Saturday, June 29, 2013


By: Fr. Alex Fernandes sdb

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, JUNE 29, 2013: This was my second visit to Rajkot jail. The Prison Ministry of India (PMI) organizes a drawing competition every year on a different subject/topic for all prisoners of India at a national level. The Rajkot prison secured the first place by way of highest participants - eighty in all.

The PMI organized a programme in Rajkot jail on the June 20, 2013 to give away the certificates. The Rajkot Jail Superintendent, Mr. Arul Kumar Vyas made all the necessary arrangements. The chief guest for the day was Mr. Chowdhary - Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and the other guest of honour were Sr. Fulmani LD. the Gujarat State Coordinator for PMI and Fr. Alex Fernandes sdb.

The programme began with lighting of the lamp, followed by welcome of the chief guest with a garland and presenting him with a copy of the Bhagvad Gita. The other guests too were welcomed in the same way.

Then came the giving away of the certificates. During this distribution one could see the eagerness, enthusiasm and joy in every prisoner who came up to receive the certificate. To my great astonishment I saw a man just rolling on the ground and coming toward the stage; when he had reached the stage two other men lifted him and kept him on the stage. The man again started rolling and thus approached the table to receive his certificate. Supporting himself with one hand on the ground he stretched out the other hand to receive the certificate, his face filled with joy and a broad smile. Honestly for a moment I was just paralysed with awe and wonder. I even stopped clapping.

Giving away certificate was done by the chief guest as well as guests of honour.

A special certificate was presented to the Jail Superintendent, Mr. Arul Kumar Vyas by the DCP for his guidance and encouragement given to the prisoners to participate in the Drawing Competition. This was followed by words of thanks and appreciation by Mr. Chodhary DCP. After that Sr. Fulmani gave a message to prisoners and later she was interviewed by the Press.

Then there was a light entertainment programme. Fr. Alex took over with a "Hindustani Clap" Followed by a housie game with attractive prizes that really took all of them by surprise and certainly there was lots of fun and laughter. This was followed by the presentation of a set of forty-five  small story books by Sr. Fulmani for the Jail Library.

Finally, the Jail Superintendent Mr. Arul Kumar Vyas congratulated the prisoners for their whole hearted cooperation and thanked PMI for this great venture. He also recognized and appreciated the healthy support given by PMI. Again Fr. Alex brought the programme to close with a "Rain Clap."

After the programme the Jail Superintendent brought us back to his office namely, Sr.Fulmani and Fr. Alex. We then freely chatted with the Jail Superintendent when Mr. Tamilmani Swamynath a prisoner who lends his services in Jail Superintendent's office served us water and tea.

As we were talking to the Jail Superintendent Mr. Tamilmani came and handed over a pile of his certificates, well laminated to Fr. Alex and Sr. Fulmani to see. Certainly this was something out of the way and our astonishment grew. We went through all his seven certificates and passed them on to the Jail Superintendent. Mr. Tamilmani was standing by the side. We could see on his face simplicity, joy and happiness.

Later the Jail Superintendent praised Mr. Tamilmani saying "This man is always ever ready to do any work. I can just leave this office in his hands. He is the most trustworthy person around here."

Well, all said and done, it was time for us to leave and as we were about to leave the gate, suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder; it was Mr. Tamilmani who put his hand on my right shoulder and his right hand straight on the cross on my shirt and whispered to me, "Father, next time bring one like this for me."          

Friends, in many ways this visit to the prison has made a deep impact and left lasting impressions on me.

I'm reminded of St. John Bosco, the Father and Founder of our Congregation. He always possessed a big heart for prisoners. His visit to the prison was unique in many ways. Placing his full trust in them he was always ready to take up any risk for the love of prisoners.

Friday, June 28, 2013

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BIS Mumbai                                  


By: Bernard Fernandes

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, JUNE 28, 2013: The first meeting of the Principals for the new scholastic year on June 27, 2013 at Provincial House, Matunga, witnessed a full attendance of the heads of the educational institutes schools and Junior colleges of the Mumbai Province.  Twenty Principals along with the Vice-Provincial, Fr. Ajoy Fernandes concelebrated at the Eucharist presided by the Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes, thus setting in motion the events of the day.  The Provincial thanked the Principals for their work and sacrifice, and later, reflecting on the gospel passage, urged the assembly to translate God's will into action.

