Tuesday, February 19, 2019


by Father Leon Rodrigues 

2019: Day one of the Provincial Chapter of the Mumbai province (PC 2019) began on February 18 at 9 am in the Cajetan Lobo AV hall at Don Bosco, Lonavla with a prayer song based on Micah 6:8 and the Chapter prayer.

The Secretary of PC 2019, Father Vinod Mascarenhas took the Roll Call. Father Christopher George read the message of Father Maria Arokiam Kanaga, Regional Councillor of South Asia to the PC 2019 capitulars; he asked them to be harbingers of the future.

During the morning session, the Provincial Father Godfrey D’Souza read his report on the state of the province and thanked the members for their hard work, dedication, and collaboration during the triennium 2016-2019.

The Secretary Father Vinod Mascarenhas, helped the capitulars to get to know the workings of the provincial commissions and departments.

The Economer Father Manuel Murzello then presented the report on the financial state of the province. The capitulars met at the afternoon session to present their feedback and views on the two reports that were presented in the morning session.

The evening session saw Commission 1 present their document entitled ‘Priority of The Mission with The Youth’. What followed was a healthy deliberation on the document. In the evening, the capitulars met together at the feet of the Lord during Adoration to praise and thank him for the wonderful first day of the Chapter.


by Avril Baptista

MUMBAI, FEB 18, 2019: Dominic Savio Parish, Wadala East held a soiree of the ‘Annual Parish Family’ themed ‘Coming together as a Family’ on February 16 at the church hall.

The morning’s Eucharistic Mass was con-celebrated by Father Savio D’Souza, the parish priest, Father Francis Fernandes, an
d Father Cleophas Braganza.

Couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries between the months of August and January renewed their marriage vows, with the larger community as their witness. In keeping with the occasion, Father Fernandes gave an inspiring homily on the meaning of family and the role of each individual in it.

The celebration held later in the day, was the first time the event was held at such a large scale and it witnessed a sterling turnout. From young to old: grandparents, parents, youth, children were all represented in large numbers.

The youth put up a cultural dance, while the adults showed how to line-dance to an enthusiastic audience. Games, dancing, and snacks were organised to encourage fellowship among the parishioners.

Father Fernandes and the Family Cell, organised the day’s proceedings. “We had a gala time as never before,” Ramona Monteiro, a parishioner said. “We must make this an annual thing, truly enjoyable,” Ryan Fernandes, another parishioner said. It was a sentiment that resonated among most of the attendees.


by Brother Jittin Mathew 

MUMBAI, FEB 18, 2019: Bosco Boys Home (BBH) received a special invitation to re-stage their musical, ‘Armaan Sab Ka’ on February 16 at Malad in Mumbai, by Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), a non-governmental organization (NGO) working with the marginalised, as part of their ComplexCity: Connecting Experiences programme, which is a celebration of the city in all its diversity, inviting every urban inhabitant to share their experiences of the city with one another.

YUVA witnessed BBH’S musical, ‘Armaan Sab Ka’, staged for their benefactors, volunteers, and well-wishers, as a sign of gratitude for their unstinting love and support on January 26 at Don Bosco School, Borivli.

The story centres on the life of an orphan, who grew up on the streets, encounters many helping hands in his life, and after landing in BBH, fulfills his dream (armaan) of attaining happiness and overcoming his inner struggles. The performance of the boys has moved so many to swing into action and offer their time, talent, and mite to help the lesser privileged but extremely-talents boys of the Home.

Also at YUVA’s ComplexCity programme were other NGO’s from the city of Mumbai, who presented different songs, dance, skits, and musicals. ComplexCity aims to further the dialogue on urban values, history, culture, and socio-economic realities; to create awareness about the current situation of Mumbai city and how to make it better. YUVA as a voluntary development organisation aims to empower the oppressed by concentrating on human rights.

“We aim to organise a series of cultural expressions across the ComplexCity festival, showcasing unique local traditions, music, dance performances, poetry recitations to expose people to existing narratives of the city, they may have not explored before. We thank Bosco Boys Home for being part of our event by putting up such a wonderful musical play and helping us to highlight the issues of children belonging to the category of the poor and abandoned,” Sachin Nachnekar, the event coordinator for YUVA said.

“I was very happy to do the play one more time. It means the people really liked it and hope they call us again. I was also impressed by the various items performed by other groups. I thank YUVA for giving this platform to display our talent,” Prince Chavda, a boy from BBH said.

Deacon Romero D’Souza, the Prefect of Studies who accompanied the boys to the event, thanked and congratulated YUVA for their good work towards society.    


