Wednesday, August 31, 2016


BAkhil Abraham


MUMBAI, AUG 31, 2016: Nashabandhi Mandal Maharashtra Rajya organised a de-addiction programme for the boys and staff of Bosco Boys Home on August 27 at the Home in Borivli. Almost 50 boys benefitted from the session. 


The event began with Father Solomon Rapol, the rector, introducing the group to the participants and briefing the boys about the impact of addiction. 


Nandu Bhansode, a member of the group creatively gave the message of de-addiction by rewording popular songs and singing them. 


The next session was conducted by a member of Jeevan Dhara, an organisation working for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. Through many short stories the effects of drugs on the body and other serious complications were explained to the boys. 


The last talk was given by Suresh Hedamba, who spoke on ill effects of drugs on the body and mind. He explained the whole process of how drinks like alcohol start reacting in the body and cause harm in the later stages of life. 


The programme ended with Father Lloyd Rodrigues giving the Vote of thanks and felicitating the speakers. 


by BIS Correspondent 


MUMBAI, AUG 31, 2016: The newly formed Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Dolours parish, Wadala had a two- day training session at Don Bosco, Lonavla on August 27-28 . Bishop Bosco Penha and Trainer,  Elroy Gonsalves took the group through the "Inspire Model" training sessions to equip them with the essentials to carry out their Ministry of Service. 


Gonsalves started with an ice breaker that helped the participants to get to know themselves and others in the group better. Bishop Penha, then brought his vast experience into play as he took the group through the workings and requirements of the parish council. 


Through a host of personal experiences he made all realise the importance of belonging and working in the parish council. The session ran through the day. In the evening, through his interactive session, Gonsalves helped all understand the importance of planning and conducting effective meetings, at all levels. 


Day two began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, at which there was a lot of group sharing. Post- breakfast Bishop Penha took the council members through an exercise of strategising, as an effective community building exercise. 


Bishop Penha began the process of serious planning and critical evaluation of decisions and initiatives proposed by the groups for community growth. He dwelt at great length on one of the ideas that came from the group of a talent search and involvement of the each member in the community, offering some service or the other. This revived the Ten is Mine programme, which was explained by Father Godfrey D'Sa.


Gonsalves then wound up the training with a group exercise, to help the members choose what they wanted to do and where to begin in their efforts to build themselves and their community. 


This was followed by a short parish council meeting. The group worked out strategies for the growth of the communities and associations. The programme ended with lunch. 


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 31, 2016: Eighty seven female members of self-help groups (SHGs) from different slum communities were felicitated on August 29 at the Provincial House, Matunga, for getting either sewing machines or domestic flour mills from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).


All the women are part of the SHGs started and managed by Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS). It was a struggle for last eight months for the staff of DBDS and the women; who fought for their economic rights and finally obtained it.


Father Bernard Fernandes, Principal of Don Bosco High School, Matunga was the chief guest for the programme. He congratulated the women and wished them good luck in their income generation endeavours. 


Father Rolvin D'Mello, Executive Director of DBDS lauded the hardwork of the DBDS staff and the persistence of the women. He further extended his support to the women in their journey of economic empowerment. 


DBDS as an organisation believes and practices the rights based approach to development and played a facilitative role in the whole process. 


The staff of DBDS linked the women to BMC's gender budget scheme and educated them on their rights. It took about eight months of continuous follow-up by the women to obtain their entitled economic assists of sewing machines and domestic flour mills from the BMC. 


Four of the women Reshma Ansari, Babli Naidu, Nanki Makvana and Shabnam Shaikh shared their future plans and dreams with the audience. Some of them even had tears in their eyes when they thanked Don Bosco for the help they received in their lives.


by Cl Lawrance Vincent 


ALIRAJPUR, AUG 31, 2016: Group masses strengthen the relationship between the members of a group as they pray for each other. To enhance the batch spirit of each standard, Don Bosco Academy, Alirajpur organised group masses for the School of Excellence (SOE) children on August 27.


