Wednesday, May 30, 2018


By Amarr Prabhu

MUMBAI, MAY 30, 2018: As part of the selection process for World Skills Competition 2019, slated to be held in Delhi in July, seven students from Don Bosco Centre for Learning participated in the Regional Skills Competition, organised by the National Skill Development Corporation India (NSDC) in Jaipur from May 24 to 26.
Russel Fernandes, Chandan  Nishad, Saifali Khan, Rohit Kharatmol, Aakash Pawar, Shivaim Shukla and Belim Hanif participated in the regional competition. The participants are currently taking courses in automotive technology, auto body repair, air-condition and heating, car painting, electronics and plumbing.  
The participants were trained and mentored at St. Joseph Industrial Training Institute (SJITI) and industry partners like Toyota, Grohe and Daikin. The competition was designed to showcase the highest standards of skill in India and provide a platform for the youth to explore various career opportunities in the skill ecosystem. More than 200 contestants from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, participated.  
Khan from St Joseph ITI - Don Bosco Kurla, won Gold in air-condition and heating and will now represent Maharashtra at the national competition.  The contestants were asked to prepare a refrigeration unit from scratch and he successfully completed the task. He was awarded a gold medal and a cash price of 21,000 rupees.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


by Libby Sequeira and Susan D'Costa

KUWAIT, MAY 29, 2018: The Salesian community, along with their families and the parishioners, gathered at the St. Therese of the Child Jesus church, Salmiya Kuwait on June 24, to celebrate the Feast of Mary Help of Christians.

The celebration began with Holy Mass, which was celebrated by Father Lionel Braganza, concelebrated by Father Derrick Misquita, the Rector of the Salesians, and Father Blany Pinto. 
In his homily, Father Braganza shed light on how honour is bestowed on Mary for her role in the redemption of mankind. Hence "All generations will call her blessed", he said.
He also narrated how the battle of Lepanto which took place on October 7, 1571 was won because of the intervention of Our Lady. For this reason, this date was chosen as the feast of the Holy Rosary. He added that in 1809, Napoleon's men entered the Vatican, arrested Pope Pius VII and brought him in chains to Grenoble.
The Holy Father vowed to God that, if he were restored to the Roman See, he would institute a special feast in honour of Mary. Military reverses forced Napoleon to release the Pope, and on May 24, 1814, Pius VII returned in triumph to Rome. Twelve months later, the Pope decreed that the feast of Mary Help of Christians, be kept on May 24 .
After the homily, all the Salesian Cooperators renewed their promise to continue to be loyal and committed to their mission. A short programme, which included games, dancing and a festive meal, followed.
"It was so much fun with all the Cooperators and their families as well as the three priests who were all playing around, dancing, singing and having loads of fun like little kids," Christopher Pereira, a Salesian Cooperator, said.
Evelyn D'Souza, another Cooperator, added, "We felt spiritually united to the Salesian family, as we participated in the enriching Eucharistic celebration and the fellowship thereafter strengthened our bond further – not just the Cooperators but their families as well."

Saturday, May 26, 2018


by Karen Laurie

MUMBAI, MAY 26, 2018: On the feast of Mary Help of Christians, May 24, three Brothers - Chris Ferreira, Joyston Machado and Sheldon Dias - of the Salesian province of Mumbai, have dedicated their lives totally to God by making their final profession at the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna in Matunga.

They have spent almost seven years in formation, preparing themselves through study, prayer, community living and apostolic experience, to attain the maturity needed to make this definitive commitment, to God, of obedience, poverty and chastity.

"Pope Francis said to religious, 'Wake up the world. Be witnesses of a different kind'. The vows are impossible without a heart full of joy. By the commitement of your lives, you are telling young people that it is possible to live differently in this world," Father Godfrey D'Souza, the Provincial of the Salesian province of Mumbai, said in his homily during holy Mass.

The brothers made their perpetual profession before God, in the presence of over 25 priests, their family and well-wishers.

For Brother Chris Ferreira, who has been in formation for eight years, his perpetual profession has been the best moment of his Salesian life thus far.

During his practical training with young tribal boys in the Salesian-run boarding in Chottaudepur, Gujarat, he expereinced many fullfiling moments that strengethened his religious committement. " With the tribal boys, I went thinking I have a lot to offer them, but instead they taught me so much. They were so loving," Brother Ferreira, said.

While with the Salesian novices in Nashik, Brother Ferreira expereinced deep spiritual growth. "I could pray much better with the novices. Like Don Bosco says: 'Pray, well done with the boys is more than enough'," he said.

