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BIS-INDIA CONGRATULATES all the Salesians who have contributed to the BIS News. A special thanks goes to all those who have used BIS to build up the Common Salesian Mission in India. We believe, every news chip makes up the mosaic that builds up the image of Don Bosco in India.
TOP 3 Salesians:
Province Chennai:
Total News : 5671.
MATTHEWS Dominic 1542.
PAKKAM Harris 933.
PANACKEL Charles 91
Province : Mumbai:
Total News : 421
1. Darryl D`Souza 273
2. Joy Fernandes 78
3. Savio Silveira 55
Province : Hyderabad:
Total News : 271
1. Vincent Castilino 131
2. John Tharakan 52
3. Lakkisetti Praveen 43
Province : Kolkata:
Total News : 241
1. Paul Cheruthottupuram 101
2. EARATHARA Antony 98
3. George Thadathil 28
Province : Bangalore: Total News : 220
1. BREADS 97
2. Bastin Nellissery 33
3. Raji Jacob 24
Province : Guwahati:
Total News : 210
1. Dianetious Fernandez 70
2. George PLATHOTTAM 28
3. Maria Arul Anthuvan 22
Province : New Delhi:
Total News : 187
2. Noble George 42
3. Anjilikuzhiyil Thomas 27
Province : Dimapur:
Total News : 149
1. Tarcisius Toppo 74
2. Pottenplackal Sony 66
Province : Tiruchy:
Total News : 106
1. Mariasusai Arockia Raj 52
2. Herbert Amos Gandhi 15
3. Jayaseelan 12
Province : Konkan:
Total News : 99
1. Edwin baracho 46
2. Ralin De Souza 37
3. Renvick Pereira 4
Province : Columbu:
Total News : 19
1. Paul Cheruthottupuram 14
2. shiran karawgodage 4
3. Bro.Gabriel Garniga 1
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MADRID, JULY 31, 2009:
The logo for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid was presented on July 30, 2009. The image reflects youth of the world beneath the cross, united to form the crown of Our Lady, patron of Madrid. The upcoming World Youth Day is scheduled for August 16-21, 2011.
The logo designer, José Gil-Nogués, explained that the image symbolizes "youth of the whole world united to celebrate their faith together with the Pope, at the foot of the cross, and they form the crown of Our Lady of Almudena, patron of Madrid." The crown, Gil-Nogués added, forms the "M" of Mary and of Madrid. And the cross, symbol of Christianity, presides over the event.
The message of the logo, the designer continued, is "a catechesis, an opportunity for evangelization: The quick and sure path to reach Christ is the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of mankind. In Mary's faith, youth have the example and model for reaching Christ and fulfilling the primary goal of World Youth Day: to bring their message to the world."
"The logo has a firm and spontaneous stroke," Gil-Nogués suggested, "like youth of the 21st century. It is close, friendly, open, joyful, carefree and positive".
"The use of a palette of warm colors -- red, orange and yellow -- transmits unmistakable warmth and friendliness, symbols of the identity of a city like Madrid, a nation like Spain. These colors also reflect the 'divine warmth' of Trinitarian Love."
The logo was selected after a competition among professional graphic designers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Natasha Almeida
MUMBAI, JULY 30, 2009:
‘Values for the Yatra’ the first issue of the official e- letter of the Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC) for the month of August 2009 was successfully launched on July 29, 2009. What was born as an idea by Fr. Glenford Lowe in early July is now a full fledged e-letter which will be sent to all ABE schools, 159 in numbers.
Values for the Yatra is an initiative of the AVEC team to promote, animate and bring together stakeholders in the Value Education Program in schools, colleges and other educational institutes in the Archdiocese of Bombay. This e- letter is meant to reach out to all the Value Education Teachers, students, parents, and past-pupils. It not only includes resource material for teachers but also competitions for students. The August issue is in line with the Independence Day theme and also provides food for thought for teachers and students alike. It will be published every month, each month bringing in more value- enriched material.

Among the many first responses that AVEC received Fr. Bernard Britto is quoted to have said, “The lay out and contents are colorful, informative and useful. It has news, sessions, stories, history. I’m sure the next issue will have news bits, poems, experiences and information written by youngster’s teachers of other schools.” The AVEC team is open to feedback and suggestions. Kudos to Fr. Glenford and his team, who aim to be together with schools on the ‘valued path’!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Subhash Shirsath
NARUKOT, JULY 29, 2009:
Don Bosco, Narukot organized a Youth Leadership Training Programme at Don Bosco Campus on July 26, 2009. Eighty-Two Youth from different villages participated in this programme. Prof. Dr. Roman Bhatiya, who has been providing training in rural development for the last 22 years, was the resource person for the day. Drawing from his long and rich experience in this field, he shared several interesting ideas with the youth. By doing so he targeted on improving the leadership skills of the trainees.

During the training programme, games and group discussions were held which primarily focused on training aims, village issues and how those issues can be sorted out. The participants were motivated to lead actions to solve village problems of drinking water, road development, employment, education, health and electricity among other problems. Dr. Bhatiya also focused on different government schemes, rural acts and their rights for village development. The session was brought to a close by the screening of a film on the Gramsabha and National Rural Employment Guaranty Act. After the session by Dr. Roman Bhatiya, Fr. Stanny Ferreira enlightened the youth on issues connected to the Panchayati Raj. He focused on the role that the youth should play in these organs of local self governance and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, JULY 29, 2009:
Parents’ Day was celebrated in the Resurrection Parish, Virar (E) on July 25, 2009. The celebration commenced with the Holy Eucharist, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Blany Pinto, our Parish Priest. The theme, beautifully portrayed on the backdrops at the altar and in the Parish Hall, and running through the Liturgy, highlighted the important role parents play in the life of their children. Red and yellow roses, each with a white ribbon twirled around it, were presented by each child to their parents. This tradition, followed faithfully in our parish each year, is one that is deeply cherished by parents and children alike.

The entertainment programme began with a brilliantly choreographed musical entitled ‘Noah’s Ark’, the music score being composed by one of our parishioners. The accompanying light and sound effect only enhanced the superb performance by the children. A lively dance number followed which concluded with the word, “Ma and Pa We LOVE You” prominently displayed by the children.

Fr. Gregory D’Cunha, Priest-in-Charge of Jyoti Church, was the Chief Guest and through well narrated anecdotes, he drove home the message that parents should mould their children in the ability to make the right choices, for every wrong choice made entails a consequence. Sr. Sushma, Principal of Carmel School, Nandakhal, was the Guest of Honour and she gave away the souvenirs to altar servers for good performance.

A twenty -minute audio – visual show, put together by Fr. Edwin Colaco and his team, captured the major events of the Parish since last June. The witty captions and candid camera shots held the audience in rapt attention. Thanks to Fr. Blany and Fr. Edwin, who ensure the success of every event in the parish.


Bento D’Souza sdb
Bishop Lloyd colony is one of the parish zones in St. Anne's parish, Ahmednagar in which comfortable houses are built for Christians on Church Land. During the first visit of Fr. Ben entrusted to the care of the families, it was found that the woman sit at home with nothing to keep busy about, so it was decided to hold a meeting on the July 28 to see the possibility of training the women in starting a community radio project.

