Friday, December 31, 2010


Greg Almeida sdb

KAWANT, DECEMBER 31, 2010: Disha Don Bosco organized a one day training programme on December 30, 2010, for the Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (VMC) members of the different villages in the Kawant Taluka, at Don Bosco Kawant from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., as part of the ongoing Governance Project. Of the hundred and ten VMC members who were invited for the workshop, eighty five persons were present. This relatively large turnout was a good indication that the village leaders are interested in knowing about the NREGS. The resource persons for the day were Mr. Shailesh Parmar and Mr. Sanjay Parmar from DRISTI. The topics that they covered were the roles and responsibilities of the committee members, functioning of the NREGS, Social Audits and problems related to Social Audits.  

The training programme began with a video film on a Social Audit that was held at Varnagaam, Dholka Taluka. This was followed by a presentation on the roles and responsibilities of the VMC members vis-à-vis the NREGS. It was surprising to note that some of the participants were not even aware that they were members of the VMC in their respective villages and had no idea regarding their role in this scheme. Mr. Shailesh explained in detail the functioning and responsibilities of the VMC members and how they should conduct a Social Audit. He gave examples of Sabarkanta Taluka, where people took the initiative of following up the social audits with the help of NGOs and this resulted in much benefit for the villages. Problems and difficulties related to payment, muster roles, work order and job cards were expressed by the VMC members. The resource persons answered their questions and also presented them with strategies to tackle these problems. Mr. Sanjay Parmar concluded the workshop with a film on Social Audits that was held in Sabarkanta Taluka by Unnati. The participants expressed their gratitude to DISHA Don Bosco for organizing this awareness programme.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 30, 2010: The Bible reminds & reprimands us, “If we do not serve the poor, God will send others to do so.” Seems like a prophecy of hope. Finally after seven years of expectation and hope for me & four years of waiting for approval for a CR license, Ahmednagar has its own community radio station pioneered by Snehalaya Foundation, whose Director is Mr Kulkarni. This community radio station has as its mission to help the poor articulate their voices and serves different strata of society. Many years ago, Fr William Falcao, Rector Don Bosco Savedi, with the approval from the then Provincial Fr Ivo Coelho and his council, had given the green signal for opening a Community Radio station, Radio Bee FM at Don Bosco Savedi. That did not happen, due to the first query from MIB that was unanswered by us, due to change of leadership & management. It was: Why did you start the NGO, Don Bosco, in Bhingar and now why are you in located in Savedi?

Now looking back, Nagar has a community radio station of its own, that will voice the feeling of the people at the grassroots. It took three and half years for Snehalaya to procure the license & deal with all the clearances from MIB Delhi, and seven queries to deal with, showing the resilience of the people of Nagar in achieving what they set their hearts out to do. In the survey taken of eleven hundred families conducted by Premraj Sarda College of Post graduate studies, the students of political science together with their lecturers arrived at the following findings:

1. Many people think that radio is only for entertainment and not for community building and connecting one human being with another neighbor.

2. Only thirteen per cent of the radio listeners are in Ahmednagar city.

3. Ahmednagar city has the maximum number of people who fall below the poverty line.(BPL)

4. Ahmednagar is a multicultural and multi-religious historic city.

5. Although the people are hardworking they are not able to maintain basic needs for their respective families. Facilities & schemes provided by the Government do not reach the grassroots.

6. There is lot of misunderstanding about AIDS/HIV and the people are not aware of their civic and social responsibilities, be it in regards to child labor, child marriage, civil rights and Right to information, etc.

7. Ahmednagar has its own problems but the harmony maintained by Hindus and Muslims is remarkable, the Christians group being the minority.

The installations of the studio has being done by Hemant Babu, of Nomad India Dahanu and setting up of the thirty foot tower to be installed by Global Industries, Pune. The launch will take place, being scheduled on January 13 at 12 noon at Dr Adkar Balkalyan Sankul, Landkar Mala, Balika Ashram Road. Two Padma-Shrees Kumar Ketkar and Baba Anna Hazare and other invited dignitaries are expected to attend.

Welcome to the launch of Radio Nagar 90.4 FM! For at last, it is our own community radio station, for it bears the stamp of our very own voices and identity.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


William Falcao sdb

WADALA, DECEMBER 29, 2010: The ONGC football tournament was organized for eight NGOs at Priyadarshani Park. The Shelter Don Bosco Football Team won the Under16 Football tournament defeating Magic bus by 4-1. Master Venkatesh Devraj scored three goals & Sonu Sahuji one goal against Magic Bus in the Finals. The Shelter Don Bosco team has being consistently trained in sports by Abhi Foundation. Various football & hockey coaching camps were organized in the summer and Diwali vacations. Exclusive training was conducted by professional coaches provided by Abhi Foundation. Shelter Don Bosco aims to introduce these children to different kinds of Sports in the coming year in collaboration with the foundation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Joaquim Fernandes sdb
MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2010: This Christmas, fuels your soul by introducing inspiring spiritual gospel music. This festive season Singer Brian Colaco takes your soul on the divine journey on, to encounter The Almighty by striking chords that render the heart.
Brian who began his journey as a songwriter without any formal lessons in music believes that the Holy Spirit himself has been his real Guru to make his tracks successful. Though he is inspired by western music, he infuses Indian flavors to his songs making it contemporary for everyone to enjoy. His gospel songs are a mix of Pop, Rock and Hip hop tunes but keeping a spiritual undertone to it.
His musical journey began after he had a divine experience of the Holy Spirit while attending a Youth retreat in Kerala in the year 1998. He gave his heart to Jesus and felt His divine master call to serve God's people through this talent.

The gospel music available on the site varies in its moods, you can choose a gentle soothing track like, "My God whom I adore" to a dynamic track like "Savior Come". The groovy track "For Him alone", has its charm in the blend of duet voices featuring Giselle and Joanne whose individual personalities give the song its character. The album “Savior Come” has been influenced by the book entitled "True Life in God" which speaks about the message of Christ to our present generation. The title song "Savior Come" resounds the cry of our soul longing for its Savior. The song has been composed by using Indian instruments like Sitar and tabla making it intense but easier to relate.
Speaking about his music, Brian says, “I serve God's people through my music”. Visit to download the songs


BIS Correspondent
MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2010: It was on December 19, 2010 that our dearest parish priest, Fr. Aloysious Furtado, completed forty years of priesthood and fifty years of religious life. It was indeed an auspicious moment for our parish as we thanked God for having blessed us with a wonderful gift – Fr. Aloo. The atmosphere was filled with thanksgiving, prayers and a heart full of gratitude.