Father Stanny Ferreira, the rector, Father Blaise Fernandes, Father Ashwin Mal, Father Cyril D'Souza and Father  Charlin Chandran celebrated the Holy Eucharist for classes 12, 11, 10, eight/nine and six/seven respectively. The themes chosen by all the groups focused on togetherness, unity, friendship, peace and cultural oneness. 


The celebration was creatively animated by the children themselves. It included wearing their cultural costume and a dance procession. The celebrants encouraged the children through their sermons, by making them aware of the importance of each other in a group. 


The principal, Fr. Blaise spoke to the class 10, on appreciating each other and to be oneself at all cost. This spiritual event was co-ordinated and organised by the catechist, Father Cyril. 


"We will always remember these moments of prayer and togetherness," said Ankit Damor, a class 12 student. Arpita Meda of standard eight said, "Today, I felt the backing and positive energy of my companions." 


All the children expressed their eagerness to participate in such prayerful occasions in the future as well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


by Bindu Kenny

MUMBAI, AUG 30, 2016: Bosco Kala Utsav 2016, which took place on August 27, at Don Bosco High School, Matunga gave students an opportunity to showcase their talents in the fields of debate, elocution, readathon, spelling bee, poster making, quizzing and vocals.

For the more scientifically and mathematically inclined, there was a special science-maths fair held, which comprised of scientific activities and models. There was also a segment dedicated to nature. 

Elocution was based on topics like 'Science is a threat to nature', 'E-Learning is the best way to learn' and 'Will robots replace human beings?'

Eloquent speakers then debated - critically and analytically- on 'Science beyond borders is the need of time'. It was a delight to hear about the benefits of science and the problems caused by technological progress.

On a lighter note, the vocals being conducted over the intercom permitted the students to enjoy the singing and hum along to their favourites from the comfort of their classrooms. 

Full credit to the student council for coordinating the many activities at different venues smoothly and efficiently!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 27, 2016: In a bid to help 71 women from 35 Self-Help groups hone in on their entrepreneurial skills, Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) organised a 'Wick making workshop' at the Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on August 26.


The workshop was aimed at giving the women an opportunity to be 'financially independent'. Atulya Jignaysa Charitable Trust trained them and provided them with the knowledge of sourcing raw material for the wicks. They were also taught how to operate the machine for production and finally market the wicks.


Father Rolvin D'Mello, Executive Director of DBDS said, " I hope initiatives of this nature would make women financially independent and also enable them to give up menial jobs, to do more skilled-dignified jobs."


Akash Gangurde, Manager of Punjab National Bank, spoke about the various schemes and loans available for women to do small scale businesses. Bansode, a retired Police Inspector, then encouraged the women to set up businesses to earn money.


After the training workshop, Amit Jadhav, Chairman of Atulya, assured the women the support of his organisation in their 'wick making business'. Manisha Dangle, from Savitri self-help group, added that Don Bosco must organise more workshops, so more women could learn how to earn money and support their families. 


by Clarence Martis


PUNE, AUG 29, 2016: Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park, Pune celebrated its community week from August 21 to 26, themed on 'Rings of Love'.

The community week began with the inauguration prayer service focussing on the theme of the day 'Affection'. The first year Theology brothers enlightened the community on the significance of the theme and had the logo, theme and the time-table unveiled by the Rector, Father Nelson Carvalho.

The Rector invited the community to imitate Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples, shared the meal with them and finally sacrificed himself for all humankind.


The focus of the second day was 'Family Spirit'. During meditation, every community member displayed the photograph of their immediate family and the community learnt about the family members of each confrere. 


The brothers chipped in to prepare snacks every evening as part of community week celebrations. The Tournament for the week consisting of rink football and Malaysian Football began in the evening. During the Vespers, the community members prayed for each of the family members of the confreres.

The third day was focussed on 'Forgiveness'. The community had a meditation activity wherein each community member had to recall a person they had yet to forgive and to reflect on concrete ways to forgive that person. 

In the evening, the community prayed the rosary for unity in the world, in the country and in the community. The community also watched a movie as part of entertainment.