Brother Ferreira's journey has been at times smooth and at times turbulent. Especially trying were the times, when he could not get along with some confrers. He blessed them and was convinced that it was all taking place for his good. A change in his perspective though, changed his prospects.

Brother Ferreira joined the Salesians in standard 11 and his love for teaching and scouting is imbibed from them. Like the early Salesians, who traversed unknown places in missionary zeal, Brother Ferriera feels drawn to this way of life, but has resigned his fate to the will of God.

His 'yes' to embarking on a spiritual vocation, is in gratitude to his hardworking parents and the endearing Salesians he encountered at Don Bosco Lonavla.

Brother Joyston Machado has been in-formation for almost seven years. His tryst with the Salesians began at the Don Bosco Lonavla boarding in standard 11. He was put there because 'I was very mischevious," Brother Machado, said. "Despite that the Salesians helped me thrive."

He secured 80% in standard 12 in arts. It was to his disbelief but the complete confidence of the late Brother P M Thomas, who had secured a promise from Brother Machado, had he to get that score.  Brother Thomas asked him: to continue with the Salesians. The rest, as they say, is history.

"Making perpetual vows is a big challenge. It is telling everyone that from now on, I take personal responsibility of my formation," Brother Machado, said. He now proceeds to three and a half years of Theology at Jnana- Deepa Vidyapeeth, the Pontifical Institute in Pune.

At the end of each year, he will be endowed with a ministry like acolyte, who are charged to assist priests and deacons at the altar and the ministry of lector, who are entrusted with reading from the Scriptures during liturgies.

Looking back, he says there were trying times, especially when youth- boys and girls- would dissuade him from pursuing a priestly vocation. Brother Machado is grateful to God, that he sailed against the tide.

His time at the Dominic Savio boarding in Andheri, Mumbai grounded him to reality. The michevous Brother Machado thought he could easily handle mini-versions of himself. Each day, the more he gave of himself to the little lads, the more he received from them in love and kindness.

"As I continue in my Salesian mission, there is something to hope for: to work with tribal youth; something to live for: live my Salesianity with joy; something to die for: Christ," Brother Machado, said. 

Brother Sheldon Dias is a man on a mission. After his perpetual vows, he has opted for the Salesian missions and entrused his future in the hands of the Rector Major of the Salesians, Father Angel Fernandez Artime, the 10th successor of Don Bosco.

Brother Dias leaves for Rome, where he will first learn Italian, then after a prepartory course, he will be given the missionary Cross, and will be sent to a Salesian mission station, far away from home. He will learn the language and culture of the people he is placed amongst and will serve them in true Salesian spirit. He will later go on to complete his theological studies.

When his parents enrolled him at the Don Bosco Lonavla boarding in standard nine, they never envisioned this future for their son, yet they have been very supportive of giving their only son to God. 

"I have always been in a Salesian school, so I am very enthused by the Salesians. I met and spoke to a Salesian priest who went on a mission to Papa New Guinea and I felt very inspired, " Brother Dias, said.

His attraction to serve in unchartered terrotories, began with his training in the missions in Gujarat, where he handled tribal boys. He lived their lifestyle and felt his contribution to their growth as the most enriching experience. Working with poor youth in a  technical set up was also very satifying.

As the brothers continue to strive to priesthood, they request all to support them through prayers. In the giving of themselves to God, they can be rest assured of the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, Principal Patroness of the Salesian Family.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


by Wilfred Vaz

KUWAIT, May 22, 2018: For the spiritual nourishment of all the parishioners involved in active ministry, as lectors, extra-ordinary ministers, choir members, etc, the Church of the St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Salmiya, Kuwait, held a recollection titled 'Jesus Experience' on May 19.

Father Francisco Pereira animated the recollection, which was attended by over 50 participants. "I am anxiously looking forward to this recollection, since I always gain deeper scriptural knowledge that helps me grow spiritually," Dominic D'Souza from the Choir Ministry, said.

Father Pereira read the Gospel passage from John 1:35-42, and explained the seven steps that helps us experience Jesus in a very tangible manner. The two disciples of John the Baptist desired something more than just fishing; they had an inner thirst to meet God (verses 37). John points out to them 'Here is the lamb of God' (verse 36) and the two disciples go to Jesus who asks them 'What do you seek' (verse 38). "In our lives too we should have the innate desire for God; there will be pointers that will help us in our search for Him," Father Pereira, said.