The evening felicitations began at 6:30 pm with Fr. Aloo leading the gathering into prayer and invoking the Lords’ blessings at the Eucharistic table. The cultural programme organized by the parishioners followed the mass to felicitate the jubilarian for his accomplishments as a Salesian. The program began with the cutting of the cake by Fr. Aloo. Fr. Bernard then addressed the gathering and thanked Fr. Aloo for his wonderful and empowering presence in the parish community. A power point presentation that followed gave the audience a glimpse of the life of Fr. Aloo right from the days of his childhood till his journey as a Salesian. It was indeed a moment of awe and gratitude that the Lord worked so many wonders through his child. Next in line were voices from our very own Sunday school children which combined to form a song acknowledging Fr. Aloo as “The wind beneath their wings”. Thereafter, the Sunday school teachers poured out their feelings through the lines of poetry. The youth then enthralled the audience with an energetic dance number. Finally, some sweet memories were relived when ‘the good old choir of yesteryears’ trained by Fr. Aloo grouped together under Nicole to sing some beautiful Christmas carols.
The parishioners along with Fr. Bernard and Fr. Sanjay did make the evening for Fr. Aloo a JOURNEY WORTH REMEMBERING!


Bento D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 28, 2010: December is a wonder filled month, to pray, to love, to care to smile and celebrate and thank God for everything. Just six days to Christmas, on December 19, on a Sunday evening we had a prelude… The cold air was spiked with excitement.The Pumpkin House children dressed in angelic gold attire, stood to welcome at the altar-steps Fr Thomas D’costa who celebrated his Silver Jubilee at St. Anne’s festively decorated church. The choir began the introductory chant. Twenty concelebrants from far and near walked to the Altar to thank God for the gift of life and ministry of Fr. Thomas D’Costa. On behalf of the Satkar Committee representative, Mrs Padghalmal gave the introductory words.

Fr Michael Bansode, the Vice Rector & co-ordinator of the event, gave an erudite tribute to the successes, struggles and challenges faced by Fr Thomas against the background of his sacred God-experience. Fr Thomas officiated at the Eucharist. Fr William Falcao, Founder of Nagar Mission was the president of the Satkar celebrations in church. Fr Bento composed a catchy Silver Jubilee Theme song for the occasion and sang it with the entire church assembly. Mr Jacob Jadhav from DBCC presented a cake. Pumpkin House, the NGO for children in the parish gave color to the festivity by their appearance.
Fr Thomas thanked all the people and groups that made the event a memorable one. At the end of the evening on being interviewed on his feelings after the functions this is what Fr Tom had to emote:
“Every one planned well and worked on his own for the success of these celebrations without any supervision. The whole church from top to across was lined up with colorful streamers in the shape of a multi-coloured tent and canopy. The people prepared the Eucharist, animated the mass, and designed the offertory gifts to the event. The outpouring of prayers for me is tangible. ‘Gratitude is the feeling of a thankful heart’ aptly refers to my feelings at this moment. I am happy to have my Family to share my joy and participate in my apostolate here in this distant parish, especially this being a busy Christmas season. I feel honored by the parishioners. I was fortunate to have the High school Education officer of Ahmednagar District, Mr Khurange to be present with me. It is the end of twenty five years of ministry for the cause of God’s kingdom. It is also a new beginning for me. I have been blessed with a second life, so to say. I feel grateful, appreciated and overflowing with joy. The overwhelming mood in my heart is gratitude and gratefulness to both God and people. Indeed, the priesthood of my anointed ministry is shared by the people who own the ministry of the priesthood of the baptized. My priesthood is not a role, I play, it is my own very life.”

Thursday, December 23, 2010


BORIVLI, DECEMBER 23, 2010: The R-Ward of the education department - Mumbai, had organized a science exhibition at the S.V.P. School, Kandivli. As many as eighty schools had participated in it. It was amazing to see the young minds at work- the budding scientists of tomorrow.

Don Bosco, Borivli choose to do their project on AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY. We are really proud to have our school bag the second prize. It was marvelous to see our boys efficiently and confidently explain every aspect of the project. I must make a mention of the science teachers who let this happen. The boys had the unending support of Mrs. Pooja Kadam, Mrs. Charu Pujare and Ms. Diana Jimmy who constantly guided them. Thank you teachers and congratulations boys... You need an applaud!


NERUL, DECEMBER 23, 2010: On December 21, 2010, the children of Don Bosco, Nerul from Class I to IX went for their annual school picnic to Suraj Water Park. The children enjoyed themselves to the utmost in the various water sports provided.The picnic site was nearly one hour ride from the school and the children were very enthusiastic and noisy throughout the journey.

We started from the school at 9.00am and were back home by 6.00pm. The staff numbering around fifty including the Manager and Principal accompanied the children and were with them till the end of the picnic.


NERUL, DECEMBER 23, 2010: On December 20, 2010, Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul organized a Christmas day programme for all the children right from the Pre-Primary section to Class IX. The programme began with the Pre-Primary children dancing and enacting to the tune of Christmas Carols. We had a classical dance performance based onthe birth of Jesus Christ.

The Hindol Group performed a Ballet Dance and next we had children showcasing their talents by playing the keyboard and the guitar. After the programme Santa Claus made a grand entry and distributed gifts to the Pre-Primary children. Meanwhile the Primary section from Class I to IX proceeded to the playground. Santa along with his helpers then distributed gifts and sweets to all the children present there.


BORIVLI, DECEMBER 23, 2010: The Christmas season is here, bringing along the right amount of chill in the air. Every Christian home is busy preparing for the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. Decorations are in full swing. The ladies of the house are deep into sweet making and the youngsters, of course shopping.

But is Christmas all about this? It’s much beyond what we see. It’s more of what we feel and experience.

Our boys at Don Bosco High school, Borivli, celebrated the joy of X-Mas with fun, frolic and a lot of emotions. A tableau, well spaced with carols, subtly spread the message of our lord's coming. The music was indeed very festive. The happiness on the faces of all present was a proof of their gladness.

