Monday, February 28, 2011


Dakshayani Madangopal
Maria Ashiana, Lonavala, celebrated its sixth Annual Day with gaiety and enthusiasm on February 27, 2011. Families, friends and well-wishers constituted the large assemblage of guests. Faye Thomas from RMIT University, Australia was the Chief Guest on this glorious occasion which witnessed a marvelous exposition of music and dance by the participants.
One of the highlights of the day was the release of the book “Marginal Zones” authored by Dr. Barnabe D’Souza, sdb and Dakshayani Madangopal. An insightful and social-scientific analysis of the problems of development-induced displacement in Mumbai, this, the fifteenth publication of the Don Bosco Research Centre, is the culmination of an international project promoted by the International Federation of Catholic Universities in partnership with twelve Universities in Asia, the Near East and Latin America. Fr. Cletus D’ Souza, Rector of Don Bosco School, Lonavala, while releasing the book, commended the Don Bosco Research Centre for its fifteen publications and for being the only NGO associated with this University collaboration. He also said that the book was a masterpiece on displacement as it gave a positive view of displacement. By focusing upon youth and women, this book presents the voices of a hitherto neglected segment of society in a way that reflects the subtle nuances of the experiences of the displaced. Fr. Cletus spoke about both the authors and was impressed with the work coming out of the Research Centre.
The cultural event showcased new emerging artists who mesmerized the audience with a brilliant display of talent. The culinary delights that were served all added up to a truly memorable occasion.


Dakshayani Madangopal
LONAVALA, FEBRUARY 28, 2011: The Maria Ashiana Therapeutic Centre celebrated its Annual Thanksgiving Day on February 27, 2011. This colorful and entertaining program was witnessed by over three hundred guests.

The celebrations commenced on a sporting note, with a cricket championship for boys and a throw ball tournament for girls. In the boys’ cricket championship, the boys of Pangoli -Kunegaon showed their class as they won the championship, piping Snehasadan. The Samparc girls showed that they were a force to be reckoned with as they easily won the throw ball championship, defeating Natural Education. Nine NGOs took active part in the tournament matches.

With that over, the guests sat down to a sumptuous lunch cooked by the parishioners of Lonavala, who also helped in the umpiring of the matches. The Don Bosco Lonavala boys helped maintain discipline besides playing in the band.

The cultural program that followed saw a marvelous exhibition of talent by boys and girls from eleven NGOs. The Chief Guest, Mrs. Faye Thomas from RMIT University, Australia, reminded the boys how lucky they were to have such a dedicated staff. She exhorted the boys to continue dreaming their dreams as there were always some people who wanted to help them realize those dreams. Each and every boy of Maria Ashiana participated in a catwalk, where the compere narrated the dreams and ambitions of each, along with some insights into their character. Each boy who had successfully completed the MA program were given certificates along with prizes for the various competitions held during the Don Bosco month.


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 28, 2011: The North Mumbai Suburban Bharat Scouts and Guides District Association had organized ‘Thinking Day’ in memory of Lord Baden Powell on his birth anniversary. It was celebrated on February 22 at Don Bosco Edu-care Complex. Shri. Gopal Shetty, Mr. Kale, Mr. Shah and many of the district commissioners graced the occasion with their presence. About four hundred scouts and guides from fourteen schools participated in the event.
The ‘Thinking Day’ began with the hoisting of the Bharat Scouts and Guides Flag and paying homage to it. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp to invoke God’s blessings. Once the ‘Thinking Day’ was declared open by Mr. Shah everyone witnessed the fabulous march-past by different schools. Later, various competitions were held in which all the scouts and guides actively participated keeping in mind the spirit of Scouting. The competitions held were as follows: Best Scout/Guide, Best Rajya Puraskar Scout/Guide, Best Patrol, First Aid, Pioneering Project, Best out of Waste and Rangoli.

Experienced officials in the field of Scouting and Guiding judged the various competitions. After all the activities, the most-awaited Prize Distribution ceremony took place. Our school bagged the following prizes: a Gold medal in Pioneering Project and Best out of Waste and a Silver medal in First Aid.

The ‘Thinking Day’ was a grand success. The efforts put in by Sir Mark and Sir Nelson bore fruit. The event inspired more students to actively participate in the Scout/Guide Movement keeping in mind the Scout/Guide Motto: ‘Be Prepared’.


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 28, 2011: Three months ago, hundred students from the tribal village of Jawahar Whada, Nashik and Amravati were welcomed for training by Don Bosco Training Institute. The training program by MoRD and BASE was for the Below Poverty Line Youth in Hotel Management, Automobile and Welding.
Around eighty three students who successfully completed their three months training were felicitated with a certificate on February 26, 2011. This day will always be remembered by these students who came into the Institute as caterpillars and now turned into beautiful butterflies ready to explore in the cooperate world. The function started at 3.00 pm with the welcoming of the Chief Guests Mr. Bernard D’souza Executive Assistant Manager (F&B) The Club, Mr. Shashi Misra HR Manager The Club, Mr. Baburao Ghorpade CDO (BMC), Mrs. Verma (Social Worker), and Fr. Anthony Santarita Director Don Bosco Technical Training Institute.
Fr. Anthony Santrita thanked all those who were supporting this project and wished the students success in their journey of life. Mr. Bernard D’Souza expressed his gratitude and thanked the Institute for all the support that The Club received from November to February where students of Don Bosco Technical Training Institute helped for banquet functions. One student from each domain shared their experience. A Lavani dance was performed by a student, which was very entertaining.
The students were then presented with the certificates. Apart from their domain training students also received pan cards, driving license, gymnasium (special trainer), picnic, Christmas/New Year party, Bosco Nite, sports day, exhibition, and music class. Dayanand Patil, Coordinator Development Office, thanked the trainers Sachin Pyati, Sanjay Mehta, Raju Jaiswal, Premnath Shinde and Patrick Corda for the success of the second MoRD Batch.


