Wednesday, September 30, 2015


by Dakshayani Madangopal

HYDERABAD, SEP 30, 2015: The Hyderabad leg of the teacher training programme on substance abuse- identification and prevention- was organised on September 25, 26 in association with Father T D John of the Don Bosco Navajeevan Rehabilitation Centre, Ramanthapur. 

Over 40 participants attended the two- day programme.

In his inaugural speech, Father Sudhakar emphasised the magnitude of the problem and the need to tackle it on a war footing. 

Pre-workshop forms were distributed to understand the extent of the participant's knowledge about the topic, prior to the training. 

The sessions on day one began with Dr Mohan Roy, professor of psychiatry at the Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, speaking about drugs, types of drugs, consumption behaviour and effects on human organs, tolerance and withdrawal. 

He said that the average age of first consumption of liquor in Kerala is 13 years, although the legally permissible age is 18.  

While talking about cannabis consumption, he said that it induced a dreamy state with a tendency to fantasize, caused perceptual and sensory distortions, restlessness, fear and even panic. 

He stressed the need for more de-addiction centres and awareness programmes, while also highlighting issues with regards to 'going cold turkey' and substitution therapy.

The second day featured Swapnil Pange, psychologist and counsellor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai who through a number of interesting activities covered types, reasons, signs, symptoms and consequences of substance abuse, and most importantly, the role of teachers. 

Since the vulnerability to substance addiction starts at an early age, it is important to initiate talks about the ill- effects of substance abuse at a younger age at homes, as well as in schools, before it gets too late. 

Protective factors such as self acceptance, supportive family, saying no to drugs, caring relationships, law abiding behaviour and avoidance of delinquent peers needs to be strengthened. 

Pange also suggested that the teachers should not take up the role of a professional counsellor but instead refer the child to the school counsellor or to a professional, working with drug addiction. 

Before concluding, the teachers reiterated their commitment to take the programme further to different schools.

The session ended with all the participants filling the post-training forms, following which certificates of participation were distributed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


by  Nelson Mudaliar

LONAVLA, SEP 29, 2015: Over 200 students participated in the Inter-School Table Tennis tournament held at Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Lonavla on September 26.

The event was organised in a bid to foster a spirit of friendship between students of the different schools.

The competition was held for students of the under 14, under 17, under 19 age groups.

The event began with a short prayer service and Father Solomon Rapol, the Rector, spoke about the virtues of being a sportsman. He emphasised that winning and losing was not the aim of this tournament, but peace.

Planning for this event began a month ago and Dinesh D'Souza, Brother Bryce Fernandes and Brother Nelson Mudaliar joined forces to ensure all arrangements were made for a successful tourney.

Six new tables, sponsored by Krishna Kotak, were placed in the Top hall and two new champion tables were placed in a room close to the Top Hall.  

Sunil Palekar, Father Solomon and Father Leslie distributed prizes to the winners.

Father Leslie thanked the main sponsors, namely Krishna, Sunil Palekar, Lunavat and Deepali Gawli, for their contribution to the tournament. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015


by BIS Correspondent

NAVI MUMBAI, SEP 24, 2015: 250 students vied for top honours at the Don Bosco Decennial Year Sports Fest, which was organised by Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul on September 18 and 19.

The Sports Festival gave the students a platform to showcase their talents on the field. They locked horns in a number of sports ranging from Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis and team games such as Basketball, Football and Kabaddi.
Father Bonnie Borges, the Manager, Father Anthony Fonseca, the Principal and the Supervisors were the Guests of Honour for the opening ceremony which was held on the first day.

Physical education teachers - Shailesh Jadhav and Jyotsna Chauhan – and physical education students from standard 11 were instrumental in organising the event. It helped to instil values such as dedication, accountability and teamwork in the students.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


by Doctor Susan Mathew

KOLKATA, SEP 23, 2015: The Don Bosco Research Centre's (DBRC) training programme for teachers on substance abuse was held in Kolkata on September 19-20, at Don Bosco NITIKA. 

