Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Patrick Corda
BORIVILI, AUGUST 30, 2010: A month has passed since the new project of MoRD BASE was initiated at Don Bosco Technical Centre, Borivili. This is a project for the marginalized, underprivileged, and the drop out youth falling under the Below Poverty category. This initiative was undertaken by Fr. Anaclete Dmello sdb, and under the guidance of Fr. Anthony Santarita, the Director of the Institute.

On July 15, 2010, the institute witnessed 101 youth who came from Jawhar Mukada, Nasik, Ahemadnagar, and Usnamabad with a dream and a will power to become someone in life. Every one had glow on their faces, a glow of reaching their goals. To achieve it, they had to leave their homes, their villages, and their loved ones.
An important part for this project was the mobilization of the youth which was handled brilliantly by Mr. Melvin Pangya and his team at Jawhar Mukada. This team not only interacted with the youth but also explained about the MoRD program to their parents and family members. A hundred and one aspirants went through an induction program. They were divided into three domains as per the results of their Aptitude tests.

This training program has 3 Domains: Welding, Automobile, and Hotel Management. The entire training program is for three months. During this time, every Aspirant would be trained in Communicative English, Basic Computer, Professional Life Skills, Personality Development, Theory and Practicals in their respective trades.

“Have you ever seen a Caterpillar turning into a beautiful Butterfly?” If not, then visit Don Bosco Technical Training Institute, Borivili. One immediately notices the transformation in every aspirant. They have gained a lot of confidence and skills. This is because of the tireless work of the Trainers and the Guidance of Fr. Anthony Santarita. We look forward to the day when all these aspirants will complete their three months training and secure a good job in their respective areas. We wish all these aspirants the best of luck.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Mrs. Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVILI, AUGUST 30, 2010: An inter class dancing competition was held on Monday, 30th August' 10, and the boys did exceedingly well. It was truly an amazing performance by the students of different classes from August 5 -10, 2010
The judges too were amazed at the talents displayed by the boys of different age groups. They commented on how difficult they found it to select the best.

All the movies and the reality shows seem to have an impact on our boys.

Good going guys! Keep it up!


Mrs Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVILI, AUGUST 30, 2010: The dawn of Saturday morning brought along with it an extra- ordinary visitor in the form of Rev. Fr. Maria Arokiam sdb, the Regional Councillor for South Asia.
Unfortunately, it being a Saturday, our boys missed an opportunity of meeting him. However, the principal along with the teachers conveyed their wishes to him. In a formal meeting with the teachers, Fr. Arokiam addressed various issues pertaining to education in India and the world at large. He emphasized on the fact that as Salesians, we need to work towards “INCLUDING THE EXCLUDED”. As educators, our work should mainly try to narrow the gap between the ‘have-gots and the have-nots.’
Though, as teachers, we give the best time of our lives in sharing the knowledge, but at the end of it we need to ask ourselves, “Are we achieving the goal of education?”


Bento D'Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 30, 2010: Eighteen youth cycled their way on August 29, 2010, from St Anne’s Ahmednagar to Dongargaon, 18 kms each way. Dongargaon is not new in Salesian Circles. It came into prominence due to the rainwater harvesting project done by BGVK and was promoted by our Media center, Tej Prasarini.
They began the trip with a prayer and distribution of provisions which they would need during the trip. Fr Dominic Martis sdb, led the pack of fourteen young boys and four young girls to enjoy a day with nature and also to begin a group building process. The day was sultry and dry when they began in the morning, but towards evening the rains fell on the returning cyclist. This did not dampen their enthusiasm nor their spirit of adventure. Every one enjoyed the pleasure of a cycle ride into the greenery of Nature and the beauty of Creation. The youth returned home energized and ready for the next planned event on their yearly schedule.
A bit of background information for those visitors who have no time to visit the Mission of Ahmednagar and more specifically Dongargaon Village and Mala: Legend has it that Ram shot his arrow into the ground and a lake was formed. Legend also has it that Sita had a bath in the Bathing Rooms here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Shekar Das
CHINCHWAD, AUGUST 28, 2010: Don Bosco Tech –Know– Pro., Chinchwad, was felicitated and awarded for their outstanding performance in the field of education. The program was held at Sai Mandir Hall Mohannagar Chinchwad, Pune on August 28. The function was presided over by Adv. Rajiv Satav, MLA and President of Indian Youth Congress. The program was organized by Mr. Paresh Danani, General Secretary of Indian Youth Congress in the presence of Uihas Pawar, MLC.
The award was received by Fr. Anthony Goyal sdb, on behalf of Don Bosco Tech- Kno Pro. This was a moment to realize and acknowledge the presence of the Salesians and their contribution in the filed of Technical education for the poor and marginalized youth of the State.