Cl. Rudolf D’souza sdb
DIVYADAAN, FEBRUARY 28, 2011: Fr. Barnabe D’souza along with Ms. Dakshayini Madangopal and Ms. Snehal D’souza from Don Bosco Research and Documentation Centre, Mumbai, conducted a two day seminar on Social Research Methodology for the second year students of B.Ph. on February 25 and February 26, 2011. The seminar intended to introduce the brothers to the field of social research, its relevance in the apostolic religious life and how it can help focus or direct the activities of the individual and communities. Fr. Barnabe introduced the topic on day one, stressing on the different aspects of the term ‘research’ and how it influences our daily lives. The brothers were initiated to choose from any of the four groups, comprising of street hawkers/vendors, auto drivers, street dwellers and college youth and conduct a research on a topic that influences these groups. The brothers were given two hours in the afternoon to get on the field and interview their subjects on their own. They were guided by the resource persons on developing the right questions and implementing the right tools in collecting the data.
The research was conducted with great enthusiasm and the brothers returned to collate and evaluate the data collected, the experience of meeting and interacting with people. The data collected, though little helped to focus on social issues and also to formulate practical solutions to deal with them.
The second day involved topics on Relevance and Analyses of Social Research taken by Ms. Dakshayini. The brothers learnt how to evaluate the effectiveness of their research and also how to construct a cause-effect analysis design which will help to pinpoint the problem. The brothers also learnt to critically review the research done by their peers as well as their own. They learnt to prepare a report that provides not only quantitative data but also qualitative information of the subjects complete with the researcher’s reflections, comments and suggestions for further research. The brothers were also introduced to Ethics in Social Research. This helped to realize that the subjects of any research need to be informed and their consent acquired. Confidentiality is another key feature which needs to be respected. Finally, all researches are encouraged to be participatory.
The seminar ended with the hope that the skills learnt could be implemented by brothers in their apostolate helping them to enrich their respective experiences and also enhancing their future apostolic prospects.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 26, 2011: A very popular saying found in most of the wine shops “God made wine and Man named it”. On February 25, 2011 Don Bosco Technical Training Institute arranged a two hours session in Wine Training, a programme conducted by UB Groups & Tulleho Beverage Innovations supported by Four Seasons Hotel Pvt Ltd. which was out of generosity.

The session began at 11.00 am. Sixty five students of Sankalp Batch-4 attended the session; it was for the first time that an external training that too, in wines was conducted in the institute. Mr. Clive Castelino, Training Manager- Wines of UB Group United Spirits Limited started the session with a power point presentation on wines, he explained what is wine, types of wine, viniculture, soil, how to taste wine, etc. after the presentation it was time for the wine bottles to be opened. Sixty glasses of white wine and red wine were ready and the students were just waiting to sip the wine. When all the students had a glass in their hands Mr. Clive informed them to take it easy and relish every drop of the wine, he showed them the following steps the three-S’s which is See, Swirl, and Sip. The moment they finished swirling they just sipped it. The expression on their faces was worth seeing. Every one enjoyed the training, more than that they enjoyed drinking it. A vote of thanks was given to the trainers on behalf of Fr. Anthony Santarita Director of the institute.

“Come to me all those who are thirsty” and I will give you Wine was the words of Fr. Anthony Santarita.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Francis Waghmare
GOA, FEBRUARY 24, 2011: Goa University Marathi Department held a two day seminar cum discussion on the Kristapurana of Fr. Thomas Stephens (1549-1619) from February 18 -19, 2011 at the Goa University Administrative Block Auditorium. It was a joint venture of Goa Vidyappeth Marathi Department and Don Bosco, Nashik. The theme of the seminar was: “Kristapurana: Father Thomasviracit Kristapurana va tya Kavyagranthace Fr. Nelson Falcao hyani kelele Arvacinikarana – Rashtriya Carcasatra” (Kristapurana of Father Thomas Stephens and the translation done by Fr. Nelson Falcao, sdb Volume of Poetry – A National Seminar). The University Hall was filled to capacity, which showed the great response from many intellectuals who gathered at the Goa University from far and near, and also from other Universities and Colleges.
There were eminent speakers both from the Christian as well as from Goa University. The whole Seminar was in Marathi. From the Christian side, the speakers and the themes of their talks were as follows: Fr. Dr. Nelson Falcao, sdb (Main Talk of the Seminar on “Mi Kristapuranace kelelya Sampadanace Svarupa va Kristapuranatil Samskritikaranaci Tatve,” – The Form of the Translation and Edition of the Kristapurana done by me and the Principles of Inculturation in the Kristapurana), Rev. Fr. Francis de Britto (“Bible and the Kristapurana”), Prof. Padmashree Suresh Gundu Amonkar (“Father Thomas Stephens and his Kristapurana – Some Observations”), Prof. Dr. S.M. Tadkodkar, HOD Marathi Department, Goa University (“Kristapurana, a Root Volume in Marathi Language”), Prof. Dr. Vedashree Thigale (“The Literary Beauty of the Kristapurana”), Prof. Dr. Ramakant Karad (“Social Aspects in the Kristapurana”), Prof. Dr. Yesadas Bhadke (“Study of the Stylistics of the Kristapurana”), Prof. Dr. Kalyan Kale (Ex-HOD Marathi Dept. Pune University - “Various Editions of the Kristapurana and Linguistics”), Prof. Sunita Sunil Umrasakar (“The Form of the Christian Literature of Gomantak”).
Prof. Dr. K. Shripad Bhat, Literary Head of the University, affirmed that the Kristapurana written in Marathi and translated by Fr. Dr. Nelson Falcao in contemporary Marathi is both, enriching the language as well as reaching to the people. He said that the Kristapurana after its translation into English within a few months by Fr. Dr. Nelson Falcao will cut across all cultures, traditions and religions. Prof. Dr. Vasudev Sawant, Ex-HOD of Marathi Department, Goa University, stated that the Kristapurana is a symbol of openness, broad-mindedness and inter-religious dialogue. He also greatly recognized the fact that in the Kristapurana, the Great Christian Biblical Epic, the Greco-Hebrew and post-Tridentine Christian message has been expressed and interpreted in Hindu-Vaishnavaite tradition. The significant words of late Dr. S.G. Tulpule were quoted more than once, i.e., that through the writing of the life of Christ in Hindu-Vaishnavaite, what is constructed is a Hindu temple but the Deity inside is Christ (‘Murti Khristaci, Mandira Hinduce’).
At the Valedictory function of the two-day seminar, Dr. Fr. Nelson Falcao gave the concluding words. He affirmed the urgent need of communication and dialogue between religions, cultures, languages, people and nations. Fr. Nelson stated that the basis and foundation of inter-religious dialogue is the fact that no religion and no person have the monopoly of the knowledge and experience of God. God is beyond all knowledge; He is a mystery. We have to keep seeking, finding, recognizing and experiencing God in every person and in every religion. In trying to do that we have to love one another since we are in God and God is in us.