25 women took part in the meeting. Mr. Anil Wakde from Bableshwar Community Radio Station, a paid scriptwriter there conducted the session. The focus of the meeting was when he challenged the group with a simple question: Do you need a community radio just as you need a sari, a pair of spectacles or some vegetable to cook? After which a film: Our Work Our Life about the sewa women of Gujarat was screened for the participants. They also came forward to share their “sukh-dukh" story, which is the content for radio productions. The women expressed satisfaction for the 2 hour long presentation and decided to get trained on August 16 in the techniques of Radio Production. The meeting began with a prayer, a welcome and a bouquet of flowers from the garden, and ended with a vote of thanks for the time spent by the trainer in their midst.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Bento D’Souza sdb
During the single mass of the day, at 10.00 a.m. on July 26, 2009, the community of St Anne’s parish, Ahmednagar gathered together to celebrate the feast of its Patron, St Anne. Fr Joe Gonsalves from Vasai was the chief celebrant and preached a homily relevant to the lives of the people. During the Mass, the couples of the Parish exchanged wedding vows and renewed their commitment to each other. The church was filled to capacity and the singing by the children directed by Ms. Ida gave expression to the festive mood prevalent on the occasion.

After the celebration of the Eucharist, snacks were distributed. A cultural celebration followed. Sacred Heart convent boarders performed a dance and the children sang action songs. A housie was conducted by Bro Rickson Nigrel. The students who performed well in their Xth and XIIth standard examinations were awarded and felicitated by the parish. The whole idea of granting cash awards to those who performed well was given by the laypeople as well as the sponsored donations gifted to them. The clergy and religious sisters of the area were invited to an agape meal.

The build up to the feast took place in the form of a triduum. On the first day, the students and teachers of the parish animated the Liturgy. On the second day, the DB community college, the Patpedi and the Small Christian Communities took the initiative in animating the celebration of the Mass. On the final day, the mass of the sick began with the blessing of the sick and prayer for healing. Congrats to the Parish Priest, Fr. Anton D’Souza for smoothly guiding the people of God into another moment of Grace, the parish festival of freedom.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


BORIVLI, JULY 25, 2009:
The week gone by has given the children at Don Bosco, Borivli, pre primary and primary sections a bout of creativity. The week saw the children of STDs I – IV taking part in the Face Mask Making competition. There were three winners and three consolation prize winners from each division. Enthusiastic children came up with varied ideas to create face masks.

Today July 25, 2009, was kept aside for Open Day by the section. Classrooms were decorated by the class teachers with the children’s photographs. Parents discussed about the performance of the child and answer papers of the First Unit Test were shown. And last but definitely not the least, Remedial Learning takes place for slow learners on a daily basis. All these activities give the students an opportunity to showcase their talents and gives the teachers a chance to be better facilitators.


Subhash Shirsath
NARUKOT, JULY 25, 2009:
Don Bosco, Narukot organized the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) ‘Workshop and Sharing of Experiences’ at the campus on July 16, 2009. Thirty-four Village Education Programme (VEP) masters, from different villages of Narukot and from Lok Seva Kendra – Chhota Udepur, Kawant Education Society – Kawant, Alirajpur Shaikshanik Samajik Kendra –Alirajpur, Amrut Dhara –Kapadvaj, and Narukot Education Society- Narukot centres of development department representatives, participated in this programme. Advocate Mr. Himanshu Benker (Chief Secretary of Gramin Majdur Sabha- Gujarat), who has been working for Legal Rights of Rural Labourers and Rural Development for the last 16 years, was the resource person for the day.

Drawing from his long and rich experience in this field, he explained to rural youth the rights and provisions of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act -2005. He shared his own practical work experiences with regard to the NREGS, interesting ideas and methods with the trainees. He then focused on the awareness of villagers, building competencies for the rights of the people. Further, he also gave answers and details of NREGA‘s legal and practical problems. ‘Bandhi Lo Sahu Ked’- a film on the issue of the NREGS was screened for the trainees. After this session Fr. Stanny Ferreira sdb, encouraged and motivated the trainees to start an NREGA movement in the area. The next Leadership Training Programme will be organized on July 26, 2009. The resource person invited will be Prof. Dr. Roman Bhatia from Surat to further strengthen the cause.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Egidius Falcao sdb
NAIGAON, JULY 22, 2009:
And they came on the morning of July 16, 2009: the old, the seniors, the devout, the very young in the arms, and the nuns to the ruins of small petite walls of the church that began but was never completed. A team of school children along with Fr. Bonnie Borges streamed in the company of occasional rain drops, and to add to the solemnity of the occasion. Fr. Michael Fernandes our Provincial blessed the site with showers of blessing spiced with few beautifully clipped words. He hoped that building the Lords house would and should be as soon as possible. It is a promise to be fulfilled and a task that should have been accomplished years ago. This endeavor requires a positive collaboration of all the parishioners .He hoped that the dream may be a reality soon.
Egidius Falcao sdb
NAIGAON, JULY 22, 2009
: The silence, the somber quiet, the serenity of the night of July 15, and the sacred space was shattered as Salesian knights trooped in the rain threatened sky, uncertain of what they would meet, when they came to greet. It was the occasion of the birthday of Fr Bonnie Borges. A birthday, which will be remembered by him for a long time. Years have gone by and the sower of Salesianal seeds of youthful work is now reaping a fine harvest of a finely tuned institution. DON BOSCO, Naigaon even in the dark it seemed shinning and even in the silence it spoke volumes of praise, admiration and appreciation. This is why Salesians came from EAST (Pune), WEST (Mumbai), NORTH (Kuwait) and from SOUTH (Virar) in numbers never before. We celebrated a significant day, "A day when we looked in the eye of joy of a Salesian".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


DBYS Correspondent
MUMBAI, JULY 21, 2009:
The Second Diocesan Youth Day was celebrated on 19 July, 20009 at Holy Name Hall, Fort and it turned out to be a whooping success. The theme chosen was Peace & Harmony. The Archdiocesan Youth Commission was the organizers for the day led by the Youth Director Fr. Anthony Fernandes and his dynamic assistant Fr. Walter D’Souza.
Present were 350 strong youngsters – youth leaders and representatives from the various parishes and youth movements operating in the Archdiocese of Mumbai.
The day began with registrations and snacks. Many a youngster was seen scribbling a message on the Peace and Harmony flex banner. The Torch Bearers for Christ, Malad Unit led the youngsters into Praise and Worship and made the place rock!!! This was followed by the Sophia College organizing the Ice-Breaker Session.
Fr. Brian Moras, representing DBYS, then gave an interactive session on the theme of the Day; exhorting the youngsters to realize that peace begins with each one. As John Paul II of happy memory strongly exhorted “Peace must first permeate him who wishes to bring peace. Peace is first and foremost personal, before it is social”. A beautiful video entitled “Make me an instrument of your peace” prepared by Fr. Glenford Lowe, enriched the session.
The highpoint of the day was the Q/A session with the Cardinal. His Eminence was welcomed with a standing ovation and thunderous applause. The Cardinal answered the questions put forward by the youngsters on faith, and topics of confusion and intrigue. Article 377 figured prominently as also the confusion with contraception, abortion, boring liturgies and the declining numbers in Youth Groups. The Cardinal challenged the youngsters to be dynamic leaders of today, competent and faith-filled.
When asked what was his vision for the youngsters in the next 10 years? He began by saying, “I hope some of you will be priests (applause), a few nuns (subdued applause), and the need to get into active politics and civil life……”
Beautiful Black T-Shirts on the theme Uth for Peace & Harmony were presented to the Leaders of the various groups and Parishes.
Interestingly the event ended with the Angelus in the Holy Name Cathedral.
The first DYD was celebrated last year at Salvation Church, Church to coincide with the World Youth Day at Sydney and it turned out to be a thrilling experience hence the urge to make this event an annual feature


