Friday, September 28, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes 

MUMBAI, SEP 28, 2018: Fifteen boys from standard five to eight of Bosco Boys Home (BBH), Borivli participated in a college festival, Zephyr – an annual cultural event organised by Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Kandivli on September 27.

The festival encourages togetherness, fun, knowledge, creativity, and innovation among youth, and the Rotaract Club of the Institute invited the orphans from BBH to their festivity.

Youth from the Home proudly wore their jerseys along with their names displayed on it. The pre-event dance practice was conducted with help of volunteers from the college. The dance was choreographed by Thakur College students.  

The BBH youth also learned to make creative items with the help of the hosts. There were various game stalls at the college campus, in which the boys participated.

Waigankar, one of the teachers, said, "I thank the Bosco Boys staff and the management for the immense support and giving us the opportunity to spend time with the boys and I hope this day brought a little change, enthusiasm, and freshness amongst the students."

"We want to thank you for your hard work. Thank you for teaching us dance and having fun with us. You brought us in your esteemed college and explained to us about the college. Particularly, I was impressed with the students wearing t-shirts with motivational words 'We aspire…We inspire' outfits. We all thank you and we hope you will come again to Bosco Boys Home to inspire and have fun with us and bring joy to the faces of Bosco Boys," Richardson Fernando, a student of BBH, said.


by Brother Jittin Matthew

MUMBAI, SEP 27, 2018: Catechism students from standard seven and eight from Saint Louis Parish - along with their teachers - visited the Borivli-based Bosco Boys Home (BBH) orphanage on September 26 to share in the lives of orphan children who live in the Home.  

The students began their visit by having a session on 'The different calls we get in life' taken by Brother Jittin Mathew. Brother Romero D'Souza then shared with them the importance of prayer and being faithful to God in one's life. He also briefed them about the rewards of devotion to Mother Mary and shared with them the life of Saint John Bosco.

Thereafter the students had an interactive session with the boys of the orphanage. The students learned about the dreams and aspirations of the orphans, with a youth appearing for his SSC examination planning on joining the Indian Navy. They also witnessed a standard five youth excelling in chess. At the end of the session, there were animated games of football, throwball, and dodgeball conducted between the catechism students and the boys of the orphanage.

"This visit is a lesson for all of us. God has given us everything we need and most importantly our parents who are always there to love us and correct us but these boys have fathers and brothers and other staff who love them and take care of them. God has definitely blessed them with many talents and with the training from Bosco Boys Home and our help they too can go ahead in life. I also understood that God has blessed us immensely and that we should share our joys with others and respect and honour our parents. My best wishes to the boys in their future endeavours and blessings for their good health and success," Shania Fernandes, a standard eight student from St Louis Parish, said.   

 "Thank you catechism team of St. Louis for coming and visiting us. I really enjoyed spending time with all of you. God bless and have a joyful day," Durgesh Raut, a youth from the orphanage, said.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


by Priya Sahadevan 

MUMBAI, SEP 26, 2018: Fifty-five street boys from Don Bosco Shelter in Wadala, celebrated the monthly mela along the theme High-Risk Behaviours on September 20.

The day began by welcoming the boys with breakfast. This was followed by an art competition for boys of different age groups. A dance performance was scheduled thereafter, with a series of games.

Doctors from the neighbouring community were present to treat the youth who had skin and other ailments. Three videos were screened which dealt with precautionary measures to avoid alcohol and drugs.

The boys were given practical information about the importance of anger management. Some youth were also asked to attend a rehabilitation programme conducted at Maria Ashiana, Lonavla.


by BIS Correspondent

PUNE, SEP 25, 2018: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) Chinchwad organised a street play titled 'Tambaku Matlab Cancer' (Tobacco means cancer) in the Vidya Nagar slum in Pune on September 17.

A street play and health exhibition was held under the aegis of Health Risk Reduction Project supported by AXA Business Services. It focused on communicating the health risks associated with tobacco consumption and its effect on a person and family. It highlighted the fact that the easy availability of tobacco products and encouragement from peers and family makes young people addicted to smoking and chewing tobacco.

The programme began with a display of posters in the form of an exhibition to educate the residents. The posters contained visual material and written information on health risks associated with tobacco consumption and its effects on personal health, family and society. The social workers explained the information to the visitors.

DBDS is running a social project on Health Risk Reduction under which there are numerous activities to target Tobacco Free Chinchwad. Street plays are part of it. The organisation has conducted nine street plays and three more will follow in 2018. There are also free medical camps and awareness sessions planned for the year. 
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Father Rolvin D'Mello, Executive Director – DBDS, said, "We are striving towards Tabaco free Chinchwad and hence ventures of this sort are vital." He also expressed his gratitude to AXA Business Services for their support.