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, FEBRUARY 24, 2011: On February 23, 2011, at 8:00am American Consul along with his colleagues visited Shelter Don Bosco.
There was a lot of interaction between the boys and the animating team. The event was well planned. The boys were divided into four teams in two categories according to their age.  They whole heartedly participated and co-operated with the animating team. There were various activities in art therapy, art and craft workshop, and individual activities concentrating on personality development and team work. The boys were overwhelmed by the various activities. The joy and optimism was clearly seen on their faces.  The visitors brought mouth watering snacks for the boys and presented them with many sports equipments.
The participation of the boys was well appreciated by the Consul and his team. The Shelter boys performed a dance which was greatly appreciated by the visitors. The Consul thanked the shelter management, staff and boys for their hospitality.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Student of Class VIII

NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: Our school was fortunate to have its first Value Education Orientation program. Fr. Glenford Lowe and Mr. Rochwyn Fernandes from AVEC had come to animate the session for us. The students from Std VII – IX participated in the sessions.

Our session began at 8.30 am with the prayer song ‘Dil Ke Mandir’. Mr. Rochwyn conducted the breathing exercises to relax our body completely. Fr. Glenn Lowe with the help of a ‘crumpled hundred rupee note’ made us realize that each and every one of us, however torn or soiled, still has great value. Through a variety of small but very reflective exercises, he helped us to move from living a ‘quantitative life’ to a more ‘qualitative life’. He helped us to have the courage to re-set the clock of our daily lives and to invest it on things that are really important and meaningful. He showed us that we all have four S's in our life. We are all sexual beings, sensual beings, social beings and sacred beings. Care for ‘self’ would involve caring on all these four dimensions. With the help of some captivating video clips we were able to learn the great values of life.

He ended his Value Education session by giving us Twelve Tips on how to live our lives based on good values. He invited us to be Climbers in life and to never quit or camp along the journey of


Loreen Fernandes
To commemorate the silver jubilee of his priestly ordination, Rev. Fr. Augustine Pereira, our assistant Parish Priest, celebrated the evening Eucharist as a thanksgiving on February 20, 2011. We were privileged to have Fr. Michael Fernandes, our Provincial and Fr. Bonnie Borges the Vice-Rector and the Principal, both of whom were also felicitated on the occasion of their silver jubilee anniversaries.
Fr. Augustine thanked God for the gift of priesthood bestowed on him and expressed his sense of fulfillment as a Salesian Priest. Fr. Michael commended him for his faithfulness to his regular prayer time and his strong sense of self-discipline.
Our Parish Priest in his brief address to the three priests, paid rich tributes to their virtues, which are being fully utilized in their respective ministries. As a token of deep appreciation, floral tributes were presented by parishioners to the three priests. Rev. Fr. Augustine’s brother presented a brief vote of thanks on behalf of the family members, who attended the Eucharist in large numbers.
We assure you Fr. Michael, Fr. Augustine and Fr. Bonnie, of our prayerful support as you continue your apostolic work and labour selflessly in the vineyard of the Lord.


Wilfred D’Souza sdb
: The North (East) Mumbai Deanery had organized Faith Celebration Day, for the Sunday school children of six different parishes. Hundred and thirty seven children of Stds. VII & VIII along with fifteen teachers came together on February 20, 2011 at Don Bosco, Matunga.

The programme was held from 9 am to 1 pm. Fr. Wilfred welcomed the gathering. The celebration began with a meaningful Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Brian wherein he summarized and emphasized several points about discovering one’s meaning and purpose in life. The liturgy was well prepared by Mr. Lloyd Nunes with participation of all the parishes. The backdrop was very well designed by Our Lady of Lourdes, Sion.

After a good snack break, the children proceeded to make their presentations on the projects which they had studied through the year: Pollution, Inequality, Poverty, Leadership, Bonded Labor, and Housing.

Soon after this, there followed the quiz session, which was based on the books and personages of the Bible which they had studied during the year. The children were very attentive and actively participated in responding to the questions asked.  Ms. Sheryl Dalgado was the compere for the programme.