Day four was dedicated to the topic of 'Service'. During meditation the fourth year brothers explained the importance of Service in a world of selfishness. In the evening, Father Edison Fernandes animated the community into Mask Making. The purpose of this activity was to make every confrere aware of their identity,  the need for trust and the uniqueness of each person.


Day five was dedicated to the theme 'Joy'. The main activity of the day was community work and an occasion to spend time with the domestic staff over tea and snacks. After dinner, the community went to play a football match on the astro-turf at Don Bosco Yerwada. 


The final day of the week began with a prayer service in which each confrere explained the symbol that closely represented the community and why they had chosen such a symbol. After tea, the final round of the tournament was organised.


At 7.00 p.m. the community gathered to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, to thank the Lord for the community and to appreciate each confrere's presence in the community. The Rector, in his homily, spoke of the many times the aspect of community is mentioned in the New Testament. 

Father Carvalho spoke of the importance of community life, "Our Community life is a primary witness to others," he said. The community week came to an end with the exchange of greetings and a token of appreciation after which a small get-together was organised.


The community week brought home the message of gratitude and also the importance of love, which is an essential ingredient for a close-knit family.


by Cl Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, AUG 27, 2016: The Development staff of the House of Chhotaudepur undertook their apostolic ministry in prison on August 25 in Chhotaudepur Sub Jail, Chhotaudepur. 


The team that went to inaugurate the programme comprised of Brother Ramesh Durairaj, director of the Development Office - Chhotaudepur, Sister Caroline D'Britto, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ishwar Dabhi, principal – Don Bosco School and College, Chhotaudepur, Kiran Macwan, teacher -  Don Bosco School and College, Chhotaudepur and Cleric Chris Ferreira. They met 110 inmates at the prison.


Accepting the invitation of the Development staff of Don Bosco Lok Seva Kendra, the sub jail authorities invited the Salesians to carry out teaching as well as social and moral development courses for the inmates. 


The Development Office aims to further intensify the jail authorities efforts in moulding the inmates while in prison. Brother Durairaj and Dhabi explained the motive of the ministry and shared their thoughts about the need to be empowered with the pen before facing the world. 


Dance and a time of sharing was organised for the inmates, following which they were given refreshments. The prison ministry would involve teaching formal and informal education like wiring, welding, plumbing and so on.


With their smiles and words of gratitude, the prisoners expressed their heartfelt thanks. Like Don Bosco, the staff believes that accompanying the inmates will certainly make them good and honest citizens.

Friday, August 26, 2016


by Anthony Serrao


MUMBAI, AUG 26, 2016: "Mercy beyond Boundaries" was the theme chosen by the Our Lady of Dolours (Wadala) Inter-Faith Cell and the Bombay Catholic Sabha, as they organised an Inter-Faith Meet at St. Joseph's School Hall, on August 21 from 9.30 to 11.00am.


The event started with the singing of the National Anthem.  The speakers invited were Professor Harsha Badkar from the Hindu faith,  Zuhair Nathani from the Muslim faith, Shilpa Chheda from the Jain faith, Rustom Chothia from the Zoroastrian faith and the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Dolours, Father Vivian D'Souza representing the Catholic faith. 


Father D'Souza spoke on the virtue of Mercy beyond Boundaries as found in the different religious scriptures. Their expositions were studied and it made the event very informative.


The event was well attended by parishioners and people of other faith. The insights of the speakers, stirred a lot of thought and showed all present, the commonality in beliefs. 


by Akhil Abraham

MUMBAI, AUG 26, 2016: Bosco Boys Home, Borivli in collaboration with Abhi Foundation, an organisation run by Mir Ranjan Negi - former Indian hockey player - began special football and hockey coaching on August 23, at the Don Bosco School ground Borivli. 

Thirty- six boys from Bosco Boys Home benefited from the coaching. The event began with an opening ceremony organised by Negi and coach Ibrahim Mulla. Father William Falcao, rector of Don Bosco Borivli and Father Solomon Rapol, rector of Bosco Boys Home, were among the guests present for the occasion.  

