Wednesday, July 26, 2017


by Lynette Sequeira


MUMBAI, JULY 26, 2017: Police personnel from the MHB police station in Borivli conducted an awareness drive on 'good touch' and 'bad touch' at Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Borivli, entitled 'Police Didi', for the students of standard five to seven on July 25.


AIP More and Lady Constable Bhoir animated the awareness programme, which is part of a campaign taken up by the police department to help youth recognise dangers in society and in turn inform school and police authorities thereafter.


Through an interactive question and answer session and a number of videos, cartoons and animations, the children were taught about 'How to Be Safe' and 'How to Recognise Danger'. 

The boys were told about who they could trust - their 'Bodyguard'; and how they must always talk to their parents and teachers openly, without any shame or fear, whenever they sense any kind of physical danger.


The students were also briefed on how to react if they encounter any sudden and unexpected events. They were told about how the police department, were available by dialing 100 and the Childline helpline number 1098 was always at their service. 


The initiative taken up by the MHB police station was greatly appreciated by the school management, as it has equipped the students with important coping mechanisms and assured them that they always have someone to turn to in their time of need.


by Perpetual Nazareth


MUMBAI, JULY 26, 2017: In a bid to produce dynamic and efficient leaders, Don Bosco High School, Matunga organised an overnight camp for their student council at Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Lonavla on July 22.


Father Roy Noronha, the vice principal of the school, along with the student council teachers in-charge animated the camp with the objective of aiding students in developing values essential for leadership.


Father Roy began the programme by distributing a sheet with instructions to all the groups titled 'Instructions Comprehension Testing'. The students started working on the assignment without fully comprehending the idea. Father Roy then brought forth the concept of understanding any situation fully before plunging headlong into action, thus making the leaders realise that if they need others to follow their instructions, they should first learn to follow instructions themselves.


As a part of the camp activities, a host of games like 'Obey the Leader', 'Switch', 'Icebreakers' were played with time pressure to develop decision making skills. The games explored their creativity and uniqueness as a leader as well as examined their own personal values and debate the idea of power. They were required to brainstorm, plan in a team environment, develop flexibility and adjust to the different needs of their members. They learnt to collaborate and build rapport.


A trek to Tungarli dam offered the student leaders a perfect break from their mundane routine. The dam placed in the backdrop of scenic surroundings with lush greenery helped the youth relax. In another session, the leaders met in groups and discussed the duties and responsibilities their position demanded. The activity helped them understand their own motivation and values.


Father Bernard Fernandes, the Principal and Father Crispino D'Souza, the Rector, paid a visit which further encouraged the students. Father D'Souza wished them the best and asked them to make effective use of all they learnt at the camp.


"This camp has helped us in strengthening our character by sharpening our communication skills and solidifying our confidence through the different games," Siddhartha Gupta, a captain, said.


"I am enriched with experience and wiser with the lessons learnt that one should not assume, instead read and identify clearly," Varun Bhatia, another leader, added. Samay Shetty, a student of the Working committee, remarked, "We, the students of standard 10 were told to be an example to the juniors as the motto of the student council is to lead by example."


Daksha Tandel, the teacher-in-charge said that the camp had a life-changing impact on the youth. "I hope they use all that they have learnt to become emphatic and confident leaders," Tandel said.


by Father Bento D'Souza


KARJAT, JULY 26, 2017: Twenty-two electricians, aged between 18 and 25, completed their short-term course on the basics of electrical management, which included practical hands-on training from April to July at Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha, Karjat, in an effort to have a livelihood skill for job employability in industrial and civil society.


The three-month course taught the young electricians about the basics of electricity, electrical accessories, circuits, wiring, electrical meters, earthing, home appliances, inverters and handling of electrical tools.


The youth, all of whom were from low-income families, hailed from Kolam, Panvel, Neral and Khopoli. The course, now in its 23rd edition, has trained a total of 462 electricians. Ninety per cent of these young electricians were placed in Pune and Mumbai after completing the course.


Father Montrose Rodrigues, Director of Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha said, "Three months ago when they arrived the electrical students were so afraid of even reading marathi and when it was their turn to speak in public during the morning assembly, they would not come to school, but now they have changed."


"In my last three years here, no group before has thought of gifting us something. This time we were gifted with a beautiful wall clock to show their gratitude and appreciation for our service in empowering their lives. This is a significant gesture from this batch of students who leave us at DBYS, Karjat, for job placements," Father Rodrigues added.


Ganesh Bhopi, the center coordinator, said, "All the boys were day scholars and were slow to imbibe the discipline, but slowly they began to follow the rules and guidance. They took part in community service, planted two hundred tress and helped to mobilise the next batch of fifteen new day scholars. "


Sachin Farat, the new teacher-in-charge, added, "Only three students dropped out, the reason being that the drop-outs started  attending  regular college studies. After a course like this, it is assured that the students will not starve of hunger and have a regular source of income. Any electronic equipment needs the use of electricity. Insisting on safety-first is the top-most priority in this field of work."