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes

MUMBAI, FEB 18, 2019: An awareness programme sensitising the boys of Bosco Boys Home (BBH) on their rights and responsibilities was conducted by the Salaam Baalak Trust, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) on February 15 from 9.30 am to 11.00 am, as part of the project ‘The Invisible- Save the Children’.

Father Corlis Gonsalves, the Director of BBH congratulated the NGO for their benevolent gesture towards this feeble sector of society and encouraged them to carry on this noble work passionately.

“Every child deserves the best chance for a bright future,” Ashwini Shejwal, the programme coordinator of the project for the Mumbai region said. Shejwal with 12 years of experience in the field of child protection, along with Budhaji Jadhav, a team member, and Seema Vanarse, MIS officer conducted the session.

The theme of the session was to make the poor and abandoned children aware of their importance in society and vice-versa. The session was interactive and child-friendly starting with icebreakers and an action song.

The highlight of the session was the two movies: ‘Komal’ which stressed on the topic of abuse and a ‘Childline video’ which brought to the forefront the evil of child labour. After this, the boys were asked to share their views on the videos and they expressed their views freely and clearly.

The session ended with a motivational Hindi song, 'Mera bhi tho aadhikaar hai’ reflecting on the theme that every child, even the ignored and invisible, have their rights and they should fight for it.

“Every child should get the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and education because we see tomorrow in today’s child and the progress of the country depends on the well-being of the children,” Vishal Gautam, one of the boys of BBH said.

“Real freedom is using one’s rights with responsibilities. You children are our future. Be aware of your rights and become responsible and productive citizens,” Shejwal said as she concluded the session.

In the vote of thanks, Deacon Romero D’Souza, the Prefect of Studies of the boys, thanked the team of Salaam Baalak Trust for educating and making the boys aware of their rights and responsibilities and assured them of their prayers and support.

BIS #5755 SANGAM 2018-19

by Sheena Aery

VADODARA, FEB 18, 2019: Don Bosco High School (DBHS), Vadodara celebrated its annual Thanksgiving Day on February 15.

The scouts troop escorted the Chief Guest H Madhavan, General Manager, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC),  Vadodara, Guests of Honour Father John Samala, Golden jubilarian,  Mita Bhatt, retiring teacher, Father Anthony Pinto, Rector and Principal, Father Isaac Arackaparambil, parish priest, Father Dominic Martis, the administrator, and Father Sunil Pinto, a newly ordained priest.

An audience of around 1800, comprising parents, well-wishers, ex-teachers, school staff, alumni, students, and friends witnessed the programme. Father Martis welcomed the gathering and also paid a tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama with a two-minute silence.

The prayer and welcome dances set the right note for the programme. H Madhavan, an ex- Boscoite was appreciated for his esteemed presence as the chief guest and presented a plaque as a memento by Father Anthony Pinto. Madhavan in his address shared memories and experiences at Don Bosco School as a student, emphasising that a person is recognised by his roots.

Father Samala was felicitated for his 50 years of fidelity to the Lord as he celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his Sacerdotal Priestly Ordination. Teacher Mita Bhatt was congratulated on the occasion of her retirement, for the dedication with which she has served the school for 18 years.

The theme of the annual Thanksgiving was ‘Sangam’, an amalgamation of various cultures in India. The story unfolded with the significance of the culture of Bihu (Assam), Pahadi (northern India), Adivasi (tribal culture),  Koli (Maharashtra), and Garba (Gujarat). Dances depicted by students were enhanced by the visuals on the LED screen. The curtain call was the Sangam of various cultures unified with the song ‘Happy ending’.

Presenting the vote of thanks, Leena Varghese, the chief coordinator of the school thanked all present for their contribution in making the programme a grand success.

Monday, February 18, 2019


by Father Leon Cruz

LONAVLA, FEB 18, 2019: The Provincial Chapter (PC) of Mumbai Province began in Lonavla on February 17. In preparation for PC 2019, all confreres gathered for a recollection talk given by Father Thumma Vijay Prathap Reddy who was recently the moderator of the Provincial Chapter of Hyderabad province and the elected delegate to the General Chapter (GC 28) in his province.

Father Reddy set the tone for PC 2019 as he spoke about creative fidelity and he addressed creative fidelity of God, creative fidelity of Don Bosco, and creative fidelity of Salesians. The recollection talk was followed by an Adoration service animated by Father Wyman Gonsalves, moderator of the Provincial Chapter.

During the Goodnight Talk, Father Godfrey D’Souza, the Provincial of Mumbai Province welcomed the confreres and speaking about Prophet Jeremiah. He expressed the need to be rooted in faith, to be men of God, and to do God’s work.

The Provincial Chapter of Mumbai Province will end on February 22 and the forthcoming days will be days of reflection, discernment, and discussions on the theme ‘What kind of Salesians for the youth of today?’