Tuesday, August 14, 2018


by Rajendrabhai Parmar

GUJARAT, AUGUST 13, 2018: The parishioners of the Christ the King Church, Dakor, Gujarat, on August 5, celebrated Parish Priest Day on the feast day of Saint John Vianney, patron saint of parish priests. Through a special programme, the parishioners expressed their love for Father Bastin Thomas, the parish Priest and Rector, and Father Matthew Katara, the assistant parish priest and administrator.

The feast was celebrated on a Sunday morning to encourage active participation from the parishioners. Father Katara was the principal celebrant. Deacon Justus Mendis, in his sermon, enlightened the faithful on the selfless dedicated life of Saint John Vianney and how Father Thomas comes close to him, in his own way of service to the parish. He also awakened the youth in celebrating friendship day after the model of Saint John Vinaney, who showed true signs of friendship in doing good to others, even if the odds were against him.
After the Eucharistic celebration, a programme was organised for the youth. The young girls of Manjipura village performed a prayer dance in thanksgiving. Kirit Parmar from Dakor and Harish Khristi, from Manjipura village, read the address. The parishioners thanked the priests for their services in the parish by giving them flowers and bouquets. Father Thomas thanked all for their love and concern, and prayed for more co-operation in the Church's mission of service. 

"I have a dream that this Church will soon become a pilgrimage center for all the neighbourhood parishes, only if we stay united and become an exemplary model in our spiritual life," Father Katara, said. 

"Today I am going to put my first friendship band to my parish priest because I think through his life of service he shows me some important tenants of friendship that we need to adhere to," Shobit Parmar, a parishioner, said.

Monday, August 13, 2018


by Shaun D'lima

GUJARAT, AUGUST 13, 2018: The Marian month in Don Bosco Chhotaudepur, which began on July 16, drew to a close on August 11, with a Marian Nite. 
Three hundred boys from the boarding, were divided into 12 teams, and they participated actively in all the games that were organised by Brother Vikram and Brother Julian. There were ice-breakers, actions songs, dance and creative games that enhanced the spirit of the event. 
Team Mary Help of Christians were the overall winners with 197 points. Father Brian Boothello, Rector of Don Bosco Chhotaudepur, distributed the prizes and thanked the gathering for spirit with which the boys came close to Jesus through Mary. 
In his address, Father Shaun D'lima made everyone aware of the love we have for our Blessed Mother, that brought us together in her name, to come close to Jesus. Father also reminded the boys that all that they did -the decorations, preparations, hard work, and creativity were a symbol of that.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


by BIS Correspondent
MUMBAI, AUGUST 7, 2018: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) Mumbai, organised a one- day training workshop on production of domestic cleaning products for nearly 30 women from Nanabhaiwadi slum in Wadala, on August 3.

The training programme is supported by Auxilium India (Seregno – Italy) in memory of Carlo Tagliabue. Francesco and other members from Auxilium India were the guests of honour for the occasion.

Father Rolvin D'Mello, Executive Director – DBDS, welcomed the guests and shared the special relationship between DBDS and Auxilium India (Seregno – Italy). He thanked Auxilium India for their constant support towards the activities in Mumbai.

Father George D'Abreo and Babasaheb Khrat were the resource persons for the workshop. During the training, the participants learnt to make eight different kinds of domestic cleaning products. These products included phenyl, detergent, hi-tech powder, hand wash, dish wash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and dress shampoo.
Apart from teaching the production process, the resource persons also taught marketing, costing, budgeting, pricing and branding of products. The participants dedicatedly learnt the skills and had discussions on starting a small scale business.
 "It is great joy for us to witness this programme, and we wish all the women a very bright future," Francesco said. After the programme, the Italian guests visited the Ganesh Nagar slum, where they had a short meeting with the Self Help Group women.  
"It was truly phenomenal to see the kind of work done by Don Bosco fathers (priests) in the slums of Mumbai" Francesco said, at the end of the visit. 
Sunil, a DBDS staff member, along with the DBDS team, mobilised the women to attend the training programme. He also proposed the vote of thanks.


by Brother Jittin Mathew

MUMBAI, AUGUST 7, 2018:We don't have the option of choosing our family, but we certainly can choose our friends. Friends reflect our personality, and friendships keep us on track during the tough and trying moments of our life.

A group of volunteers visited Bosco Boys' Home in Borivli to celebrate the special relationship of friendship with the boys on July 31. The visitors befriended the inmates with homemade cupcakes, coffee, their friendly words and the symbolic gesture of friendship day- tying wrist bands.

Friendship Day is observed on the first  Sunday of August each year.  Volunteers came forward in large numbers to meet the under privileged youth, and offer their hand of friendship to them.

When asked, what made them come here to celebrate Friendship Day with the lesser privileged, when they could have chosen any other place to spend their time with friends, a volunteer said, "One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. We want to tell these boys that we care, we love them."

The volunteers interacted with the boys and made them realise that there is someone who cares for them. They even taught the boys how to make friendship bands, and organised various friendship games for them.