Doctor Devapriya Mallick, Director, Human Development and Research Institute, Kolkata, co-ordinated with teachers from various schools across the city; together with Don Bosco NITIKA, that provided logistical support and catering services, for the two day training programme.

Over 50 teachers participated, with sessions handled by Doctor Tinni Dutta, professor of psychology at Asutosh college and Jayita Das, programme manager, Human Development and Research Institute. 

The resource persons touched upon important aspects of substance abuse like prevalence, patterns and the need to address it from a young age among children. 

Regarding gender differences in substance abuse, men had more access and were more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana than women; while women were addicted to sedatives as a means of coping with stress and the trauma of physical and sexual abuse. 

Substances mostly abused by school students were alcohol, brown sugar, dendrite, ganja and tablets. 

Children below 15 years were the high risk group as 63 percent were found to be substance abusers. 

The session also dealt with legal aspects as well as punishment for illegal use of substances. 

The role of schools and teachers in identifying, handling the problem and preventive measures were made clear to the participants through theoretical inputs accompanied by activity sessions. 

Das emphasised the need to look out for signs and symptoms and the protective factors that could help children from falling into the cycle of substance abuse. 

It is important that teachers and parents communicate with each other and share their children's problems, integrating drug education in the curriculum, establishing and maintaining a healthy atmosphere at home and in school. 

Writing to sports personalities not to endorse tobacco or alcohol products, communicating to film, television and magazine producers and editors not to promote tobacco or alcohol use in their scripts, creating anti-drug art projects for display around the school and helping revise the existing school drug policy or curriculum were other important recommendations suggested. 

Activities to strengthen the understanding of the role of teachers, parents and friends was conducted by Veena Sharma, DBRC.  

Susan Mathew, DBRC  conducted a recap of the training programme and  the way forward for teachers at their respective schools.

Pre- evaluation and post- assessment forms were collected from the participants to gauge their level of understanding before and after the training, and certificates were distributed to all the teachers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


by Jerry VM

NASHIK, SEP 22, 2015: Twelve teams from various oratories in and around Nashik participated in the annual Oratory football tournament held at Nashik on September 20.

Divyadaan and Salesian Training Institute, Nashik organised the tourney; and teams comprising of boys who frequent the various oratory centers on Sundays participated.

The event was centered around the theme 'Sadev barobar Don Bosco', which translates into 'Forever with Don Bosco'.

The incessant rains did not prove a dampener as teams vied for top honours. Before the first whistle blew, Father Lloyd Rodrigues quoted Don Bosco and exhorted the participants to enjoy themselves to the fullest, at the same time to make sure to avoid sin in any of its form.

He also briefed participants on the purpose of partaking in such events. The teams were divided into two pools, from which four teams would make it to the semi-finals.

Japtawadi lifted top honours by defeating Lankesh, 2-1, in the final.  

Father Savio Silveira , the  Vice Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai, was the chief guest for the final match.

He said that winning was not the only purpose for such events being held; but that it provided an educative role as well.

Father Silveira gave away the prizes to the winning team.

Adharsh from Lankesh won the award for the Best Player, while Siddharth from Ganeshnagar was named the Best Goal-keeper.  Shuban from Japtawadi won the Golden Boot for being the top-scorer. 

Monday, September 21, 2015


by Ashwini Gupte

MUMBAI, SEP 21, 2015: Don Bosco High School, Matunga had a special visitor- the Bombay Salesian Society Provincial, Father Godfrey D'Souza, as part of his annual visitation on Sep 16.

Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes announced the jubilant news that the school was ranked  among the top 10 schools in the Mumbai East Zone by the Hindustan Times newspaper. 

Father Fernandes introduced the Provincial as a kind-hearted yet firm erudite gentleman, tech-savvy yet one who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life such as music and song.

