Wednesday, August 27, 2014


by BIS Correspondent

CHICHWAD-PUNE, AUGUST 27, 2014: "If there's anyone who does not wish to succeed in life, please raise your hands!" – was the first question Mr. Ravindra Waghmare asked a group of 80 students of the Don Bosco Vyawasaik Prashikshan Kendra when he began his motivational speech in the A.V. Hall at 2:45 p.m on August 22, 2014.

 Mr. Waghmare, a motivational speaker from the Kishore Musale Charitable Trust who has been working in the corporate industry for 35 yearsand has been giving motivational talks to corporate houses, management students and vocational trainees for many years was the speaker for the seminar. Aptly titled, 'Progressing for Success,' the objective of his talk to the vocational trainees of Don Bosco Vyawasaik Prashikshan Kendra (DBVPK) was to motivate the youngsters to make good use of the opportunities offered by the institution and succeed in life.

He invited the students to probe themselves and find out why they were there. With the aid of slides he showed, how the choice of course picked at Don Bosco's, the students have made a fundamental choice in changing their lifestyle. From probably playing cricket on the streets or crowding around street corners and wiling away precious time, they have now chosen to spend time learning skills which would soon become their means to earn a living. He also convinced them that by learning a trade they would also gain knowledge, skill, a right attitude, valuable experience and something that would make them different.

Comparing attitude to a magnet, he drew on the fact, that a right attitude attracts positive things in life. He expected each student to have a passion to learn more, eagerness to enhance value in self, gain more knowledge and be a self-starter. Drawing a parallel with a scooter he got most of the students in the audience to believe that success could only be achieved if they themselves developed a drive to push forward. Asking them to be competent he ended his talk listing down qualities one needed to develop in life. During the student feedback, the efficaciousness of his talk was affirmed when, from the many who came upfront and proclaimed their resolution, a student of tribal origin confessed it was the first time she was speaking in public, drawing a loud applause from all.


by Fr. Robert Pen sdb

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 27, 2014: Twenty one confreres of the Salesian Mumbai Province began their Spiritual Retreat at Divyadaan, Nasik on the eve of August 24, 2014. Fr. Felix Fernandes, sdb, the preacher of the retreat, chose the theme 'Primacy of God' running closely in sync with the GC27 vision of being radical witnesses of the Gospel (Mystics in the Spirit).

Fr. Elson Baretto, sdb, the Economer of the Salesian Mumbai Province, welcomed the confreres on behalf of the Provincial and conveyed the wishes and prayers of all the fellow confreres. In his short address to the retreatants, he invited them to experience God in a personal way and carry this enriching experience further to others.

The theme, 'Primacy of God' is an inspiration from Matthew chapter 6 verse 33- "Seek first the kingdom of God and all the rest will fall in line." Fr. Felix, in his introductory talk, invited the confreres 'to come now as you are'; 'to be silent and listen to the well spring of life that is within'; 'to allow to be touched by God' and 'to hope in the Lord'.

Using the imagery of the clay in the potter's hand (Jeremiah 18:1-7), the preacher invited the gathering to experience intimacy with God by allowing Him to make us soft like clay and allow Him to mould their lives according to His plan. Fr. Felix concluded the introductory talk by inviting the confreres 'to remove their shoes and enter the holy ground where the Lord is' (Exodus 3:5).


by Fr. Gregory Almeida sdb

WADALA-MUMBAI, AUGUST 27, 2014: August 21, 2014 marked a very important day for Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala as it received its first 'Ahilyadevi Holkar Award' from the Maharashtra State Government from the Womens and Child Welfare Ministry in appreciation for best social work in the field of Child Development.  The event took place at Khambadevi Maidan, Dharavi, Mumbai at 6.00p.m. 

The programme began with a cultural programme in Marathi comprising of different songs, dances and skits. The chief guest for the function was Mrs. Fauzia Tahseen Khan, Minister of State in Govt. of Maharashtra, Mrs. Varsha Gaikwad , Minister of State for women and children , Mr. Ujjwal Ukke, Principal Secretary, Mr. Rajendra Chauhan, Commissioner. Along with the award and citation, Shelter Don Bosco received a cash prize of twenty five thousand rupees. 

The award was received by Fr. William, Fr. Gregory, Br. Vincent and the staff. One of the staff said, "The award marks the beginning of the recognition of our work well done by our Shelter Fathers, Brothers, Staff and Volunteers in the field of street work.  We would like to thank all our past Salesians, Staff, Volunteers and Benefactors who have helped us in achieving this recognition."


by BIS Correspondent

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, AUGUST 27, 2014: A time to shut shop on books and class work, and love what our children love! August 22 and 23, 2014 brought to Don Bosco High School, Matunga, an extravaganza of performing arts:  The Bosco Kala Utsav.

The students of classes V, VI and VII kept the audience entertained on day one, while it was the turn of the class VIII, IX and X students to showcase their talents on day two. The two day fest witnessed the students of the four School Houses compete against each other in events such as the Choral Recitation, Group Singing, Solo Singing, Mono Acting, Folk Dance, Prop Dance, Debates and the Elocution. For those not too comfortable performing in front of a huge audience, there were off-stage events such as Essay Writing, Folder Making as part of a Craft Competition, Sudoku, Handwriting and Word Search. 

It was mandated that students could participate in only one group event, thus encouraging maximum participation and the opportunity to discover and display a multitude of talent. A host of judges obliged them with their time and expertise to give points to all those who performed. Thus the events had a fair appraisal of quality and performance. The programme ended up being quite a tiring day for the teachers, as also for the big number of students who were audience, as they sat from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Nevertheless it was a valuable experience for all. 


by Romero D' Souza sdb

NAIGAON-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 27, 2014: A half day seminar from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm was held on August 24 at Don Bosco Naigaon East. It was an enriching and nourishing moment for the Catechism Teachers of the Diocese of Vasai. This seminar was organized by the Diocese of Vasai under the able guidance of Fr Caesar Dabre. It was practical hands-on information to help the catechists to be oriented toward the growth of faith with proper knowledge to impart to their catechism children. 