Negi began with the history of Abhi foundation and its inception. "This foundation," he said, " Is named after my son, Abhi Ranjan Negi who passed away some years ago in a serious road accident." In his memory, Negi decided to open a sports organisation which would cater to all the poor boys who wish to excel in sports. 

Father Rapol lit a candle and Father Falcao broke a coconut, declaring the initiative open. He then spoke on the importance of sports and how through sports one can discipline oneself for life. 

In the Vote of Thanks, Father Rapol thanked Negi and his team for the initiative taken to coach the Bosco Boys and for the hardwork they will put in. He also thanked Mahanagar Gas Limited that has sponsored this cause. 

The boys then began their first day of football coaching with coach Mulla leading the boys into warm up exercises and intense training. Coaching will take place from Monday to Thursday in the morning at 6:30 am. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


by Bis Correspondent


AHMEDNAGAR, AUG 23, 2016: Father Augustine Pereira, the parish priest of St Anne's parish, Ahmednagar has started Bible classes for Catholics who hunger for the Word of God and have opted for this service made available by the parish. 


Thirty people attend the Word of God seminars and find them refreshing and revitalising in the humdrum routine of daily life. Father Pereira has left no stone unturned to make this resource of feeding their Christian faith available to the people of his parish and many people find it extremely helpful. 

Father Pereira is well known for his knowledge of the Word of God. People are grateful for his in-depth understanding of Scripture and his practical reflections on the Word of God. 

Bible study helps the parishioners live out their Christian life and be other Christ's in the world. The weekly input has brought about new fervour in the people and has deepened their Christian faith. The number of those attending Bible classes is steadily increasing each week.

The parishioners are grateful to Father Pereira for helping them come closer to God. 

Monday, August 22, 2016


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 22, 201 : Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala hosted a Monthly Mela on the theme,'Health and Hygiene' for street boys to help them become responsible individuals. Around 50 street children participated at the behest of the Shelter's outreach staff who have a good rapport with them.


The Mela started with registration and breakfast and a small prayer service. Father Gregory Almeida, Rector of Shelter Don Bosco spoke about the importance of cleanliness with examples. The children were then shown Power Point and Video presentations on hygiene. 


The boys were then divided into groups and were given health and hygienic care with activities like haircuts, nail cutting, dressing wounds, bath and distribution of clean clothes.


Their hidden talent was rekindled with arts and craft, by making the best of waste. This was followed by a dance session. The Salesian Cooperators helped in cooking and serving food. A Bollywood movie was also shown as part of recreation. 


A follow-up to the previous Mela on Vocation Training, was done. Two boys have been sent to Don Bosco Yuva Sansthan, Karjat for Vocational Training, to better their lives and become a responsible citizens. 


The Mela concluded with the distribution of biscuits and chocolates. 


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, AUG 22, 2016: Don Bosco High School, Matunga is known for its sporting prowess and the young sportsmen from the institution did their school proud yet again by lifting the MSSA Under-16 football title, by beating St. Stanislaus School, Bandra in a tense final that was decided 4-1 via a shootout at Cooperage grounds on August 18.


The Matunga side played flawless football till the semi-final stage, but they somehow found themselves behind by a goal in the very first quarter of the finals. 


Parents, past and present students, staff and many well-wishers though did not lose hope and continued to back their players. They did not disappoint, as Mannan Dang helped Don Bosco draw level after he found the net in the second half. Both sides remained locked at 1-1 at the end of regulation time.


In the tie-breaker that followed, Shelton Fernandes, Dang, Joshua D'Souza, Aman Manghi and Aryan Hukumchand found the net and helped Don Bosco to yet another title. 


"It is special feeling to score and contribute for the team. We wanted to win it for Leslie sir. The whole team fought for each other. We always do but played harder for the finals," Dang said.


Leslie Machado, who has coached the team for 25 years, said "It's indeed a fantastic gift. What is more important is that we have regained this crown after a two year gap. We had won it six times in a row before this. Winning in the penalties is not the right way. We should have done it within the regulation time. But we played badly in the first half. Both teams looked weighed down by the big occasion as there were plenty of hits and misses."


by Karen Laurie


MUMBAI, AUG 22, 2016: Make way, bhel and pizza. Say hello to 'Jowari bhel' and 'Bhakrizza'! Little master chef's have been dishing out delicious delicacies at the Don Bosco Provincial house in Matunga, with one goal, to help adults and their peers adopt sustainable food practices. 