Wishing each and every one A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Loreen Fernandes
VIRAR, DECEMBER 23, 2010: The much-awaited Christmas bash for the year 2010 was held on Saturday, December 18 at the Resurrection church. The event was organized and managed entirely by the parish youth, assisted by the lay-coordinators.

The parish priest in his welcome address stressed that the message of Christmas is essentially the message of giving and sharing. A variety of games were enjoyed by both the children and the adults. The audience watched in rapt attention while children and youth of the parish put up a splendid dance performance on stage.

The dance session commenced with a round of Waltz, followed by a Jive session, Hip-hop numbers and Bollywood chartbusters that had the crowd glued to the dance floor. The highlight of the evening was the welcome arrival of jolly Santa Claus, who gave away gifts to every child. Prizes were given away at the end of the get-together, to the winners of the games and dance sessions.

Once again hats off to our youth, for after animating the parish spiritually with an advent vigil, they organized a cultural programme for the parishioners. They have, proved their capability in organizing mega-events so efficiently.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Cl. Joshua Alphonso

TILLOLI, DECEMBER 22, 2010: Christmas gives a great opportunity for people to share and care. It is a time for giving. Cls. Clarence Martis, Joshua Alphonso, Michael Gaikwad and Christovan Cardozo from the community of Divyadaan organized a Christmas get-together for about eighty boarding girls at the Nyana Jyoti Ashram, Tilloli which is run by the Assumption Sisters. The brothers go to teach English to the ninth standard boarding girls every Sunday. The get-together was a part of the Christmas celebration.

The get-together commenced with a prayerful moment to put all of us gathered in the presence of God. Cl. Michael brought alive the Christmas story by telling them how Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise that God had made to all people. The girls were enraptured by the message which was presented in a dialectic form and with magic. After the message, the girls exhibited their talent in dance and drama to present the Christmas story. The creativity of the girls was evident in their presentation. Their performance was spaced out with action songs. They then presented Christmas and New Year cards to the brothers for the community of Divyadaan and to the sisters who take care of them. The program was followed by snacks and party games. The games were exciting and it was a sight to see all the girls in such a lively mood. After the games, the prizes were distributed by Sr. Jaya, the superior of the institute. One of the girls came forward and thanked the brothers and the sisters for organizing the get-together.
At the end of the day the brothers felt enriched by the experience and were glad to have organized the programme. The response of the girls was very positive and their performance was well appreciated. We, the organizers, owe our special thanks to Fr. Savio D’souza, Fr. Anton D’souza along with the other fathers and brothers of Divyadaan for having given us the opportunity to make this Christmas get-together at Tilloli a special one. Long live the Newborn of Bethlehem!


MATUNGA, DECEMBER 22, 2010: The Sunday School children of the parishes of the North Mumbai Deanery came together for the “Choir Festival”, held at Don Bosco, Matunga, on Sunday, December 19, 2010, from 08.30 am to 12.30 pm.

We had a good turnout of hundred and fifteen children along with their twenty five Catechists.

We began the day with the Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Mathew Coutinho, sdb and Fr. Brian Moras, sdb, wherein he pointed out the real meaning of Christmas - “Christmas is bringing Christ back into Christmas”.

During the break the children filled up their tummies with delicious snacks. Hats off to all the teachers who took the initiative in preparing the children for this event and for heralding the birth of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ.

Each parish came with their own ideas and expressed the Christmas message through Carols, Skits, Dance & Musicals. It was clear from watching the children perform with their costumes and other accompanying stage material that much thought, preparation and practice had gone into what the audience enjoyed watching on the stage.

The compere for the event was Mr. Clint Braganza, from St. Paul's Dadar also an ex student of Don Bosco. The excellent way he conducted the whole programme shows that he has truly imbibed the Salesian spirit. Congrats Clint.


NERUL, DECEMBER 22, 2010: On the sunny afternoon of December 18, 2010, Don Bosco held its Fifth Annual Athletics meet 2010-11. The honorable chief guest for the day was the commissioner of Navi Mumbai police force Sir Ahmed Javed. He was escorted by the students to his seat. The programme started with a customary display of a disciplined march-past by four different houses led in front by the School Head prefect Jejoe Joseph carrying the school flag. The Chief Guest declared the meet open. It was followed by the school anthem and the torch run which symbolizes sportsmanship. The sportsperson’s prayer asking God to shower his blessings and seeking the spirit of true sportspersonship was followed by the sportsperson’s oath.

Then it was time for the colourful drill display. There were the beautiful butterfly, umbrella, flower and flag drill and the human pyramid. Next it was time for the athletic events. Marble and spoon, sack race, skipping race, 100m sprint, 200m sprint, 400m sprint and the relays were some of the races. All the races took place amidst children cheering for their houses and the parents cheering for their children. Then, there was musical chairs wherein the children cheered for their sportive parents. It was then time for the prize distribution; the first, second and third prize winners came out of the winner’s den with a smile on their face to receive their medals and certificates.

The individual championship trophies from each group were given away. The next prize to be given away was the Best March-past. The March-past was judged by the Chief Guest, Fr. Anthony Fonseca, the Principal and Fr. Vivian D’Souza, the Manager. The Best March-past prize was shared by the Green and the Blue House. The shield for the Best House was given away which was bagged by the Red House with a total of three hundred and thirty three points. The day had come to an end. The children and the parents dispersed after the National Anthem with smiles on their faces and fond memories.

Thus, it was a day of sportsmanship, a day where days and days of vigorous hard work and practice gave its colours as the sports day turned out to be a huge success.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Geraldine Rodrigues
MUMBAI, DECEMBER 21, 2010: The children of standard V along with their teacher visited the Helpers of Mary (Leprosy home) on December 18 to celebrate Christmas with them. There were fourteen children along with the teacher, two parents and a friend who had accompanied us to the Home. There were sixty children, three teachers and three sisters waiting to welcome us, they were happy to see children coming to visit them, even our children were happy to meet them. They children were divided into groups so that they could communicate with them. Our children decorated the place for Christmas. Then they had a talk on leprosy, where they were shown children getting cured from leprosy by taking medicine.