The aim of the seminar was to give inputs on how to present Faith Formation. The point of emphasis in the first talk was basically to revive the spirit of the catechists. The preacher based his talks on Jesus' teachings and life, and elaborating on the theme of faith and life with the help of creative and reflective videos which were given by Fr Orville Coutinho sdb. Fr Orville also acknowledged the teachers for the service and sacrifice they rendered in training and forming young children and the youth to faith. After the first talk they had an ice-breaker game organized by the Catechism teachers of Naigaon East (Miss Priscilla Pereira and Miss Velanie Pereira and Mr. Anthony Dias) wherein the teachers had time to interact with others from different parishes.

The second talk was given by Fr Prashant Saldanha belonging to the diocese of Vasai who elaborated on some key concepts important for the catechists to note in teaching the children. He later on delved on the theme (teacher, acharya, guru) asking the catechists to carry the baton of faith by evoking the importance of faith and sacraments. The session concluded with Fr Caesar inviting the Catechists to be present for such occasions as a sign of belongingness to one Church. Miss Esther Chettiar delivered the vote of thanks to the Diocese of Vasai for organizing this seminar as well as to the community of Don Bosco, Naigaon for hosting the seminar. 

The positive response of this seminar illustrated beautifully a greater understanding and appreciation for the teachings of the Church which is given in Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Tradition, and so comprehensively presented in the Catechism. The purpose of this seminar was to help catechists to enter into a fuller living, loving relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. One of the participants expressed, "Such seminars would help raise one's awareness of the life of a disciple and the call to service rooted in love."

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


by Pre-Novice Andre Lionel and Fr. Brian Moras sdb

PINGULI-KUDAL, AUGUST 26, 2014: On August 24, 2014, a team led by Fr. Anil Fernandes, SVD (Retreat preacher from the Divine Retreat Centre at Mulki) of nine anointed youngsters from the chapel at Pilar in Shirva (Karnataka) conducted a Retreat for the parishioners at the Quasi Parish at Nerur.  That same evening, the same team conducted a Night Vigil for the Pre-Novices at Pinguli.

The topics dwelled on in the parish were related to God's Love; Things that take me away from God, the Seven Cardinal Sins, Mother Mary and the Sacrament of Confession.  The sessions were interspersed with Praise and Worship, Testimonies and meaningful Skits.  The sacrament of Reconciliation was well prepared for and administered. The Retreat concluded with Adoration, Deliverance and Anointing and the Holy Eucharist.  The parishioners of Nerur and a few surrounding parishes went away deeply touched and happy. One of the parish council members called it "the best experience in a very long time- mast zale Fr. Brian,"she said.

Fr. Anil spoke to the Pre-Novices on 'Faith' and 'The Seven Cardinal Sins'.  The use of practical examples, Praise and Worship, testimonies and two brief skits, helped the Pre-Novices to come closer to God and build a deeper relationship with him.  The Night-Vigil concluded with an 'Adoration and Inner-Healing Service'.  Apart from Fr. Anil, all were impressed with the presence and example of the nine youngsters from Pilar Mass Centre who helped Fr. Anil in conducting the programme. Kudos to the Rector, Fr. Maxim who invited the team and personally accompanied the youngsters as they grew up at the mass centre at Pilar, Shirva.


by Rupali D'souza

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, AUGUST 26, 2014: Sixty two students from std. IV of Don Bosco High School appeared for the scholarship exam. Out of which fourteen students appeared on the Merit list and Master. Arin Prashant Weling from Don Bosco High School, Borivli, stood first in Mumbai in middle school scholarship examination 2013-14 and he secured the sixth rank in whole of Maharashtra. He scored 284 out of 300 marks.

He was felicitated by the Education Department of Greater Mumbai on August 19, 2014 at Hindu Colony, Dadar by Educational Officer Mr. Shelar. He was awarded with a trophy, certificate and a bouquet. The Department wished him luck for his future endeavors and praised his parents saying, "Kudos to his proud parents for their hard work and encouragement."


by Fr. Anthony Santarita

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, AUGUST 26, 2014: Facility management (FM) as an employment opportunity is a fast growing job sector. Most companies outsource cleaning jobs to facility Management companies. To meet the growing need for trained staff that can handle cleaning machines and who have the proper knowledge of the use of different surfactants for different purposes, VDMA (German Engineering Council) with the help of DB tech introduced facility Management was launched at Bosco Boys' Home, Borivli. 

On July 15, the course began with a batch of twenty students. The official launch of Facility Management Academy was held on August 20, 2014. The course was inaugurated by Peter Hug from Germany VDMA. Several FM companies and representatives from Kacher and Roots multiclean and other stake holders attended this programme. Introducing relevant trades that can give gainful employment to the poor marginalized youth has always been the focus and constant struggle at Bosco Boys' Home. It is the first Institute in Mumbai offering FM as a specialized course.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


by Fr. Xavier Devadas

KARJAT-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 23, 2014: On August 16, 2014 that marked the launch of Bicentenary of Birth of Don Bosco, seventy six Young college students from thirty six different colleges from Mumbai arrived at Don Bosco, Karjat for a five day leadership camp.  The main objective of the camp was to empower these youth to be genuine leaders. Mr. Royal D'souza district NSS (National Service Scheme) coordinator and staff of Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla was the chief organizer of this camp.

The campers arrived with great enthusiasm and expectation at the camp site, and surely they went back with much more. As they reached the camp site, they were welcomed by the trainees and the staff of Don Bosco, Karjat. Without any delay they began with the orientation session during which camp rules were explained, groups were made, daily responsibilities of the groups were allotted and the ice breakers were organized.

A number of resource persons from the Mumbai University and some others enriched the campers with their rich and valuable experience. They had the opportunity to meet and learn from eminent persons. Mr. Bhidwe, coordinator for Mumbai NSS inaugurated the camp and spoke about the importance of being a leader through NSS. Mr. Phondekar animated the group in skills for life. Mr. Ashok Pujari conducted sessions on disaster management. Dr. Dixist from Consumer Guidance trained the group on 'how to bring awareness to consumers about the malpractices, adulteration and cheating in consumer product.'