Edgar Mascarenhas
MUMBAI, JULY 21, 2009:
The Annual General Meeting of the Mumbai Provincial Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils was held at Audio Visual Hall of the Provincial House on July 19, 2009, at 6.30 pm. The meeting began with a prayer service conducted by Don Bosco – Kurla Unit, comprising of a bhajan, the past pupils prayer and a soothing audio visual song- Make us an instrument of peace.
Thereafter the Chief Guest, Vice Provincial - Rev Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Past Pupils Provincial Delegate- Fr. Elias Dias, Fr. Wilfred D’souza and Sr. Santanna were welcomed with floral tributes.
The secretary of the Mumbai Provincial Federation, Mr. Kailash Parekh read the annual report which spelt out the various activities undertaken by the Mumbai Federation during the period April 2008- July 2009. The Annual reports of each unit were read by the individual unit secretaries in detail.
Sister Santanna in her address informed the members that this year was dedicated to the Salesian Family. Requesting the past pupils to spread the Salesian ways of Cheerfulness and Honesty, she called for a closer working environment between the SDB and the FMA past pupils, where common activities could be undertaken. She thanked the Past pupils for inviting the FMA for the AGM and in turn invited the past pupils for THE FMA’s AGM to be held at Panjim- Goa on August 31, 2009. The Treasurer, Mr. Joseph, read the statement of accounts of Mumbai Provincial Federation for the period of April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. The Chief Guest Rev Fr. Ajoy commended the past pupils for the various activities undertaken by them. He summarized the contents of the reports of the various units as under:
a) The past pupils reflected tremendous love for Don Bosco.
b) A systematic connection of the association from unit, to province, to national to international levels.
c) The feeling of joy to be with each other.
d) Believing in the growth of individuals and the unit through retreats, recollections and leadership camps.
e) Out reach programmes organized within the school and the world outside.
f) Different levels in the units, the seniors, the juniors and the fresher have yet to be connected.
g) Organizing capabilities of the various units, be it sports or academic competitions.
The Provincial delegate, Fr. Elias Dias in his concluding address informed the members of the forth coming events to be undertaken by the Provincial Federation and requested a healthy participation from all the units. He praised the past pupils for the activities undertaken but also mentioned that the work done was going unnoticed. He therefore requested all the units to put up their activities on BIS or SALFAM. This would in turn help to enlighten many people who are not aware of the past pupils movement and their involvement in promoting the Salesian spirit. Fr. Elias also brought out the issue of publishing a directory of the past pupils in the SALFAM issue of January. He thanked the president Mr. Ketan Gala for his support in rejuvenating the federation. He also appreciated the work done by Mr. Joseph, who worked behind the scenes as the treasurer. He also thanked Mr. Amar and Mr. Dilip Bhatt for their contribution for a smooth running at the province level.
Finally the president concluded the meeting by proposing the Vote of Thanks. Mr. Ketan extended his sincere gratitude to the Vice Provincial, the Provincial Delegate Fr. Elias, Fr. Wilfred, Sr. Santanna , all the office bearers and all the members especially to the two members from Nashik who were present for the AGM. The meeting saw an attendance of 43 members. All the members departed after a sumptuous dinner.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


WALVANDA, JULY 18, 2009: The Bosco Yuva Sanghtana Animators meeting held at the Walvanda centre on July 9, 2009, began on an enthusiastic note. In attendance for the meeting was Melvin Pangya the Programme Officer, along with animators from all centers. In the beginning Mr. Melvin introduced the new staff members to all animators. The introductory session was followed by an ice breaker for all the participants to know each other.
The meeting continued on a serious note. Participants were made aware of programmes like Bal Sanskar Kendra & Schools of Excellence by Mr. Melvin. He also shared organization expertise and achievements on different issues such as education and rural development.
The discussion shifted to the situation of Jawhar and Mokhada. This discussion was made participatory so that the animators could share their views on the present scenario of the two blocks. They came to the conclusion that Education, Health, Social Development, Agriculture - Livelihood and Skill Development are the main areas which they need to concentrate on:

Education: Under this component BSK & SOE Programmes are currently being run. This is based on the observation and conditions of the school. It also included Mumbai education & village level education. This programme is more supportive to children at the village level. Also this year it was noticed that the results of Ashram schools have improved.
Health: In this component women & children health issues were included. Cleanliness in the villages for better health was a prime area of focus.
Agriculture & Livelihood: This area of discussion included how various areas of agriculture can bring in employment to the youth.
Skill development: Industries have to be narrowed where the youth can use their skills & knowledge for employment purpose. The idea of the ITI College was discussed.
Social Development: Community based organizations, people participation, women empowerment & youth movement.


BIS Correspondent
LONAVLA, JULY 18, 2009:
July 16, 2009, served as the inauguration day of the Marian month at Maria Ashiana, Lonavla. All the boys came together on the stage to light the lamp to Our Lady and together sang the bhajan “Mata ki Mahima”. One of the boys, Chandan gave his little sermonette on Mother. He said, A mother is a sea of love and mamta, when thinking of Mother Mary, he said, “I thought of my own mother and I began missing her, but I will do well and go back to see her. Father said, Mother Mary is looking after all the boys who come to Maria Ashiana, it is true, in one year from the streets, I have completed my SSC and now doing my training and also have just got admission for my NIOS STD XII to be completed in the next two years”

The beautiful and pious ceremony came to a fitting end when, Fr. Barnabe shared his own experience of his miraculous escape from lightning in Lonavla and how Mother Mary has always taken care of him ever since those days. He encouraged the children to talk to Our Lady as a Mother, when they have tensions, when they have a doubt of their future, etc.

The previous evening the boys at Maria Ashiana were enthused with decoration of the statue of Mother Mary. The boys were told what they were to expect each day: moments of celebrating their own talents, participating in competitions and most importantly giving a small speech on the virtues of a Mother. They were reminded that they are rough diamonds and are polished by these occasions to prove they are worth more than the rags they pick through these competitions.


Eugenia D’cunha/ Cl. Jacob Anthony MUMBAI, JULY 18, 2009: Don Bosco Matunga boasts of an ETC programme for years. Not content with the past glory, this year the school invited Dr. Geeta Shetty, teacher-educator from S.X.I.E for a session called ‘Igniting Minds’ on July 10, 2009. This session aimed at motivating the teachers and igniting in them a new enthusiasm to get creative with their power-point presentations. Dr. Geeta Shetty urged the teachers to think out of the box, break free of the chains they are conditioned to and move with the techno-savvy times. Introducing them to Bono’s six thinking hats, she challenged us to use and tap both the left logical side and the right creative side of the teachers and the students brains so that they can present the subjects they love and teach with pride and passion.On July 11, 2009, the teachers were treated to another power packed session by Bishop Percival. ‘Do you know how to teach?’, this was the imposing question with which Bishop Percival started his three hour seminar on ‘Teacher Leadership’ with the entire Don Bosco High School staff (teaching, NIOS, Non-teaching).He made efforts to ‘train the trainers’ and guided them on how to rise from mere teaching to leading. This was a true shift from the static academic world (as it happened in the past) to a dynamic recalibration of resources. In the two workshops that were conducted during the session, Bishop Percy reinforced the four unique selling points of being a good teacher: self-awareness, ability to communicate, confidence and understanding the task. The seminar helped the institution elevate its pedagogy platform, which in turn should reflect positively in shaping the young minds for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Glenford Lowe sdb
MUMBAI, JULY 16, 2009:
At the Annual ABE General Body meeting held at St. Michael’s, Mahim on July 16, 2009, Fr. Boniface D’Souza SDB, Director of DBYS once again renewed the Salesians’ commitment to the Archdiocese of Mumbai in the setting up of AVEC. The Archdiocesan Value Education Centre is set up at DBYS Matunga. The main objective of the AVEC is to provide animation services in the area of Value education to the Archdiocesan Schools.