The Word of God was proclaimed from Luke 17: 11 – 18, “Ten men healed by Jesus”. Our children then performed a skit of the Gospel as a reflection and ended with an action song. The children then made Christmas cards for their friends.

We played a game with the children, after which we served them with snacks, cold drink and sweets.

The Children of the Jesus Club bid farewell to their friends at the Home leaving a big smile on their faces. It was a very good and eye-opening experience for our children as well.


WADALA, DECEMBER 21, 2010: Master Tej Bohara of Std VI won the Individual Championship Award in the u-12 category for his excellent performance at the MSSA Interschool Athletic meet which was held from December 17-19, 2010 at University grounds, Marine Lines.

He sparked like a thundering light on the racing track to keep pace with the momentum of his speed. Victory couldn’t wait to kiss his forehead as he achieved gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters race keeping the other champs of various schools behind.
The other members of the school athletic team put up a commendable show too by reaching the finals of their respective individual events.

Master Ajay Pardeshi of Std. IX excelled in Gymnastics. He won accolades during the state selection-federation held at BPCA in November. He bagged the gold medal in the team championship and bronze medals in Parallel bars, Floor exercises, Horizontal bars, Pommel horse and also an overall individual bronze medal. These achievements merited him a qualification for the state level competition at Balewadi, Pune.

At the recent MSSA Artistic Gymnastics Competition held on December 2, 2010, at BPC, Wadala he added more achievements to his journey of success. In the u-16 age group, he once again won bronze medals in Parallel bars and Floor exercises.

BIS #2190 JORDON CALL 2010

Reuben D’Souza
MATUNGA, DECEMBER 21, 2010: Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga celebrated ‘Jordan Call’ on Sunday, December 12, 2010, with hundred and sixty youngsters joining in for the same. Welcoming the participants, Fr. Brian Moras emphasized that the call of John the Baptist was very clear; a call to repent, to cleanse oneself, to change and embrace the right path, to ask for forgiveness, & to reconcile and put our lives back in order. We are celebratina God who forgives… This precisely was the objective of the Jordan Call.

Bro. Thomas Tekhnath shared an inspirational talk full of personal testimonies on the importance of keeping Christ as the focus of our lives.

Fr. Glenford Lowe conducted the touching session of examining one’s own conscience for our faults and failures, thereby leading us into a more meaningful approach to the sacrament of reconciliation which helped each one in making sincere confessions.

To bring the day to a fruitful end we had the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, who through his homily gave us a nouvelle perspective to Advent. As the word split goes ‘Ad’ and ‘Vent’. Ad refers to advertisement; just like any good advertisement promotes a product, we must do likewise in promoting Jesus. ‘Vent’ refers to giving out that is giving away generously love, peace and positive energies through virtues. Focusing on the gospel Fr. Godfrey brought to our awareness that today being the times of internet, we need to have the ‘www approach’…just like Zacheus did….Wait, Watch and Welcome Christ into your life.

Bibles were distributed to each of the participants following which Fr. Brian gave the vote of thanks. He finally invited the youngsters to look within themselves and be true to God’s call in their lives, inviting the participants to keep in touch with DBYS, Matunga and welcoming them for the future programs at the Youth Services.

We ended the day with camaraderie and a lunch together.

Monday, December 20, 2010


AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 20, 2010: Don Bosco Vidhayalaya, Savedi organized a three days sports festival from December 16-18. Students, boys and girls, from STD V to XI took part in a variety of games from track events, football, volley ball, basketball to kho kho and kabaddi. The teachers ensured the participation of all students.

It was a fun filled and enjoyable experience for the students to spend three days in school, without books and on their favorite sports field. The students could not have enough of it and after the final day too they kept asking for more. Fr. Blaise Fernandes the director of BGVK was the chief guest on the final day and in his message encouraged the students to use their potential to the fullest.


Conrad Saldanha
KURLA, DECEMBER 20, 2010: On December 9, 2010 delegates from Germany under the auspices of Exposure- undDialogprogramme e.V. a non-profit association working towards overcoming poverty and exclusion in the world met with representatives of Indian Industry at Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla, to dialogue on the following issues :

- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Skills Development in the Informal Sector
- Curriculum Development and Certification – ITI

The meeting was facilitated by Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla.

Fr. Adolph Furtado, Rector, DBCL welcomed all the guests and thanked especially the representatives of the Indian Industry for taking time off their busy schedule to attend this meeting.
The President of the German Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bernhard Steinrücke gave a brief but substantial overview of the activities of the German Chamber of Commerce in India.
A brief presentation was made by Mr. Conrad A. Saldanha, Principal Advisor, DBCL, on each of the issues mentioned above.

The Participants, then, based on their interests formed specific groups to discuss each of these issues.

The discussions were extremely engaging and lively. In fact the entire German delegation as well as the Indian Industry representatives expressed their total satisfaction for the entire program. Dr. Angelika Stauder, the coordinator of the entire program mentioned that “The dialogue on December 9 was very fruitful and it was a great pleasure to be involved in the preparation.” They felt a lot had been accomplished in a short time that was from. 3pm – 6pm.

The recurring themes which came up during the discussions and Plenary were as follows:

The pros and cons of a Government vs. Private partnership.
The need for increasing the interaction with industry
The structuring of the Course content which needs updation and a more practical orientation.
The need to have a certification at different levels which is accepted by industry and monitored.

Fr. Savio gave a vote of thanks to all those who were involved in the preparation of this meeting and dialogue.

The German delegation together with the Don Bosco team would be looking at how this Dialogue session could be followed up in a meaningful and constructive way.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, DECEMBER 17, 2010: December 16, 2010 was a day to remember and will be marked as a Red Letter day in the history of Bosco Boys Home. The Institute organized a Blood donation camp with the help of Red Cross Blood Bank Mumbai. Our young students of MoRD, Sankalp, and our own Bosco Boys donated their Blood generously.

Present for the occasion Fr. Ajoy Fernandes the Vice provincial spoke about the benefits of donating Blood now and then. He himself has donated Blood several times and encouraged others to do so; He related the incident of his Father when he was sick and required Blood how he came forward to Donate in spite of the Doctor refusing him. More than sixty students donated their Blood and were issued a card by the Red Cross. Fr. Anthony Santarita thanked all the donors and the development staff as well as the staff of Red Cross for introducing this good practice. The institute assured the Red Cross that they will conduct such camps for every new batch of Trainees.