Mr. Sanjay spoke to the group about opportunities in NSS. Fr. Glenn sdb animated an entire day speaking about being a true leader and personality development. Br. Savio D'mello conducted a session on 'wounded healer.' Fr. Xavier sensitized the campers on getting connected to mother earth, ecology and empowerment of the marginalized youth. Though the sessions were long, the campers showed great sense of hunger for knowledge; they deeply appreciated and tried to integrate the rich knowledge in their life.
Each day began at 6:00 a.m with body dynamic sessions with Fr. Xavier, followed by one hour of Shram Anubhav (Community Service). Each evening an hour of cultural activities gave opportunities to showcase their creative and entertaining abilities. These were the moments of true fellowship. They spontaneously bonded with the trainees of DB, Karjat and engrossed them into their moment of celebrations. On August 18, the campers were taken out on a two hour trekking. Almost sixty percent of the campers had an experience of trekking for the first time and they were thrilled and came back with a sense of sheer joy.

Although the participants came from thirty six different colleges yet it was amazing to see how well they bonded as a group. The schedule was very hectic and moreover they had to adjust to the limited residential and animation space, yet they adjusted themselves willingly. Not only Fr. Glenn and the local staff but all the resource persons appreciated the eagerness and the proactive participation of the group.  The trainees of DB, Karjat rose to the occasion and assisted in preparing the place, cooking, and other logistics.

On the final day, August 20, it was indeed an emotional farewell where the campers moved out of the camp site with reluctance, gratitude and joy. They felt that this was a good way to begin the Bicentenary experience. For those at DB, Karjat it was a privilege to be among the youth and a joy to join in their journey of life. "The charism, power and the spirit of Don Bosco is truly alive and is most needed for the youth of present times and may the spirit of Don Bosco lead us on."


by BIS Correspondent

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, AUGUST 15, 2014: The 68th Independence Day of India was celebrated with great pride at Don Bosco High School, Matunga with the hoisting of the Indian Tricolour by Mrs. and Mr. Gala, the chief guests and parents of S.S.C. topper Mst. Kewal Gala. The Scouts and the Cubs were given the privilege of putting up a skit dedicated the freedom fighters. They witnessed a stirring depiction of the day martyrs Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt  threw a bomb in the constituent assembly, and its repercussions that went on to kindle the fire of patriotism in the minds of  every Indian.

They were also witness to an entertaining and meaningful dance showcasing secularism and the 'Unity in diversity' that is the strength of our nation. As is the practice, they took the opportunity to felicitate their S.S.C. toppers for bringing glory to their alma mater. Mr. Gala, in his address to the students, thanked the school management and the teachers for their dedication to moulding the personalities of each student. He reminded the students not to run behind marks, but to chase excellence, and that success would most certainly follow. The solemnity and dignity of this memorable day would surely remain in their hearts for a long time to come.


by Mst. Mihir Vahanwala and Ms. Lynette Sequeira

BORIVLI – MUMBAI, AUGUST 22, 2014: Like many Indians around the country, the Management, Staff and students of Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Borivli proudly celebrated the 68th Independence Day on August 15, 2014, with a flag hoisting ceremony and a programme that evoked a deep sense of patriotism and pride for the nation, in the hearts and minds of all who were present.

The Principal Rev. Fr. Donald Fernandez was the Chief Guest and he hoisted the National flag in the presence of the Rector, Fr. William Falcao, the Supervisors of all the sections, the teachers, students and a few parents as well. The tricolour was saluted and the National Anthem was sung with great pride by all who were present. The virtues of patriotism, responsibility and self-sacrifice were highlighted during the programme that included a memorable speech, a melodious patriotic song, an extremely well-enacted skit and a wonderful stage presentation which was very well performed. A couple of dances by the students of the Junior College and the students of the Higher Secondary were also well appreciated.
An inspirational video highlighting the progress India and Indians had made, both within the country and the world over, filled everyone with pride. Tagore's evergreen poem, 'Let my country awake' aptly summarised the message given by the programme. Fr. Donald Fernandez also shared a message with the students. It was equally felt that everyone should always remember that Patriotism must be taken beyond National Holidays. Only then would India shine among the stars. JAI HIND! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


by Christabelle Lemos

AHMEDNAGAR-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 20, 2014: The quality of life is more important than life itself and hence the Mahila Mandal (Women's Sodality) of St. Anne's Parish, Ahmednagar along with Fr. Thomas D'costa organized "KNOW YOUR BODY AND PERSONAL HYGIENE" programme for the Girls of the parish, between the age group of 13-24 years. There were a hundred and fourteen girls present for the same. Ms. Priti Gaikwad who has done her Masters in Social Work and has an experience of over 14 years of working in this field, was the main resource person for this workshop.

The programme began at 9.00am in the morning with a short prayer service. Fr. Thomas, in the opening speech emphasized the need for such a programme and he also thanked the Mahila Mandal of the parish for their initiative. The entire programme was well animated with relevant topics and supplemented with appropriate videos on the same. The programme endeavored to create awareness among these young girls about their bodies, personal hygiene, the necessity for safe sex and disease prevention. The workshop ended at 1.00pm and the girls went back enriched and well-equipped with necessary information to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


by Tr. Chhaya Desai

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 21, 2014: A Value Education Programme on 'TOOLS AND ATTITUDES IN THE METHOD OF DON BOSCO' was presented by the students of class IV D on August 19, 2014 at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul. The students were trained by their class teacher Mrs. Chhaya Desai under the guidance of the supervisors. The Value Education Programme began with the School Prayer followed by the School Anthem.

The audience were introduced to the Tools and Attitudes in the Educational method introduced by Don Bosco through a skit. The students performed a song titled 'Don Bosco Teach us to learn' and danced on the song 'Thank you lord for Don Bosco'. The assembly programme ended with a vote of thanks followed by the instructions of the Principal. Students were appreciated for their performance. Overall the programme was a great success. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


by Yogita Haldankar

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, AUGUST 20, 2014: To instill in the boscoites, a feeling of Patriotism, a 'Patriotic week' was celebrated from August 11-14, 2014. To begin with the week, Patriotic songs were played every morning during the assembly. All classes were decorated with National Symbols of India, made by the children themselves, through craft and work experience. 