"Jowar is grown in Maharashtra, it is cost effective and plentiful, so we have created our own bhel recipe with jowar puffs. We have also used jowar bhakris as a base to create our own pizza, to encourage sustainable eating habits," Atul Khandhare said. 


Khandhare is among a group of 15 slum children in Mumbai who have received a scholarship by the Don Bosco Development office, to participate in the New York Global Partners Juniors Programme (NYGPJP).


NYGPJP 2016, is a certificate programme, connecting children from across the globe with a common objective – to discuss food diversity and sustainability. The  programme is run in collaboration with the education department of the New York City Mayor's office. 


"The cost of the programme is 12,500 INR per child. Pomegranate Workshop, running the programme in Mumbai, choose 30 children in all, of which the Don Bosco Development office is fully funding 15 underprivileged children from the nearby slums. They have been carefully shortlisted after a screening process. The other 15 have signed up themselves," Father Savio Silveira, Vice Provincial of Don Bosco's Salesians in Mumbai said. 

The 30 students from Mumbai, are from across the breadth of the city, each from  a different school. They have met twice a week, for two months to research, investigate and draw conclusions on the city's food culture.


Through charts, poems, field visits, group discussions, food carts the young adults have examined how sustainable our food consumption habits are and the changes we need to make, to be more sensitised to the sustainability of food consumption patterns.


In the process, they have developed skills in research and writing, creative expression and effective communication. "Along with creating awareness, we have also taught the children the skill of filmmaking," Advaita Mane, of Pomegranate Workshop, said.

The students were taught how to handle a camera and given interviewing tips, following which they were taken on site to make a film on Feeding Diversity. 


From the origins of the humble vada pav to its modern version with raw bananas, from the simple sandwiches to the improvised versions of chillie cheese toast and chocolate fillings, students traced the journey of popular food choices in Mumbai. 


The many 'why's' of the students produced some interesting findings like, 'Why are Irani restaurants adorned with mirrors?' Answer: In olden times, possessing a mirror glass was a luxury that not many could afford. So Irani joints provided its customers the privilege of looking at themselves and enjoying a meal. 

"I enjoyed the film making exercise, where we interviewed street food vendors, vegetable market vendors, restaurant owners among others. It was also very difficult as we had to hold the camera steady and it would rain sometimes," Pramina Yeshu Pilli said. 


Twelve-year old Reena Kasbe enjoyed the camaraderie she shared with the different students and even the conversations with her global counterparts. "Students were often taken to the research centre which connected all the global participants of the programme through a common online platform to interact," Mane said. 


Through project-based learning and online communication, the young adults have developed their literacy and critical-thinking skills, making them global citizens and of course, little experts of sustainability!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


by Cl Chris Ferreira and Cl Lawrence Vincent


BARODA, AUG 20, 2016: Ten Practical trainees from the Salesian Province of Mumbai, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh met at Don Bosco, Makarpura for a one-day orientation programme, which was animated by Father Savio Silveira, the Vice- Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai, on August 18. 


The day began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in which Father Silveira stressed on the importance of consecrated life. He also said, "Future priests are expected to give witness by wearing on the garment of consecrated life which includes their evangelical vows, their community life and their apostolic mission."


In the first session, Father Silveira dealt with the issue of reduced efficiency on account of burnouts or depression due to work pressure. He further emphasised on the importance of being emotionally balanced in stressful situations.

In the second session, he assisted the practical trainees in drafting a more concrete plan of life for effective work. "The change", Father Silveira said, "would begin with creativity."