“Blood is Precious Share It.”


Lavy A. D’Costa
KURLA, DECEMBER 17, 2010: A request from Fr. Ferrington sdb, delegate for Sudan and support from Fr. Savio Silveira sdb, CEO DBDOM spurred Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla in Mumbai to depute a five-member technical team comprising Fr. Colbert da Silva, Mr. G. A. Soman (Marine), Mr. Greg Miranda (Electronics), Mr. Richard Saldanha (Auto Maintenance) and Mr. Sanjiv Rana (Welding) to Sudan in the third week of October 2010. The trip to Sudan was indeed a first for the team and an extremely enriching experience.

Sudan officially called the Republic of Sudan is a country in northeastern Africa. It is the largest country in the Afro-Arab world and tenth largest in the world by area. The world's longest river, the Nile, divides the country between the eastern and western sides.

Blessed with a rich terrain Sudan has immense potential for a dramatic growth. The Mumbai team visited three Salesian run Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) - two in the North, one in the South. These institutes are in the forefront of equipping the youth with technical skills and expertise.

The warmth and hospitality of the Salesians, staff and students including the religious sisters was remarkable. They were ready to share whatever little they had.

The mission of the five-member team was to train the trainers, assess the facilities currently available at the Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) managed by the Salesians and recommend measures that could lead to better trained and skilled manpower alongside optimizing the use of their resources. The equipment and machinery in the VTCs of Khartoum, El Obeid and Wau could easily be the envy of many a technical institution the world over.

Enhanced external support to the Salesians who work under difficult conditions could script further success for the VTCs. The institutions have the inherent capacity to excel and unleash a powerful work force for the development of the country.

In recent times most youngsters are plagued with uncertainties about their future due to the referendum scheduled for January 2011 to decide the partition of Sudan into two countries. The team observed that despite this uncertainty the students graduating from the Salesian VTCs are grateful for the opportunities given to them. Coupled with opportunities and hard work the students can easily craft a successful career. Mr. G. A. Soman aptly commented that all the Salesian institutes they visited in Sudan were capable of scaling greater heights.

Confident that a bright future lies ahead for the youth of Sudan, which is blessed with enormous natural resources, the Salesians in Sudan despite the many challenges continue to carry out the work of Don Bosco with joy, optimism, dedication and commitment, a spirit that made an indelible impact on the team from Mumbai.

Back from Sudan, Fr. Colbert was excited to have experienced firsthand the networking of Salesians across borders. He opined that such ventures are a powerful and effective tool to help us Salesians appreciate the magnanimity and vastness of Don Bosco’s Mission for the young.


NARUKOT, DECEMBER 17, 2010: On December 15 the tailoring batch got employed in the company named RISHI. It was a moment of satisfaction for the technical staff and management to see the tribal boys getting an opportunity to build their life.
As per our agreement with the firm, an appointed person himself was sent by the firm to train our boys as per their requirement. He brought his German based machine and taught the boys stitching big gunny bags of export quality. The teacher Mr. Rejo, being a Christian himself was very much pleased with the performance of the boys, their discipline, their response and the spiritual nature.
The boys have got employed and we are now in search of many more young boys for new admissions who have cent percent job guarantee result.


Loreen Fernandes

VIRAR, DECEMBER 17, 2010: Every year, the parish invites a prayer group from Mumbai to animate the parishioners during Advent. This year, the youth of our parish took up the challenge and prepared the vigil. The youth, under the guidance of Fr. Augustine Pereira, conducted a Night Vigil, on December 12, 2010 from 7.00 pm – 11.00 pm.

Entitled, “The Vibrant Colours of Christ”, the vigil commenced with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by chanting of the Hindi Bhajan invoking the Holy Spirit. “The Lord’s Prayer” was well explained through the narration of a meaningful dialogue between a worshipper and God. The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit were explained with relevant scripture references by the use of audio-visual power point programme. The sacrament of Reconciliation was availed of by parishioners, in preparation for Christmas. The youth concluded the vigil with a lively action song.

The youth confessed that preparing the vigil was not just a learning experience for them, but a moment of spiritual renewal and growth in the knowledge and love of Christ.


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, DECEMBER 17, 2010: The spirit of sportsmanship is kept ever alive in every student of our school – thanks to the annual Sport’s festival. This year this event was held on December 10, 2010 on our school grounds. The grand day was packed with creative activities and sport events.

The special guests for the occasion were Master. Shyam Nayak, the SSC Sport’s topper and his parents. They were accompanied by the school Management team and the representatives of the P.T.A body.
After the hoisting of the school flag, the head boy Harsh Visaria took the solemn sportsman’s oath with dignity. This was followed by the sportsman’s prayer led by the assistant head boy Vardhaman Shah. The deserving sportsmen of the primary and the secondary section did the honors of carrying the sports flame, and thereafter lighting the torch to mark the symbolic moment of the sport’s ceremony.
The day was filled with events such as the March Past, the Primary and Secondary drill displays, Yoga display and Pyramids. The creative display of class floats ranging from the tiny tots of KG to the seniors of Std. X depicting the theme of the year ‘Nature - Our Treasure’, added to the enthusiastic spirit reigning on thefield. The competitions in different sports provided an opportunity for all the students to display their affection and passion for their respective houses through a whole- hearted participation in the varied disciplines.