"It helps men from our homes to think twice before they consume tobacco. I am grateful to Don Bosco for creating this awareness about the ill-effects of consuming tobacco," Karunabai Shinde, a slum dweller, said. 


by Lynette Sequeira 

MUMBAI, SEP 25, 2018: Hundred students from standards eight to ten of Don Bosco High School and Junior College, Borivli, together with the Rector Father Solomon Rapol, the Principal, Father Flovi D'Souza, 15 teachers, a few parents and 10 members of the Don Bosco alumni unit participated enthusiastically in a Greenline beach clean-up drive at Gorai beach on September 22.

The Sarpanch of Gorai, Rossi D'Souza and the Vice-Sarpanch, Royston Goudinho also participated in the event. The beach clean-up drive was the third in a series of activities conducted as part of the Greenline project for the year to sensitise the students about the need to protect our oceans.

On July 31, a group of 20 students from the Nature Club visited a fishing village in Gorai and interacted with the local fishermen on a boat in Gorai creek. This visit enabled them to learn a lot about marine biodiversity, the ecosystem in Mumbai's oceans, and the threats and ill-effects of plastic on the marine ecosystem from the fishermen themselves.

This was followed by the first beach clean-up drive at Gorai beach on September 1, in which about 65 students from the Nature Club, the Science Club, and the Scouts participated enthusiastically and saw the disastrous effects of the ocean being infested by plastic and garbage first-hand.

It was an eye-opener for all students, who realised how garbage finally makes its way to the oceans. Jeremy Verghese, a student of class nine said, "Around 90% of the plastic we collected were milk bags. It was a real task trying to pull things out as a number of things were buried deep in the sand. Little things make a big difference. We hope we have been able to do that."

The third activity conducted on September 22, enabled other members of the Don Bosco family to join the students in their unique endeavour to save our beaches and oceans. Officers from Solid Waste Management(SWM) and workers from the BMC also joined the children and assisted them in their effort during both the beach clean-up drives.

"We couldn't clean the entire beach but we created an awareness in the minds of the villagers," Arin Weling, a student of class nine said, adding, "We realised how it takes only a fraction of a second to throw out garbage but picking it up and cleaning the beach would require lots and lots of time and effort over a prolonged period of time. We hope our school will be able to come here more often to do our part."

 "The students were shocked at the sight and a large amount of garbage buried in the sand on the beach. They realised that all of us together are responsible for the mess that we have generated. Nothing changes in a day and I know that it will take a lot of time but I am very happy that we are doing this and I appreciate the fact that our students have taken up this small initiative to try and bring about a positive change in the world," Savlee Desai, a teacher coordinating the event, said.

Saturday, September 22, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Lydia Dsa
MUMBAI, SEP 22, 2018: Borivli-based Bosco Boys Home (BBH) was honoured with the 'Best Node of Homelink Network' award on September 13, which recognised the work done by the Institution in the service of the Young at Risk (YaR) in the Mumbai province.
BBH and Nitika Don Bosco, Kolkata were chosen out of 22 centers that made the final at the Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk 13thAnnual National Seminar 2018 held at the Provincial House.
The award was a mark of appreciation given to the Institution for its meticulous effort in updating documentation and registers on a regular basis. Father Corlis Gonsalves, the Director and Datta Gade, Node Coordinator of CHILD MISS of the Bosco Boys Home accepted the award.
Bosco Boys Home was set up in 1976 with the sole purpose of transforming the lives of underprivileged youth, school dropouts, and street orphans through education and vocational training to help them acquire a skill for a decent livelihood.
The award ceremony was part of the 13th Annual National YaR Seminar on 'Building resilience in children'. Nearly 150 participants from all the Don Bosco institutions in India attended the two-day seminar.  
"Every YaR centre reaches out to the deprived, marginalised and vulnerable children/youth such as children on the streets, child labourers, runaway and untracked children, abandoned and orphaned children, victims of all kinds of abuses, rag pickers, child beggars. Bosco Boys Home ensures that every child at the Institute grows in a secure and enabling environment by building resilience in them and helping them to grow into good and honest members of the society," Gade, said.


by Brother Jittin Mathew and William Sequeira
MUMBAI, SEP 21, 2018: Fifteen students from batch number 34 of the Hotel Management department of the Bosco Boys Home and Technical Institute, Borivli, visited Hotel Hyatt Regency, Mumbai for their field trip cum educational visit on September 17.
The visit was coordinated by William Sequeira, instructor of the facility management department of Bosco Boys Home and Technical Institute, and Alisha Pinto, training manager of Hyatt Regency.