Once in the AV room for the remainder of the day's session, Fr. Crispino D'Souza, the newly appointed coordinator of the schools' commission in the Mumbai Province outlined the program for the day.  Fr. Lorenzo D'Souza, while welcoming the Principals and the newly appointed coordinator, thanked the outgoing head of the Schools' Commission, Fr. Boniface D'Souza, as also the non-playing Principal, Fr. Provincial.

In his speech, Fr. Michael Fernandes, congratulated the Principals for the excellent results at the SSC and HSC Board examinations, commended the efficiency of the ex-coordinator, Fr. Boniface D'Souza, and thanked Fr. Crispino D'Souza for accepting the responsibility to lead the Education Commission and Board. Fr. Michael capped his speech with the list of achievements by the Education Commission and the Principals over the last few years – DB Way, adoption of neighbourhood municipal schools, e-learning, RTE, mental health, Greenline, lay Principals, networking of schools in Mumbai, Behaviour and Discipline Policies, Qualitative Assessment ….

In an absorbing session that followed, the two resource persons from the Adhyayan Quality Education Services team, Ms. Meera Gautam and Ms. Amisha Modi, conducted an interactive session "Understanding my school's diversity better".   Taking a cue from the NCF (National Curriculum Framework) 2005, the two speakers initiated the thought process to help use the diversity in our schools as a resource to improve learning outcomes.

Up next was the presentation of the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) assessment of the schools by Ms. Amisha Modi, and Fr. Crispino D'Souza. Introducing the AQS as an education movement by educators with educators for educators, Amisha outlined its design that benchmarks one's performance against a quality standard. Fr. Crispino explained the process to arrive at AQS, and how this was to be implemented in the Salesian schools of the Mumbai Province.

After the lunch break, the Principals shared the best practices in their respective schools related to new beginnings in co-ed schools, Junior and Senior Colleges, neighbourhood school adoption, and the SETS (Special Education Teacher Support) program for children with special needs.  The other points on the agenda covered Rights Based Education, Themes for AIPM (All India Principals Meet) 2014, Training Program for New Principals and Gro-Mo Scout Camp in the Province in preparation for Boscoree.

At the end of a profitable session, we head for the year's campaign with a swagger and verve – suggestive of the Don Bosco spirit and a relentless passion for excellence!





BIS Mumbai                                  


By: BIS Correspondent

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, JUNE 28, 2013:  The Student Council of the High School for the academic year 2013-2014 was sworn in on June 26, 2013. They are:

                                                      Devansh Shukla – School Captain

Tushar Apte – Asst. School Captain

Sneh Chitalia – Red House Captain

Ameya Weiling – Asst. Red House Captain

Agnelo Rosario – Blue House Captain

Neil Dias – Asst. Blue House Captain

Ryan D'souza – Green House Captain

Troy Nunes – Asst. Green House Captain

Sanjay J – Yellow House Captain

Devrat Borkar – Asst. Yellow House Captain

They solemnly promised to honour their post and do their duties diligently.

The programme also included a Power Point Presentation that illustrated the fundamentals of leadership quite aptly. Motivational videos awakened the leader within the students. The office bearers were fitted with ties and epaulettes amidst deafening cheer and thunderous approbation.

It was a truly positive beginning to the year that lies ahead.


We wish them all the best!!!!





Thursday, June 27, 2013


BIS Mumbai                                  


By: Ms. Sunita D'Souza


WADALA-MUMBAI, JUNE 27, 2013:  The Adhyayan Team, Quality Education Services Pvt. Ltd. was at the forefront yet again of another major educational program involving the four Salesian schools of Mumbai.  This time it was the Teachers Training Programme for the Salesian schools , "A Beginning of Team Workshop for Teachers of Salesian Schools."

The teachers from Dominic Savio High School Andheri, Don Bosco High School Matunga, Don Bosco High School Borivli and St. Joseph's High School Wadala assembled at St. Joseph's High School, Wadala for a seminar on June 10-11, 2013. 

A torrential downpour that stopped Mumbai in its tracks delayed the scheduled inaugural session by over an hour.

Having enrolled themselves at the registration counter and armed with special folders and writing materials, the participants marched into the auditorium for the inaugural session.