Class IX C animated the morning assembly during the visitation. September 21, being International Day of Peace, the class depicted the real-life story of Sadako Sasaki and the thousand paper cranes. 

Sasaki, was a young Japanese victim of the Hiroshima bombings.  She was only two when the atomic bomb exploded less that 2 kms from her house. Though she had no visible injuries then, years later at 12, she was diagnosed with leukaemia-  attributed to the radiation exposure- to which she finally succumbed. 

While she was hospitalised for treatment, she spent all her time in bid to attain a wish, after the famous Japanese legend that promises to grant a wish to anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes.

For the assembly, class IX C, prepared a backdrop that displayed the image of her statue at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which reads:This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.

Provincial D'souza told the students that peace begins with each of us. Through the story of Abraham Lincoln, Father D'souza illustrated how we can destroy our enemy by winning him over with love.

Father D'souza then attended a cultural programme by the school's primary section. 

The visitation concluded with the Provincial meeting the staff, as well as the non-clerical staff.


by BIS Correspondent

NAVI MUMBAI, SEP 21, 2015: The Don Bosco Development Centre and Don Bosco Oratory Computer Lab was inaugurated at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School in Nerul on September 12. 

The Centre will work for non-teaching staff, nearby village communities and for young people in search of livelihoods and skills development; to enable individuals and communities to promote their own development and secure their rights.

The event commenced with the lamp lighting and ribbon cutting ceremony by Chief Guest Father Rolvin D'Mello,  Executive Director of Development Office; Father Bonnie Borges, Director of Oratory and Social Work ; Father Anthony Fonseca, school Principal and Surekha, Coordinator of Social Work.

Father D'mello spoke about the relevance of social work especially among the poor. He added that self- help groups play a vital role in leadership, cooperation and financial aid.

Father Borges and Father Fonseca also spoke about the social work at Don Bosco Nerul and in the locality.

The event ended with the Vote of Thanks by Shailesh Jadhav.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


by Agnorra Aranjo

MUMBAI, SEP 19, 2015: 225 Value Education coordinators, belonging to several Archdiocesan Board of Education (ABE) schools, participated in the Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC) seminar that focused on the well-being of children, at Don Bosco International School hall, Matunga on September 12.

The theme of the seminar was 'Educators and Parents together for the well-being of our children.' The program was held at familiarising the value education coordinators, of various schools, with the activities of AVEC and also helping them exchange ideas.

Rochwyn Fernandes presented the schedule for the seminar, at the onset, after which all joined in a prayer service coordinated by Sister Vera Almeida.

Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes, as the ABE representative, spoke of the necessity of educators collaborating with parents to enable them to deal with the issues many children face today.

Doctor Yolande Pereira delivered the keynote address on the need for teachers to have an open and welcoming attitude towards parents, encouraging them in their task of parenting and helping them develop a positive rapport with the school, in order to ensure better follow-up of their children.

After a break, there were more presentations on educator-parent collaborations and a panel discussion chaired by Father Savio Silveira, the Bombay Salesian Society Vice Provincial. 

Rohini D'Souza spoke about teachers enabling youngsters to build healthy relationships with their families. 

Father Jude Fernandes SJ reminded educators of the need to help students develop a sense of discipline and responsibility, both at school and at home.

Father Ajoy Fernandes SDB then dealt with the issue of stress in children and how educators could enable parents to deal with it effectively.

Father Magi Murzellos' address followed, he spoke on the necessity of educators being aware of the reality of addiction in children. Doctor Pereira elaborated further on the menace of pornography and how educators need to enable parents to become more aware, understanding and capable of handling these problems.

Participants asked questions, clarified their doubts, gave suggestions, shared their experiences and also brought out other important aspects concerning educator-parent collaboration. 

AVEC awards were then presented to the winners of the various value education competitions organised throughout the year.

Joan Dias presented the vote of thanks. The interventions of the resource persons and the work of the AVEC/DBYS teams were appreciated. 