During the exposure, the students were guided through the various departments of the hotel like food production, waste management, housekeeping, engineering, front office, accounting, human resources, security, and food and beverages.    
"We toured the banquet halls and the suites. We were amazed by the sheer beauty of it. It was an awesome experience to be part of this educational visit," Parameshwar Rathod, a student, said.
Pinto, added, "It is a good practice for the students to visit such hotels as part of their curriculum. It will be a great help and an asset to them in the future. I appreciate Bosco Boys Home and Technical Institute for providing their students with such educative and precious experience."

Hyatt was founded by Jay Pritzker in 1957 and is among the top international hotel chains in the world.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes

MUMBAI, SEP 19, 2018: As part of the internship programme, 7 first year Bachelor of Management Studies students from K E S Shroff College, Kandivli visited Bosco Boys Home, Borivli from 9 am to 10.30 am on Sep 11, to conduct various creative activities for the children of the orphanage.  

The volunteers began by having one to one communication with the boys. Some preferred teaching, while others conducted activities like drawing and painting. Father Corlis Gonsalves, Director of Bosco Boys Home, Borivli appreciated the work the volunteers were doing for the betterment of this weaker and neglected section of society by helping them grow into responsible citizens. 

"Social workers are a part of the few who do care. They care about social injustices committed every day, across the globe, behind closed doors and out in the open. They are the ones who care enough to believe they can make the world a better place. It's much easier to forget your personal woes when you're serving the needs of those around you. For social workers, the needs can be overwhelming. But regardless of the results, the career rewards are intangible. Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much, " Father Gonsalves said. 

Vatsal Ahar, a first-year student from K E S BMS said, "As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness. I thank the Institute for giving us the permission to visit the orphanage. As we interacted with the children, we came to know about their hobbies, lifestyles and their goal in life. Through the activity of colouring and drawing, we came to know how talented and blessed they were. Being rich is not how much you have but how much you can give. Since it was my first time, I found the children to be full of energy. It was an enjoyable moment."

"My experience was really awesome. I had a great time with them and hope they will come again to visit us and help us to experience these wonderful moments again," Vivek Wagela, a boy from the orphanage, said.


by Rositta Lawrence 

KUWAIT, SEP 19, 2018: On September 14, a total of 116 altar servers of the St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish, Salmiya Kuwait, were invited to attend a fun-filled afternoon of games and dancing hosted by the Salesian  Cooperators, Kuwait unit. 

The select group invited to the special felicitation programme, included both senior and junior altar servers, based on the points they accrued by faithfully serving or participating at Holy Mass, and regular attendance at meetings.

The Rector, Father Derek Misquitta, led the young lads in the opening prayer. While appreciating their dedicated service and blessing them, he also reminded them that after the priests, they were privileged to come closest to the altar to serve at Holy Mass. The Parish Priest, Father Blany Pinto, also thanked the youngsters for their service to the parish and encouraged them to always remain devoted and committed. 

Each of the altar servers was awarded certificates for their commitment. The two top scorers among the seniors were Dilon Thomas 1129 points and Joseph Pereira 904 points; the two top scorers among the juniors were Antony Poriyathu 1108 points and Aaron James 574 points. These boys were especially appreciated for their dedication as revealed by the accumulation of the highest points during the year.
Wilma Almeida, a Salesian Cooperator, said, "The altar server's vocation is very special and unique as they are moulded by the Christian faith. They are the light to the world and hopefully, some of them will become priests one day". 

The MCs, Raymond Rego and Vincent Rego kept the altar servers entertained with group games and spot prizes. The boys danced to the lively music provided by DJs Rupert and Theodore. The evening concluded with dinner and a blessing that the young altar servers may be faithful to the promises they have made and always follow Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes 

MUMBAI, SEP 18, 2018: "At the end of the day you will not remember the person with the most beautiful face but you will remember the person with the most beautiful heart and soul." Keeping this in mind, the staff and management of the HCG Apex Cancer Centre, Borivli (West) invited the children of Bosco Boys Home, Borivli to their hospital on September 15. Staff members accompanied the 35 children of the orphanage. 

During the visit to the hospital, HCG Apex Cancer Centre organised a session on health and hygiene, a drawing competition, tattoo making, and provided snacks and return gifts for the children. 