A patriotic song competition was held class wise. A patriotic poem was delivered by a student on the intercom during the assembly. "Chak De India" a hindi Patriotic movie was shown to the entire primary section in the school hall. On the last day, a collage competition on National Symbols was held class wise. Our Boscoites truly enjoyed the Patriotic week. The closing assembly for the patriotic week was conducted on August 19, by class IV A, depicting the "Modern History of India" under the guidance of Mrs. Grenita Machado.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


by Fr. Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 19, 2014: August 16, 2014 marked a memorable day for mission of Ahmednagar as it inaugurated the Bicentenary of Don Bosco Birth at Savedi.  Fr. Anthony Goyal was the main organizer of the programme. The programme started with a school assembly under the guidance of Fr. Francis Fernandes and Tr. Pushpa Sagelgire, where information and presentation of skit on Don Bosco's life was presented.
At 9:30 a.m. all the Salesians of the Ahmednagar mission gathered to remember Don Bosco. The boarding boys sang a hymn to Don Bosco after which the statue of Don Bosco was carried in palanquin by all the Salesians in a procession to the hall. The programme started with a welcome song and a dance by students of Auxilium Convent School. Fr. Manuel the mission superior and the head of the institution gave a welcome speech and cut the cake in honour Don Bosco's Birthday. 

Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra through a V.E.P. with the help of Bro. Ramesh Durairaj, put a Marathi lauvni, the parishioners of St. Anne Church with the support of Frs. Thomas D'costa and Rolvin D'mello, put a small skit on the dreams of Don Bosco, Don Bosco Vidhalaya with the help of Frs. Francis Fernandes, Cedrick Sankul and Tr. Pushpa Sagelgire, depicted Don Bosco's Preventive system through a small skit, English Medium school with the help of Fr. Anthony Goyal and Tr. Cindrella Coutino  presented a small musical on Don Bosco's life, and Don Bosco Valunj, Aurangabad with the help of Frs. Paul Antao and George D'abreo through the Self Help Group ladies illustrated a skit showing how the presence of Don Bosco institution had helped them to overcome the exploitation of landlordship (savkargiri) in their villages.

Fr. Nelson Falcao gave a speech explaining the history of Ahmednagar which started 400 years ago and leading the history to the coming of Don Bosco institutions in these areas which helped the people, especially the villages in the development of their social, economic, spiritual and psycho-emotional aspects.  At the end Fr. Thomas D'Costa thanked all the organizers, participants and the house of Savedi for looking into all the minute details of hosting this programme.  At the end of the programme snacks was served to all the participants and a feasting lunch was given to all the religious who were present for the programme.


by BIS Correspondent

BARODA-GUJARAT, AUGUST 19, 2014: The Gujarat region of the Salesian Province of Mumbai (INB) launched the Bicentenary Celebrations of Don Bosco's birth with a solemn Eucharist at Don Bosco Snehalaya, Baroda, a shelter home for street children. Present for the same were His Grace Bishop Godfrey Rosario, Bishop of the Diocese of Baroda, Salesians working in this region, members of the Salesian Family and youth.

Bishop Godfrey Rosario presided over the Holy Eucharist along with the Salesian Priests working in the region of Gujarat,  Rajasthan  and  Madhya Pradesh. Fr. Ivan De Souza, the Rector of Don Bosco Kapadvanj and the provincial Councilor urged the congregation to pray for the Christians suffering in Iraq and Egypt.  In his homily the Bishop appreciated the contribution of the Salesians towards the society, the Church and to the young. He very beautifully summarized the dream of Don Bosco and then placed before the people modern day inspirations of people who have worked to bring their dreams come true. He gave the examples of Martin Luther King Jr, John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and others. In the end comparing the modern day inspirations with Don Bosco he said "Don Bosco was a man of God, who was guided by God and who was led by the hand of our Heavenly Mother."
A beautiful and meaningful programme was organized after the Eucharist. August 16, is also celebrated as the birthday of all the children of Snehalaya and so seventy eight children of Snehalaya cut the birthday cake while all present sang the birthday song. This was followed by an amazing display of artistic and musical talents by boys and girls from the different Salesian institutions of Gujarat region. The bishop released the book 'Bosco – G' connected with the Salesian mission work in Gujarat and printed in Gujarati script.

Fr. Ivan De Souza, the provincial Councilor for Gujarat region, with the help of PowerPoint, presented to all how to live in this year of Bicentenary and as members of Don Bosco's work how we need to inculcate and grow in the charism of Don Bosco so that we can share the dream of Don Bosco and in doing so save souls for God. Fr. George Miranda the director of Don Bosco Snehalaya gave a vote of thanks. It was a significant day for Salesians and the members of the Salesian Family. This beautiful day came to an end with all gathered making a pledge to keep alive the legacy and mission of Don Bosco in Gujarat. 


by Ms. Milan Pinto

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 19, 2014: Don Bosco's Birthday was celebrated on August 16, 2014, at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School Nerul. The programme began at 7:30 am in the Assembly hall. Tr.'s Milan and Sumitra were in-charge of the programme. It comprised of a dance, which inspired students to shine like diamonds, a video, which showed the life of Salesians, a power point presentation, on the ten Successors of Don Bosco and a skit on the formation of Salesian Society. The programme ended at 8:10 am and sweets were distributed to the students.

The objective of the celebration was to inaugurate the bicentennial celebrations of Don Bosco's birth, the patron Saint of the School and to rejoice in his legacy. The programme was successful in educating and enlightening students on Don Bosco's life and the life of a Salesian.