As a way forward, Fr. Glenford Lowe SDB presented the AVEC strategic plan to the ABE for the next triennium (2009-2012). He focused on four key areas: Structure, Animation, Capacity Building and Networking

- The Structuring of AVEC on the lines of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre in Catechetical Animation

- Making AVEC as a Hub of Animation and Resources for Students and Teachers

- Empowering the Teachers and students through various Training Programs

- Networking with various NGOs and likeminded people in the area of Value Education

It is hoped that the AVEC will be able to motivate schools to become more ‘Educational Living Environments’ , in which values must be seen to lie not only at the heart of the educational content: the “what” of Education, but also at the heart of the educational process: the “how”, the way in which education is conducted.

Value Education, more than just seen as another subject within the curriculum, must be owned by all as the guiding ethos of education: an ethos that emphasizes the importance of creating Educative Learning Environments that are characterized by values that are deeply religious rather than secular.

In his concluding speech, His Eminence Gracious Cardinal Oswald thanked the Salesians and reemphasized once again on the joint need to promote value education in our institutions. “Students, long after they have left school, remember the values they caught rather that the sciences or languages they studied”, said the Cardinal.


NASHIK, JULY 16, 2009: The Past Pupils of Don Bosco, Nashik under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Diego Nunes organized an inter house GK quiz on July 8, 2009. Consisting of two groups namely std V – VII and Std VIII – X, the quiz in all had nine rounds on the fields of Literature, Sports, Politics, History, Bollywood, Mathematics, Spellings etc., ensuring all round knowledge of the young participants. In the junior section, Savio House won the quiz and the in senior section it was the Bosco House which took the honors. The chief guest Mr. Ketan Gala, Provincial President of Don Bosco Alumni in his address said education is imparted not only in classrooms but also by such activities. He congratulated the Past Pupils and the Principal Fr. Diego Nunes for organizing this programme and reviving the Past Pupils Unit. The guest of honor Mr. Remeth Fernandes, President of the Andheri Unit also commended the efforts of the Past Pupils. The prizes were given by the Rector Fr. Ivo Coelho. The event was followed by a meeting of the Past Pupils and the Provincial President , wherein they were guided as how to become life members of the federation and how to ensure further growth of their Unit.


Roshan Gonsalves sdb MUMBAI, JULY 16, 2009: 13 Student Volunteers along with Fr. Harrie Kanters from Amsterdam paid a good will visit to Shelter Don Bosco and spent a day each at the Wadala, Lonavala and Karjat Centers witnessing and appreciating the work. These volunteers will proceed to Hyderabad for another experience with Navjeevan Bal Bhavan on July 15, 2009. We wish them a wonderful synonymous experience there and thank them for spending time with the boys who were joyous to have them.


Natasha Almeida MUMBAI, JULY 16, 2009: Ms. Ruta Kambli, facilitator of Bharatnatyam an Indian Classical Dance form, with Tej Prasarini, since 2001, was invited as a guest lecturer to North Karelia College, Finland from May 30 – June 12 and to the Noore Tansu Festival, Viljandi, Estonia from July 6- July 11, 2009.At both the places she conducted workshops on Bharatnatyam. ‘Seasons of India’ served as a theme for the workshops at both the place. The workshop at the North Karelia College catered to students of the age group of 22 – 33 years. Most of the students were pursuing dance as a career and were more than thrilled to have Ruta as their facilitator. The students came from different dance backgrounds’ like ballet, contemporary, modern dance forms etc. At Estonia, Ruta was invited to be a part of the International Dance Festival: Noore Tansu Festival. Professional dance teachers from all over the world were invited for this festival. It was an honor for Ms. Kambli to be a part of the same.On July 9, 2009, the workshops culminated in a solo performance by Ruta on the festival of Holi. She portrayed three different characters at one time all by herself. The audience was enthralled. The students admitted that Indian classical dance is a difficult dance form but however liked the depth of Indian classical dance which stresses more on the gestures and facial expressions. She was also exposed to other international dance forms like the Butoh and the Flamingo. To top it all, local papers in Estonia carried front page news about Ms. Rutas workshops and performance. A commendable achievement added to the pages of Tej.


Bernard Britto sdb MUMBAI, JULY 16, 2009: Fr. Harrie Kanters, a Salesian Priest, from Holland, is 77 years young!!!! And is the only one, who for the past 25 years, has been working for Street youngsters in Amsterdam. A glance at him and you will know that he effuses youth, commitment and daring vision. He is the director of Don Bosco Amsterdam, Four Projects one face! For his outstanding contribution with destitute street youth, the Government is felicitating him with the Marga Klompe Prys award. In an era when we Salesians are called to return to Don Bosco and to the marginalized youngsters he stands as an example. He has a stopover at the Provincial House before moving to Hyderabad with his group of Volunteers giving them a taste of some Indian street children Projects.

Excerpts from his interview:

What is unique about your apostolate? “I’m the only Salesian working for the Street Youth in the project of Amsterdam, there are no others. It is supported by the young volunteers and lay youngsters. It is quite an experience to teach them the spirituality of Don Bosco and the Preventive system and then use them as animators but let me tell you Don Bosco Sells! His life captures the youngsters!”

Now that you are going to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of your apostolate, tell me who is your inspiration? What keeps you ticking?“My inspiration is surely Don Bosco the good shepherd like Jesus looking out for the lost sheep, youngsters in the streets, yes in Europe we have street children, the illegal young refugees, pregnant teenagers, those run away from family and home”

How do you manage your apostolate without a Salesian Community? “I’m attached to a Salesian Community some 45 minutes from the street home. But you will find me all alone with the youngsters. It is interesting... I get hundreds of forms from universities; colleges around Holland wanting to come to work with me and stay with me to learn the Don Bosco way. They are not ready for a long term or life time commitment. But most of them are generous with their time, energy, expertise. They are ready to help.”

What is the reaction of the other NGOS or the Government about your service? “Looking at the success stories of our apostolate, many religious congregations wanted to copy our Salesian Style. I invited them to come and see and even to live with me. The Government was suspicious at the beginning but now it has not only accepted me but is supporting me, it is rewarding me and Don Bosco.”

Do you feel it is high time many Salesians imitate and do what you are doing because of lack of vocation? “Yes, I’m not doing anything new. I’m doing what Don Bosco wants us to do for and be with the youngsters.” What is your message for the Salesians working for the street youngsters? “To work with the Street Children you need a heart! And never lose your head! And make Don Bosco your man"

What is the best experience you had working for the street kids, youngsters in distress? “One of the best experiences of working for street youngsters is that after many years they come to you and tell their stories of joy, achievements and successes. On such was Roy after excelling in his studies he went to Canada, perused his higher studies, he came to meet me with his family and when he saw me he gave me a big hug and touched my feet and thanked me for all that I did for him.”

What are youngsters craving for? Are youngsters receptive with the method of Don Bosco? Is the preventive system relevant? “The youngsters are carving for understanding, love, they want a friend. Yes Don Bosco's preventive system is relevant and alive. The principle of being present for the youngsters and accompanying them in their journey is fascinating”.

What are your future plans? Do you want to expand? “I’m not the ambitious type. I take where the sprit leads and what is the need of the hour. I do what I can do with the youngsters for the youngsters with youngsters. They are my heroes and inspiration and team.”