The session on health and hygiene was given by Doctor Deepa Trivedi of the infection control team. " Healthy isn't a goal, it's a way of living. Listen to your body, take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in," she said. 

Doctor Trivedi spoke about the various aspects of health and hygiene that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. She stressed the importance of having a balanced diet to live a healthy life. "Balanced diet gives us nutrients for daily calories. Through this, a person receives carbohydrates, protein and essential vitamins that are wanted for healthy living." 

Doctor Trivedi also mentioned the harmful effects of junk food like aerated drinks, chips, pizzas, pickles, salt which have created havoc in society. She emphasised that due to lack of exercise, poor diet and lots of junk food there is a rapid rise in diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. 

 "Eat better, feel better, eat wisely. You don't have to eat less, you just have to eat right. More veggies, fruits and plenty of water for healthy life, " Doctor Trivedi, said. The importance of washing hands before and after eating was also explained to the boys. 

There was a session on sleep hygiene too. Doctor Trivedi said, "Away from mobile and internet two hours before sleeping. Sleep in time which will keep us healthy and less sleep will take a toll on our body which leads to many sicknesses and damages our organs." 

Another session on the health benefits of playing sports was taken by Shilpa Gadre. She said,  "Playing sports increases the release of carbon dioxide from the body, keeping one stress-free, improving concentration and inculcating the spirit of community and fitness." She also spoke about the importance of having a proper sitting posture.  "Daily sitting straight will keep our backbone healthy and blood circulation in the brain will function smoothly, " Gadre, said.

 "Regularly playing sports helps to develop the skills and strategies which later help us to study well and cope up with the pressure of education. It also gives us peace of mind and frees us from all worries of the day to day life. If we don't play our body will not function properly and we will be lazy, " Raja Goswami, a standard nine student, said. 

The visit was brought to a close with a drawing competition and painting of tattoos for the boys. The event was coordinated by Soniya Masurekar, assistant manager of HCG Apex Cancer Centre and her team. Pratik Gade on the behalf of Bosco Boys Home thanked the hosts for their hospitality. The boys joined in chorus to sing a 'Thank You' song as an expression of their gratitude.


by Ashish Rajkumar Sanglikar

PUNE, SEP 18, 2018: One hundred and eighty-five students and eleven teachers from Don Bosco Junior and Senior College, Yerwada, Pune collected over five tonnes of river waste during a Clean Up Drive at the banks of the Mula Mutta river on September 15.

The drive was organised by the Pune Chapter of AIESEC International in association with the Rotary Club of Pune, who had initiated the programme in collaboration with the national and international degree college students who are members of AIESEC studying in Pune.

The students gathered near the river bank, where they were divided into groups of 15 members each and were assigned a volunteer from AIESEC. Each participant was given a pair of hand gloves and a mask.

The volunteers helped the students find the garbage and to collect it in waste bins, which were then dumped into garbage trucks with the help of Pune Municipal Corporation workers.  

Laxmi Gawre, police health officer, addressed the students on waste reduction and introduced them to Swach Bharat app through which one could take a photograph of a garbage-filled location, and send it to Pune Municipal Corporation, who would, in turn, have the garbage collected.

Bipin Pandey, working for BEEP – IN, a waste segregation and compost making company in Mumbai addressed the students about the Red Dot Campaign, a waste management service, which aims to improve the way the residents dispose of their sanitary waste.

Satya Natrajan from Area Sabha Association of Pune spoke about environmental protection addressing issues like the human-tree ratio. He stressed that a tree should be planted every 10 meters. He briefly touched upon the Tree Regulation Act.

Lulua, member of AIESEC, Pune, said, "The initiative started in 2017 at a smaller scale known as the Global Goal Drive but now it has extended to World's Clean Up Drive further extending it to 15 countries and 18 cities of Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad in India and kudos to Don Bosco College students who have largely participated in the clean-up drive."

"I am indeed honoured to have participated in such a cause. Such events make us realise that we are to be blamed for littering our environment and it's our responsibility to keep it clean," Devesh Shah, from standard 11, said.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew

MUMBAI, SEP 17, 2018: Twenty-two boys from Bosco Boys Home in Borivli made the most of their mid-term break by visiting Boscowadi, Uttan for a picnic from September 13 to 15.

This picnic was specially arranged with the help of benefactors for those boys in the orphanage who could not go home for various reasons. Staff members Matthew George, Dorando Camara, Meena Kini, and Deacon Romero D'Souza were in attendance.