After a short prayer service, Ms. Nicole Britto, Vice-Principal of St. Joseph's, Wadala warmly welcomed the gathering with Fr. Crispino D'Souza Principal, Dominic Savio, Andheri introducing the resource personnel Adhyayan group of seven members headed by Mrs. Kavita to the assembly.  Mrs. Kavita addressed the teachers and spelt out the Adhyayan mission: "To Support the Growth and Development of Leading Teachers." 

In the first session, The RTE (Right to Education) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) were highlighted by Ms. Kavita.  Working in small groups, the teachers acquainted themselves with one another through a game 'Human Bingo', and thereafter got down to serious business dissecting and comprehending the central ideas of the RTE and NCF.

An activity to grasp the finer points of the intriguing and widely embraced Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences was up next. The teachers were presented with the description of the seven multiple intelligences viz. linguistic, logistic/mathematical, musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial/visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences their typical roles, preferences, potential in society, related tasks, activities or tests in the classroom, and the preferred learning styles in school.

There were lively and creative presentations by groups based entirely on the specific multiple intelligences that further reinforced the theory and its practice. During the lunch break and tea sessions the teachers got an opportunity to interact with one another and share notes on their profession, hobbies and families.

On day two, the session that followed began with a prayer, and a talk by Mrs. Kavita that outlined the goals for leading teachers and how we could work towards achieving them. The two key skills of learning, i.e. planning and problem solving as an opportunity to do things differently were also highlighted. The teachers were grouped together to discuss certain key issues pertaining to education.

After lunch the group leaders presented in their unique style the key issues pertaining to education that came up for discussion in their respective groups. An in-depth analysis made in the groups relating to issues such as absence of punishment and failure, student-teacher ratio, teacher ability, systems and time constraints were a feature of the presentations by the group representatives. 


During the last session of the seminar, which was again a group activity, each teacher made a personal commitment to introduce change in his/her classroom teaching methods. The teachers shared in groups their own personal commitments that they felt would suit and foster learning in class.  At a feedback session that followed, the teachers thanked the Adhyayan team for their guidance and expertise that make learning a 'quality defined' method.

Fr. Bosco Principal of Don Bosco High School, Matunga and the Adhyayan team thanked the management of the host school, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, and Ms. Nicole who ensured a smooth sailing of this programme! Ms. Meera from the Adhyayan Team was impressed by the spirited participation of the entire group of teachers.  Ms. Kavita wished the teachers a fruitful, fun-filled and quality-based interactive teaching and learning journey ahead! And that is where we are headed for this year!






Wednesday, June 26, 2013



By: Cl. Nevelle Coutinho sdb


DIVYADAAN-NASHIK, JUNE 26, 2013:  On a bright sunny day travelling through the fresh green mountains, ten clerics of Don Bosco Divyadaan went for their first day of the Oratory to Don Bosco Walvanda on June 23.

After a three hours bus travel, the clerics reached their destiny just to find contentment in the hospitality and a warm welcome offered by Fr. Anacelete D'mello, sdb and Br. Alex. We also met the five coordinators assisting in this development project. Here the clerics were greeted with tea and khari followed by the documentary on the process work in Jawahar and Mokhada.

The documentary emphasized on the work to be processed rather than a project where the villagers are helped on a justice based approach .Some of the key areas like Education and Agriculture played an important role in the lives of these villagers of Jawahar and Mokhada.

Nehalaya, Dehra, Suryamal, Gondhi and Dabosa are the mission places of these young dynamic clerics. A lovely meal and chocolates were provided to rejuvenate the young clerics to their return journey back to Divyadaan. 




By: Fr. Cedrick Sankul sdb

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, JUNE 26, 2013:  The annual Administrator's Meet was held on June 25, 2013 at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga from 0900 to 1600. The day began with concelebrated Eucharist presided over by the Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes. Addressing the administrators later during the day, Fr. Provincial said, "despite being a thankless job, the administrator has an important responsibility in the day to day functioning of the house."