At the end Fr. Wilfred appreciated the magnificent efforts of the teachers and students


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: On February 17, Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul held its first football tournament. A total of eight schools participated in the tournament. They were – St. Xavier’s School, Nerul, St. Augustine’s School, Nerul, Lokmanya Tilak English School, Chembur, RMV School, Ryan International, Sanpada, Vishwa Bharati School, Bal Bharati School, Kharghar and our very own Don Bosco School, Nerul.

It was a knockout tournament comprising of seven matches (four quarterfinal, two semi-finals, and one final). Lokmanya Tilak English School, Bal Bharati School, RMV School and Don Bosco School were the four semi-finalist. The first semi-final was between RMV and Don Bosco School. Don Bosco won the semi-final bout and eventually entered the finals. The second semi-final was between Bal Bharati and Lokmanya Tilak English School, was won by Bal Bharati School. The final match played between Don Bosco and Bal Bharati School started at 3.30pm. Bal Bharati School won the finals.

Kane Josh, defender of Bal Bharati was declared the player of the tournament and certainly made history on this Don Bosco ground. The chief guest in the morning was Fr. Brian. The chief guest in the evening was Mr. Khanna, the owner of Khanna sports. All the final participants were offered ten percent discount in Khanna Sports.

As it was the first tournament hosted by Don Bosco, it was certainly morale–boosting tournament.


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: The students of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, went for a field trip on February 18, 2011.

Classes I and II visited the Rock Garden in Nerul, where they learnt about the various kinds of medicinal plants and the nursery. A rose garden in its premises attracted the kids. The children enjoyed themselves.

Classes III and IV visited the Central Park at Kharghar. The park is a blend of landscape and urban design, intended to provide an excellent place for active and passive recreation. It is spread over an area of around eighty Ha in sectors twenty three, twenty four and twenty five.

Classes V and VI visited Anantasaram located at Yeoor near Thane. The children were informed about the various medicinal trees such as Amla, Reetha and others used in shampoos. The children were then taken to a village to see the village life.

Classes VII, VIII and IX went to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park via Thane, Yeoor. As they entered the park, they were asked to be quiet as their voices could be heard to a radius of one kilometre in the forest and alert the animals. Children were divided into three groups. In the park there were many boards that described the various birds, flowers and animals. The children were fascinated as they walked in the park.

All the students had fun, and learnt something new about nature.


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: Fr. Savio Silveira and his assistant had organized a discussion for students of our school on February 15. He discussed about 'Environment and the ways to conserve it'. As the discussion started, Father asked the students what they knew about the environment, how they were dependent on it and how they could conserve it.

Then, the students were divided into groups of four according to their houses and were given charts to depict the ways to conserve our environment in our own little ways. Two members from each group came forward and explained their charts to everyone. Before they concluded the discussion, the students were shown a power point presentation on how to reduce the carbon footprints which are made due to human activities. The students were made aware of the different schools that have started using different ways to conserve the environment. He asked the students to give him the commitment that they would take it seriously.

Keeping this in mind, the students decided to make an environmental club and they hope that they would be successful in conserving the environment


NERUL, FEBRUARY 23, 2011: The Catholic students of classes VII to IX had their annual recollection on February 17, animated by Fr. Brian Moras.  The session began with a few minutes of silence where the students recalled the many blessings which God had bestowed upon them.  It was also a time when they reflected on the love of God for each one of them. 
Fr. Brian was very friendly towards the students, as he was a very familiar person to all of them. He helped them reflect on simple things in a very innovative and challenging manner.
After the meditation, Fr. Brian told us a true story of a person, Nick, who from the time of his birth, was rejected by his own parents because he didn’t have hands and limbs.  He was fed up of his life and when he decided to end his useless life, God revealed his plan for Nick.  He now goes round the world, preaching about God and the lesson of perseverance and determination.
The story of Nick not only made the students realize how fortunate they were, but also taught them not to give up.  They also saw a few video clippings of Nick.  After a short break, Fr. Brian began the second part of the recollection, telling the students about the importance of prayer.  The recollection ended with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Brian wherein he spoke about vocation and God’s plan for each one of us, which we need to find out and answer honestly to his call.  During the sermon, he spoke about the lives of the religious and urged all the students to think about their future carefully.  At the end of the recollection, we felt encouraged and inspired to choose the right vocation in our lives, according to the plan of God.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 22, 2011: The birthday of Robert Baden Powell, the founder of scouting movement was celebrated with much animation in Don Bosco High School, Borivli, on February 22, 2011.

The program began with the hoisting of the Bharat scouts and Guides flag, followed by the singing of the prayer and flag song. A couple of speeches delivered by the scouts enhanced our knowledge on this movement. A patriotic dance and song was an icing on the cake.

A small skit highlighting the duties of a scout was presented very efficiently. It was nice to see the scouts of std. IX actively participate in building the tents, pioneering gadgets, and making miniature projects. All these projects were displayed for the other class boys to witness.

It was indeed a splendid effort on the part of our scout masters, sir Nelson and sir Mark to have taken up this mission. One could see the curiosity on the faces of the younger students as they learned some new concepts and improved their familiarity about scouting.

We also seized this opportunity to felicitate the eight boys who participated in the Jamboree at Hyderabad and the other scouts who attended the Boscoree. The function ended with an advice from our manager and our dear Principal to all the scouts to live up to the ideals of scouting.

Good going scouters!!!! Keep it up!


