by Arpita Macwan
GUJARAT, JUNE 29, 2019: An educational seminar for the staff of the English and Gujarati medium Salesian schools at Dakor were organised by Father Bastin Thomas, the Rector and manger of the Dakor Salesian Society.

All the teachers of English medium and Gujarati medium schools gathered in the school hall. Father Dsouza Lorenzo, the Principal of Gujarati medium school welcomed the teachers to the annual conference given by the Rector.

Father Thomas started the meeting with a prayer. He enlightened the teachers about the three vital pillars of the Don Bosco educational system. To make it more practical for them, he further divided all the teachers in these three groups: Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

The groups shared among them their views on each pillar of Don Bosco’s educational system. Sunil, a teacher of the Gujarati medium school, shared that the art of listening is at the core of Don Bosco’s educational system. Through it alone one can reason, nurture faith, and show loving kindness to students.

Sharma Jayesh, a teacher from the Gujarati medium school opined that there is no discrimination in caste, religion or gender, which is unlikely in the neighbourhood. Celebrating the various religious festivals fosters the value of secularism in the school.

Urval, a teacher from the English medium school mentioned specifically about the open and friendly spirit among the staff and the students. It was noticed that the students easily co-operate with teachers without having any fear.

Father Thomas explained that the service of the teachers is not just doing work but giving the students an experience of God’s love. Saroj Macwan, an English medium teacher said, “It’s when you listen you come close to a child, not when you hear.” The teachers unanimously decided that the art of listening is crucial to the nurturing of each child and in helping them grow and bloom in Don Bosco’s educational system.


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