Highlighting the role of administrator, Fr. Elson Barretto the Provincial Economer reminded the assembly about their duties towards their house and the province.  Mr. Jaganath Khanolkar gave some inputs on the health insurance policy. After tea break, Architect Bharat Dalal, dealt with matters related to house construction and the necessary precautions. This was followed by Mr. Mohammed Firoz, Leak Seal Systems and Coatings Pvt. Ltd, illustrating about roof waterproofing and painting of the buildings.
During post lunch session, Mr Brijesh Shah, Chartered Accountant from Anand drew attention of the administrators to various aspects of FCRA, TDS and audited statement.

It was a very informative day for the administrators of the province. Lot of queries and concepts were clarified during the sessions. Thanks to the hard work put in by Fr. Elson Barretto and all his efforts to regularise and bring about transparency in the financial sector of the province.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


By: BIS Correspondent

NERUL-NAVIMUMBAI, JUNE 25, 2013: The election for the various positions of captaincy was conducted on Monday June 24, 2013 during the seventh and eight period at the third floor assembly hall.

All the teachers in-charge and the students from classes eight to tenth were present along with the contenders. The elections were carried out in a just and smooth manner.

First the election for the school captains took place. Divyansh and Vedika were elected as the school captain and vice-captain respectively. It was followed by electing Claire as the sports captain and Ashish as the vice-captain respectively.

The students assembled in their respective houses to elect their leaders.

Monday, June 24, 2013


By:  Bento D'Souza

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, JUNE 24, 2013: The feast day of the Patron, St John the Baptist was celebrated with pomp and gaiety, and a traditional ;procession with the portrait of the Patron Saint leading the people.  This was followed by a concelebrated Eucharist. Fr. Sandeep Kolge a newly ordained priest was the main celebrant.

Fr. Kishore Vidhate read the introduction to the Mass. Fr. Sijju Varghese, SJ, led the Penitential rite while three priests asked pardon for the three sins present in the Christian community of Bhingar namely jealousy, gossip and groupism. Fr. Gesu Anthony sdb read the Gospel. Fr. Vishal Tribuvan preached a stirring homily. The youth groups under Kaustubh led the choir. The Pumpkin house choir sang a post communion hymn and hymn to St John the Baptist.

After Mass, the five newly ordained were given a satkar with coconut, shawl and bouquet of flowers.

Those who newly entered the mission of Ahmednagar District, including the Argentinian Volunteers, Drs. Milagres and Bellen, at BGVK,  received a warm  welcome with a bouquet of flowers.

Those who got their examination results, a promotion, opened a new shop or progressed in the field of education and development were awarded certificates. All guests were welcomed with a rose. Bhingar is a pro-active parish where what happens is noticed and broadcasted on the Bhingar Bharpur Information Service. (BBIS)

A dance troupe led by Victor and Angeli Mavely gave an enthralling dance performance. Thus the parish feast of St John the Baptist, 2013, took place amidst the cry and plea for more rain in the region.

Friday, June 21, 2013


By: IOS School Co-ordinator Tr. Vivena

NERUL-NAVIMUMBAI, JUNE 21, 2013: The International Olympiad of Science, IOS 2012, second level was conducted in Don Bosco School, Nerul, in the month of February 2013. Forty students from std. first to tenth participated.

Isabelle Rajani of std. second secured the first state rank and third Olympiad rank in the second level of IOS 2012. She has been awarded a Mobile Phone.

Four students of std. second Adwiti Patil, Esha Bhagna, Mohd. Amaan Shaikh and Ujan Anam have secured Olympiad rank twenty-third and have been awarded free participation for IOS 2013.

Our school has also won the Outstanding School Award for its excellent performance in the final level examination of the International Olympiad of Science 2012.


By: BIS Correspondent

NERUL-NAVIMUMBAI, JUNE 21, 2013: The first Value Education Programme of the academic year 2013-2014 was presented by the students of class VIII A. The programme was based on the theme "Right to Education". The programme coincided with the visit of Provincial Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes and Vice Provincial Rev.Fr. Ajoy Fernandes.

Provincial Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes was introduced by Teacher Joyce. Fr. Provincial highlighted the problems of underprivileged children and stressed on equal access to education. The students enacted a short skit through which they presented the history and core features of the RTE Act. The programme concluded with a foot-tapping song "We need to educate". All these were accompanied by an eye-catching PowerPoint slide show. Forty students participated in the programme. Vote of thanks was given by Nibedita class teacher std. VIII A.