Monday, July 13, 2009


Brian Moras sdb MUMBAI, JULY 13, 2009: The morning of July 12, 2009 saw an enthusiastic bunch of youngsters gather for the Youth Paschers (YP’s) Re-Union at the Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga. The group consisted of working youngsters who had attended any one of the Youth Pasch Events down the years of its inception. Frs. Glenford Lowe and Brian Moras animated the event. The purpose of the meeting was to plan for the year, hence the theme: ‘What do we do and how do we intend to do it.’ The Youth Paschers turned up by 10.30am at the AV Hall and were treated to some refreshments. This was followed by an introductory session lead by Fr. Brian, wherein the Paschers got to know each other as they belonged to different YP groups; this was followed by fun ice breakers to bring in more life and fun. Fr. Glen animated the session of ‘planning ahead’ with an inspiring ‘Slideshow Presentation’. He enriched the presentation with effective personal sharing; exhorting the YP’s to dream big- as big as possible. After the presentation the YP’s broke into groups for a sharing on the presentation. The Paschers then shared what had touched them at their Youth Pasch experience and their expectations for the year ahead. Most of the YP’s shared that DBYS was the platform to re-ignite and keep the fire within them burning; they also had this desire of doing something for the others. There was a felt need to meet for a longer period of time for a refresher experience of the Youth Pasch as also plan for the year. To this end we decided to meet at Boscowadi, Uttan for an overnight experience on August 8 & 9. A committee of five Paschers was formed to chalk out the programme for this event. Fr. Brian was the main celebrant for the Eucharist with Fr. Glen concelebrating. The Eucharist was participative and meaningful. The afternoon came to an end with a fellowship meal; with the YP’s looking ahead to get together in August


Chris Valentino sdb MUMBAI, JULY 13, 2009: On a cloudy afternoon, when the city of Mumbai was in siesta mood, Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga was working overtime. Eight Salesians of the Mumbai Province gathered in the Provincial Council room, on July 12, to kick-start the Pre-Capitular Commission Meeting in order to animate and prepare the Province for the forthcoming Provincial Chapter. It was indeed the ‘day of the Lord’ and a real working afternoon with all work and no play, as this dynamic bunch of Salesians were soon to discover. Beginning with a short prayer, invoking the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the assistance of Our Lady Help of Christians, the members of the Pre-Capitular Commission got down to serious business-at-hand. Fr Michael Fernandes, Provincial initiated the proceedings by thanking the confreres for their generous availability. He then explained the entire dynamics and the intended role of the Pre-Capitular Commission. He said “Look at this entire exercise as if you were trying to place the train on the right track and wheel it into the station.” He wished the members the very best as they commenced the proceedings that would last over two months and a half, till the first session of the Provincial Chapter scheduled for October 1, 2009. Fr Ashley Miranda, the Chief Moderator then took charge of the entire proceedings. It was an “afternoon at the Council Room” with suggestions, counter-suggestions, opinions, deliberations and probabilities. Having framed certain structural plans, the Commission has now set itself and the province the onerous task of analysis, evaluation and execution. Winding up at quarter to six, it was a welcome end to a brilliant beginning. “Let your loins be girded and your lamps alight…. waiting for the day when your work begins…”


Crescens Lemos sdb MUMBAI, JULY 13, 2009: Don Bosco, Matunga once again bags the H.T Mehta Rotating Trophy for the best school in the area. Out of 21 schools Don Bosco Matunga outshone as the best. The Lions Club of Sion organized an elocution competition as part of their education project. 13 students participated from the areas of Sion, Matunga and Dadar. The Club also felicitated the S.S.C students who secured 80% and above. As part of their education project the Club awards a school in the above area for securing the best aggregate results in the S.S.C examination. Fr. Bosco D’mello the Principal of Don Bosco, Matunga received the trophy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lynette Sequeira BORIVLI, JULY 11, 2009: The elected parent representatives of each class of the Secondary Section of Don Bosco, Borivli, along with the members of the Staff, met for the first time today. The Rector of the Institution, Fr. Ronald Menezes always refers to the PTA as the SEC i.e. the Salesian Educative Community, because he believes that the PTA in a Salesian institution functions differently from any other PTA. It is a body which works collectively for the growth and development of the institution. This year, even though the Rector was not present for the meeting, this thought crossed the minds of some of the members of the staff during the course of the meeting. The meeting began with a very meaningful prayer led by one of the teachers, Mrs.Christine Thomas. Our Administrator Fr. Allwyn Misquitta also shared a thought-provoking message with the members of the PTA. The Principal, Fr. George Carlos then shared his vision for the school and how he hoped the newly elected PTA would work together as collaborators, for the welfare of the students and the school as a whole. After this, the Secondary co-ordinator, Mrs. Anjana Mehta helped facilitate the second stage of the meeting. The elected parents were asked to introduce themselves to the group. The parents and teachers then cast their vote in favour of the parent they thought would best suit the task of co-ordinating the work of the PTA for the current academic year. The elected members were Vice-President – Mr. Pravin Agrawal and Joint secretary – Mrs. Perviz Motafram. The newly elected Vice-President and Joint Secretary then briefly addressed the entire gathering. The Principal assured the parents that he would always be present to give them a listening ear, whenever they needed to speak to him and asked them not to hesitate if there was a matter that needed his urgent attention. On the other hand the Pre- Primary and Primary section also had the first PTA meeting wherein Mrs. Jacica Lobo was elected as the Primary Vice President and Mrs. Sonali Cheulkar was elected as the Joint Secretary, Mrs. Molita Rodriques and Mr. Dil D'mello were elected as Pre-Primary Vice President and the Joint Secretary respectively. The elections followed a small a fellowship. We hope that the collaborative effort of this year’s Salesian Educative Community bears abundant fruit in the year ahead.


Roshan Gonsalves sdb MUMBAI, JULY 11, 2009: The Provincial, Vice Provincial and the Economor officially met the New House Council of Shelter Don Bosco. Fr. Michael Fernandes (Provincial) installed the new Rector Fr. William Falcao who served as the Rector of Don Bosco, Savedi prior to the present posting. The team was welcomed by the Shelter boys with a small cultural programme followed by festive supper. To add to the joy Shelter Don Bosco has another feather in its cap by the joining of Fr. Derrick Misquitta. He will be handling the Administration of the House. Shelter Parivar welcomes Fr. Derrick who has joined the Mumbai Province after a decade long service in Kuwait & Egypt. We wish him a wonderful experience at Shelter and the Province.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Crescens Lemos sdb MUMBAI, JULY 10, 2009: The campus of Don Bosco, Matunga is to be the most happening place. With the boarders back and the school rolling in to the academic year the excitement is building up this year. The school with the staff and students has chosen to dwell on the theme of ‘Commitment’. It all began on a happy note with the school securing a cent percent result in the S.S.C examination, the highest securing a 93%. The night study classes too secured a good result. 23 out of 24 boys passed out of which the highest secured 77%. In spite of the heavy rains, the spirit of Don Bosco Matunga did not seem to dampen. On the eve of the feast of Dominic Savio the boarders of Don Bosco Matunga celebrated its first ‘Nite’ i.e. the Savio Nite. Excitement filled the air as it was a new event for the boarders. The feast of Dominic Savio marked an important event in the school and the boarding. Every year on the feast day of Dominic Savio the school and the boarding install the leaders and monitors. The Installation ceremony of the school took place with much solemnity. The school witnessed a small skit which brought to light the qualities of Dominic Savio. The Rector in his speech reminded the leaders that a leader is not only one in school but also outside the school. “One cannot be an Alexander on one hand and a chimpanzee on the other hand”. He stressed on the need to be people of integrity. The boarding too had its installation ceremony.Leaders along with the staff and students have committed themselves in being the change and supporting each other for the betterment of the individual and the school.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


MUMBAI, JULY 9, 2009: July 7 was a special day set apart for the elected office bearers and monitors of STD V- X, pre – NIOS and NIOS of Don Bosco High School, Matunga.The camp was meticulously planned by the animators, Rev. Fr. Brian Moras and Rev. Fr. Glenford Lowe. The students were divided into three smaller groups viz; Std V and VI; Stds VII, VIII and pre NIOS; Stds IX, X and NIOS in order to conduct activities that best suited their age.The animators made the students aware of their potential as leaders. The input session enabled the students to bring their abilities and values to the fore not through preachy sessions but through interesting and inspiring audio visuals, fun games and songs.At the end of the session it was imperative that the children had a truly enjoyable yet enriching experience.