At the end of each game, the volunteers would make the boys sit in groups, hold each other's hand and repeat the words, "We are best friends forever!" 


by Susan Philip and Ashwini Gupte
MUMBAI, AUGUST 6, 2018: Students and alumni from Don Bosco High School in Matunga are known for their creativity and excellence in a range of fields world-over. This creativity came to the fore on August 4, when the teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution attended a special screening of the feature film '5 Rupya', which featured current and past pupils of the institution in starring roles.
 Yohan B Panjuani, the lead actor, is a student in standard five. Piyush C Panjuani, the producer/director/writer is from the batch of 1974-75, Bimal Panjuani, the producer is from the batch of 1981-82, Dhruv P Panjuani, the associate director is from the 2005-06 batch and Jehan B Panjuani, another assistant director is from the 2010-11 batch.
The production team of the film and the young actor Yohan were present at the screening. The film, an adaptation of the classic short story, Idgah by Munshi Premchand, provided a telling take-way of the fact that children, despite subterfuge, are good at heart.
The film is a poignant narrative of the bonding between Ameena, a grandmother and Hamid, her grandson and an orphan. Ameena, played by Shabana Azmi, is the quintessential grandma, fiercely proud of her grandson and willing to sacrifice all for his sake.
 Little Hamid, played by the young Boscoite Yohan Panjuani, is extremely affable, with his complete trust in Ameena, deferentially tagging along with a bunch of older boys, and especially his sense of wonderment when observing the simple beauty of nature.
 A a loving relationship with God, is a recurrent theme through the movie. The joyful celebration of Eid, offering of Namaaz, and even Ameena's explanation to little Hamid that his father would return after completing the all-important work that he had been called to do by God, emphasises the theme. 

Set against the backdrop of the valley and the season of Eid, the movie unfolds with Ameena cooking over an earthen stove and getting her fingers singed, a fact noticed by Hamid. The two live in abject poverty, but Hamid is an optimistic, precocious and lively Kashmiri lad being promised '5 Rupya' by his grandmother as his 'Eidee'.
He looks forward to eidee and the scenes encapsulate the consequences of Hamid helping himself to the said coin. The movie captures the escapades Hamid has with the village boys, his unwavering faith in what his grandmother tells him about his parents and the will that he exerts to avoid the temptation to buy the frills offered at the fair. 
 A powerful message about the purity and innocence of little children came through when Hamid, little knowing the upheaval he has created as a result of purloining the coin, returns happily from his first ever visit to the fair. He brings a gift, the only thing he has spent his money on, despite a multitude of juvenile allurements.
Be it the puckish look or the myriad emotions that flit by Hamid's face, the camera does not disappoint. It captures them all. The musical score, the lyrics by Javed Akhtar add gravitas to the film.  
 Shabana Azmi and Yohan Panjuani stole the hearts of all with their stellar performances. Premchand came to Mumbai once, lured by the idea of writing stories for the silver screen, but went away disappointed. Today, if he were among the audience, watching Piyush Panjuani's '5 Rupya', the samrat would have nodded in approval. 
 "How much more Don Bosco can it get!"  Piyush gushed. The Rector, Father Crispino D'Souza, who was a part of the audience viewing the film, remarked, "I became emotional towards the end of the film because it reminded me of a similar incident in my life where my mother corrected me and that bore a deep impression on me."
The Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes, thanked the producer/director and his team, and the parents of Yohan Panjuani who were present in the audience, for their touching gesture in remembering the Don Bosco staff for a special screening of the film before its release.
 Having been allowed to relay the film at Don Bosco Matunga, Piyush said, "Father, it's an absolute honour for me. I was a small kid walking and running around in Don Bosco and then to have my film screened is an emotional moment. You've made it happen. Thank you so very much!"


by Rajendra Parmar
GUJARAT, AUGUST 6, 2018: Youth attending catechism class from Christ the King parish Dakor, Gujarat, celebrated Parents day on July 29, the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne.
The feast was celebrated on a Sunday morning in the parish, to encourage active participation from both children and parents. Assistant Parish Priest, Father Lorenzo D'Souza celebrated the Holy Eucharist and gave special blessings to the parents.
Deacon Justus Mendis, in his sermon, used the example of the generous boy in the Gospel and emphasised on the importance of an attitude of giving, even if it meant a small quantity, because that led to the miracle of feeding the five thousand.  He appreciated the parents for being live examples in being generous, in giving to their children.
After the Holy Eucharist, the parents were felicitated in the church hall. Father D'Souza led the parents towards the stage. The students then gave their parents hand-made cards and a flower as a sign of respect and worship in their culture.
Father D'souza in his speech, spoke about the unique and tender role of parents in the formation of their children. His message was appreciated by those present. It enlightened the parents, of their role of parenting, in today's world. Parmar, a father, said, "In today's world to be a parent also means to be a friend and a good counsellor to my kids."
The students, in their address, thanked their parents for being so good and being their light. Finally a blessing song was sung by the children, stretching their hands over the parents, as a sign of blessing.