After addressing the children there was a meeting with the staff wherein Fr. Bonnie Borges commenced the meet with a welcome speech followed by the felicitation of Fr. Michael Fernandes with a wrist watch.  Later Fr. Ajoy gave an inspirational speech sharing his experiences. He also spoke about the various challenges the teachers face in his/her daily teaching and suggested ways to overcome them.

The various challenges that the teachers face are:

Involving all the students in co-curricular activities.
He said co-curricular activities must be looked upon as a medium to develop a bond between a teacher and the student.

Motivating the Students
It is very important to motivate the students. If they are not motivated then the teacher must first help the students to set a goal. Secondly, develop the capacity to achieve the given goal and lastly provide them the information required to achieve the goal.

Be creative in feeling the pulse of the child and trigger their imagination. A teacher must accept the fact that the children can also be their teachers and one must be open to learn from them as well.

Last but not the least Fr. Ajoy congratulated the teachers for 100% result in the Class X (CBSE).
The short meeting came to an end with a vote of thanks given by tr. Joyce Fernandes.


BIS Mumbai                                  




By: BIS Correspondent


BORIVLI–MUMBAI, JUNE 21, 2013: It is for the ninth consecutive year that the Boscoites of Don Bosco High School, Borivli, have given us another reason to be jubilant. A proud moment to see our boys give us a 100% results in their SSC examination!  All the one hundred and twenty one students passed out with marvellous performance.


The first in the school being Master Romil Shah with a whopping 97.27% followed by Master Kunal Mirchandani with a 96.73% and Master Pratik Zaveri with 96%.


What a feeling of exhilaration!


We, the management, the staff and the students take great pleasure in extending our wishes and praying to the almighty that they be able to fulfill their dreams in the long run.


As usual, our enthusiastic PPA members were ready with their help for the attestation procedure on the results day. Our boys were visibly relieved as they got their documents attested on the spot. This saved them from the trouble of running around for the same.


It is indeed a very insistent plea and the PPA is at the beck of our call.


Thank you dear members……….. Your timely help will go a long way.





Thursday, June 20, 2013


BIS Mumbai                                  




By: Br. Michael Gaikwad sdb


YERWADA-PUNE, JUNE 20, 2013:  Our Lady of Light Zone, Ram Nagar, Sacred Heart Parish Yerwada, celebrated the Feast of the Visitation of Mother Mary to Elizabeth and also the twenty fourth anniversary of the Grotto of Our Lady of Light Zone, on June 01 2013, at their zonal grotto. It was a day of great importance and grace as it affirms the devotion Catholics profess to Mother Mary.


The celebrations began with a prayerful procession of our blessed Mother from the grotto at Ram Nagar, to Laxmi Nagar, Jai Jawan Nagar and back. The beautiful statue of our Lady dressed in blue was carried on a boat well decorated by the devotees. People prayed the rosary all along the way and Mother Mary was greeted with flowers and garlands at every crossroad. The intentions of each decade were for each area the procession was passing through. Many people from other faiths too, greeted Our Lady to seek her blessings.


After the procession the people gathered for the Holy Eucharist at the Grotto of Our Lady of Light that was presided by Rt. Rev. Bishop Thomas Dabre and concelebrated by Fr. Anton D'souza sdb, the parish priest of Sacred Heart Church. Bishop said that he was very glad to be at Ram Nagar, and was willing to come to celebrate the Eucharist as he would like to be referred to as a 'Devotee of Mary.'


In the homily Bishop stressed on reaching out to others in our joy and sharing in other's sorrows in moments of grief. Placing Mother Mary as an example Bishop Thomas urged the faithful to reach out to our neighbours and friends at all times. Eucharist ended with Bishop Thomas Dabre promising the people of Our Lady of Light Zone he would come next year in May 2014 for their Silver Jubilee celebrations.


One initiative undertaken by the Our Lady of Light Zone council member Mr Cyril Ashirwadam, which was commended by Bishop Thomas Dabre is that after the Eucharist as a symbol of unity he arranged all children of different faiths like Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Catholic to come and cut a cake.