Geraldine Rodrigues

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 22, 2011: February 20, 2011, was a special day for twenty five of our young angels who experienced Jesus for the first time in their lives. All that they had studied and practiced with the help of their teachers Mrs. Idalina Samuel, Durran D’mello and Alston D’Silva, really brought about a change and has given a new meaning to the Eucharist in their lives.

The children also made beautiful screen painted images of the Chalice and the Host, as their contribution in decorating the church. Our main celebrant and Parish Priest, Fr. Ronald Menezes gave an inspiring homily on the Bread of Life, where he spoke, on how the Living Bread satisfies our inner hunger, how we break bread and share it in a community and how after partaking of the Eucharist we need to go out into the world and make a difference. Praising Jesus for coming into their heart, the children performed a beautiful action song entitled, “Jesus is wonderful, Jesus is mine”.

Congratulations to all the catechists, for the hard work put in, so that it could be a memorable day for our children.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Moneel, Vardhaman and Purav
WADALA, FEBRUARY 21, 2011: On February 17, 2011, the Green Line team headed by Fr. Savio Silveira paid a visit to St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, to view the progress of the Green Schools’ campaign, and also to conduct a short program for the leaders of the school. The primary goal of this entire exercise was to make our school as eco-friendly as possible.

The interactive sessions of the program provided the participants an opportunity to come out with creative and innovative ideas and techniques to promote an eco-friendly environment in our school and neighborhood. Innovative and tested techniques such as rainwater harvesting, cultivating terrace gardens, designing wider and larger windows that would reduce the usage of electricity, and the use of solar panels came up for discussion. We were encouraged to take up the challenge to implement these methods and spread this awareness to save our planet from further destruction.

An efficacious power-point presentation on the carbon footprints that shorten our lives was an eye-opener and a reminder to us that a concerted effort to bring about a change in our lifestyle is the need of the hour to preserve the environment from further destruction. And we ought to be the leaders of this change.


Neelam Rodrigues
 BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 21, 2011: The management and staff of Don Bosco, Borivli, went to Green Hills Resort, Nalla sopara, on Friday, February 18, 2011. The day began on an exciting note with all the teachers geared up for an exhilarating time. It was nice to see the teachers giggle away their blues, as they sang some memorable numbers on their way to the picnic spot. On reaching there, we were amazed to see the huge trees that shadowed the site. A sumptuous breakfast was served. It was then time for a dip into the pool. The young ones of the lot and the enthusiastic members made a bee line for the pool. While they enjoyed in the waters, the older group danced their way around the pool on some foot tapping music. It felt really good to see some of our teachers gyrate to the rhythmic beats of latest Bollywood songs.
While the groups were entertaining themselves, another small group was busy preparing to “punch” the crowd. Armed with knives and boards, they sat in one corner squashing out juices from the fruits to make some mouth watering fruit punch. Further, we played some games and won prizes. It felt good to see the teachers enjoy themselves.

The food served was equally delicious and filling. With another round of housie, it was time to move. However much we wanted to stay back, we had to leave. With a heavy heart and a hot cup of tea, we were ready to march back.

It was truly a very engaging day. With the amount of work that the teachers put in and the stress they undergo, after all break to Banta Hai Na!!!!!!


Sandhya Jain
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 21, 2011: The Red House Boys celebrated the Shivaji week from February 14 to February 18, 2011, following the ideas of Swarajya. The badges, Red Rose and Red Smilie spread the fragrance of love to smiling hearts.

The characters Jijabai, Shivaji and Dadaji Konddev enhanced the parade in the primary section. The mavlas rejoiced at the beat of lezims.

The values of brotherhood, valor and spirit of co-operation were taught through charts and flash cards.

Above all, we love one and we love all was the message given by the Red House Boys.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Marina D’souza
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 17, 2011: Innovative Council for English Scholarship exams were held in December 2010, for students from std. III to VII. We are proud to announce that sixteen boys from our school featured on the Merit List. Our school was awarded the best school award on February 16, 2011 at Mahakavi Kalidas Natya Mandir, P.K.Road, Mulund (W).

Master Mihir Vahanwala from std. V stood first and Master Shourish Khade from std. IV stood second in the overall performance.

Well done boys!


BARODA, FEBRUARY 17, 2011: Don Bosco Parish, Makarpura celebrated the feast of St. John Bosco and also the Parish Family Day. The Feast Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Pablo Gil S.J. and concelebrated by Fr. Joel, Fr. Lawrence, Fr. P.D. Matthew, Fr. Lester, Fr. Byron, Fr. Tony and the Parish Priest Fr. Nelson. The celebration took place on the lawn behind the church which accommodated all the families of the parish.
The mass was followed by a cultural program. The M.C.s for the evening Fredrick Lawrence and Jaya Rajan, welcomed the Chief Guest Rev Fr. Pablo, the other priests, sisters and all those present. Every event needs to start by invoking God's blessing and so did it here. The program began with a prayer dance by the little girls of Missionaries of Charity. The youngest of them all, then welcomed Fr. Pablo with a garland.

The MCs, who entered on the title song of DON, entertained the audience with Shayaris and jokes.
The Auxilium Convent girls lit up the stage with their Gujarati folk dance. This added essence to the evening, with the flavor of our homeland- Gujarat. The youth of the parish then enacted a skit with a beautiful message. The doctor of the play operated the patient and removed all vices from him and instilled virtues instead. He finished the surgery with the stitches of Prayer. The play was the creativity of Mr. Henry D’souza.

Proving that a well choreographed dance can be viewed not only on television, the Snehalaya Boys added more life to the evening with rocking dance on remix of Bollywood numbers. This was professionally choreographed by Monty from Snehalaya.The Prize Distribution ceremony followed, where the winners of the Marian Quiz and the Crib Competition were felicitated. There were surprise prizes for the toppers of SSC and HSC (science and commerce).