Rohini Patrao MUMBAI, JULY 9, 2009: These words seemed to resound from the heart of every leader of St. Joseph's High School, Wadala. July 6, 2009 dawned as just another day but the early morning rays brought with them a mix of excitement and solemnity for it was the feast of St. Dominic Savio! The day began with the thanksgiving mass at 8.30 a.m. Fr. Aloysius Furtado, the Rector of the school was the main celebrant. He highlighted the values practised by St. Dominic Savio and stressed on the strong relationship that he had with Jesus and Mother Mary whom he considered to be his friends. He laid emphasis on the exemplary life of St. Dominic Savio and urged all the students to emulate him. He stated that even St. Don Bosco was so touched by his virtues that he felt compelled to write a book on his life titled - 'A Boy with a Will!’ The Investiture Ceremony of the Primary Section and secondary section took place in the school auditorium; Master Varun Tirthani and Master Ayush Kamble were handed over their responsibilities as the Head boy and the Assistant Head boy of the Primary section. Master Stallon Sebastian along with Master Harsh Visaria took their oath to fulfill the duties as Head boy and Assistant Headboy of the Secondary section. The House Head captains, Vice-captains, the Monitors and Assistant monitors of both the sections were handed over their ties as a mark of responsibility and progress of the school with dignity and pride. It was a special moment for every leader as it marked the beginning of a new role to play in the new scholastic year. The beautiful smiles on the faces of the newly appointed leaders said it all! Fr. Principal then addressed the students. He congratulated the teachers who organised the Investiture Ceremony for the wonderful way in which it was conducted. He congratulated all the leaders for their brand new responsibilities and advised them to lead the path ahead setting good examples for others to follow just like our role model - St. Dominic Savio. Drawing inspiration from the motto of the school - ' We Are Born For Greater Things' and filled with the spirit of loyalty and service, all the students then stood at attention and sang the school anthem. The Investiture Ceremony came to an end leaving yet another memory to cherish for a lifetime.


Isaac Arackaparambil sdb KAPADVANJ, JULY 9, 2009: Amrut Dhara organized a Leadership Seminar for the Students’ Council of the four Don Bosco Gujarati Medium schools on Tuesday July 7, 2009 at Kapadvanj. Sixty-five school monitors, leaders, captains attended this seminar. The resource persons for the seminar were Frs. Mayank Parmar and Isaac Arackaparambil. Fr. Mayank delved on how the leadership theory should lead to action, and he shared the success stories of the SHGs at Kapadvanj, as to how the people are being empowered to claim their right to employment using the NREGA. Visual clips of actual meetings with the villagers, talati, sarpanch and project coordinator; made his presentation even more relevant and inspiring. He also drew insights from the film Laage Raho Munnabhai in which Gandhian Leadership tips of tolerance, patience, solidarity and hunger for justice were highlighted. Fr. Isaac spoke on Leadership with a Vision that should be broad, lasting, and inclusive. He differentiated between Goals of Ambition (Worldly goals) and Goals of Vision. Ambitious goals are those that make you want to BE SOMEONE say a doctor, engineer, CEO, etc; they make you want to DO the jobs that pertain to these fields as a medium TO POSSESS wealth and power. In contrast Goals of Vision make persons want TO BE people of CHARACTER, who DO SERVICE, in order TO POSSESS LASTING HAPPINESS and PEACE. He went on to discuss how the students could fulfill their duties in enhancing the quality of their school, and how they could make themselves LIKEABLE as leaders. It was uplifting to see the attentiveness and lively spirit with which the students participated in this seminar. They expressed their happiness to have been part of this programme, and resolved to implement the insights they garnered. The Seminar ended with a Student Leaders’ Pledge that highlighted the need to rely on God’s strength in carrying out roles as leaders.


Isaac Arackaparambil sdb GUJRAT/ MADHYA PRADESH, JULY 8, 2009: When the need to improve their approach in running boardings was felt, the Dioceses of Gandhinagar and Indore looked to the Salesians for inspiration. Amrut Dhara animated the wardens of the Gandhinagar diocese in a two day seminar from June 1-2, 2009, and the wardens and managers of the Indore diocese in a four day seminar from June 26-29, 2009. The seminar was entitled effective boarding management. Fr. Isaac spoke of Software and Hardware in managing boardings. The Hardware pertains to the Structural Mechanisms that are made up of the Personnel who run the boarding along with the boarders, as also the Operational Systems that include the house system, the point system, the time-table, and activities that make up the programme of the year, what we could call the infrastructure. The Software pertains to the soul in the boarding ministry, which is nothing but the style or way of dealing with the young, what we Salesians call the Family Spirit along with the Preventive System. The inputs covered both these aspects to managing boardings. It makes little sense to have the infrastructure but have no relationship which enhances the well being of the young. It is worse when you have neither the infrastructure nor the soul. The said dioceses were serious in putting systems in place in their boarding ministry. Archbishop Stanislaus of the Archdiocese of Gandhinagar, and Bishop Chacko of the Diocese of Indore addressed their respective personnel, exhorting them to give their best in what they called a noble service to the young who pass through our Christian institutions. Both expressed their gratitude to this Salesian initiated service to their diocese.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Joseph Philip sdb NASHIK, JULY 8, 2009: The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results for the state of Maharashtra were declared on the June 25, 2009. It was a moment of great satisfaction and joy for the brothers of Divyadaan since the Ashram schools of the Talukas of Jowahar and Mokhda frequented by them performed exceptionally well for the second consecutive year. The brothers of Divyadaan used to go to these schools every Sunday to teach English especially to the tenth standard students. The brothers would go to ten different schools in pairs and not only train the students in academics but also spoken English and personality development. The SSC results of the schools that the brothers have been going to are as follows:

Ase = 89% Chas = 95% Dabhosa = 97% Gonde = 100% Hirve = 86% Kodala = 97% Nehalaya = 87% Pulsunde = 92% Sakre = 77% Zap = 95%

The brothers now encouraged and confident of the hand of God with them have restarted this apostolate with full gusto and enthusiasm. The hard work of the past two years, coupled with the support of the school authorities will definitely ensure another successful year for these schools. The school authorities are very pleased with the results and have expressed their gratitude towards the brothers and the Don Bosco Development Office.


Savio D’souza sdb PUNE, JULY 8, 2009: On the June 7, 2009, Bishop Thomas Dabre was installed as the Bishop of Pune Diocese and a month later; on the July 7, 2009, the community of Don Bosco Youth Centre was glad to have his Lordship celebrating the Eucharist. Memories do play a very interesting role in our life and so was it with our Bishop as he recalled the great Salesians who worked in collaboration with him in the precedent years when he was in Pune. In the homily, Bishop emphasized on giving importance to the word of God and catechesis thus helping our youngsters to know that the Eucharist includes the Holy Communion and listening to the word of God. After the Eucharist the community gathered together for a short felicitation held in the refectory which culminated with a solemn breakfast.The very presence of Rev. Bishop Thomas Dabre brought forth graces and made this day a remarkable one.