Monday, August 18, 2014


by Bis Correspondent

MATUNGA-MUMBAI AUGUST 18, 2014: Teachers from different Salesian schools of Mumbai, congregated at Don Bosco High School, Matunga for training in the Don Bosco Way on August 12, conducted by Fr. Ian Doultan, Fr. Godfrey D'Sa and Fr. Glenford Lowe. Rev. Fr. Ian Doulton spoke on the topic:  'New Look At the Preventive System'. He emphasized the fact that the Don Bosco way is not just a system of education, but a way of life. Fr Ian believes that youngsters should be treated by using the following pedagogy.
1. Pedagogy of Trust: Don Bosco truly said, "There is no education without trust and the child must see in the educator an adult."
2. Pedagogy of Hope: To build hope teachers need to give time and respect to their students. Teachers need to avoid two dangers while dealing with students -a) To treat students as kids and b) To treat students as adults        
3. Pedagogy of Alliance: Fr. Ian believes that it is not what is intended but what is perceived. What matters is not that the young are loved but that they know that they are loved.

Rev. Fr. Godfrey D'sa spoke on the Psychology of the students. There are two boats on their sea of life: Family and School. He explained that earlier times were different, as children loved school but today children do not love school because today the situation has changed and he explained why children did not behave well today. He gave four reasons for it:  
1. Environment: It comprises of family, friends and school. The environment in these places affects the children 90%. 
2. Brain disorder: In such cases proper diagnosis is required.                                
3. Environment and brain disorder: Such cases are to be handled by a specialist.   
4. Unexplained reasons: These need to be found out well.

Rev. Fr. Glenford Lowe spoke on the topic – 'New Paradigms and Perspectives of the Students'.  He started the session by showing a video on the life of Don Bosco through a song. Fr. explained that students are in great trouble when teachers do not listen to them. Their creativity dies when they are not allowed to think.


by Tr.Raksha and Tr.Mahek

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 18, 2014: Desh Bhakti is the devoted love, support and defense of one's country. Desh Bhakti day is the day of devotion to fundamental fellowship with other human beings united in common causes usually related to identify geographic regions or those within particular political associations and boundaries. Desh Bhakti Day was celebrated, a day prior to Independence Day, on Thursday, August 14, 2014 in the Assembly Hall of Don Bosco School premises, Nerul.

The students of Dominic Savio Kindergarten were dressed up in traditional attire. It was organized by the following teachers: Tr. Mahek-Class Teacher of Preparatory-A and Tr. Raksha-Class Teacher of Pre- Preparatory-D. Eighty-six Students from both Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory classes participated in this programme which was conducted for all the Pre-Primary Students. The primary objective was to appreciate the freedom received after immense struggle and sacrifice. Performing on the stage gives children lot of confidence. The programme reflected positive energy. Parents and teachers were overwhelmed with happiness to see the tiny tots perform a musical - "Revolutionary change from struggling India to a developing India".

The dance numbers were very attractive and catchy. The participating and the non-participating students together enjoyed this colourful programme. The flower arrangement and decoration was appreciated by Fr. Principal and the entire assembly. The adulations received from the Supervisor, Teachers, Fr. Principal were very encouraging.


by Rudolf D'souza

CHINCHWAD-PUNE, AUGUST 18, 2014: "We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided," says J.K. Rowling. These words stood out on Friday, August 15, when the students of Don Bosco Vyavasayik Prashikshan Kendra, Chinchwad, Pune celebrated the 68th Independence Day of the nation with a variety programme showcasing their talent and also using the occasion to give the message of unity especially among communal factions. 

The programme began with a speech in Marathi delivered by one of the students from the Welding Department who spoke on The history of the freedom struggle and How citizens need to remind themselves of the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters for their sake. The speech was followed by a dance. The dance though contemporary and based on film music proved to be a powerful medium for the boys to express their own aspirations. Another speech in English by a student from the B.P.O. course focused on what independence connotes in today's society. It brought to attention the deplorable situation of women-rights and related laws. It also stressed on the need for education which is an effective tool to overcome most of the social evils.

Thereafter a skit which focused on communal harmony was presented. It began by showing individuals from different religious backgrounds praying according to their respective traditions. After the prayers they are involved in a quarrel. But soon appears Gandhiji who then intervenes and resolves their differences. He also gets them all united to serve for the greater cause. The skit was well appreciated and applauded by the gathering.

The Vice Rector Fr. Valerian Pereira in his valedictory talk commended the efforts of those who prepared and participated in the programme. He also remarked on the fact that all those involved were from different religions, regions, languages, and cultures yet they came together and executed it so well. He was truly grateful to the organizers. The programme ended with the assembly singing 'Vande Mataram'.


by Cl Ian Pinto sdb

DIVYADAAN-NASHIK, AUGUST 18, 2014: When the sun dawned on the Feast of the Assumption, the Divyadaan community too, jumped out of bed to the tunes of Marian hymns. The day began by giving praise and thanks to God through a wonderfully animated prayer service. An Independence Day programme was held to celebrate India's 68th Independence Day. The community then proceeded to click the community photo and a snap in preparation of the Bi-centenary of Don Bosco's birth.

After a wholesome breakfast, the brothers had an enjoyable time on the ground as they participated in the various games animated by the sports group. At the end of the games session refreshments were served and the brothers were allotted some time for their wash. Fr Chrys then addressed the Community as well as the STI community together with the sisters from Sacred Heart Training Centre. The talk was followed by a festive lunch. The movie 'X-men Days of Future Past' was screened in the Divyadaan 'theatre'. The movie was enjoyed by all. Tea and games followed.

The evening was spent in silence and recollection. The Feast mass was celebrated in the parish with great pomp. The Marian academy was held in honour of Our Lady. It was a nice forum for all the parishioners and religious to express their devotion to Our Lady and to foster a Marian culture in the parish. The community ended the day with a grand supper and night prayers.


by Sarika and Ujwala

LONAVLA- PUNE AUGUST 18, 2014: Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Lonavla celebrated the 68th Independence Day in the school campus on August 15, 2014. The Administrator, Fr. Gregory was the chief guest of the occasion. The programme began with the hoisting of the National Flag along with the singing of National Anthem. Different patriotic songs were sung. A beautiful fusion dance on patriotic songs was also performed. A speech was delivered by Nisha Singh Budtha. 