The picnic included sight-seeing, a visitation to the Church of Our Lady of Sea and the Uttan beach. Besides enjoying themselves in the swimming pool, the boys had a special rosary service for their benefactors and the victims of Kerala floods. They then had an educative seminar on 'Go Green and Keep Clean.'

"The picnic was awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed it and want to come again soon and play volleyball in the swimming pool and adore the beautiful seashore of Boscowadi," Karan Vasana, a youth, said. 

"These children deserve to be happy and at the same be educated about the basic necessities of life. We thank the benefactors and the management for arranging this outing for the boys. This picnic brought renewed joy and vigour in the boys," George said. 

Friday, September 14, 2018


by Brother Jittin Mathew

 MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 13, 2018:  It was a festivity of colour at Bosco Boys Home in Borivli, as fifty-five boys from the Home, participated in a drawing competition, which was organised by the Non-Governmental Organisation, U&I, in conjunction with the management and staff of the Home on September 12.

The theme for the competition was Christmas and New Year. The theme was selected keeping in mind the positivity, which comes through these two occasions. The youth showed off their creativity, with the guidance of volunteers from the NGO. 

Aryan Yadav took home top honours. "The more I play with colours on paper, the more I can experience the beauty of art and creativity. Expressing myself through painting allows me to take part in an activity that is fun and fulfilling. It encourages me to look at situations with an open and creative mind. I apply the lessons learned through painting to various situations in my life.
My critical reasoning skills also have developed better as I learn, on my own, to make decisions on what works and what doesn't," Yadav said.

"The more you encourage your little ones to explore their creativity, the more pleasantly surprised you will be. Just leave a child with a blank sheet of paper and some colours –you will get to witness your little Da Vinci come alive. The creative talent in children is infinite and amazing, so much so that even the entire universe may seem like a small canvas to them," Prinyaka Shah, a volunteer said.


By Father Richard Burkhao 

AURANGABAD, SEP 13, 2018: Twenty-two women from 20 different villages of Gangapur Taluka in Aurangabad attended a training programme on handmade jewellery which was organised at Don Bosco Waluj, Aurangabad on September 9.

Most of the attendees were associated with Self Help Groups, supported and guided by the Salesians of Don Bosco in the villages. Sunita Tambe, working with Don Bosco Shelter, Wadala, Mumbai, was the resource person for the seminar.

She caters to the medical assistance of the street children in Mumbai and also teaches youth various types of handmade articles and jewellery. The programme in Aurangabad began with a short prayer service led by Father Richard Burkhao, the administrator of Don Bosco, Waluj.

Sangeeta Pandit, a staff member working with Don Bosco, welcomed the gathering. Father Pratap Damor, in-charge of Don Bosco, Waluj, introduced the resource person and felicitated her. He then addressed the gathering, explaining the purpose of the training programme.

Tambe led participants through her sessions, teaching them to make four handmade jewellery pieces, namely bangles, earrings, and two types of necklaces. In a short feedback session at the end, the women said that they had benefited from the seminar. 

"Besides doing my house works, now I can start a small business so that I too can support my family and reduce the load of my husband," Sunita Nanasaheb Chape, a participant, said.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


by Ratandeep Chawla   

MUMBAI, SEP 12, 2018: Prafulta Psychological Services, a Don Bosco Project initiated by the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Mumbai province celebrated its 20th anniversary at its Andheri headquarters on September 8.

The organisation, Prafulta, which implies exuberance, abundance, and wholeness, began in 1998, with an aim to help clients understand, accept and deal effectively with the influences of their environment, take personal responsibility for their lives, create a meaningful future for themselves and thus live life abundantly.

Prafulta has lived up to its mission of providing quality psychological and psychiatric services to help individuals, groups, and families move towards optimal, independent functioning and improve their quality of life.

Twenty-three staff from the organisation attended the anniversary celebration in the seminar hall of Prafulta, which was decorated with balloons and ribbons. A symbolic cake was cut before the celebrations began. The young members of Prafulta were the emerging DJ's and party hosts.There was games, laughter, dancing, selfies and a message by Father Godfrey D'Sa, Founder Director of Prafulta Psychological Service, expressing gratitude to the Prafulta staff both past and present. 
"Thousands of people had been reached by the organisation in many ways and the ones who were trained by Prafulta further reached out to many others. So it is difficult to quantify our reach, but at the same time Prafulta has to now aim at the expansion of its activities so that people become aware of the work it does and the importance of mental health," Father D'Sa, said. 