Championship awards were awarded to the winners of the different categories. However, the award winning house for the year was the Green house – a coincidence of sorts in keeping with the ‘Green’ theme of the festival! The sport’s festival was brought to a close with an enlightening speech by Fr. Rector and the extinguishing of the sports flame. Long live the glory of sport!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Neelam Rodrigues
MUMBAI, DECEMBER 16, 2010: It was indeed our children's day out as our boys went for an outing on December 10, 2010. It was an exciting experience where they spent time together with their friends. Our middle school went to 'Suraj Water Park' while the senior boys enjoyed at the 'Great Escape'. The happiness was written bold and clear on their faces as they dived into the water. Though there was a slight chill in the air, the warmth of their friendship kept them going. It was nice to see their teachers enjoy the rides with them. The comfortable rapport between them was evident. How we wish that these children never grow up!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Henry D’Souza
The Senior Citizen’s Association of Don Bosco Parish, Baroda, was formally inaugurated on Sunday December 12, 2010, after the morning Mass, by Fr. Nelson Carvalho, the Parish Priest and Spiritual Director. Many persons out of about hundred and twenty five senior citizens in the parish attended the meeting and formed an ad hoc core group that will chalk out the activities for the Association including reaching out to other senior persons who have not yet registered their names.
 It was decided that the senior citizens with their vast experience will cooperate in all Church activities and the Christmas programme. The special Mass for the sick and aged of the parish on December 27 will be animated by the Senior Citizens followed by a small Christmas get-together in the parish hall.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Leon Cruz Ratinam sdb
PUNE, DECEMBER 13, 2010: A seminar on the Salesian Constitutions was organized from December 10 to December 11 at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Pune. Around forty Salesians participated in the seminar animated by Fr. Chrys Saldanha who was very logical, lucid and well versed with the matter. Fr Chrys acknowledged, right at the beginning, that it was impossible to reflect over the entire constitutions in such a short time. Therefore the inputs dwelt on those parts of the constitutions that very deeply and clearly affected our identity and life as Salesians.

The sessions covered the following areas in a systematic manner: i) Who are we? (Art 1-7) ii) Salesian Priests and Brothers iii) The Salesian Spirit iv) Our Salesian Charism v) Our service to the young vi) Education closely tied in with evangelization vii) The Salesian Family viii) Community life ix) The fraternal and praying community x) Community plan xi) Apostolic community xii) Obedience, Poverty, Chastity xiii) Spiritual Direction and xiv) Formation.

The sessions were not mere input sessions but after each session meaningful questions and clarifications made the sessions interactive. All the participants appreciated Fr. Chrys for his mastery over the topics and were re-vitalized with Salesianity.


Avison Fernandes sdb

DIVYADAAN, DECEMBER 13, 2010: The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the period from August 12, 2010 to 11 August 2011 as the International year of the Youth. In this year of the Youth, the second year B.Ph students organized a symposium entitled Youth and the Culture of Death … Towards A Christian Response on December 11, 2010 in Divyadaan Nashik.

The symposium began with a prayer service followed by lighting of the lamp. After this, Rev. Fr. Savio D’Souza, the Rector of Divyadaan warmly welcomed the gathering and reminded everyone that we are surrounded by the gift of life given by God - Divyadaan. He further congratulated the second year B.Ph brothers for all the efforts they had put in. The words of welcome were followed by a video presentation which highlighted that the Culture of Death which is prevalent in our society. After this the moderator, Cl. Rohan Pinto, introduced the speakers of the day.

The first speaker Cl. Rudolf D’Souza explained the meaning of the term, Culture of Death as penned down by our late Pope John Paul II. The second speaker Cl. Denver D’Silva spoke on the subject: the manifestation of the Culture of Death among today’s youth. In his presentation he stated the causes and consequences of the Culture of Death and he finally exhorted that we need to do something before we arrive at doom’s day. The third speaker Cl. Clement Mathera enlightened the gathering on the topic ‘An attempt towards a Christian response to the culture of death among youth. In his talk, he plunged deep into the message given by His holiness Pope Benedict XVI “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in faith” (Col 2:7), on the Twenty-Sixth World Youth Day to be held in Madrid, Spain in August 2011.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion and thereafter a vote of thanks was presented by Cl. Avison Fernandes. He specially thanked Rev. Fr. Felix Fernandes who guided and supported the brothers in their endeavor. The day ended with a video presentation of the song – we need to get the basics of life.

For the second students of philosophy this symposium was not just another intellectual exercise but a help in group gelling and bonding. Kudos! Dear second year B.Ph brothers you did a wonderful job.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Funeral Announcement - Bro. Thomas Puthur

Br. Thomas Puthur sdb
Bro. Thomas Puthur, 76, (Don Bosco Lonavla), passed away peacefully at 03:00 hours on 12th December 2010 at the Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri.

The Holy Eucharist and burial will be held on Tuesday 14th December 2010 in Don Bosco, Lonavla at 15:00 hours.

The mortal remains of Bro. P.M. Thomas will be kept at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga on 14th December between 09:00 and 11:00 hours to all those who would like to pay their last respects.

Kindly pray for the repose of his soul and the bereaved members of the family.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Patrick Corda

BORIVILI, DECEMBER 11, 2010: On December 10, 2010 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute inaugurated the Fourth batch of Accenture and Taj Hotels Sankalp Hotel Management Course project. The programme started in the morning at 11.00 am with the lighting of the Lamp by Fr. Anthony Santarita (Director BBH), Mr. Marshal Dias (Human Resources Manager Hotel Taj President Vivanta), Fr. Thomas Bastin (Administrator BBH), Mrs. Flora Castellino (Assistant- Administrator BBH), Mr. Daynand Patil (Coordinator Development office BBH), Mr. Sanjay Mehta (Faculty MoRD BASE), Mr. Sachin Pyati (Faculty MoRD BASE) and Mr. Patrick Corda (Faculty MoRD BASE).

Fr. Anthony Santarita welcomed the students and as the director of the institute shared his concern and the support that he would like to provide on behalf of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute. He mentioned how the training will benefit them and the job opportunities that a city like Mumbai was offering. He mentioned few examples that the students of the last batch had shared with him. He also informed them that how Accenture & Taj Group of Hotels with DB Tech was supporting this project. He wished them all success.

Mr. Marshal Dias then appreciated the decision that the students had taken to learn Hospitality that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute along with Accenture & Taj Group of Hotels & Palaces had created looking into the ongoing craze into the Hospitality world. He also mentioned that the Taj Group of Hotels were proud to have students working with their organization which is spread all over India. He then wished them success for the three months training programme.

Fr. Thomas Bastin welcomed all the students and introduced himself with the job responsibility that he was appointed for; he informed the students that this was a golden opportunity that an institute like Don Bosco with the help of the other partners had planned for the Underprivileged Marginalized, and Drop Out youth of Mumbai City. He informed them about the last batch experience and how they have benefited with the training programme and are now working in different organization respectively.