The two disciples then asked Jesus where he lived and the reply was 'Come and see' (verse 39). They went, accepting the invitation; they saw and remained with him (verse 39), and had their encounter with Jesus. With the encounter they were transformed (verse 42); Simon became Peter. The transformation empowers us to evangelize (verse 41). "It is something new that I have learned today; the seven steps will change the manner in which I read the Scripture hence forth," Janet D'Cruz of the Liturgical Ministry, said.

Father Pereira then divided the participants into groups of six for an exercise.  Different passages from the Gospel were given to each group and they were told to identify each of the above sevens steps. One person from each group was made to summarize their observations and insights. The summarization greatly enriched all on the manner in which the seven steps can be applied to the daily personal reading of Scripture. Father Pereira then supplemented the summarization with further insights that provided a deeper understanding to the participants.

 "The explanation and the exercises truly culminated in all the participants encountering a deep, rich and meaningful Jesus experience," Anto John, parish council member, said.

To fortify the encounter and the understanding of the participants, Father Pereira conducted a second exercise wherein two questions out of ten were to be discussed by the respective groups based on the discussion points that were mentioned. Once again the observation of all the groups was summarized and Father Pereira added further insight.

The learning lesson from the second exercise was that: the more we are forgiven, the more we love (example: Simon the Leper and the woman who brought perfume); we should willing share our resources and God will multiply them (example: the boy who gave the five loaves and the two fish); God comes to meet us where we are (example: the Angel coming to Mary to give the Annunciation message and then to Joseph).

Father Pereira then highlighted how we can enrich our Jesus experience by reading the Word of God, through which God comes to meet us. "I was astounded to know that even today, God Almighty comes to meet us and deliver us from our afflictions," Elizabeth D'Souza from the Legion of Mary, said. 

Holy Mass was then celebrated and in his homily, Father Pereira enumerated the seven steps as contained in the First Reading on Moses and the burning bush (Book of Exodus), highlighting the encounter with God and the consequent deliverance of the Israelites from 400 years of slavery. He drew a parallel, admonishing us how God can deliver us from our bondages, sinfulness and afflictions. "It was a very good spiritual enrichment and a soul refreshing one. Looking forward to the next Recollection," Christopher Pereira, Altar Servers coordinator, said.

At the conclusion of the recollection, Father Pereira gave every participant a souvenir and a Bible bookmark containing the seven steps. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


by Amarr Prabhu
MUMBAI, MAY  16, 2018: The second day of Mahakaushalya 2018, a skills competition aimed at skilling youth for life, saw youth from hair, beauty therapy, floristry, refrigeration, airconditioning, mechatronics and electronics vying for top honours.
Don Bosco Centre of Learning (DBCL) and St Joseph Industrial Training Institute (SJITI) in its mission to skill the young for life and livelihood are hosting the MahaKaushalya 2018: Indiaskills Maharashtra Competition.
Russel Fernandes from automotive technology, Rohit Kharatmol from car painting, Shivaim Shukla from electronics, Saifali Khan from refrigeration and air-conditioning, and Belim Hanif from plumbing, won gold medals; whereas Akash Pawar from car painting, Nishad Chandan from auto body repair and Shrinavas Boga from cooking, bagged silver medals for DBCL Kurla. Winners and runners-up will represent Maharashtra at the regional level to be held later this month. If successful, they will compete at the national level. One candidate from the national level- in each trade - will then represent India at the Worldskill Completion in Kazan, Russia in 2019.

The final closing award ceremony began at 6pm with the Guest of Honour E Ravindiran, CEO Maharastra State Skills Development Society, Anil Jadhao, Joint  Director – Directorate of  vocational education and training, K Nandkumnar, Chairman and MD of Chemptols industries private limited and PV Rao, Director HR – Blue Star, being present.
Rao welcomed the gathering with a speech emphasising the need  for skilled professionals and stated the objectives of  MahaKaushalya in skills  promotions. This was followed by his keynote address where he thanked the various stakeholders. A prize distribution ceremony and cultural programme followed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