"This seminar," as one teacher remarked, "was a small - yet important step in making our educational institutions more parent-friendly; something that will go a long way in enabling both educators and parents to take better care of our children."


by Georgina D'souza

KUWAIT, SEP 19, 2015: Don Bosco school in Kuwait was abuzz on September 11, as the parish celebrated the fourth altar servers annual appreciation event that was organised by the Salesian Cooperators.

This celebration was held to express gratitude to the altar servers who attend the Saturday Oratory program and the monthly altar servers meeting.

The boys were given points for the services rendered and those with the most points were rewarded for their contribution. Only youth with a stipulated number of points every month were welcomed to join the picnic, play tournaments and participate in other events.

The point system acts as an incentive for altar servers to be more participative in church activities. Off the 120 altar servers in the parish, only 55 qualified for the event, by scoring the required points.

The event began with a prayer and an inspirational talk by assistant parish priest, Father Johnson.

Then, Chris D'costa (with 715 points), Darren Sebastian (with 606 points) and Rozario Sequeira (with 486 points) were felicitated for their contribution.

Father Derrick then awarded 15 boys with medals for their outstanding service.

Father Lionel Braganza finally presented each boy with a certificate. Father Braganza's message brought to light the true value and blessings of being close to the priest at the altar, celebrating Holy Mass.

He also reflected on the pride and joy his parents experienced when he would serve mass, as a youngster.

He asked, "Who wants to become a priest?"

To which, thirty five boys - infused with enthusiasm and encouragement - raised their hands high.

The fellowship was followed by the playing of games and distribution of gifts.

"The dance and music was the best part of the day and DJ Marcus was fab," Kevin Gomes, who attended the event, said.

A vote of thanks for the nine coordinators of the Altar Boys Ministry was given by Salesian Cooperator Stanley, as he appreciated their selfless dedication in grooming the Altar Servers. The event ended with a dance session and sumptuous dinner.

Friday, September 18, 2015


by BIS Correspondent

MUMBAI, SEP 18, 2015:  Father Godfrey D'souza, Provincial of the Salesian Province of Bombay, visited Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Borivli on September 14 and was treated to songs, dances and skits; in line with the theme entitled 'I salute my mother'.

Students of standard ten marked the occasion by first capturing the importance of a mother, through a touching speech.

A skit in line with the theme was then enacted and a PowerPoint presentation capturing the thoughts of teachers about their mothers was presented.

Jason Sequeira and his team then sang a beautiful song, which touched the audience.

Yash Raut and his troupe set the stage on fire with an awesome dance performance.

Father D'Souza, in his address, highlighted the importance of a mother in our lives.

He also spoke to the staff on the issue of 'Parenting and Teaching by Example.'  

Thursday, September 17, 2015


by Ashwini Gupte


MUMBAI, SEP 17, 2015: Students and staff of Don Bosco High School, Matunga celebrated 'Hindi Divas' on September 14, by enacting plays that highlighted several historical and cultural events in India.


The Hindi Department of the school staged the one-act plays through the four houses of the school, i.e Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.    


The Yellow House focused on the aftermath of the war at Kalinga, an epochal event that led Emperor Ashoka to convert to pacifism. The war helped transform him and made him a messenger of love and peace throughout the country and beyond.


'Main bhi maanav hoon' by Vishnu Prabhakar, depicted the inner battle waged within Ashoka's heart, as to whether he had really achieved a victory after decimating the enemy. In a world rife with selfishness and cut throat competition, the play also intended to make each of us reflect on whether the race is really worth it.


The Green House highlighted the events in the life of Emperor Harsha, scion of the Vardhan dynasty. 'Sthaneshwar ka Rajpurush' depicted Harsha avenging the death of his brother, Rajya Vardhan and saving his sister Rajyasri's life after she was devastated as a result of both, her brother and her father, Prabhakar Vardhan's death.