The MoRD students then presented a folk dance which was really impressive, the function ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Dayanand Patil coordinator of the project thanking Fr. Anthony Santarita. Mr. Marshal Dias and the entire team of Sankalp assured to put in their best to give the students their cent per cent in molding them in the three months Training programme, for the opportunity that Don Bosco Technical Training Institute had provided.

The entire programme was well arranged by Mr. Dayanand Patil.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Selvin Paul
WADALA, DECEMBER 10, 2010: It all began with a short lecture by our class teacher and E.V.S. teacher, Mrs. Padmini, on the menace of plastic pollution. It was quite easy for her to convince us to take up activities to bring about awareness among the public against overuse of plastic. Plastic is a non-degradable substance and plastic pollution is caused because it keeps accumulating. Thus we need to convince people regarding its dangerous effects. Charity begins at home. Every day our parents bring about four to five plastic bags from vegetable vendors, grocery stores etc. In order to rectify this mistake, our teacher suggested that we educate our parents about the plastic pollution.
To avoid plastic pollution at global level we should first avoid using plastic at our homes. Hence we came up with an idea to influence our parents. We planned to bring non-plastic shopping bags made of materials like jute, cloth, rexin, paper etc. We exhibited these alternate shopping bags on December 3, 2010 which was our school's open day. This was a perfect opportunity for us to convey this message to our parents. The response from our parents was positive. It was a small step towards convincing our parents to stop using plastic. Thank you dear parents for walking with us along this journey.


Fr. Isaac F. Arackaparambil, sdb
KAPADVANJ, DECEMBER 10, 2010: DB Tech is a network of hundred and twenty five Don Bosco skill training centers spread across twenty five states in the country making it the largest NGO engaged in livelihood training in India. All the centers provide employment-linked, market-oriented vocational training of short duration to the economically and socially marginalized youth. DB Tech has joined hands with the Ministry of Rural Development (MORD), Govt. of India, to impart vocational training to forty thousand youngsters over the next three years.

In July this year, Kapadvanj Don Bosco Society had started one domain under the DB Tech - MORD enterprise wherein it ran an IT Data Entry Course and English Speaking Course for the youth of Kapadvanj Taluka who are below the poverty line. Through this project we have recruited, skill-trained and placed these youngsters in a job to provide for their livelihood.  The first batch had twenty seven students who successfully completed the three month training offered at the centre.
December 9 was an uplifting day as Kapadvanj Don Bosco Society had the inauguration of the second consecutive batch of students numbering thirty two, who have registered for this vocational training course. Present at this function was the MLA of Kapadvanj Constituency Mr. Manibhai Devjibhai Patel who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest; Mr. Khemchandani, DDM Nabard; Sr. Lavita D’souza, Director of the Social Projects at Pushpanjali Dakor; Fr. Mayank Parmar, Director Don Bosco Rural Integral Social Training Institute and Co-ordinator of MORD at Kapadvanj; Fr Isaac Arackaparambil, Director of Amrut Dhara: Don Bosco Animation Centre Kapadvanj; Social Staff together with the past and new batch of MORD students with a few parents and other invited guests.
In his welcome address to the assembly, Fr. Isaac gave a gist of Don Bosco’s mission for the poor youth and emphasized that Kapadvanj Don Bosco Society not only skill trains the youngsters in particular trades, but also offers life skills for a healthy and holistic existence.

Mr. Kemchandani expressed that he considered poverty a more deadly disease than cancer, and that the youngsters who were availing of the courses should use it as a stepping stone to alleviate their situation of poverty.

Mr. M.D. Patel in his speech said that while it is true that youngsters faced with poverty are economically backward, they should capitalize on the power of the mind. He also referred to people like Jamshedji Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani who in fact began very poor but made it big in life.
A few of the students of the first batch shared their success stories of how having been unemployed for a while after their schooling, they found their way in life by availing of the courses run by the MORD domain at Don Bosco Kapadvanj which trained and helped recruit them in companies.
Following this Mr. Patel, Mr. Kemchandani and Sr. Lavita distributed the certificates to the students of the first batch who had successfully completed the course, and Fr. Isaac with Mr. Sanjay and Sr. Lavita distributed the Identity Cards to the students of the new batch marking it as an official inaugural moment for the training ahead.

The students of the new batch put up a song and a short skit on the evils of addiction under the coordination of Mr. Sanjay Parma their trainer.

The function concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Fr. Mayank Parmar.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Crystal D’Mello
BORIVILI, DECEMBER 9, 2010: On December 5, 2010, the youth of our parish were invited to actively participate in the Parish Youth Day (PYD). We began the day by celebration of the Eucharist which was animated by the Youth. After Mass, we assembled in the school hall for the programme planned by Rev. Fr. Allwyn. The programme commenced with the most powerful prayer Jesus taught us - The “OUR FATHER”. The entire programme was well presented with a power point presentation in the form of prayers, songs etc. One of the memorable songs named “Courage to stand firm” was magnificently presented.
During the first session, Fr. Allywn spoke about – “Journeying with the youth”. He emphasized that Youth is a crucial stage of life and one needs to understand and handle it carefully at every step. One needs to hold one self with dignity, respect ourselves as well as others equally, and never change the way of thinking’.
“CHALTA HAI, CHALNE DO, DHAKKA MAAR KE START KARO, AGAR START NAHI HOTHA TO CHOD KE CHALE JAO”: This should not be the way to behave in life. One should change one’s mind set. Only then will we be able to concentrate on our work and be successful in life. Incidentally, this year has been declared as the ‘Year of the Youth’.
Our speaker for the second session was Fr.Ronnie. His words also inspired us and the main theme he spoke about was ‘Self fulfillment and Transcendence’. Later, he spelt out and explained each letter of the word YOUTH. -

Our next session consisted of a presentation of SYS that is Salesian Youth Spirituality. Here we were told about;
1. Enabling youngsters to discover their potential.
2. Being faithful to our principles of life:
3. Promoting Personal Integral Development:
4. Growing deeper through dialogue:
5. Commitment to social and political development –

Our post lunch session included indoor games conducted by Miss. Fiona Gomes. It was quite interesting, enjoyable and all of us participated enthusiastically. We concluded the day with a short prayer.