by Amarr Prabhu
MUMBAI, May 15, 2018: Don Bosco Centre of Learning (DBCL) and St Joseph Industrial Training Institute (SJITI) in its mission to skill the young for life and livelihood hosted the MahaKaushalya 2018: Indiaskills Maharashtra Competition. 
Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) and Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) is hosting its first-ever Maharashtra State Skills Competition 2018 called the MahaKaushalya 2018: Indiaskills Maharashtra in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
The mega event was preceded by cluster skill completion held on May 4, which was the elimination round for the state level competition. Father Mario Vaz, vice rector and executive director of DBCL, welcomed the gathering and gave a brief introduction of Don Bosco and DBCL Kurla.
The event started with the inauguration ceremony at 11 am, where the speakers emphasised that skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything from the houses we live in, to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries, and economies.
The WorldSkills Competition takes place every two years and is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in the world that truly reflects the global industry. The competitors represent the best among their peers and are selected from skills competitions in WorldSkills member countries and regions. They demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for which they study or perform at their workplace.
After the inauguration, the competitors reported to the various testing areas to participate in the event. Training was provided by experts to give equal opportunity to the competitors and then the testing was conducted. Competitors showed their skill in auto body repair, automotive technologies, car painting , architecture stone masonry, electrical installation, electronics, floristry, beauty therapy, brick laying, carpentry, cabinet making, information network cabling, IT software solutions for business, industrial control, hair dressing, mechanical engineering CAD, refrigeration and air conditioning, web design and development, welding, industrial control, bakery, cooking, confectionery and restaurant services.
It was a though challenge and the competitors battled it out to win a berth in the regional completion followed by a national skills completion. Only one candidate from each trade  will represent India in the WorldSkill competition 2019 in Kazan , Russia. In order to recognise these skills, the state of Maharashtra is launching its first ever state awards ceremony in Mumbai.
The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony in the presence of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnivis. The MahaKaushalya 2018 is a unique platform to scout and promote State Skills.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


by Valerian Rozario
Walvanda, May 12, 2018: The second English summer camp was organised for the tribal students of class seven, eight and nine at Don Bosco Walvanda from May 2 –11, with 90 participants - both boys and girls - in attendance.
The days begun with prayer and meditation. The students had grammar, vocabulary and conversation classes in the morning session. Afternoon sessions consisted of inspirational movies followed by a discussion on the movie.
During the camp students were taken for Vanbhojan, where they were taken to the wilderness and had to cook lunch themselves, after which they were entertained with games and dance. Other activities like computer classes, learning on tabs, games and special programmes were organised after supper.
The camp was planned and organised by Bosco Samajik Vikas Sanstha under the leadership of Father Anaclete D'mello. The chief coordinators were Brother Bless Rumao, Brother Neville Coutinho and Sebastian Francis with the support of Ankush Valvi, Bhaskar Golwad, Pradeep Ghute, Krushna Shinde, Pushpa Borse and Bharti Waghchaure.
    The third and last camp for this summer will begin on the May 17.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


by BIS Correspondent
DAKOR, May 5, 2018: Don Bosco Research Centre Mumbai organised a day-long Teacher Training Workshop "Learning Disabilities: Indentification and Remediation," at Don Bosco Dakor on May 04. School teachers from Dakor and social work staff from Dakor and Kapadvanj, numbering almost fifty participated in the programme.
Father Ajoy Fernandes, Director of Don Bosco Research Centre-Mumbai was the resource person for the workshop. He facilitated the entire proceedings assisted by Father Mayank Parmar, Director of DRISTI Don Bosco –Kapadvanj. The bi-lingual workshop in English and Gujarati focused on understanding and helping children with learning difficulties.
Through input and simulated interaction in groups, with pertinent feedback from the teachers, Father Fernandes and Father Parmar helped the eager teachers to understand slow learners, children with specific learning disorders and children who face the problem of ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder].
Dealing with the characteristics, possible interventions and recognising such children within the school and family environment, Father Fernandes helped the participants to understand the complex problems that they could face within a classroom environment. He also informed the participants of the complexities involved in Intelligence testing and Weschler's Intelligence scales for children.
IQ of a child can be classified into borderline, high average, average, superior, and very superior. He also stressed that these children should be sent for reading, spelling, language and mathematical ability tests to a Special Educator who will be able to perform an educational assessment of the child. Possibly children with such problems could be helped through an Individualised Education programme {IEP].
Father Fernandes also dwelt on the very important need for parental support, without which the child would feel unloved, neglected and abandoned. He said, "If attended to at the proper time, with right help provided, these children too could become scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. The main and significant intervention in this regard is that of the teacher."
The workshop concluded with a short clip from the film Taare Zameen Par, where the teacher explains to class that great personalities like Einstein, Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, and Walt Disney too had some type of learning disorders but they managed to emerge as extremely successful individuals who created history through their immense contributions to society.
Father Lorenzo D'Souza, Principal of Don Bosco Dakor, played gracious host and extended warm hospitality to the participants.