The program ended with a speech and a vote of thanks by the parish priest Fr. Nelson. All present, then joined in the meal as one parish family. It was a memorable day for all the parishioners of Don Bosco, Baroda.


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 17, 2011: It is really impressive to have a student of our school bag laurels. Mst. Kunj Rawani, of std. VIII stood first in the ISP squash carnival 2011, sponsored by the Minute Maid. He won this award in the under-15 category. This tournament was held at the Juhu Gymkhana. Seven hundred and twelve students of different schools had participated. Having started at a very early age of seven, it is really notable that Kunj has so far received thirty awards in different categories. It is indeed remarkable of Kunj.

As we congratulate him on his victory, we also pray to the Almighty to give him the grace to continue in these competitions and keep winning all the way.


Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 17, 2011: The staff and the students of Don Bosco, Borivli, bid a fond farewell to our dear students of std. X on February 15, 2011. The program began with a grand entry of the students along with their respective class teachers on the beats of lezium. It was really nice to see the teachers shower them literally with petals as they entered the venue hall.

A meaningful prayer service brought a very solemn mood at the beginning of the agenda. The students and the teachers prayed for the guests of the day, to give them the strength and the power to face the challenges ahead in their lives. The boys were further inspired by a very rousing talk delivered by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes. A few melodious songs and some foot tapping dances added spice to the event. The audience burst into laughter on seeing a spoof on the famous serial C.I.D. The next to follow was the distribution of gifts to our dear boys as a token of our love and the beautiful memories they shared with us.

Finally, the time came when we had to say a bitter- sweet good- bye to those lovable minds whom we nurtured for twelve long years. However much we want them to be with us, they have to leave. But the journey has not ended; they have only encountered a milestone in their lives.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Jimson Lopes
MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 16, 2011: Joy was visible on the faces of the participants of the two Self Help Groups (SHGs) from REAP (Reach Education Action Programme) an NGO based at Thane, as the women gathered on the campus of Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL) on January 19, 2011 to be certified on Culinary skills.

The Director of REAP Fr. Trevor Miranda, sj was present along with nineteen women at the felicitation programme coordinated by Mr. Jimson Lopes, Field Coordinator - DBIT under the guidance of Mr. Lavy A. D’Costa. A total of thirty women had successfully completed the culinary course.

The highlight of the afternoon was a PowerPoint presentation capturing the intensity of the culinary skills the women developed during the five-day program, the two groups spent at DBCL in April and July, 2010.

A plan was in place to have a novel way of celebrating the event. Each of these women cooked a dish at their home and brought it along to the function. An observation must be made that the training though only for a five-day period had not gone waste. Innovation in each of these dishes was the key and these women went well beyond the recipes they had been trained on. It was a feeling of community as one and all shared the meals cooked.

The Chief Guest Mr. Xavier Fernandes, Principal of St. Joseph’s ITI while distributing the certificates cheered every participant on the dishes prepared that depicted splendor, colour and taste. The win-win situation for DBCL, REAP and the SHGs was that the women were geared to turn into entrepreneurs. As an outcome of the training, it was heartening to hear that one of the SHGs had received an order for ten thousand modaks - Empowerment of the Highest Order!!!


Crystal D’Mello
BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 16, 2011: February 13, 2011, was indeed an auspicious and memorable day for thirty one candidates of St. John Bosco parish. It was the day when they received the ‘Sacrament of Confirmation’ – the gift of the Holy Spirit during the 9.30am Mass.
The preparation for this occasion began almost a year back and reached its peak during the penultimate week before the big day. The requisite curriculum was covered and was also followed by a written examination. On this special day, we along with our parents entered the church in procession. Bishop Percival was the main celebrant. Joining him was our Parish Priest, Rev.Fr. Ronnie and five other priests. The homily of Bishop Percival was quite inspiring. He stressed on two important points namely, character and faith. According to him, these are our assets and it should be preserved in all walks of life. After the renewal of the Baptismal promises and the Laying on of Hands we were confirmed.
Special thanks to Fr. Ronnie, Fr Allwyn and our Catechism teachers. Without their unstinting support, help and guidance, it would not have been possible to make this day such a successful one. May the good Lord bless all our priests and catechists for their continuous efforts and we sincerely pray that they continue to lend support and guidance to each one of us so that we might live up to the commitment that we have made.


Sushma Srivastva and Prakash Nathan
NASHIK, FEBRUARY 16, 2011: After the appointment as the Bishop of the diocese of Nashik, Bishop Lourdes Daniel visited Don Bosco Church, Nashik and St. Dominic Savio Church, Satpur. The people were happy to see their new Pastor and Shepherd.

At 8.30 am he celebrated the Holy Eucharist at St. Dominic Savio Church, Satpur. The catholic families of Satpur gathered in large numbers. The Bishop broke the Word of God. After the Eucharist, he was felicitated by the Parish Council Members, Mahila Mandal and the Youth Members. After the felicitation, a Pastoral meeting with the Parish Councillors, Mahila Mandala and Youth Group Members followed. The Bishop was briefed about the history and geography of Satpur Church and the faithful. He was informed that the Catholics of Satpur were a vibrant community, receiving regular sacraments, attending regular masses, getting marriage rectifications done, etc. The Bishop was also told about the recent renovation done in the Church especially the sanctuary and the fa├žade, the five huge street-lights put into the compound area, and about the annual get-together held on January 26. The Bishop responded, thanking all for the hard work done. He encouraged the council members to carry on doing the good work, especially the religious and social activities.