The programme ended with an evaluation session and a short prayer. "All in all, it was a great day for relaxation and a relief from the mundane activities," Cleric Sachin Manjul said. "I benefited a lot from these timely prepared sessions," Cleric Nirdosh Kindo, added.


by Cl Chris Ferreira


CHHOTAUDEPUR, AUG 20, 2016: Ages have passed yet the world remembers the Virgin Mother of Jesus as someone who is worthy of all honour and thanksgiving. With the same fervour that Catholics all over the world offer prayer and thanksgiving, the congregation at Muktadayini Mata Parish, Chhotaudepur gathered together to partake of a solemn Eucharistic Celebration to mark the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady on August 15.


The Holy Eucharist was the culmination of an entire month of Marian sharing, activities and a Novena. Children led a procession prior to the solemn Mass, they sang bhajans and recited the rosary. Father Anil Severin, the Director at Jeevan Darshan Kendra, Vadodara, celebrated Holy Mass.  


Faithful from the nearby parishes of Kawant, Narukot and Alirajpur participated in the Eucharistic Celebration which was a beautiful blend of Rathwi and Gujarati hymns.


"When you look at Mary, you see complete obedience - isn't that the essence of freedom. Mary was always available and made this her way of living," Father Severin said. At the offertory procession - coconuts, books, stationery and incense sticks were offered.


The evening ended with a fellowship meal and a dance session to the local Timli beats.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


by Father Roshan Gonsalves


MUMBAI, AUG 18, 2016: Seventy Shelter boys, past pupils and staff of Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala joined forces for a celebration entitled, 'Freedom with Duty' to mark the nations 70th Independence Day on August 15.


The theme was chosen to create awareness about the need for responsibility on the part of each citizen to enjoy Freedom. The event began with a march past, then a dance was performed to the tunes of the song 'Pray for India'.

'Jannat', a group of youngsters performed a street play to create awareness about population explosion.


The chief guest, Vrinda Arvind Rege, the Assistant Manager of Cooperation Bank, Wadala branch hoisted the Tricolour after which the National Anthem was sung. "Since God could not be everywhere He made Shelter Don Bosco to take care of the poor and needy," Rege, said during her address.


by Swithin Moraes


LONAVLA, AUG 18, 2016: The boarders of Don Bosco School, Lonavla joined their parents in celebrating Marian Day on August 14, by competing in a host of Marian-themed games that helped the youth learn more about Mother Mary.


The programme started with the Holy Eucharistic celebration at 11:30 am. Father Valerian Pereira, the Rector, celebrated Holy Mass, after which,  parents spent time with their children. They assembled, at 1.30 pm, in the Assembly hall and were divided into teams.


The programmes comprised of different kinds of games and activities. One game required the teams to use a newspaper and pins to dress the children as Jesus and Mary.


At the end the winning team was awarded with medals; while the other teams received mementos of Our Blessed Mother. A highlight of the Marian Day was the creatively prepared Marian Grottos that adorned the corridors and the vibrant notice boards.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


by Father Roshan Gonsalves


MUMBAI, AUG 17, 2016: Father Maria Arokiam Kanaga, the Regional Councillor for South Asia, visited Shelter Don Bosco on behalf of the Rector Major of the Salesians - Father Angel Fernandez Artime - on August 13, to meet the confreres and review the work, in accordance with the deliberations of the General Chapter 27 and Provincial Chapter 2016.


After meeting with the Salesians, he checked the registers and the files of the house and then met boys from the open shelter.  There was an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm among the children as each of them met the Regional personally and sought his blessings.


He addressed the boys and encouraged them to make the best use of the opportunities offered to them at the Shelter. During the programme, he also planted a Tulsi sapling with the boys giving them a message of becoming productive citizens of the society.


The community of the Shelter met him for a conference thereafter. He also met the staff members of the house. Later in the day, he visited Bosco Care Centre and appreciated the initiative for the boys above the age of eighteen years. 


On returning, he spent some time meeting each confrere of the house personally, to know more about them and the work that they do in the community. He then celebrated the Holy Eucharist for the community and staff members of the house.


