Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sandhya Jain 
BORIVLI, MARCH 27, 2012: It takes a moment to say 'Hello' but years to say farewell. As the staff and students of the Pre- Primary and Primary Sections bid farewell to our Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes, Rector of Don Bosco High School Borivli, we also felt the same. We were initiated into a solemn prayer. A heart warming and an appreciative address to Rev. Fr. Rector was indeed, lovingly expressed on behalf of all the Boscoites, The students of Std. IV presented a wonderful dance, with their angels so pure, peaceful and pious leaving an imprint, certainly on the minds of Our Rector.
A token of love was given by our School Captain, Mst. Ninad Chaphekar and Mrs. Dorothy Gomes on behalf of the Primary section. The teachers sang a melodious song each one unanimously expressing the fact that we shall miss Fr. Ronnie immensely.
Father Principal, who has learnt a lot from him, expressed that Rev. Fr. Rector has always taught and added to these lines "Love what the children love and the children will love you for it…
Make them feel and tell them they are Loved."
In this techno-savvy world, Fr. Rector in his speech transformed (P.P.T) power point presentation to be more meaningful and value educative. Now our kids know that apart from the computer software, there is a school software of
P – Principal
P – Parents
T – Teachers
who should be obeyed and genuinely respected for their efforts and endeavours.
An album which was painstakingly prepared by Our Headmistress, Mrs. Marina D'Souza has the emotions of the Primary and Pre-Primary teachers put down in words, encased within… A valuable thought encasing with the strings of love tied by our Head-mistress. It was presented by Mrs. Rupali Walwaikar with the entire staff. Mrs. Molita presented a token of appreciation on behalf of the Pre-Primary section.
Fr. Ronnie, we shall miss you immensely,
The Good Morning's and pleasant sunshine,
The stories and enactments,
The claps and anecdotes,
The books and inspiring talks,
Promise us Dear Father to come to Don Bosco soon
For a pleasant, warm and caring walk.

Dear Father you have really left prints on our hearts and we will never find another you.

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SR said...

He died yesterday night dear children.... the best Father and Priest I have ever known :(

Such a big loss for he was such a dear friend to all... not a preacher but a friend.

Father Ronnie, rest is peace, wherever you are.
I will always remember you smiling in my mind's eye :(

Another person whose life you touched,