In the evening, the Bishop visited Don Bosco Church. The Parish Council Members had a meeting with the bishop at 5.30pm. The councillors presented before the Bishop their need for building a new Church (financed by the Parishioners) and the need for a new Cemetery. The Bishop in his response to the Council Members suggested the following: i) to work for vocations; ii) to get involved in the Church activities; iii) to grow in faith; iv) to be regular at the family Rosary; v) to be at the service of the Church. The Con-celebration took place at 6.30 pm. After the Eucharist the Bishop was felicitated. He then met the faithful.
All in all, it was a very fruitful visit of the Pastor and Shepherd, Bishop Lourdes Daniel. He was able to get first hand information of the Churches and the challenges of his people.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Fr. Briston Britto sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, FEBRUARY 15, 2011: A gathering of hundred and three Catholics, consisting of thirty four couples with family and children gathered together to celebrate World Marriage Day 2011 at St John’s Church, Bhingar.

On February 13, at the 5.30 pm evening mass, a liturgy of a different kind was being enacted. The preparations for this began two months ahead with the clergy asking themselves one basic question: Whose need is it, the people or ours? With this focus in mind a series of preparatory meeting was held by the core group and organizers of the program of St. John’s Church, Bhingar.
The couples were informed that on February 13 World Marriage Day would be celebrated all over the world and they were free to design and create the celebrations if they wished. The liturgy was well planned. The celebration had personal and intimate sacramental moments for the couples. Every couple was reminded that in the sacrament of marriage the husband and wife are the celebrants of the sacrament and the priests are mere witnesses. It was an occasion to compose their new spontaneous vows to express their commitment to each other and in gestures and words they communicated it. The rest of the congregation watched the couples celebrate the solemnity of marriage in the life of a Christian. The liturgy was not clergy driven but owned by the people as their own and this made a radical difference in the entire tempo of the celebration. Every one present expressed their appreciation for the liturgy conducted this way.
A specially designed offertory procession presenting a Wedding album as the book of God’s historic romance with the couple enriched the celebration. Mrs. Jovita D’Souza facilitated the mobilization of the couples who wished to attend Mass.
Vianney and Fiona Carvalho sang the hymns with a nuptial theme. Fr. Bento D’Souza was the main celebrant. Fr. Blaise Fernandes preached a touching homily. Fr. Briston Britto concelebrated and gave the vote of thanks.
A social family get-together, games and exercises followed by a community meal, brought the couples together and kept families united. Professor Franklin Coutinho compered the show. Vanessa, Ronap and his team were the hosts of the evening at Thapar’s Inn, Tarakpur.
All left remembering the poem:

“The woods are lovely dark and deep,
And we have promises to keep
And miles to walk before we sleep,
And miles walk before we sleep.”

This pocket of the Nashik diocese in the diocese of Ahmednagar knows that every second Sunday of February is celebrated a World Marriage Day. Fr. Bento strongly feels that no celebration touches the souls of Catholics as deeply as the celebration of this parallel adult sacrament in the church. All other groups set up in church merely support the clergy-centric, established, institutional, traditional system. Affirming marriage movements in parishes can promote the total renewal of the church, even if it be, just in pockets.
Opening the doors to Christ and a return to Don Bosco means opening new spaces and empowering couples to pioneer a new path for growth and renewal in their lives. When the celebration ended, the Salesians realized that the need to celebrate is a need of the people, not just our own.


Snehal D’souza
KUNEGAON, FEBRUARY 15, 2011: Getting the women’s group together was a challenge in Kunegaon. Most had fought with each other at the water tap and so did not want to come together if the other was coming for the class. Sonali Shelkhe, Social Worker MA, got the women through different interactions, meetings on mother and child care, creativity works and stitching.

A group of eleven women got their documents together to apply for the tailoring course taught by Sonali on two machines from MA. On completing the course, they received the Government recognized certificate that made them eligible for a scheme, to obtain a tailoring machine each (it has been applied for and awaited). They were further encouraged to stitch shorts and kurtas for all the boys of MA. The money that they received was invested in purchasing cloth, which was used to make small shorts, shirts and dresses for little kids. They sold it to their village shops at R 10/- less than the markrate and stipulated the shops to sell it for R 5/- lesser than the market price. This has ensured that they have a ready market of their own people. Besides; the women take private orders for saree falls and blouses for their individual income.

Regular attendance for these tailoring classes was a bit difficult. The women had to go to cut firewood for cooking or to sell them. They would earn R 100/- to R 150/-. The women spend approximately six hours for this activity. Hence, a novel method needed to be implemented to get them to make further business.

The cooking is done on a two brick chulla. This has caused lung disease and blurred sight to the middle aged. The smokeless chulla technology has been brought to the villagers to use less firewood, improve their health, eyesight and most importantly it has given them more time and health to earn more in tailoring and producing more for their own economic gains.

Capital building needs to be viewed in creative measures. What can be saved like; health, money, time, human resource are poverty alleviating measures. Hence, the smokeless chulla, the art of preserving urine and human waste for soil nutrition and enrichment ( through Econsan services), water management, marketing within one’s own community, etc. are measurers that are establishing the SnF programme for the poor in tangible terms of transforming their daily economic life


Mayuri Rajbaruha
KUNEGAON, FEBRUARY 15, 2011: The village’s primary school in Kunegaon has just two rooms for the Nursery and Classes I to IV. The Government has several tribal welfare schemes, which not necessarily reaches them. Much of this is due to lack of awareness, of the procedures to procure them and the lack of documentation (birth certificates, PDS cards, tribal certificate, house 7/12 extract, etc.)