by BIS Correspondent
CHHOTAUDEPUR, MAY 5, 2018: Don Bosco Research Centre Mumbai in collaboration with the Lok Seva Kendra Chhota organised a day-long Teacher Training Workshop "Learning Disabilities: Identification and Remediation," at Don Bosco Chhotaudepur on May 3. School teachers from Narukot, Kawant and Chhotaudepur participated in this workshop. The workshop also had eager social work staff from these centres.
Father Ajoy Fernandes, Director of Don Bosco Research Centre-Mumbai was the resource person for the workshop and facilitated the entire proceedings assisted by Father Mayank Parmar, Director of DRISTI Don Bosco –Kapadvanj. The bi-lingual workshop in English and Gujarati focused on understanding the learning problems that children have and how the teachers could identify the specific problem of each particular child, enabling the child to learn better.
Through input and simulated interaction in groups, with pertinent feedback from the teachers, Father Fernandes and Father Parmar helped the eager teachers to understand the environmental, emotional/behavioural and actual learning problems of school children.  The teachers were taken through the process of recognising, identifying, accepting and assisting the child with difficulties to encourage, support and enable these children to cope with and improve their learning ability.
Interacting with the participants, Father Fernandes, who is also a trained psychotherapist with a PhD from Manila in Phillipines, said, "It is important to understand and help children with learning difficulties. As teachers who wish the good of the children and as responsible parents, all of us need to acknowledge, be aware, recognise, accept and intervene constructively through a multi-pronged approach that involves IQ testing, comprehensive assessment including educational assessment, clinical assessment and occupational therapy."

Father Fernandes also provided the participants with guidelines for personal and group reflection with pertinent examples from his research work among 140 schools in Mumbai city and from the other 10 metropolitan cities across India. He also administered a pre and post workshop questionnaire, the findings of which will eventually be published and presented to the Government of India to help alleviate the learning disability of school children.
Kiran sir from Don Bosco Chhota, one of the participating teachers said, "This is such a wonderful learning. Despite the sweltering heat, we were totally attuned to the presentation and the discussions, because it affects us as teachers and because without understanding the children, we will not be able to make any headway in our teaching. Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia are all learning disorders which can be rectified/reversed if attended to at the right time in the right manner."
Brother Ramesh Durairaj, administrator and Father Shaun D'Lima, school animator were the main organisers of this participatory training.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

BIS #5548 GOSPEL ROCK 2018

by Donovan Ferrao

KUWAIT, MAY 3, 2018: The Salmiya Parish Youth (SPY), came together to organise the third edition of Gospel Rock on of April 27, at Indian English Academy School. This Gospel Rock, taking inspiration from its previous editions held in 2014 and 2016 respectively, lived up to every moment of bringing forth an ensemble of Gospel bands, choirs and individual performers who sang an even wider array of Gospel songs.

The sole objective of Gospel Rock has always been to gather members of all ages from each of the four parishes within Kuwait to praise the Lord through music and song in English as well as in Hindi. This edition featured 24 participating acts having an almost equal ratio of solo, choirs and bands who strutted their vocal and musical prowess as they enraptured the crowd who joined in the singing.
The Chief Guest for the event was Father Michael Fernandes who was visiting Kuwait from Goa. A music enthusiast himself, he spoke about how worshiping God can be accomplished in so many ways but song and music was one of the most alluring ways to have a whole community come together to praise and sing aloud. The Parish Priest, Father Blany Pinto and Father Derrick Misquitta graced the concert with their presence. 

The show was spearheaded and knit together by the hosts, MC Christopher Pereira and MC Lloyd D'Souza, as they interacted with the participants before and after every act, disclosing what inspired them to sing and lend their talent for the Lord. They also kept the audience on their feet by giving away spot prizes and performing action songs.
The evening came to an end with the certificate presentation to every participant and group by SPY's Spiritual Director, Father Lionel Braganza who also presented the vote of thanks. SPY core team and volunteers ended the concert on a high by taking centre stage to perform the action song – We're all in this together!

Ramona Crasto who sang Yeshu, a Hindi worship song said, "This isn't the first time I have had the opportunity to perform with SPY but somehow, this time around, I felt that there was so much joy and radiance at this concert. Thank you once again SPY for the opportunity!"


by Amarr Prabhu

MUMBAI, MAY 3, 2018: Kurla-based St. Joseph ITI, a Don Bosco institution, joined forces with Motul, a leader in the motor vehicle lubricant industry to set up the 'Motul School For Learning' on April 30.