Thereafter, a G.K. Quiz competition was conducted among different houses in three rounds. It was surprising to see that the students had a good memory. The Principal, Fr. George Carlos also enlightened the audience with few details from the life of Don Bosco. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks that was delivered by the Principal.


by Ms. Anu Baxi

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 18, 2014: The Independence Day programme was celebrated on 15 August, 2014 in the ground floor school Assembly hall. It was organised by the primary teachers - Ms. Anu, Ms. Chhaya, Ms. Jagruti and Ms. Pushpalata under the guidance of supervisors. Around 120 students from the classes I to V participated in it.

The event commenced with the hoisting of the National flag by Mr.Luis A D'cruz, past president of Rotary club of Navi Mumbai, seaside. The National anthem and the Flag song were then sung by all the teachers and the students. The students presented a skit on the life of the revolutionary freedom fighter Shirishkumar Mehta. A motivating speech was presented by the student expressing love for the country. The children sang a patriotic song and performed patriotic dances to express their feeling about this special day in Indian history.

This programme was conducted to create more awareness among the students about the selfless sacrifices of all those freedom fighters whose martyrdom made this day possible, so that the children would learn to value the nations independence that was achieved after a long struggle. The programme was entertaining and informative. It was highly appreciated by the Chief Guest, Mr. Luis A D'cruz, Rev. Fr. Anthony Fonseca the Principal and all the teachers and parents. It concluded with the plantation of saplings by the chief guest and distribution of sweets to all.


by Fr. Paul Antao

WALUJ-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 18, 2014: Given the scanty and erratic rainfall, farmers in the marathwada region are being assisted since July 15, 2014 to engage and devise ways of providing and supplementing the family income through the expertise of Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra- Waluj. 

Three specific interventions in this regard are listed below: Firstly, the farmers in Gangapur, Mantha and Selu talukas are being mobilized by BGVK- Waluj to avail of Crop Insurance facility from the government. Two thousand three hundred poor farmers from fifty villages would benefit from this scheme. Secondly, 8 Self Help Groups are being helped to avail of loans provided through HDFC bank so as to enable women to start small scale businesses or agro-based productions. Finally, 4 women of Gangapur taluka have begun paper –dish making as an alternative means of livelihood.


by Fr. Leon Cruz

PUNE-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 18, 2014: On August 16, 2014 a rally was organised in commemoration of the Bicentenary celebrations of the birth of Don Bosco in Pune. More than 350 students, PTA members, past-pupils and well wishers participated in the rally. The rally was flagged off by the principal Fr. Lorenzo D'souza, the parish priest Fr. Anton D'souza and Mr. John Paul.

The theme of the rally was –'Being Honest Citizens'. The focus of the rally was to create awareness on various issues with the help of placards, skit and dance. The first stop of the rally was at the Yerwada Police Station where the children greeted and thanked the Inspector and other staff for their dedicated service to society. At junctions they also performed a skit, dance and took a pledge.

The primary section children were dressed in the costumes of different states. The Junior College students took the pledge and the secondary school children performed a skit and dance. The children also thanked and felicitated the traffic cops on their way back. The rally was an enriching experience for all the participants and also for all those who witnessed it. The rally echoed the Bicentenary celebrations in Pune.


by Fr. Glenford Lowe

MATUNGA-MUMBAI, AUGUST 18, 2014: The entire Salesian Family of the Mumbai region gathered together at the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna, Matunga on August 16, 2014, to launch the Bicentenary Celebrations leading towards the Birth of Don Bosco. The focus, all through the Prayer service, was to have the members of the Salesian Family with the youth to return to Becchi, the place of their birth and to relive their commitment through their specific vocations.

The Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna was filled to capacity. The opening hymn 'Long Live Don Bosco' was a fitting tribute to the 'Daddy of us all – DB@200'. The letter of the Rector Major, Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime was then read out by Fr. Glenn Lowe. Representatives of the various members of the Salesian Family came forward to present their specific charism and to make a prayer for greater commitment. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial represented the SDBs, Sr. Phyllis Fernandes highlighted the FMA charism and apostolate, Mrs. Sharon D'Souza kept a prayerful heartbeat on behalf of the Salesian Cooperators. The Past Pupils were represented by Mr. Wency Pinto. Sr. Licia SMI shared the mission and the charism of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI).

The Association of the Devotees of Mary Help of Christians (ADMA) were present in large numbers and represented by Mr. Marion D'Souza. Fr. Wilfred D'Souza, Rector of Don Bosco Matunga highlighted the specific calling of the Volunteers of Don Bosco (VDB). Mrs. Jacinta D'Souza, representing the parents of salesians, prayed on behalf of the Association of Mama Margaret (AMM). The final prayer was made by Ms. Bibiana Esteberio on behalf of the newly formed Salesian Youth Movement (SYM).

The Lighting of the Lamp was done by representatives of the Salesian Family. Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, Provincial of the Salesian Province of St. Francis Xavier, spoke a few words and officially launched the Bicentenary Celebrations for the Mumbai region. A short video clip on the person of Don Bosco set the perfect tone to the final commitment made by one and all and to take the call of the Strenna 'Like Don Bosco, with the young and for the young'. The prayer service ended by singing the 'Salesian Anthem'. Thanks to the young Salesians and the Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS) Youth for their singing, animation and volunteering all through.

The second part of the programme took place in the new Don Bosco International School Fr. Bianchi Hall. Fr. Provincial officially released The Music Score compiled by Jay Franco to accompany 'The Peter Gonsalves Collection'. The first copy was presented to the very composer of the 70 hymns, Fr. Peter Gonsalves, sdb. The official website of the ADMA, perhaps the first of its kind, was also officially launched. Finally, the Don Bosco Kiosk was also launched and a short demonstration made. Thanks to Fr. Joaquim Fernandes sdb, Director Tej Prasarini and the entire team of June Digital for this very novel way of making Don Bosco known. Ms. Eugenia and Ms. Pearl brought the audience alive through their wit, dynamism and typical Salesian family spirit.

Bosco means wood! To mark this historical moment, a wooden keychain was presented to all as a memento. The celebrations ended on a happy note, with perhaps a miracle too, inspite of the large crowd, snacks in sufficient measure were served for all. Thanks to Fr. Elson Baretto and Bro. Jerome Mendonca and their team. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


by Fr. Xavier Devadas

KARJAT-RAIGAD, AUGUST 16, 2014: In an age when atrocities against women, girls and even children have increased the festival of Raksha Bandhan comes as an antidote and an opportunity to sensitize and educate society towards respecting, protecting and loving female members of the society. On the other hand boys who live in boarding schools miss their families on such occasions. Don Bosco Karjat, houses 60 trainees from all over Maharashtra.

