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SAVEDI,July 14, 2012:   It was indeed a GREEN letter day as Environment Day was celebrated in Don Bosco School and College on July 11, 2012 beginning with a short programme on the need to protect environment, planting trees in the School and College premises and ending with a procession of students and teachers shouting slogans and carrying banners on the road.  The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Trimbak B Kohok, the Assistant Director of the Social Forestry, Ahmednagar.
 The Day began at 8.30 a.m. with the assembly followed by an awareness programme consisting   of : between the earth and human beings, songs of protecting nature and speeches on the present situation and what can be done about it, was put up by the students of standard VIII and IX with the help of their teachers highlighting the need to protect the environment, the need for everyone to do their bit in saving the earth.  The Chief Guest in his speech said, “We often talk about big issues like ‘Global Warming’, ‘Starvation’, ‘Deforestation’ etc. and say ‘what can we do? We cannot do anything about it.’ But as students each of us can make our small contribution by saving at least a litre of water everyday, collecting the unused pages from our note books at the end of the year, refusing to buy unnecessary things and things in excess, saving at least one unit of electricity in our homes and institutions and the list can go on. Thus together we will make a huge difference and contribute to save the earth.” After the programme the Chief Guest Mr. Trimbak , Fr. Manuel Murzello, the Rector of Don Bosco Bhavan, Fr. James Nigrel, the principal of Don Bosco School and College, Savedi, Fr. Anthony Goyal,  the Supervisor of the School and College along with few teachers, the captains of the School and College, the monitors of all the classes and few other students marched from the assembly ground around the Don Bosco premises and planted trees after which they all marched in procession on the road shouting slogans of ‘Go Green’ and ‘Save the environment’. For a moment everyone on the road stood still listening to the slogans and looking at the posters and banners.
All seemed to be very happy to have done their bit in saving the environment and making the place a little greener than before.

Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA


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