The visitation concluded with Father Kanaga sharing the report on his observations of the community of Shelter Don Bosco. He offered his insights on how to improve the quality of work and to be more effective in the Salesian pastoral work, through reflection on new perspectives on famous Biblical stories.


by Father Bento D'Souza


AHMEDNAGAR, AUG 17, 2016: Like top sportspersons from around the world need to qualify for the Olympic Games, youth of BGVK, Bajajnagar also needed to qualify to participate in the Salesian Youth Ministry Project of Ahmednagar on August 7.


The Bajajnagar youth were given a wild card entry to the special event, where they were taught about the new permaculture developments in BGVK, Kedgaon, which essentially deals with the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.


Nine youth were selected to attend the Vianney Celebration of the Salesian Priests and Friendship day at St Anne's Church, Collectors Office. The event was the result of the combined youth ministry of the Salesian communities of St. Anne's Parish, St John's Bhingar, BGVK, Kedgaon and Don Bosco Savedi.


The event started with the felicitation of the priests. Father Vishwas Pereira, Father Johnson Khsirsagar, Father Michael Bansode, Father Bento D'Souza, Father George D'Abreo, Father Bastin Thomas, Father Paul Antao, Father Cedric Sankul and Father Anthony Santarita were welcomed with the youth tying friendship bands on their wrists. All priests were then presented with mementos of their photograph, etched with their Ordination Day mottos and an encouraging message of hope embossed. Pooja Bharti gave a speech explaining the ethos and significance of the day.


The Holy Eucharist was celebrated on the next day, during which the President, Father Michael Bansode, in his homily said that a Salesian Priest is part, parcel and center of each family and youth's heart. More than a hundred youth from the four institutions around Nagar participated. The Youth Friendship fellowship event, where multi-coloured friendship bands were tied on everyones wrists, was the highlight of the evening.


All the Salesians mingled with the youthful crowd, dancing, interacting, playing games like Fire on the mountain and cluster formation. Spot Prizes were also distributed. The Vote of Thanks was given by Father George D'Abreo.  The animator, Father James Tuscano together with the parish priest of St Anne's, Father Augustine Pereira and their respective teams made the event possible. 


The nine youth from Aurangabad integrated with the others present. They are enthusiastic about the novelty and vibrancy of Salesian brand events like Marian Nights, Career Fair, Live-in, Christmas Bash, Uth4Uth Fest and Youth Pasch- the forthcoming events of this year. The participants look forward to a planned year 2016-2017.


by Viginta Lobo and Vivena Rodrigues


NAVI MUMBAI, AUG 17, 2016: Father Maria Arokiam Kanaga, Regional Councillor of South East Asia, inaugurated the Salesian Youth Ministry Club for the youth of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul on August 12.


Thirty six youth from standard eight till twelve were present for the inauguration ceremony. On their part, the youth representatives sang the Salesian Youth Anthem, which was followed by a programme organised by the head coordinators, Diana D'Souza, Janice Lucose and the members of the Salesian Youth Ministry (SYM).


Father Kanaga explained the significance of the Salesian youth ministry all over the world and the work done by them in the upliftment of the underprivileged youth. Each member received an identity card.


"I feel very happy as we will be able to meet and have fun under the guidance of Don Bosco and also be a part of the Salesian family," Melton Suares, a member of SYM, said.


by Perpetual Nazareth


MUMBAI, AUG 16, 2016: Don Bosco High School, Matunga commemorated India's Independence Day through a simple yet thought-provoking ceremony. In keeping with tradition, the SSC toppers of the batch of 2015-2016 were also felicitated for their noteworthy performance.

Flanked by the school management, the chief guests -  parents of the SSC toppers -  Trini D'Souza, Shamira D'Souza, P N Shenoy and Preethi Shenoy, were given the honour of hoisting the Indian tri-colour.

The assembly conducted by students of standard 10F raised a pertinent question by conducting a reality check on our patriotic fervour, 'Is it really Vande Mataram or One Day Mataram?' 

The students urged all to recognise that each person is an ambassador, a representative of the nation, a partner in the progressing history of the motherland. So citizens should stop being silent observers, passive recipients and crowd followers. They encouraged all to recognise the opportune time and exercise responsibility- to express, to act, to bring about a change.