Sensing their mood and need the in-house cook, whom they lovingly call 'Maushi' and her daughter of their own initiative brought 'Rakhis' and sweets for each of them on August 10,2014. Instantly, there was an electrifying swing in the spirit of the boys; the hall was prepared in a jiffy, the aarti plate was decorated and all the inmates gathered to celebrate this occasion of love. Fr. Xavier Devadas explained the need to understand the meaning and the responsibility of Raksha Bandhan. He said "More than ever today we need to respect, accept, love and protect women without any discrimination. Love goes much beyond lust and with loving kindness we can extend our bonds of friendship much beyond our immediate family". Brother Savio D'mello led the gathering through spiritual Bhajans.

As Maushi and her daughter did the aarti and tied a Rakhi to each boy, the atmosphere boomed with sentiments of sheer love and appreciation. As the rakhi's were firmly tied and the sweets melted in the mouth, hope and good spirits emerged from the hearts.  Finally Fr. Devadas added, "All is not lost, there is still hope that India can arise. Men/Youth can arise and love and protect every female as ones sister, mother or as a friend."


by Cl. Chris Ferreira and Cl. Ian Pinto

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 16, 2014: Fr Chrys Saldanha who has been serving at the Salesian Generalate for the past 17 years was down in India for his vacation. He was invited by Fr Kenneth Pereira, the novice master and councillor for formation (for the Province of Mumbai), to Nashik to address the Salesians of the formation houses in the Nashik area. Fr Chrys, addressed the Salesians on two days: August 14 and 15, in 2 sessions of about an hour and a half each, regarding the deliberations and discussions of the 27th General Chapter.

Fr. Kenneth introduced Fr Chrys, in addition to introducing the topic that Fr Chrys would be speaking on, viz. GC 27. Fr Chrys proceeded systematically in his presentation of the chapter. He began with 'the call to be Mystics'. "We Salesians", he said "are called to be close to God. Our call is one of discipleship, to be with Jesus and to go out and work for young people. The chapter calls us to be Prophets of fraternity. Solitude can be overcome only by communion and so, our communion in the community will become a witness to those broken families among the laity who seek meaning and happiness in family life. The chapter calls us to build up better inter-personal relationships. We are called to be Servants of the young and not bosses and administrators."

 He emphasized on working for poor and abandoned youth which took on new forms in today's world. A few questions were raised and Fr Chrys gave suitable responses to them. Thereafter, he concluded by rapidly going over the deliberations of the chapter.


by Br. Pawanjit Singh sdb

DEVLALI-NASHIK, AUGUST 16, 2014: The parishioners of St. Patrick's Parish Devlali, Nashik, celebrated Vianney Sunday on August 10, 2014. St. John Vianney, whose feast is commemorated on August 4, is the Patron Saint of the parish priests. Keeping this in mind, the Parish Council and St. Vincent De Paul Society of the parish organized a solemn Eucharist and a felicitation programme after the Mass.

The Mass began with an introduction elaborating the purpose of Vianney Sunday. The congregation was invited to pray in a very special way for Fr. Nolasco Gomes, the Parish priest, Fr. Sandeep the Assistant Parish priest, and the two Salesian clerics who come to the parish for their Sunday ministry.  Fr. Nolasco Gomes who was the main celebrant asked the people to pray for all the priests who are chosen for a greater task. He also said that the priests need the prayers of the people which would sustain them. A special prayer of the faithful and thanksgiving were offered.

After this spiritual union, the Parish Council members felicitated the priests and two clerics. Mr. Robin Xavier, the president of St. Vincent de Paul society spoke on behalf of the people. In his address he highlighted the role that the parish priest, the assistant parish priest and the brother's play in the well-being of the parish community. There was also the cake cutting ceremony which was followed by the presentation of gifts to them. Refreshment was provided to the parishioners after the programme.

This event was a gesture of gratitude and love for the priests and those aspiring to be priests. People sincerely acknowledged the contribution the priests made in their lives. There was a lot of enthusiasm and good will among the parish community which was manifested in a concrete manner on this day.


by Debjani Bhattacharya

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 16, 2014: On Saturday, August 9, 2014 the teaching and non-teaching staff of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School Nerul,  assembled in the  A.V room on the 3rd Floor to  attend the seminar on "Protecting Children against Sexual Abuse". The seminar began at its scheduled time. Fr. Anthony introduced the speaker Fr. Savio Silviera to the assembled staff. The seminar aimed at explaining the need to create a safe environment for their children, the laws that govern a child's safety and the punishment meted out to the perpetrators.

Fr. Savio began by explaining that abuse could be physical, moral, social, psychological, racial etc. The Statistics from Government of India suggest that 53% of children were sexually abused and that too by a person whom the child trusts. He explained that the safety of children in India is governed by "United Nations Convention on Right of the Child (1989), Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000, and Protection of children from Sexual offences Act 2012.

He explained the nine crime list and the punishment meted if not proven innocent, as in crime against children the law states "Considered guilty till proven to be innocent". The session was an interactive one with a number of teachers clearing their doubts, whether their actions could be termed as a crime. Fr. Savio stated that after the seminar each attendee would be thinking from their own perspective while their thoughts ought to be from the perspective of a child.

The Seminar concluded at 10am with a Vote of Thanks that was delivered by the Primary Supervisor "Ms.Adarsh Gupta". Fr. Bonnie presented a token on behalf of the school to Fr. Savio. The attendees signed a petition stating that they had not, nor would they be a part of Child Abuse. The Seminar was an eye opener in many ways. It made the attendees take note that the canker of child abuse is spreading at an alarming rate. It made them aware that their role was not only restricted to be watchdogs but also report about any untoward incident in case it took place. It was suggested that the seminar should have been attended by all parents, would to be parents, people who work with children and for the children.


by Fr. Bento D'souza     

AGADGAON-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 16, 2014: On August 12, a healing prayer service also called 'Arogya Prarthana' was held in the Agadgaon Chapel that was attended by more than eighty parishioners, from 5 pm - 9 pm. The service comprised of rosary , litany, mass, sermon, testimonies and healing prayer and adoration.