Prafulta offers career guidance, integrated education occupational therapy, integrated education special needs, corporate training, counselling and psychotherapy, psychiatry, clinical assessment, and well-being awareness initiatives.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


by Rajendrabhai Parmar

GUJARAT, SEP 11, 2018: Twenty-six children from grades five to ten of Christ the King Parish in Dakor attended a day-long altar servers seminar, aimed at preparing them to serve during Holy Mass on September 2.

The day began with Father Lorenzo, celebrating the Holy Eucharist. The seminar was planned by the Parish Priest, Father Bastin Thomas, who welcomed the children at the onset.

The students then introduced themselves. Rajubhai, the catechist set the tone for the day by singing an action song. Father Mayank Parmar, the Rector and the Parish Priest from Don Bosco, Kapadvanj was the main resource person for the training.

He started with the question, "Who is an altar server and what are the qualities required of them?" He spoke about the various parts of a Eucharistic celebration by showing videos and giving children examples in the neighbourhood.

The youth were then taken to Church where they were told about the important symbolic objects used during the Holy Eucharist, such as Missal, Lectionary, Purificator, Lavabo, Vestments, and Stole.

Deacon Justus Mendis stressed the importance of a deep relationship with Jesus through daily prayers at home and serving at the altar daily during the Holy Eucharist. A film 'Marcellino' was screened to inspire youth to inculcate a personal relationship with Jesus. Princy Christian, a youth attending, said, "Like Marcelino we too can talk to Jesus daily through our personal prayer."


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes
MUMBAI, SEP 10, 2018: The importance of a girl child was in focus on September 8, the Feast of Our Lady of Nativity, at Borivali-based Bosco Boys Home.

The morning assembly set the tone for celebrations as the management, staff, and students came together to promote awareness on the welfare of a girl child and to commemorate 'International Girl Child day'.
The purpose of addressing the issue was to make the boys learn to honour girls and to protect them. It is the duty of the society to raise the consciousness of each person towards girl children and the need to respect them. 
The programme began with a short prayer service wherein Annie Dias, a medical nurse, invited boys to pray for their mothers, sisters, and grandmothers. Dias shared an insight into the role of a single mother and how she brings up her child by overcoming all obstacles. She helped make children conscious of the significance of the girl child in India.
"Girl children face discrimination at home and in school. They do not believe that they are entitled to equal opportunities, it is very essential for the girls to access their full potential. They should have a safe and enabling environment. They should be aware of all their legal rights and the facts of life," Dias said.

The boys were also told about the nine titles of The Virgin Mary, different roles of Mother Mary, and how she comes to help her devotees. A power point presentation and virtual skit highlighted the meaning of the girl child and her achievements. 
Datta then highlighted stories of notable achievement of women like Savitribai Phule. He also spoke about how Social Welfare and Child Development have been doing their best not only to create a friendly environment for the girl child but also to save the girl child.
"Every year the Ministry of Women aim at creating awareness towards improving child sex ratio in the country, and to ensure that every girl child is given a chance to outshine," Datta said. 
Eustace Fernandes, the educational in charge, made the boys aware about the welfare scheme of the government for the benefit of girls like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme. A recent survey claimed that more than five lakh girls are killed in India every year.
In the group discussion, the students of standard nine and ten stated that it was time for girls and women to speak up for their fundamental rights of education, healthcare, equality and human rights bestowed upon them by the Constitution.
Rahul Gowda, from standard nine, said, "Girls should be given equal opportunities to progress. They should not be deprived of any basic rights which are required for their progress. The society should give equal rights in all spheres for the girl child to develop. Until and unless they feel empowered from inside and take a stand to claim their due rights, one can't expect any drastic change in their position in society."
Sumit Sonkar, from standard ten, added, "One who does crime on a girl is a coward, and the girl has right to express her voice against any injustice done to her by the society." 