On the momentous day for the nation, the school also celebrated the latest SSC toppers, Trevin D'Souza and Venkatesh Shenoy, both with an aggregate score of 94.8%, along with 27 students who scored above 90%, for bringing glory to themselves and to their alma mater.


Trini D'Souza and P N Shenoy thanked the school for helping their sons achieve this milestone. D'Souza reiterated that each one has been called for a purpose and encouraged the boys be agents of change through the song, 'Believe in Yourself'.


Earlier, on the eve of Independence Day, the Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) Gymkhana Committee had invited the school to be a part of their initiative to support the Government of India, in their efforts to promote patriotism and pay homage to our freedom fighters. Students of 10F, along with their class teacher had put up a part of their assembly at the VJTI campus to help promote a sense of unity among young minds.


by Eustace Fernandes


MUMBAI, AUG 16, 2016: In an attempt to highlight the importance of values, a special Value based programme was organised for all the technical and school going boys at Bosco Boys Home, Borivli on August 13.


The programme was conducted by Father Allywn Misquitta and supported by Harry Menezes, a parishoner from Don Bosco parish, Borivli. The session began with Father Misquitta leading all the boys into prayer.

Father Misquitta focused on being free from all vices, which become a block in our relationship with God. The session was made interesting with praise and worship songs and commentary at the background.


The programme was divided into two parts. The first session focused on the theme, 'Living by objectives'. In this session, Father Misquitta focused on five important points namely sensitivity to our friends, importance of punctuality, neatness, courteousness and how one must inculcate a scientific attitude.


The second session conducted by Menezes focused on the negative impact of tobacco. The session was interactive, wherein all the youth participated and shared testimonies. He spoke in depth about the dangers of tobacco consumption. At the end of his talk he requested all the youth to stay away from tobacco and live a healthy life.


Menezes also invited a few boys to share their testimony on how they have overcome the craving for tobacco and other vices. A student studying in the Air Conditioner workshop shared his experience of being secluded from society because he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He further stated that it was due to the good will of a few individuals that he was able to overcome these habits and once again start a new life.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


BFather Joaquim Fernandes

MUMBAI, AUG 13, 2016: Father Maria Arokiam Kanaga, Regional Councillor for South Asia released the book, "Revolution of Tenderness" written by the Brothers of Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik, edited by Sharmeela De Vaz, and published by Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications.

Father Kanaga complimented the brothers for writing significant reflections and stories on the theme of Mercy. He enumerated that as Salesians, the publishing of a book is of prime importance and it has great benefits for readers across the world. This is a good souvenir for the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy.  

Father Robert Pen, Rector of Divyadaan, thanked Father Savio Silveira - Vice Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai - for encouraging the brothers to write their reflection and pen their thoughts on the Year of Mercy.  

It was a great opportunity for the brothers to publish a book alongside the seasoned editorial staff from the Publication House of Tej-Prasarini.

'Revolution of Tenderness' is a collection of inspiring short stories penned by the young, zealous Brothers of the Salesian Order, raring to share their life-changing experiences with the rest of the world.

The stories encompass aspects such as the need for compassion; the power of genuine, active listening; the sharp contrast between 'talking and thinking with the heart vis-à-vis thinking with the mind' and amplifies examples of magnanimity and the logic of justice and grace.

A book of this kind will urge readers to be more proactive, in righting wrongs, so that we can reach out to a world that is almost at a 'tipping point', simmering in anticipation of an explosion. The 'Doomsday Clock' is ticking and the need to 'heal the world, make it a better place', is the book's war cry.

The cover design for the book has been conceptualised by Sathish Paul, sdb; book design and typeset by Surekha Gangurde; edited by Sharmeela De Vas; proof read by Verona Vaz and Father Mathew Couthino; printed at Intouch Graphics, Mumbai. 

'Revolution of Tenderness' is a paper pack edition, 150 pages, ISBN- 978-81-87060-59-8, cover price of INR 150/-

Kindly logon to the website and purchase your copy or contact Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai 400 019. Phone (91-22) 24150680