The Blue House with 'Mere sapno ki Rani kab ayegi tu' portrayed women's empowerment and the great strides women have made in emancipating themselves through the powerful weapon of education. The play depicted a bachelor who is rejected by prospective alliances because they are better educated.


The Red House presented their play 'Jeevan ke rang'. It helped the audience reflect on the realities and challenges of life. Through scenes that reflected human life on earth, the audience was made aware that though we live in a world full of sorrow, mirth, greed and blind faith, we still manage to stay happy.


Kudos to yellow house, that won the drama competition.


by Father Cedrick Sankul 


AHMEDNAGAR, SEP 17, 2015: There was a double-celebration at Don Bosco English Medium school , Savedi Ahmednagar as staff and students celebrated Teacher's Day and Self-governance Day on September 8.   


The theme for Teacher's Day celebrations was 'You are our inspiration. Teachers are the life of every success.'


Celebrations began with a prayer service conducted by the students of standard eight, to thank teachers for their dedication and hard work. 


Shaila Missal and Harshali Giri, both teachers, alongside school captain, Selvin Salvi, organised Self-governance Day.


Students of standard eight dressed like teachers and conducted class through the day. The Principal and teachers were then led in procession to Maschio Hall for a cultural programme.


Students welcomed them by singing the hymn 'In His Time'. Students from standard three, four, five and six then performed dances to honour their teachers.


Father Augustine then gave a teacher's day message on the theme itself, "Teachers are the life of every success." He explained that for Don Bosco, education was the education of the heart. 


Preena Makre, Mahima Shinde and Sharmilee Kasab spoke about the qualities of a good teacher.  


Sushmita Padale and Judith Mary Arun Gaikwad, both teachers, gave a vote of thanks. 


by Dakshayani Madangopal

CHENNAI, SEP 17, 2015:
The World Health Organisation estimates that nearing 250 million children world-over will be affected by substance abuse in the next decade.

The Don Bosco Research Centre (DBRC), based in Mumbai, is doing its bit to help children combat the drug menace.

DBRC organised a two-day teacher training workshop in “Identification and prevention of substance abuse among school children” in Chennai on September 11 and 12.

The workshop was held in conjunction with TTK Hospital, Chennai.

57 teachers from almost 30 English and Tamil medium schools across Chennai attended the training session.

A pre-training evaluation was done to gauge the teachers’ current level of understanding about substance abuse and its attendant symptoms and consequences.

Four highly qualified resource persons from TTK Hospital, Doctor Anita Rao, Jacqueline Allenby David, Docotor Thirumagal and Sheeba Williams - each with experience in the field of substance abuse - covered a variety of topics that included identifying signs and symptoms of substance abuse, causes and consequences, role of teachers, role of parents and assertiveness training.

Case studies, sharing of experiences, role play and small group activities all served to make the two day programme interesting and entertaining.

The Chief Guest, Jayshree Padmanabhan – the Principal of Gill Adarsh Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai - underlined the important role teachers play in combating the issue.

Hemalatha Anil Kumar, a Consultant at DBRC, conducted a quiz on the drug issue. Post-training evaluation revealed the heightened impact of the programme and a number of relevant and useful suggestions.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


by Susan D'costa


KUWAIT, SEP 16, 2015: Fifteen enthusiastic couples from the Cherubs team of the Family Ministry of St Thérèse Parish in the North Arabian Vicariate, organised a couples programme themed on the Languages of Love on September 10.


The couples, who attended, ranged from newly-weds to those married  for 36 years.


The programme began with an enrichment session based on Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" conducted by Amira Peter.


Each partner completed a survey to identify their primary language of love and then shared their results with each other. By discovering their partner's language of love each spouse was now equipped with an effective love language to help bridge their differences and enrich their marriage.


This enriching session was followed by a lively fellowship of innovative games, spot prizes and plenty of dancing. The lively music provided by Cherub Shaun Rebello kept the couples on their feet while MC Donna did a stellar job of keeping them all engaged and excited with the active games.