Fr Jameson Thomas, a Vincentian Priest, animated the gathering and enlightened the listeners as to the surprising and benign ways of the Spirit at work in their lives. Many attendees experienced freedom from bondages and release of the spirit in their mundane lives. The service ended with adoration animated by Fr. Nelson Falcao. The people of Agardgaon were blessed by the healing prayer held in their own village.


by Fr. Osborn Furtado

ALIRAJPUR-MADYA PRADESH, AUGUST 16, 2014: On August 15, the 'School of Excellence SOE' began their day at 5:00am in the morning as Marian music was being played. They participated in a meaningful Eucharistic celebration at 5.45am. after which, at 7:00am the school bell rung for the flag hoisting ceremony. Thereafter, Fr. Glen Fernandes the Principal shared a message on 'how to make India a peaceful and prosperous nation.' After the School programme the senior children proceeded to the District Parade Ground where the Don Bosco Scouts and Guides participated in the march past and won the first place.

 A dance on the remix version of the song "Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram" was performed by 120 students of their school. The district collector too agreed that the performance was fabulous and he also congratulated the students of Don Bosco during his speech. At the time of the Award ceremony three of their students who secured positions in the district merit list of class X examination 2014 were given trophies and certificates by the honorable district collector Mr. N. P. Deheria. The following students were awarded: Nidhi Jamra- 1st. Place (95%); Mahima Upadhyay – 2nd Place (94.50%); Almas Khan – 3rd Place (94%). All in all it was a wonderful and a memorable day. 'Sare Jaha se Accha Hindusata Hamara' 

Thursday, August 14, 2014


by Br. Bryce Fernandes sdb

LONAVLA-PUNE, AUGUST 14, 2014: The Scout camp for the scouts of Don Bosco High School Lonavla was held in the school campus from August 9 – 11, 2014. Sixty-two scouts participated in the same. The Scout camp was headed by Mr. Engineer (the Scout commissioner of Gujarat region). The Camp began on Saturday at 9:00 am with the hoisting of the Scout flag. The other procedures followed. The new boys who were interested in becoming Scouts were welcomed in. Some of  the activities held during the camp were patrolling, March past, patrol inspection, lashing, knots, trestle making, First aid, estimation,  Patrol corner, patrol council, Quarter corner (the decision making body of the troop) etc.
At the end of each day the Don Bosco Scouts learned something new and also had improvised their skill in different aspects of Scouting. It was indeed a wonderful, entertaining and also a learning experience in preparation for Boscoree which would be held soon. The boys were very happy as they learned many new things and it also gave them a start towards something big which would come in their way very soon. The camp came to an end with a camp fire and the valedictory function for the Scout Master who was instrumental in making this camp successful and also educative.


by Fr. Cedrick Sankul

SAVEDI-AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 14,  2014: On August 10, 2014, St. John Bosco Parish, Savedi Ahmednagar celebrated Vianney Sunday as the feast of Parish Priests.  Under the leadership of Sr. Mangal Kolge, FMA and Mr. Bramhne the catechist of the parish, the parish council members and the men's sodality of Sacred Heart of Jesus animated the programme.

Fr. Manuel Murzello, the Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priests Frs. Francis Fernandes, Anthony Goyal, and Cedrick Sankul were felicitated.  The Eucharist was animated by 'Prem' that began with the washing of the feet of the priests'. The sermon was preached by Mr. Jagan Jagdane, one of the parish council members who illustrated the life of St. John Mary Vianney and also spoke about the sacrifices made by priests of the parish to help the parishioners to grow in spirituality.  The Grace choir enhanced the Eucharist with their melodious singing.

At the end of the mass all the priests were felicitated and given gifts by the parish council members, sodality of Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Sunday school children. The youth group too came forward to say a word of gratitude to the fathers. After the celebration of the Eucharist the students of standard X and XII who had passed in their board exams were felicitated by the parish. The youth of the parish were in charge of this part of the programme. They gave each student a gift.  There were 30 students who were honoured. All the parishioners were given Prasad after mass.  The programme ended with the distribution of snacks that was sponsored by parish council members for the priests.


by Cl. Clarence Martis sdb

LONAVLA-PUNE, AUGUST 8, 2014: Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Lonavla organized a Marathi Elocution competition on August 8, 2014 in the Boarding Hall. It was conducted under 3 categories - seniors ( XI – XII) , inters (VIII-X) and juniors (V – VII). The students prepared and spoke excellently.

The Rector, Fr. Solomon Rapol, Fr. Gregory D'Cunha (Administrator) along with other external judges judged the competition. It was organized by Mrs. Sushma Patankar (Marathi Teacher.) under the able guidance of Fr. George Carlos (Principal). The students were appreciated by all. Fr. Solomon congratulated the speakers and gave them some tips concerning language skills. Thereafter the Principal proposed a vote of thanks and congratulated the winners.


by Pre-Novice Ashley Noronha

PINGULI-KUDAL, AUGUST 14, 2014: The month long programme to honour our Blessed Mother concluded with a solemn programme of the Marian Nite on August 10, from 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm at Bosco Udyogshala Pinguli.  The theme of the entire month was 'Grow Bright in Mary's Radiant Light'.

The beauty of this programme was that the children and youth from the quasi parish of Nerur took part in this meaningful event along with the Pre-Novices.  The evening began with a prayer service followed by the chief guest Fr. Brian Moras declaring the Marian Nite open. The evening comprised of games, spot prizes, quiz rounds, and creative presentations which helped the participants to grow in their love of our Blessed Mother and to know her more deeply.  The atmosphere was one of camaraderie, peace, joy and happiness.
The programme concluded with the knighting and crowning of the winners.  A broad smile could be seen on the face of all the participants as they thanked the organizers and looked forward to coming back to Bosco Udyogshala for another meaningful programme.