Ranald Lopes sdb CHHOTA, JULY 8, 2009: Don Bosco Skills Training Centre once again completed another three months course for new tailors. This time the completion was not just with needles and scissors but with a brand new sewing machines. The twenty four simple village who came in daily to learn tailoring and emboridery accquired a certificate at the successful completion of the course. The surprise factor of the course was that each of the women got a sewing machine through JDW-BMZ for themselves to begin a new home business in their own villages. Thanks to JDW-BMZ who sponsored this Integrated Programme, which is just one of the many programmes they have initiated. Surely women's empowerment is just a step away in Chhota.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Flovi D’Souza sdb SAVEDI, JULY 7, 2009: July 6 was celebration time at Don Bosco, Savedi. The feast of St. Dominic Savio was celebrated with its usual pomp and gaiety. The day began with the high mass, where the children participated with verve, gusto and devoutness in their singing and Mass responses. The school assembly soon followed, where the students saluted the “little giant” with songs, skits and dance. The feast is synonymous with the installation of leaders and the inauguration of the house system. Here the ceremony was vibrantly and colorfully organized with the sashes and flags flying high and the oaths taken with all earnestness. The programme ended with the Rector, in his speech, exhorting the students to imitate the “Lahan pun Mahan” saint. The day belonged to the boarders. After the school ceremony, their revelry began with the inauguration of the boarding house system which was soon followed by the assorted “lightening tournaments”. Their excitement reached the peak when they were treated to a surprise movie and a sumptuous supper. It was truly a day where the children will look back with fondness and look forward to many such celebrations.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Lynette Sequeira BORIVLI, JULY 6, 2009: The Feast of Dominic Savio was celebrated with a lot of fanfare and excitement in the Secondary Section at Don Bosco, Borivli today. The day began with a wonderfully animated Eucharistic Celebration for the Catholic students and a Prayer service for the non-catholic boys, at which the students were introduced to a few of the values practiced by the young Dominic Savio. This was followed by a short movie on the life of Dominic Savio which was very informative. The newly formed school band also entertained all the students with some foot tapping songs. Their lively singing helped to brighten up the festive mood of the day. After this, the students were divided into two sections. While the students from class V - VII enjoyed some wonderful outdoor games, the students of classes VIII - X tested their knowledge on the life of Dominic Savio through a game of housie based on the young saint's life. The batches and activities were then reversed. The morning ended with a small snack provided by the management. Once the students had their share of fun, it was time for the teachers to celebrate. The management decided to use this occasion to celebrate the wonderful SSC results and so the management and staff then enjoyed a few fellowship games, some dancing and shared a wonderful meal together. Our previous Principal Fr. Bosco D'Mello was also present to celebrate this wonderful moment with us and all the staff was happy to see him once again. Hoping our family here at Don Bosco, Borivli, always finds countless moments like these to celebrate our joy and togetherness.


Yogita H BORIVLI, JULY 6, 2009: The Pre-primary and primary section of Don Bosco High School, Borivli celebrated the feast of St. Dominic Savio on July 6, 2009. The celebration of the feast included a week full of enjoyment, fun and games followed by a coloring competition in which the children took active part. On the feast day a prayer service was conducted and a movie was shown to the children on the life of St. Dominic Savio. The feast day was lit up as the children came to school in colored clothes. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt about the young saint in a creative way.


Nerul Correspondent NERUL, JULY 6, 2009: An investiture is a ceremony to officially welcome a new person to a responsible post and bind him by oath to carry out the responsibilities handed over. At Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul the Investiture ceremony was held on July 3, 2009. Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Provincial; Fr.Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial; & Fr. Elson Barretto, Provincial Economer blessed the occasion. Fr. Michael Fernandes conducted the oath taking ceremony. This meaningful ceremony saw the school Leader Vanessa Almond; Nishigandha Bangal, the Assistant School Leader; the captains and vice captains of the four houses taking their oath to keep the school flag flying high. Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Elson conferred the scarves and the badges to the School Leader and Asst. School and to the House Captains respectively. Fr. Vivian, the Manager conducted the oath taking ceremony for the Sports captain and Fr. Monty, the school administrator conferred the badge upon him. The Prefects pledged to carry out their duty no matter how difficult the task. Fr. Anthony Fonseca, the Principal conducted the Candle lighting ceremony. Fr. Michael Fernandes addressed the children at the end of the ceremony followed by a thank you speech by Fr. Anthony. The feast of St. Dominic Savio was celebrated on July 6, 2009 at Don Bosco, Nerul. The feast, though falls on the May 6 was celebrated with bright enthusiasm today, on account of the students summer vacation then. A small skit that was enacted by the students of STD VII enlightened the students on the life and virtues of Dominic Savio. Fr. Vivian addressed the children on the occasion. The program ended with the school anthem.


Dennes Fernandes BORIVLI, JULY 6, 2009: The Bombay Catholic Sabha, St. John Bosco Parish Unit had their Annual General Body Meeting and award ceremony on June 28, 2009 in the Don Bosco School Hall after celebration of Holy Eucharist animated by the members of the Executive Committee. The proceedings of the evening commenced with Chairperson Mr. Raphael D’Souza, welcoming all gathered, followed by presentation of Annual Report of Activities by Secretary Angela D’Souza, and the presentation of Accounts by Treasurer Mrs. Anju D’Souza. The occasion was graced by Vice President of the Bombay Catholic Sabha, Mrs. Rita D’Sa, Inspector Kumbar and Inspector Awte of the local police station. The introductory addresses were followed by Ms. Blossom D’Souza being awarded the Model Youth of the year award for her over all personal growth and contribution to various social activities and activities of the parish, the Business women of the year award went to Mrs. Jenny D’Mello, carrying on business as printer and publisher. The presentation of awards was followed by recognitions for meritorious service and outstanding service to society. The Police Station of MHB Colony was recognized for the excellent services rendered by them led by Sr. Inspector of Police Mr. Krishnaji Gaikwad. Then came recognition of an outstanding young priest Rev. Fr. Warner D’Souza, Assistant Priest at Mount Carmel Church, Bandra for his proactive role in inculcating qualities of Active and Responsible Citizenship among the public. The recognition program culminated with honoring Rev. Fr. Alwyn Misquita, the Administrator and Assistant Parish Priest of Don Bosco Institute at Borivli for the transformation of the School and Church complex into an Institute of Complex activity. Speaking on the occasion, President of the Bombay Catholic Sabha, Mr. Dolphy D’Souza, congratulated the Sabha Unit for taking up unique projects of socio-civic relevance and also participating whole heartedly in the programs promoted by the Central Unit. The recognitions and speeches were followed by an entertainment program which comprised of a skit put up by the Youth and the members of the Sabha and games. The evening came to an end with the participants part-taking in the fellowship. The vote of thanks was delivered by Secretary Angela D’Souza. Over 100 members of the Sabha unit were present for the occasion.


Chris Valentino sdb MUMBAI, JULY 6, 2007: It was one big gathering of enthused family members at Don Bosco Provincial House, Mumbai, when eighty-seven people belonging to the Salesian Family assembled for the “Seminar on Common Identity Card and Common Mission Statement of the Salesian Family.” The gathering had representatives from the Salesians, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Salesian Co-operators, Past Pupils, Volunteers of Don Bosco and Sisters of Mary Immaculate along with their unit delegates.The seminar commenced with an audio-visual prayer moment animated by the very resourceful Fr. Glenn Lowe. This was followed by the official welcome to all the participants by Fr. Michael Fernandes, Provincial of the Mumbai Province. In his address Fr. Michael said, “All of us belong to one family… this is our family… hence we must feel open and welcome to come together, work together for the development of the society, especially the welfare of youngsters.” He invited the participants to a day of fruitful and reflective workshop on the need to think, act and be one family as Don Bosco envisioned his society to be.Fr. Elias Diaz then presented the historical perspective of the development of the Salesian Family from its inception by Don Bosco till date, with a well developed Power Point show.The first part of the seminar, “Common Identity Card of the Salesian Family’ was then spelt out with great lucidity and vivacity by Fr. Valerian Pereira, Professor of Salesianity at Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik. In his exposition Fr. Valerian said, “Don Bosco’s vision and life were shaped by the initial experiences he had as a youngster… he later wished to be a friend and father to the poor and the deprived… and thus began a movement of persons who would be his collaborators in his expedition to create good and honest, upright citizens. We all belong to this family of Don Bosco, drawing inspiration from him, and this is what he gives us our common identity…”The afternoon session was geared to the part of the seminar; ‘Common Mission Statement of the Salesian Family’ dwelt upon by Fr. Wifred D’Souza. He focused on the various aspects of the mission entrusted to the Salesian Family as a unit. He explained all the articles of the document.It was one big memorable family affair with great camaraderie, joviality and enthusiasm as the members interacted with each other and partook of the delicious goodies laid out at table. The Delegate for the Salesian Family, Fr. Elias Diaz, remarked with great joy… “I didn’t expect so many to turn up… they have overshot my estimation by over thirty-five…” He thanked Fr. Provincial for his encouragement and enthusiasm, the Provincial House community and especially Fr. Bernard their hospitality. He also thanked the speakers and all the member of the Salesian Family for their participation despite the heavy rains.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