The parents could enjoy this quality time together thanks to a special programme organised for their children which included animated films, bible bingo and other creative games led by Cherubs, Chrisma Pereira and Raymond Rego.


At the end of the programme couples thanked the Cherubs profusely expressing strong appreciation for the Cherubs and the Parish for taking the trouble to arrange such an enjoyable evening for them.


"Everything was so encouraging. We had forgotten about being a couple in our busy schedules around work, home and children. We hardly have any time for each other. This couples programme gave us a chance to get close and enjoy to the fullest," Mazina said.

Monday, September 14, 2015


by Agnel Dias


NASHIK, SEP 14, 2015: Don Bosco Church, Nashik organised a training session for the youth of their parish and that of St. Dominic Savio Church, Satpur on September 12.

The resource person for the programme was Father Cleophas Braganza from Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga. 


The introductory session commenced with inputs based on the teachings of Pope Francis, on how the youth should participate in the mission of Christ.


The screening of a short film on the life of Don Bosco helped the youth understand the Salesian Youth Movement spread all over the world. 


Father Branganza also engaged the youth in planning various activities for the integral development of a human person covering physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects. 


The day ended with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist animated by the youth.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


by Anthony D'souza


VASAI, SEP 12, 2015: Pope Francis' latest encyclical Laudato Si' which means 'Praise be to you, Lord' was the overlapping theme for the Novena in honour of Our Lady's birthday, which began on August 30 at our Lady of Light church in Vasai.


Various Fathers from Diocese celebrated the Holy Eucharist during each day of the novena. The homilies were in line with nature and each one's responsibility towards preserving nature for future generations.


The preachers encouraged parishioners by the sharing of their personal experience. The parish zones in turn fulfilled the responsibility in preparing the Liturgy.  


Archbishop Felix Machado visited the parish on September 6. He celebrated the Holy Eucharist and addressed the parish about the beauty of creation and the love of God.   


Father Remond Rumao, the Youth Director of the Diocese, celebrated the festive mass on September 8.


He spoke about Mother Mary - the Queen of Creation in his homily. The Marian flag, which was raised by Father Royal – the parish priest - on the first day of the novena, was lowered on the Feast'.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


by Akhil Abraham


MUMBAI, SEP 10, 2015: There was a double celebration in store at Shelter Don Bosco on September 8, as children celebrated Teacher's Day and a day to honour the girl child.  

The program began with a short prayer service wherein the boys prayed for their teachers and especially for the girl child.


After the prayer service, an address in the form of a movie was presented to the teachers. A film was then screened that helped underline the importance of the girl child in India.


Chaya Salve, the Administrative Officer of the Education Department for the F North region, was the Chief Guest of the event.


She expressed her joy at being called to Shelter Don Bosco to celebrate teachers day and the girl child day. She thanked the management and staff of Shelter Don Bosco for the wonderful work they have been doing with regards to the education of the Shelter boys.


by Geeta Menezes


MUMBAI, SEP 10, 2015: The Salesians at Bosco Boys Home, Borivli joined forces with Yamaha Motors by lending their premises, to launch a two-wheeler Motor Training School on September 8, which is also the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The event was held in commemoration of the bicentenary birth of Don Bosco. 


This initiative is to promote and encourage economically weaker youth to acquire technical knowledge and expertise, thereby supporting them to secure employment at Yamaha dealerships.


Technical experts from Yamaha Technical Academy – the company's training division, will provide support in conducting the YTS program by continuously training the trainers as well as the students.


The dignitaries were welcomed with song and dance on the day of the launch itself. Masaki Osano, the Managing Director, Yamaha Motors Sales India (Chennai) and Ravindra Singh, Vice President, Strategy & Planning represented Yamaha at the launch. 