After the felicitation of Bishop Thomas Dabre and all guests, Bishop Thomas Dabre and Fr. Anton D'souza sdb, inaugurated a chapel that was built by the area PMC leader Mr. Sanjay Bhosale. Bishop Thomas Dabre was very appreciative of the kind gesture of Mr. Sanjay Bhosale. During the felicitation Mr. Anil Rathod a social worker of Ram Nagar was present. The zone received a lot of support from Mr John Paul who is the President of Pune Christian Group.


People then had a fellowship meal together and carried the blessings of Our Lady to their homes. May our lady of Light illumine the way of life for each of her devotees. All the responsibilities were executed in precision due to the hard work of different groups in the zone, namely the Children's group, Youth Group, Core Group, Senior Citizens' Group, and all volunteers, even individuals of other faith from Ram Nagar.


The generosity of all benefactors and well-wishers is a sign that God does care for us through the instrumentality of all these people. This feast has brought us closer to Jesus, through Our Blessed Mother Mary.







BIS Mumbai                                  




By: Durran D'mello


BORIVLI-MUMBAI, JUNE 20, 2013: On June 10, 2013, four youngsters Ronald Lobo, Joshua D'souza, Elton Daniel and Durran D'mello along with Rev. Fr. William Falcao and Mrs Claudina Pinto, from St. John Bosco Parish, Borivli headed towards Don Bosco, Matunga.


Rev. Fr. Wilfred D'souza welcomed us and he directed us to the chapel where we prayed. He asked us to relate how each one of us was connected to our patron saint Don Bosco. Fr. Wilfred spoke on a few incidents of Don Bosco's life.  He explained how the Salesian co-operator came into existence and the importance for youth to be an active member of the Salesian co-operators.


Being an active member one could interact with others and continue the good work of Don Bosco in the Salesian Spirit. Fr. Wilfred enlightened us by saying it would be difficult in the beginning, but we should "NEVER GIVE UP, KEEP ON TRYING." We concluded that evening by each of us saying a prayer. We had tea and snacks and returned back to Borivli.


On June 15 our Provincial Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes who came on for his annual visit to our Parish, welcomed us once again in the Salesian Co-operators Group, and presented a book  on the Life of Don Bosco to help us journey in the Salesian way.






Wednesday, June 19, 2013


BIS Mumbai                                  




By: Bento D'Souza


ARANGAON-AHMEDNAGAR, JUNE 19, 2013:  The small hall was packed and active. The children dressed in smart uniforms and new shoes and socks were ready to begin a new academic year.


Frs. Nelson Falcao and Bento D'Souza lit the candle to mark the beginning of another school year. Then a talk by Fr. Nelson got the children promptly answering his questions of what the children resolved to do this new academic year. The prayers were recited by three children and the Blessing of the staff and students set the stage for another year of learning, fun, growth and enlightenment.


The children then trooped into their classrooms to begin classes. The Pumpkin house can boast of an advanced Teach Next software installed in its two halls that makes it easy for the teachers to audio-visually broadcast the syllabus from Lower K.G. to twelfth standards in an easy-to-use developed programmed package valued at three lakhs, forty thousand rupees.


Vianney and Fiona Carvalho with a staff of seven assist and mentor one hundred and ten students in NGO Pumpkin house of which Divine Grace School is an offshoot.





BIS Mumbai                                  




By: Kailash Parekh


MATUNGA-MUMBAI, JUNE 19, 2013:  The Past Pupils of the Don Bosco Alumni Matunga Unit congratulate our School "Don Bosco High School, Matunga" for the 100% Results in SSC (Standard X) for the fourth consecutive year. We owe this to the dedicated hard work of our teachers and the performance of the students.


We are proud that this year as previously also, we have successfully completed an Attestation drive for the fourth consecutive year at our Alumni Office on June 15, 2013.


We had three SEO's to certify the true copies, attested of all the documents presented by the students who have finished their schooling now. The gracious benefactors who assisted us were:  Mr. Meher G. Marolia, Mr. Jeeghar L. Karani and Mr. Noshir Daruwala. The students were most pleased to get their true copies attested on the same day soon as their mark sheets were released.


The parents together with the students from our school queued up in large numbers from 3.30pm to get their Mark Sheet, Leaving Certificate, Baptism Certificate, etc… attested. This activity carried on till 5.45pm.


President Mr. Jayesh T. Chandan says that the credit for this successful attestation drive is due to the efforts made by the present Committee members of the Association.