Friday, September 7, 2018


by Jittin Matthew and Eustace Fernandes

MUMBAI, SEP 7, 2018: Borivli-based Bosco Boys Home and the students of the Technical Institute honoured their teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day through dance, music, mimicry and a skit on September 5.
During their morning study time, the residential boys from the Home exhibited their talent and showed their appreciation by preparing a Teachers Day card with a thank you message to stress on the role of their teachers.  
At noon, 120 students of the Technical Institute took part in a cultural programme felicitating their teachers and management. The students had prepared a backdrop with a caption "Thank you, Teachers….We love you."  
Father Corlis Gonsalves, the Rector of Bosco Boys Home and the Technical Institute, Borivli was the chief guest for the programme. William Sequeira, from the hospitality department, Meena, a counselor, and Datta Gade, from the social work sector, inaugurated the event.
The comperes began the programme with a prayer – thereafter explaining the key role of teachers in shaping the lives of students. They highlighted the importance of Teacher's day and its rich history. Then the students from the various departments of the Technical set-up, RAC, electrical, 4- wheeler, Yamaha, and hotel management entertained the audience with their performance. Sequeira regaled the crowd with an old Hindi medley.   
In his vote of thanks, Gade stressed that "Teachers are the real shapers of the future and building blocks of the country. They shape the student life, who are ultimately the future of the country. Teachers are the nation-builders by building the future of citizens living in the country."  
"Teaching is the most influential job in the world. Teachers are known to shape the mind of youth and without knowledge, no one can exist in this world. The teacher imparts good value in children and turns them into responsible citizens. So, almost every country celebrates Teacher's day," Samuel D'Souza,  a student, said.


by BIS Correspondent

MUMBAI, SEP 6, 2018: Shelter Don Bosco in collaboration with the management students of Khalsa College celebrated Teacher's Day on September 5, at the Wadala-based Shelter. 

Forty students from Khalsa College and 50 boys from Shelter – that study in different schools in the vicinity - were part of the celebrations to honour their teachers.

In addition to a cultural programme, the highlight of the event was felicitation of the teachers. Boys took the initiative to introduce their teachers and explained what made them special. The caretakers and Salesians of Shelter Don Bosco were felicitated as they impart knowledge and values to children.

Three wristwatches were given to the boys for their outstanding performance in the monthly assessment programme, the study-a-thon for August 2018. The categories included the highest score, greatest efforts, maximum learning.  The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Father Gregory D'Almeida, Rector of Shelter Don Bosco. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


by Ramona Crasto 
KUWAIT, SEP 4, 2018: To appreciate and celebrate the role of teachers in society, the Salmiya Parish Youth (SPY) organised a Teachers Day event at the St. Therese of Child Jesus Church on September 1. 
Thirty-seven teachers from various schools in Kuwait attended the event, which followed the theme, 'a regular school day with a slight twist for the teachers'. 
The event began with a prayer for teachers followed by a tailor-made pledge for every teacher, as they stood at arm's length from each other resembling a morning school assembly. The SPY core members led by Father Lionel Braganza performed a musical comedy to the tunes of Band in Kayano in orchestra style, imitating instruments with their mouth and gestures. 
The teachers, joined by Father Blany Pinto and Father Derrick Misquitta, were then divided into groups namely - the legends, compass box, tiffin box, and cane. Youth members stood in as teachers for different subjects namely English, Social Sciences, Maths, Science and General Knowledge, and held a 'Are you smarter than a fifth grader?' quiz for each of those subjects. 
Physical training is every student's delight. The youth kept the teachers warmed up and on their toes with a session of dance aerobics, rolling back the years to their own school days. "The teachers day programme was surely one to remember. Teachers, though being a pivotal part of our lives, are the most under-appreciated. So to be here and make this event an enjoyable one for them was a token of our gratitude," Sherissa Fernandes, a SPY youth member, said. "For me, the part which I will absolutely not forget was the quiz; it was funny to see our teachers on the answering side of the table." 
Snacks were distributed in a tiffin box. Father Pinto, the parish priest, proposed the vote of thanks.  The teachers were presented with a 'Teachers Survival Kit' - a little cloth bag filled with goodies. "As one of the organizers of Teachers Day, it was my privilege and pride to be able to give back to these teachers for the little things that they have taught us, that help us in our day to day lives," Paloma D'sa, a SPY animator, said. 
The teachers were grateful to SPY as they continue to inspire the youth through various events and encourage them to be a part of the church youth group. Naty Gonsalves, one of the teachers present, said, "A big thank you and God's abundant blessings to all the members of the SPY committee for making us feel special. It is students like you who brighten our day and reward our effort. God's choicest blessings always." 


by Father Leon Rodrigues

NASHIK, SEP 4, 2018: In preparation for Boscoree 2018-2019, a two-day seminar for the Rovers and Rangers of the province of Mumbai was conducted at Divyadaan, Nashik in collaboration with the Don Bosco High School and Junior College community on September 1 and 2. 

The Planning Committee headed by Father Glenn Lowe conducted the seminar for five different institutions of the province, namely Don Bosco Nashik, Don Bosco Naigaon, Don Bosco Lonavla, Don Bosco Alirajpur and Don Bosco Dakor. 
Zahid Qureshi, the training in charge for institutes and schools from Bandra to Andheri, who is also India's first bungee jumper and certified mountaineer, was the main resource person for the event. 