Through the Social and Financial Inclusion Programme (SnF), there have been several measures to get access to such resources, to build the capital of the rural poor. There have been meetings for the village development scheme (road, bridge, school, water tank, community toilets, etc). R 5 Lakhs has been allotted to the Gram Panchayat for each village area. The Garkhul scheme wherein the Government provides bricks, cement, tin sheets, and other building materials to build one’s own house, schemes for getting the local PHC’s doctor to visit the village thrice a week, library, gymnasium, common water connection, electricity, etc.

For these, the first step of making the individuals’ documentation has been a challenge. To get the villagers to go to the Thesildhar or Municipal birth registration office, fill in forms, get grandparents or parents death certificates, having collective cast certificate camps, etc. makes the programme go slow, but gets the people to be independent and understand how to obtain what is their ‘Right’. It has taken four years to get electricity to the Kunegaon village, due to lack of documentation. In 2007, seven of the seventy five houses had some documentation, after much effort today; thirty five houses have the required documentation that helped obtain those houses getting electrification. (The other houses pull a wire for a clf bulb and share the metered bill with those that have a legal meter). The process has been a bit quicker with Pangoli villages as they have been much more socially conscious and aware of their Rights. The documentation and procuring of Government schemes has been more intense due to the local villagers having a consensus on electing their own tribal as the village headman in the Gram Sabha.

The village headman is also employed as the Community Development coordinator of Maria Ashiana. He has been giving consultancy service to other tribal village headmen of the neighboring Kathkari villages on how to get their villagers’ documentation, which schemes to apply for, the procedures, requirements, etc. This has helped the SnF Programme to spread its influence without employing more staff. This approach has been proven to be slow, but given results in the neighboring villages of Vanathi and Battery Hill.

The grooming of village leaders and facilitating them to play a role of consultants to their own neighboring villages is an approach which is multipliable as is being now worked out with a couple of organizations like Sparsh, Somerval and in some NGOs of the Caritas network.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Paul sdb
SUKET, FEBRUARY 14, 2011: The students of STD IX along with the Past Pupils of Don Bosco School, Suket lived the exhortation of the Church, “that children reach out to other children in love” on the occasion of Holy Childhood Day, by organizing a day of games, entertainment and fellowship. Two hundred and fifty children came to the school premises on February 13, 2011.

Don Bosco Mission in Suket, with the help of Don Bosco Development Office - Matunga, reaches out to children of twelve surrounding villages wherein eighteen Village Primary Education Center’s have been established so far. The response from these villages has been encouraging. There is a growing demand to start such centers in the nearby locations. While the children who frequent these centers get a chance to apply themselves to their studies, thein their surroundings. It is worth mentioning that an increasing number of elders in these villages have wholeheartedly welcomed this initiative and do definitely see the importance of allowing their children receive primary school education, a concept indigestible even a few years ago.


Fr. Briston Britto sdb

AHMEDNAGAR, FEBRUARY 14, 2011: After the successful completion, DBCC launched its second MoRD batch on February 12, 2011. It was a joint event, where the first batch students were awarded with certificates from DB Tech and the second batch was warmly welcomed into the DBCC fold.

The programme was witnessed by the students as well as their parents. The chief guest for the programme was Mr. Sase, Principal of Ahmednagar ITI, and the guests of honour were Mr. Chaudhari, Vice Principal of Ahmednagar ITI, Fr. Thomas D’Costa, Rector and Parish Priest of St. Anne’s, Mr. Jadhav, Chief Executive of FM Ahmednagar. All of them inspired the students with their speeches. As a token of appreciation and thanks, one of the students spontaneously thanked the management for the training and the confidence that they were given.

It was a celebration with many hues of emotions as one batch was going out and another one was coming in. After a short snack break every one got together for the photo session. The first batch students then bid a final goodbye. DBCC thanks all the well wishers and the people who have directly and indirectly seen that the project goes through.

Friday, February 11, 2011


 ‘Nature –Our Treasure’, ‘Go Green’, ‘Nurture Nature’…. These are but a few slogans that are buzzing around the campus of St. Joseph’s High School. The staff and students have joined hands with the rest to care for our endangered planet.
Our school is participating in the Green Schools Campaign organized by GreenLine - A Project of the Don Bosco Development Society- with efforts being made right from the Jr. Kg. to Std. X, involving care for plants, waste management, conservation of water and electricity and discouraging the use of plastics. The Annual Sports Festival held in December 2010 with the theme, ‘Nature – Our Treasure’ reflected this spirit. The Class Floats at this Festival put across these themes very effectively. Well-placed signs serve as reminders to conserve water and electricity. Elsewhere, new plants and attractive posters attract our little children to the usefulness of plants and greenery. Open days provided the perfect opportunities to convey our message to the parents and other visitors. Cloth bags with catchy slogans urged parents to shun the use of plastic bags.
Compost is a good and cheap way to make organic fertilizer, and our young students under the able guidance of Fr. Rosario sdb, are putting the waste to good use. Kitchen scraps and other waste from home and the school find its way to the compost pit, courtesy our wasteland warriors. The process is underway to introduce vermiculture too into this campaign. All these little efforts aim at making students more 'eco-friendly' and enhancing their commitment to protect the environment, in short, to truly care for creation.
Our effort to carry the message beyond the school continued on the Annual Thanksgiving Day on January 28, in the mini-musical ‘At the Bottom of the Garden’ by the juniors of the Primary section, and the musical "One Planet Future" that revealed that even the so-called ‘G.R.O.T’s’ (Get Rid Of That) too have their productive role in our environment.

We all have a contribution to make. Our life is precious and so it is of our planet earth. The song from the musical One Planet Future says it all, “We’ve only one planet, and one planet future to share!”
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