A Salesian team of Father Anthony Santarita, Rector of Bosco Boys' Home, Father Anaclete D'Mello, Director, BSVS and Father Savio Silveira, Vice Provincial, Mumbai Province welcomed and greeted the Yamaha dignitaries as they arrived.


Osano then cut the ribbon declaring the Yamaha Motor Training School open. Few boys of Bosco Boys' Home then proceeded to brighten the stage with some light entertainment.


First was a rendition of the Hindi film song, "Aa chal key tujhe main leke chalun, ek aise gagan ke thale", by Father Santarita and a few boys.


This was followed by a fusion dance performed by boys and girls of the Hospitality Management course.


Father Silveira then addressed the gathering. He reflected on Don Bosco's love for youngsters and his initiatives to train the poor, abandoned youth with life skills. 


He added that Don Bosco wanted the Salesian institutions to be in forefront of progress, and with this in view, it was commendable that Bosco Boys Home have tied up with Yamaha Motors India, one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India.  


Osano then stressed that it was a privilege for Yamaha to tie up with Bosco Boys' Home in this venture.  He hoped that this training school would be of immense benefit to youngsters and that the boys would wear the Yamaha training uniforms proudly. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


by BIS Correspondent


MUMBAI, SEP 9, 2015: Five engineering students from the Don Bosco Institute of Technology did the institute proud as they won top honours at the state level Biomedical Research event organised by B J Govt Medical College  & Sassoon General Hospital, Pune on September 4.


Vaibav Goradia, Shubham Shah, Nitin Unnithan, Chekara Mohammad Riyaz and Akhil Varghese developed a unique Multiangle Lithotomy Positioner.


The students had to develop a Positioner that was affordable, safe to use and easy to maintain.  


"It was a daunting task as we had just ten days to understand the difficulties faced by patients and doctors, come up with a solution and fine tune it to perfection," Varghese said.


"The doctors gave us good insights into the difficulties faced by mothers at the time of delivery as well as the inconveniences encountered by the doctors in facilitating a successful and safe delivery. We also watched several videos and studied the pressure points of the human anatomy and even measured our femur bones," Unnithan added.  


The students required to take into account a number of factors before designing the product. These included the analysis of load bearing deflection, stress and the use of appropriate material to ensure safety.


"Much of our engineering studies in modeling and analysis helped us," Shah said.

The students also got assistance in filing for a patent and in making a prototype.  


Students from the Mechanical department came third in the same competition for developing Dental Periodental Disease Detection and Treatment system to help in early detection and prevention of dental disease.


Madhumita Chatterjee, Sharon Shaji Koshy and Ansari Tanveer developed a software that would read digital X-rays of teeth, detect cavities or other diseases accurately, validate it and mark it for further action.


by BIS Correspondent


NAGPUR, SEP 9, 2015: Our Lady of Fatima parish in Jaitala, Nagpur came together to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Velankanni on September 8.


Sisters, youth, parish council members, Sunday school children, mahila mandal, altar servers, salesian co-operators and parishioners began preparing for the Feast on August 29, a day to signal the start of a time of grace.


The topics selected for the novena encouraged the devotees of Velankanni Mata to reflect, appreciate and emulate nine specific titles and roles of the Virgin Mary. 


The spiritual zeal gathered momentum on September 7, the last day of the novena, when Father Ashley Miranda made himself available in the evening to minister the sacrament of reconciliation.


Father Miranda was the principal celebrant for the solemn Eucharistic celebration in the evening which began with the faithful devotees carrying the statue of  Velankanni Mata in solemn procession through the village chanting Marian hymns and reciting the rosary.


On returning to the church, Father Miranda incensed and garlanded the statue of Our Lady of Velankanni.  In his homily, he explained what faith meant for the Virgin Mary and how God invites us also to live a life of faith as Mary did.


The holy Mass was animated by the parish council members and the music by the parish youth.


After holy Mass, all the devotees joined in the festive meal.  It was inspiring to see the tender and vibrant devotion of the people for their loving Mother Velankanni.