"It was a learning experience that I will never forget. I made a lot of new friends in the process," Tushar Patel, a student said. Other's echoed a similar sentiment saying that the course would help them to secure a brighter future.


by Alareen Fernandes 


MUMBAI, JULY 26, 2017: Grandparents are special! In a bid to make the elderly feel that way, Don Bosco High School, Matunga hosted Grandparent's Day for the grandma's and grandpa's of the students of standard one to four in the Bianchi Hall on July 22.


Nearly 300 grandparents attended the special celebration, which began with a welcome song by the boys of standard three and four. This was followed by the lamp ceremony led by the Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes, Head Teacher, Griselda Fernandes and some grandparents.


The school captain, Rudra Shetye, welcomed all the grandparents through a reflective speech. Tiny tots from standard one presented an action song and standard two students performed a graceful dance to keep their grandparents amused. The venue was decorated for the occasion, with the teacher's ensuring the stairways, entrance, stage, backdrop, and invites were all well coordinated. 


"Grandparents are an important part of each person's life and I am very happy to be here on this occasion," Sequeira, a grandparent, said. "I truly appreciate the school for giving us this opportunity to come and enjoy this day. Thank you very much for remembering us," Ravin, another grandparent, added.  

Before the event ended, the grandparents penned their thoughts about the programme, which were displayed on the board for all to read. "At Don Bosco Matunga, we are constantly striving to bring more and more people into our fold, to be a part of our extended family. Grandparents' Day is one such step in this direction," Fernandes, the head teacher, said.


by Father Bento D'Souza 


KARJAT, JULY 26, 2017: Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha (DBYS) bagged the third place – from among 16 other Raigad-based NGOs - in an evaluation of skill development, employability and entrepreneurship projects under Pramod Mahajan Kaushillia Vikas Abhiyan at Sanguli on July 15.

Bhopi Ganesh, the central coordinator and other staff of DBYS, Karjat accepted the certificate and medallion on behalf of the institution, before an audience of hundred youth and instructors. DBYS is currently home to 73 non-formal technical students, being trained under the DBYS Karjat skill development programme. It is open for any unskilled youth between 18 and 25, looking to develop a skill in order to find a job and begin a career. 


The event was held in Panvel Pace Training centre, under the mentorship of SG Pawar, the assistant director of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Guidance Centre, Alibaug and SB Angane, deputy director, Mumbai division. Larsen and Toubro's Pratham bagged the first place, while Pace training centre finished second. A special award was also given to Pillai training centre, Rasoini. 


DBYS has been recognised for its contribution often. During the provincial team visit on July 16, Father Savio Silveira, vice provincial of Salesian Mumbai province, had presented an award to the Director of DBYS, Father Montrose Rodrigues for his contribution.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


by Brother Sheldon Dias 


CHHOTAUDEPUR, JULY 25, 2017: Twenty-seven teams comprising of 243 youth from across Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, participated in the 7–a-side Past Pupil Cup at the Don Bosco Chhotaudepur football pitch on July 23.


The tournament – with an aim to provide an inclusive platform to both present and past pupils – drew youth in their numbers to rejuvenate the Salesian spirit. The tournament, a festive gathering of students of Don Bosco institutions in and around Gujarat, was organised by the past pupils of Don Bosco Chhotaudepur under the guidance of Brother Ramesh Durairaj.  

The tournament kicked off with an exhibition match between the students of standard six and nine. The first round was held on a knock-out basis, after which the remaining teams were divided under four leagues. A round robin format followed, which eventually led to a 'Champions League' final where CFC Don Bosco edged out Don Bosco Snehalya 1-0 on penalties to claim the title. 


The CFC Don Bosco team consisted of the past pupils of Chhotaudepur 2014 batch. They gifted the cash prize of Rs 5000 to the institute for encouraging the present generation in sports. "The team spirit was fantastic," Ganesh Rathwa, a member of the wining team, said. "All the pupils supported each other really well and the day has marked a brilliant end retaining the title for us."

"We were thrilled to host the 7-a-side Cup once again following the success of the event in previous years," Brother Durairaj, said. Vijay Rauji, past pupil of the institute now currently working with Reserve Bank of India, sports department, was the chief guest at the event. He said, "Don Bosco has always catered to holistic formation of every individual and students like me are examples of its success. Yes, it has been an important part of my life. Thanks to all the fathers and brothers who made this difference in my life."


Father Charlin Chandran from Alirajpur was invited to represent all the Salesians - priests and brothers - from the region, who joined in the game too. "Sports is really a powerful means, to unite all of us under the banner of Don Bosco, " Father Chandran said.