The Rovers and Rangers, at the start, were introduced to Boscoree by Father Lowe and were informed about the significance of their role in the organisation of Boscoree. Quereshi, then helped them understand the nuances of their role. He aptly guided them through a revision of scouting and guiding. He also conducted varied sessions on the duties they would have to perform during the Boscoree.    

The 13th National Boscoree, an all India gathering of scouts and guides, is slated to be held in December 2018.


by Brother Jittin Mathew and Eustace Fernandes 
MUMBAI, September 03, 2018:  The tune of 'Govinda ala re' echoed across Bosco Boys campus in Borivli, as over 100 govindas played 'matkifod' on the account of Janmashthami festival on September 3.

Residential and technical students participated in the outdoor cultural activity, with the youth playing out the legend by becoming  'Govindas' and ascending a human pyramid to break the handis.  Two milk, curd and butter filled and beautifully decorated handis were hung in the open area of Bosco Boys Home. The handis were tied 12 meters above the ground; each to be broken by the technical students and the boys of the orphanage.

Explaining the importance of the occasion, Krishna Sharma from the Home, said, "The festival gets this popular regional name from the legend of baby Krishna. According to it, he would seek and steal milk products such as yogurt and butter and people would hide their supplies high up out of the baby's reach. Krishna would try all sorts of creative ideas in his pursuit, such as making human pyramids with his friends to break these high hanging pots."

Datta Gade, a staff member, added, "It was an occasion of fun and frolic, an absolutely exhilarating time for all the dancing and frolicking young Govindas of Bosco Boys Home as well for the management and staff. The upbeat mood for the Dahi Handi celebration was all set by feet tapping songs and the festive wear in which the young students were decked up! Not only did they dance and sing to the tune with their staff but also enjoyed the traditional food distributed by the well-wishers."

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


by Christy Jagdish 
MUMBAI, SEP 3, 2018: Students from standard three of Matunga-based Don Bosco High School celebrated Cultural Day – a day which motivates children to be confident before an audience – on September 1.
The programme began on a humorous note with two students dressed as grandparents, mimicking their mannerisms and extending a hearty welcome to the guests in the audience. The students then invoked God's blessings on the assembly through a prayer dance.
An action song 'Long live love' by the students of standard 3 C prompted parents to shake a leg and involve themselves in the day's proceedings. A skit through song and dance was then enacted by the students of class 3 D on the theme of the day 'Helping Hands make good neighbours'.  
The Rector, Father Crispino D'Souza while addressing the gathering said, "We need to take care of each other. There is a God up above who cares for us." 
The execution of the day's programme highlighted the importance of teamwork. The Principal, Father Bernard Fernandes echoed these thoughts in his speech while congratulating the entire team for the performance. 
"We thoroughly enjoyed our Cultural Day. We realised the importance of teamwork. A sincere thank you to all our teachers!" Ayaan Rao, a student of standard 3 A, said. 


by Brother Joyston Machado

PUNE, SEP 3, 2018: Hundred Catholic youth from across the Diocese of Pune attended a spiritual day entitled 'Don Bosco and Discernment' at Don Bosco Youth Center (DBYC) in Koregaon Park, Pune on September 2. 
The event commenced with a welcome note by the Vice Rector of Don Bosco Youth Center, Father Briston Britto. Father Stanley, the youth director of the Diocese of Pune was also present. 
The youth were divided into groups for an ice-breaker session. The day comprised of praise and worship, question and answer session - dealing with topics such as morality, young people, spirituality, Church, family, communication and other spontaneous questions from the gathering. 
Father Stanley then celebrated the Holy Eucharist. Father Briston Britto was the main preacher. He dwelt on the life of Don Bosco and the call to imitate this saint in striving towards perfection.   
The brothers then conducted a short, yet meaningful mime-cum-dance session. The event ended with the distribution of prizes for the games, along with a wristband entitled 'Don Bosco needs you' to every participant. DBYC brothers continue to inspire the youth through different events, and encourage them to participate and be a part of the youth group in their various parishes. 
"Bosco Carnivale was an event conducted with the purpose to strive to celebrate youthfulness and a moment to help youngsters discern their true calling. The topics handled during the question and answer sessions were youth-centric, and relevant to issues and predicaments we have to face on a daily basis," Brother Bosco, the coordinator, said. 
Anjali, a youth from Saint Anne's Parish, Pune, added, "The games that were chosen and the presence of brothers animating the games helped me to look at the day with a very different view. I sincerely appreciate the organisers and members of DBYC."