MUMBAI, JULY 4, 2009: The afternoon of July 3 saw a large number of school dropouts, unemployed youth and housewives gather for the valedictory ceremony at Dharavi. The ceremony marked the closure of the Spoken English and Basic Computer classes that were held for a period of three months beginning April 1, 2009, by Don Bosco Development Society in collaboration with Ekvira Mitra Mandal as part of Don Bosco Tech. Those gathered had been a part of the three month long venture.In attendance for the function was the team from the Mumbai Development Office including Ms. Laxmi, the Computer facilitator; Ms. Nushrat, the spoken English facilitator and field worker staff Ms. Sanjeevani. It commenced with the welcome address by one of the students. She spoke about her experiences at the course. This was followed by a welcome song sung in English by a few students. A few more students came ahead to share their experiences. It was heart wrenching to see a simple housewife from the Dharavi slums speak in English. Though she stumbled for words in between she picked again from where she had stopped.Before the distribution of the certificates Fr. Savio Silveira encouraged the participants to take what they have learnt ahead. He mentioned that it wasn’t the end and that things had just begun for them. A hilarious skit in Marathi put up by the students followed. The skit had everyone present in splits. Participants sang an English song which was commendable and yet another participant sang ‘Itni shakti hamein dena data’- a Hindi bhajan. Ms. Surekha from the Mumbai team explained to the participants the objective of collaborating with Ekvira Mitra Mandal, after which the certificates were distributed. The students promised her to come back in a month’s time much more improved and to lead by example.The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Nushrat the spoken English facilitator. This three months program has benefited 160 students in all.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Bento D’Souza sdb AHMEDNAGAR, JULY 3, 2009: Rt Rev. Felix Archbishop Machado of Nasik confirmed 44 young adults at St Anne’s, Ahmednagar on June 21, 2009, in a colourful ceremony filled with vibrant music and a well-orchestrated liturgy. A day of preparations, complete with adoration and the Rite of Reconciliation, marked the build-up towards the event. A procession of to-be-confirmed was held to enter the Church after which the concelebrating priests and Bishop followed.The rite of confirmation began with the announcement of the names of the candidates by Fr. Anton, the Parish Priest. The Bishop preached a homily and exhorted the people of God to be aware of the privileges and responsibilities of the sacramental event in the life of the newly confirmed. This was followed by the laying of hands by the Main celebrant and the concelebrating clergy, the foreheads were anointed with oil and the liturgy continued. The singing expressed the harmony of cultures, in worship: Marathi, Hindi, English and Konkani. Fr. Anton thanked the many teams that worked in synchrony to bring a significant event in the lives of the children of the parish to fruition. After the Mass, the bishop reminded the people that this is the year of the Priesthood and that special prayers were needed for the holiness of Priests in the world as per the instructions of the Holy Father on the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sarita Rego BORIVLI, JULY 2, 2009: The Tagore house day was as bright as the colour yellow representing the yellow house. It was celebrated with great enthusiasm and creativity at Don Bosco, Borivli on July 1, 2009. An interactive event from which the students learnt a great deal about Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. The teachers and leaders of yellow house put in commendable efforts to make this feast a very successful and memorable affair for the Boscoites. The event consisted of an attractive PowerPoint presentation, a well executed quiz and a skit which took us back to the days of Rabindranath Tagore's life. Yellow roses were presented to the teachers after the programme. The presentation of two cycles to one of our most deserving student and our support staff was the cherry on the cake.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Royal D'souza KURLA, JULY 1, 2009: India’s status as a largely agricultural country with a growing population showcases that the demands on its limited natural resources are steadily increasing. Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), through its partner organizations, is involved in natural resource management, community organization and skills training in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. ‘Jal Academy’ is a new venture being launched by Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT) in collaboration with DBDS. The purpose of this Academy is to work out practical ways in which technology can be used for the benefit of rural people, especially in the sector of water. To understand the needs of the people in the villages and their problems with regard to water, DBIT sent 20 students and 7 teachers for an exposure camp to Gujarat and Ahmednagar, from June 21 to June 27, 2009.In Ahmednagar the group was based at Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra (BGVK), while in Gujarat they were based at the Don Bosco centres at Chhota Udepur, Kawant and Narukot. A key focus of the camp was to study existing water projects, so as to be able to design effective and low cost solutions to water problems, both, for domestic use as well as for agriculture. The students returned to Mumbai with several innovative ideas which they will work on during the year. The students are also planning to design a website for BGVK which will make people aware about projects like watershed development. The visit proved to be a good learning experience for the students and teachers. Thanks to the different centers which hosted the students and to DBDS for helping organize the entire camp.


Rickson Fernandes sdb LONAVLA, JULY 1, 2009: “I am the cloth you are the tailor, make of me a beautiful vestment for God” - Dominic Savio. Dominic Savio was like a kerchief in the hands of Don Bosco and allowed Him to mould his life. Therefore he has reached this height of Sainthood. The Apostolic boys of STD X inaugurated the Dominic Savio Novena on June 27, 2009 with the theme “The Spiritual Giant”: By placing themselves in the hands of their superiors the boys want to attain the same stature. Fr. Thomas D’Costa, the Rector addressed the boys, giving them a short life sketch of this ‘giant saint’. Speaking on the occasion he said that just as Dominic Savio was a support to his parents and understanding towards them, so also the boys should be understanding towards their superiors. In this regard a nine days programme is planned filled with spiritual activities, games and competitions and will culminate with the celebration of the feast mass on July 6, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. by Fr. Michael Fernandes our Provincial.


Cris Valentino sdb KURLA, JULY 1, 2009: Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla has a new man at the helm. Fr Adolph Furtado was officially installed as Rector of the Salesian Community at a meaningful para-liturgical ceremony on June 30 evening. Present at this momentous occasion together with Fr Michael Fernandes, Provincial, were the Salesian Confreres of DBCL, Fr Ajoy Fernandes, Vice-Provincial, and Fr Elson Barretto, Economer. Fr Adolph Furtado takes over the reins from the very dynamic and capable, out-going Rector, Fr Mario Vaz who after a stellar and accomplishment-packed stint of nine years is now moving on to greater knowledge-acquisition. Among the highlights of his momentous association with DBCL, Fr Mario picks up institution-building and empowerment of the disadvantaged as his major contribution and area of significance.
Prior to being appointed as Rector, Fr Adolph has served at DBCL Kurla in an administrative capacity and has been instrumental in building up networks along with simultaneous activities towards the growth of this landmark Salesian Institution. The change of guard at DBCL and the installation of Fr Adolph as Rector would not only ensure healthy continuity of the processes set in motion, but is being seen as a significant step forward in the right direction on the path to future progress in innovative technological excellence and human development at the DBCL Campus.
Speaking on the occasion, Fr Provincial described the role of the Rector in a Salesian community and expressed his hope that Fr Adolph would fulfil those requirements admirably, since he had the necessary pre-requisites.
With great eagerness and enthusiasm, the confreres and collaborators at DBCL wish Fr Adolph every success and bid a fond adieu to Fr Mario. The power-packed dream continues.......!