaching them I also kept in mind to teach them cost-effective recipes wherein they would not require to invest lots of money for buying expensive things to prepare food,” Chef Cheulkar said.

The project comprised of a demonstration of the dishes and asking the group to prepare and bring the dishes demonstrated the next day they come to class. The women were asked to maintain journals. They were evaluated through practical exams held at the end of the course. They were also taught costing of the food items and how to fix prices of the food before selling it.

It was not all learning and no fun. During the courses, the women made many friends and also celebrated festivals like Makar Sankranti. A farewell party was also organised.

The Bachat Gat Yojana has been introduced by the BMC for women to make them self- reliant, self- sufficient, and to empower them to support their families. “We at BBH tried our best to train these women in such a way that they may start earning for themselves. We intend to train at least 50 and more basti women each year,” Deacon Romero D’Souza, the Principal of the Institute said.

“It was a very enriching experience for me. This was like a breath of fresh air. I got to learn so many new recipes and also made so many friends. The instructors were also very caring and friendly and made us feel comfortable. I thank BMC and BBH for this beautiful and generous help they have offered to us,” Samiksha Darne, a participant of the project said.


by Aditya Amonkar and Aayush Kaudare  

MUMBAI, APRIL 2, 2019: Think hockey. Think Don Bosco, Matunga!

The iconic sky blue colours of the Institution have dominated the school hockey circuit for over three decades. On March 30, with a host of Olympians in its midst, the Matunga-based school inaugurated a Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) approved full-sized astroturf pitch with the hope to develop futu
re generations of hockey acumen. 

Provincial, Father Godfrey D’ Souza, was the chief guest for the opening ceremony. The turf was dedicated to Father Jude D’Mello, the late and former Rector of the Institution. Among the prominent hockey names present at the inauguration ceremony was former India hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay, goalkeeper Adrian D’Souza, Gavin Ferreira, Clarence Lobo, Edgar Mascarenhas Sr, Edgar Mascarenhas Jr, Darryl D’Souza, Yuvraj Walmiki, Rahul Singh, and Girish Pimpale.   

Father D’Souza, in his inaugural address, observed, “This is a tonic to the sport. It’s a great initiative to revive the sport.” Hockey has in the last decade fallen out of favour with the masses of the country, with cricket and racquet sports gaining prominence.

Pillay, who addressed the gathering, sensed winds of change approach, given that the importance of sport is being recognised nationwide. He spoke about the importance of sports in a child’s life and also amplified the importance of a healthy and balanced diet for youth.

The Rector, Father Crispino D'Souza, the chief architect of this project - along with his team of Don Bosco Matunga Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes, and administrator, Father Roy Noronha - proposed the vote of thanks.

A star-studded team - comprising former Olympians – then took centre stage for an exhibition match against the past and present students of the school. With hockey legends Joaquim Carvalho, M Somaya, and Marcellus Gomes in attendance on the dais, the match kicked off with the dramatic countdown from the crowd.

The spectators were treated to some stick wizardry by the hockey stalwarts. Walmiki and Pimpale showed off their athleticism and wowed the crowd.

Moses, an ex-student, starred for Team Bosco as the home team looked to break the ice. Mihir Patil and Faizuddin were among the goal scorers for the Bosco team.

Dhanraj Pillay, the former captain of the Indian National Hockey team and Padma Shree recipient, regaled the spectators with a few tricks and also managed to perplex the Boscoites. Experience triumphed as the men in blue won the pulsating encounter 5-3.

It was a historic moment in the annals of the school’s sporting history and a dream come true for hockey aficionados to rub shoulders with hockey giants.


by Cleric Jittin Mathew and Eula Dsa

MUMBAI, APRIL 1, 2019: The Muskaan Career Guidance camp was conducted for standard 10 and 12  students on March 28 and 29, by Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL) and Sanmitra Trust at Bosco Boscowadi, Uttan, for 29 students, both boy and girls. Students from  Bosco Boys Home (BBH) Borivli participated in the camp.

The resource persons for the camp comprised of National Service Scheme (NSS) Chief, Royal D’Souza from DBCL, counsellors Eula Dsa and Meena Kini, and social and leadership professionals from Sanmitra Trust and BBH.

“The camp offered guidance to children for their future education and careers available in the country today. Many participants explored career opportunities such as pilots, genetic systems, and aeronautics among others. They were also given an overall understanding of what is expected from them academically and socially. The participants were given an opportunity to think innovatively and learn about healthy lifestyles. Tips were shared on developing their personality and making them good leaders,” D’Souza said.

There were also games and outdoor activities through which the participants were helped to learn interpersonal skills and how to work in teams.

It was a joint venture by Sanmitra Trust and the NSS unit of the Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL). The Sanmitra Trust is a volunteer-run organisation by a group of like-minded people with talents in varied fields of life, eager to contribute back to society and is motivated towards organising social service activities. The NSS aims at developing a student's personality through community service.

“It was a very informative and helpful session for us. Now I am clear with what I have to do. I want to join the army. Thanks to the organisers, now I know how to make my application to join the Indian army. I thank u for guiding us through this valuable resource,” Russell Mascarenhas, a participant from BBH said.