I was delighted to attend such a programme in our parish. I hope and pray this continues in a periodic manner so that all youngsters utilize these inputs and put them in their day to day life for a bright and better tomorrow


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, DECEMBER 9, 2010: On November 24, 2010 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute inaugurated the second batch of MoRD BASE project. The programme started in the morning at 11.00 am with the lighting of the Lamp by Fr. Anthony Santarita (Director BBH) Fr. Thomas Bastin (Administrator BBH) Mrs. Flora Castellino (Assistant- Administrator BBH) Mr. Daynand Patil (Coordinator Development office BBH) Mr. Sanjay Mehta (Faculty MoRD BASE) Mr. Sachin Pyati (Faculty MoRD BASE) Mr. Raju Jaiswal (Faculty MoRD BASE) and Mr. Patrick Corda (Faculty MoRD BASE).Fr. Thomas Bastin welcomed all the students and introduced himself with the job responsibility that he was appointed for; he informed the students that this was a golden opportunity that an institute like Don Bosco with the help of the government had planned for the tribal youth of Jawhar Whada. He informed them about the last batch experience and how they have benefited with the training programme now working in different organization respectively.

Fr. Anthony Santarita welcomed the students and as the director of the institute shared his concern and the support that he would like to provide on behalf of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute. He mentioned how the training will benefit them and the job opportunities that a city like Mumbai was offering. He mentioned few examples that the students of the first Batch had shared with him. He also informed them that how the Government with DB Tech was supporting this project.

Sanjay Mehta explained the entire project of MoRD BASE and how the tribal youth can take benefit it. Sachin Pyati, Patrick Corda, and Dayanand Patil welcomed all and spoke few motivational words, in our Midst we also had Keshav Bhosare an alumni who shared his experience that he had while he was training in the institute.

All the three Domains then presented their folk dance which was really impressive, the function ended by 12.30 where one of the students gave a vote of thanks, thanking Fr. Anthony Santarita and the entire team of MoRD BASE and assured that all will put in their best for the opportunity that Don Bosco Tech had provided.


WADALA, DECEMBER 9, 2010: After a long break of Diwali vacations, the students of St. Joseph’s were ready for some more recreation and fun. It was picnic time!

On November 26, the students of the primary section left to explore the land of Tiku-ji-ni wadi, whereas, the students from Std. V -VIII left for Suraj water park. The students were elated as they engaged in a sing-song session, anshared snacks d interacted with one another during the journey.

Upon their arrival at the picnic spots, the students lost no time to don their swimming suits and dived into the pool. The inviting water-sprays and slides were tempting and irresistible! After a fun-filled splash in the pool, a sumptuous lunch was served. The students feasted on noodles the most and even returned for a second helping. Thereafter, they left to enjoy in the pool once again.
The students of Std. IX left for an overnight picnic on November 25 to ‘Silent Resort’ at Palghar which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It was indeed a peaceful outing and a break from the never-ending study schedules. They enjoyed in the pool, played exciting games and feasted on delicious food. They returned to school on November 26 in the evening after an enriching experience.
On December 3 after the Open Day, it was a day off from studies for Standard X. They made their way to Kumar Resort, Lonavala, at 2 p.m. On reaching their destination, the students feasted on delicious snacks and were eager to jump into the mesmerizing pool. An exciting recreation awaited them. It was the Disco Night. The students and teachers danced and enjoyed together. The next morning there was swimming, water slides, and games such as football and handball. Soon it was time to leave, and after having enjoyed a relaxed overnight outing, they were on their way back home.
The class picnics were indeed joyful and memorable days both for the staff and the students- it was a chance to chill out together!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVILI, DECEMBER 8, 2010: Rev. Fr. George Carlos celebrated his silver jubilee, at Don Bosco, Borivli. The day started with Fr. Carlos celebrating the Holy mass for the boys. What was more appealing was to see his family, especially his mother, being present amidst us to share his happiness. That was followed by a very appealing cultural program in the school hall. It felt good to see the man beaming with happiness and joy.

Father, it is our true and hearty wish as we pray to the almighty to bless you and keep you as happy and joyful as ever.
May you truly bloom wherever you are planted!!!


Michael Gaikwad sdb
DIVYADAAN, DECEMBER 8, 2010: A two day seminar on the Constitutions of our Congregation was held in Divyadaan on the theme – “Returning To Don Bosco” – by Fr Chris Saldahna from the formation department on December 6 and December 7. The seminar was attended by hundred priests and brothers, who comprised of the students of the philosophate, practical trainees and priests from around the province.
The seminar began with a prayer to the Holy Spirit and words of welcome by the Rector of Divyadaan, Rev. Fr Savio. Fr Chris then invited all the participants to question the reason for the seminar on the Constitutions. He stated that the prime reason for this seminar was that the Constitutions mirror the life of Don Bosco and has in it his thoughts and mentality in forming our Society. The second motive being that by living our constitutions we follow Jesus in the way Don Bosco showed us. The seminar had seven sessions reflecting on important themes in the constitutions. In each session Fr Chris presented the text of the articles, followed by reflection and clarification of thought.

Fr Chris led the gathered assembly to reflect on the Salesian Spirit that has the pastoral love of Jesus at its focus. He emphasized that the preventive system is the synthesis of our charism with Don Bosco as our model. The kind of service we render in the church is of a two fold dimension of education and evangelization. This means to work with young people to bring about God’s saving plan. Fr Chris also stressed on our work as being primarily of consecrated nature and of being of witness value to the world and especially the young. He also enumerated for us the meaning of fraternal and praying community life, common mission orientedness and drawing up of community and pastoral plans.
On the second day Fr. Chris helped us reflect on our vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. He mentioned that the vows are not only for us, but for the whole church; a sign of witness of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. He also dealt with the delicate area of Spiritual Direction. Spiritual Direction, he said, is first and foremost a faith in the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. It simply being a matter of humbly accepting the way God has chosen to deal with us human beings.
The day ended with an important paper presented by Fr. Chris on ‘Formation,’ which ought to lead us to an experience that deepens us and leads us to transformation. The goal of formation is being a consecrated, Salesian priest or brother. He also spoke on personal responsibility and that formation never ends but is an ongoing formation.
Fr. Chris achieved a Herculean task of leading us to reflect on the Constitutions; challenging us to return to Don Bosco.