Since a boom in the number of two and three wheeler vehicles on Indian roads, there has been an ever-increasing need for skilled technicians to service and maintain these vehicles. Motul and SJITI hope that their partnership will bridge the gap in the supply of skilled workforce.

The entire training programme is funded by Motul and will run for a year. During this period, students will gain on-job training in service dealerships with the partners of Motul. Twenty students will be part of this programme each year.

Preetam Goswami, VP-marketing from Motul, along with the Rector- Director Of Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Father Colbert da Silva, signed the Memorandum of understanding (MoU). Motul will now set up the lab with equipment including bikes for practical training. Additional support and specialised training will be provided by Motul through guest lectures and on job training for the trainees.  SJITI will be the training body for the programme.


by Barrington Serrao
MUMBAI, MAY 3, 2018: As the mercury in Mumbai rises to new heights, hundreds of youth in the city are making a beeline to Don Bosco High School, Matunga, for the two annual summer camp extravaganzas, beginning in April till June.
The first summer camp, began on April 10 till April 27, and the second is from May 2 till May 19, with youth participating in football, basketball, skating, athletics, hockey, cricket, chess, music, gymnastics, lawn tennis, calligraphy, handwriting, robotics, emoticon (speech - drama, dance and art - craft), abacus and vedic math.  
Professional coaches helped the youth hone in on their academic or sporting skills through fun and intense coaching programmes. The 2018 edition of the camp was different as the school hosted the fourth edition of Don Bosco Cup – an interschool basketball tournament – from April 23 to April 29.

A total of 162 teams – boys and girls - from the schools in the city registered for the tourney. A record 386 matches were played in this period. In the Boys Under 9 category, Don Bosco, Matunga won top honours. In the Girls Under 9 category Rajhans High School, Andheri lifted the cup.

In the Boys Under 11 category, Don Bosco, Matunga lifted the trophy, while in the GirlsUnder 11 category, Bombay Scottish, Powai won the title. In the Boys Under 13 category St. Joseph's High School, Wadala, lifted top honours, while in the Girls Under 13 category, Gokuldham High School won the title.

In the Boys Under 16 Boys category, St. Joseph's, Wadala, won the title, while St. Anthony's High School lifted top honours in the Girls Under 16 category. Members of the management – Rector, Father Crispino D’Souza, Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes and Administrator, Father Roy Noronha –prominent figures from the basketball fraternity, the sponsors, parents and well-wishers, were present at the felicitation ceremony.


by Francis Sam

KUWAIT, MAY 3, 2018: The Association of Salesian Cooperators of Kuwait, organised a 'Thanksgiving Day' for the students of standard X and XII who had completed their board exams on April 26, at St Therese parish . 

The celebration began at 6.30 pm with holy Mass concelebrated by the Salesian priests, Father Blany Pinto, Father Derrick Misquitta and Father Franco Pereira who was the main celebrant. The Holy Mass was attended by over 100 students and parishioners. In the introduction, students expressed that they had experienced God's special presence and touch during the days they were writing their exams and had gathered at the holy Eucharist to thank God. 

The main celebrant Father Pereira in his homily gave a simple yet beautiful message to the students. He said the students had rightly come to the Lord Jesus to thank Him because He is the Master, the source of all Wisdom, the all-knowing God. In the Sacrament of Confirmation, they have been also filled with the gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge. He further reminded them that they must also use their wisdom and knowledge in the humble service of God and humanity in every way they can. The Master Lord Jesus was also a servant. He encouraged the youngsters to pray for their parents too, who work hard for their education and have also prayed for them.
The Eucharistic celebration was followed by an evening of fellowship for the students with the theme 'Fun, Fun and more Fun'. Over  50 students attended the fellowship. The youth enjoyed the thrilling games conducted by the Cooperators team.  There was also music and dancing to liven up the evening. Anchors Christopher Pereira and Raymond Rego kept the youth entertained. 

Every student was given a rosary and a bookmark as a souvenir with the message of St. Don Bosco, "Trust all things to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are"; and St. Don Bosco's formula for sanctity, " First, Be Happy, second, Study and Pray, and third, Do Good to everyone." The evening closed with the Cooperators wishing the students all the best as they pursue further studies and urged them to always remember the message of St. Don Bosco on the bookmark.