by BIS Correspondent


KAWANT, NOV 22, 2017: The senior secondary students of Don Bosco High School, Kawant celebrated Children's Day on November 14, with a unique social exposure-cum-outreach programme. Students visited the Kawant Police Station and the Madhya Pradesh Gujarat Veej Company Limited (MGVCL) where they were enlightened with valuable information by the respective representatives.


The police inspector of Kawant Police Station, addressed the gathering about the nature of crime, especially crime committed by school-going children. Passing on the importance of registering police complaints, he provided a career orientation on joining the police force.


An exhibition of the various firearms, like 410 Musket rifle, Army Rifle, 9MN Carbide Machine Gun, Gas Gun, and ammunition with the usage of various types of rifles and guns followed. Thereafter, students were taken for a tour of the police station. The main highlight was the interaction the students had with the prison inmates. A question and answer session with the police personnel was an eye-opener as well.


At the MGVCL, the students discovered the workings of the '69KV SubCentre Kawant'. The Electricity Board Officer told them about how electricity is generated, distributed and saved. Guiding the students through the different locations within the campus, he demonstrated the usage of various instruments. A question-answer interaction helped students gather first-hand information about the functioning of the Electricity Board.


This Children's Day was unique as the students celebrated it with an info-knowledge programme rather than the usual school programme. Keen to be informed and eager to gain more knowledge, the students departed after the enriching and informative exposure-cum-outreach programme.


Father Ajit Munis, Principal of Don Bosco High School Kawant, said, "Hopefully this initiative will be of benefit to the students in the long run. Instead of coming to school, and being part of the routine song and dance programme on Children's Day, I thought of this novel way to celebrate this wonderful day with some learning activity. Both at the Police Station and at the Electricity Board, valuable life-lessons were imparted and the students are happy about it."