BIS Correspondent – Lonavla
LONAVLA, AUGUST 29, 2010: Maria Ashiana, Lonavla organized an Orientation Program on August 28, 2010, for the field staff of some NGOs from Mumbai and Pune. It brought together many like-minded players who shared about their works and discussed on how they could avoid an overlap of services.

The service of home placement, which is being done by all the organizations, was thought of routing children in these situations to one NGO whose special focus would be on repatriation. The rest would send their children to them. With regards to referrals to each others NGOs, would best be done keeping in mind their special area of expertise. This meeting helped to acknowledge, understand each others works for vulnerable children as well as to strengthen each others organizations with their exchanges.

It was a good opportunity for the NGOs to experience the spirit of Maria Ashiana with the children, to see the place and learn about their programs. Bro. Mathias in explaining about the program said, "This is not a centre where we lock the children, tell them they are drug addicts who do not have a future. This is a fun place; we organize and celebrate as many programs, festivals and occasions as possible. Besides the serious sessions, we have celebrations like the Month of Mary, Diwali, Don Bosco, Christmas; for that entire month we organize various competitions, like drawing, talent, salad making, cooking, projects etc." Bro. Anil added, "We try to tell them not to look at the past. That they are not the rags they pick up on the streets, but that they are a diamond that is polished and kept ready to go to school, for training or even to return back home.”

This meeting was also an occasion to follow up on the Social & Financial Inclusion Meet that was held in Mumbai on August 25. Financial Inclusion stressed the fact that it was not only about saving money in a bank with a no frills account like SBI Tiny, but it also meant sourcing income generation means, sourcing out Government schemes, Insurance policies specially designed for the poor and making use of technology to bring these means to their doorstep. The making of PAN cards and its procedures for the underprivileged and for those from vulnerable children's institutions was discussed in detail.
All NGOs present showed a keen interest in following up with the Don Bosco Research Centre on this issue to make it available to their beneficiaries. The meeting ended with some fine performances by the children for the NGOs representatives.


Vanita Roham
YERWADA, AUGUST 27, 2010: Don Bosco, Yerwada, today got a feather in the cap with the laying of the foundation stone for the Senior College by the Provincial Rev. Fr. Michael Fernandes. Don Bosco, Yerwada, began in the year 1971 with a very humble beginning. Today, it has a befitting edifice with students numbering a thousand nine hundred and forty from the KG to the Jr. College Arts, Science, Commerce and NIOS.
The school reaches out to the masses and the youth of the locality. Hence, Yerwada has been chosen as a ‘Centre for Higher Learning’ in the Mumbai Province. Distinguished guests were Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice-Provincial together with several Salesians from Don Bosco - Lonavala, Youth Centre, Pune and Chinchwad. Ex-corporator and Social worker Mr. John Paul, Building architect Mr. Oak and Mr. Manuel, the contractor were present.

The programme began with a short Prayer-service comprising of a Prayer dance and Scripture reading. Fr. Kharjia welcomed and introduced Fr. Provincial and our esteemed guests. He thanked Fr. Michael for his support and assured that Don Bosco, Yerwada would do its best to contribute towards the building fund.
In a solemn service, the foundation stone was blessed and various medals of great saints were laid in it by Fr. Provincial, Fr. Donald, Fr. Kharjia, Fr. George and all the Supervisors. The corner stone of the building was unveiled by Fr. Provincial with showers of petals and sprinkling of holy water. Fr. Provincial’ in his few words, asked the students to make the best of all these facilities and to be self-reliant. He said, “Difficulties are not impossibilities, so one should strive to attain the best.”
Fr. Donald Fernandez, the Principal then thanked Fr. Provincial and all the dignitaries present.

Salesian Groups in Pakistan Respond to Floods In Areas Where UN Hasn't Reached; Need Funds

QUETTA, Pakistan, AUG. 27, 2010 (Zenit.org).- Salesians are distributing food and supplies to thousands of families that have sought safety from the massive floods ravaging Pakistan.

Last week, a Vienna-based Salesian non-governmental organization provided Salesian Father Peter Zago, based in Quetta, Pakistan, with an initial contribution of €5,000 ($6,360).

He is using the money for families that have been displaced as the monsoons move south; more than 50,000 families from Sibi and other areas are spread throughout four or five camps.
As in 2005 when an earthquake devastated Pakistan, the Salesians have organized groups of young leaders, so as to reach more people.

The goal has been to give each family a survival kit to last for a month.

The Salesian Info Agency reported that as much as 20% of the country is under water and 15.4 million people have been affected by the floods.

We need more

Father Zago told Vatican Radio: "This morning we received around 100 families and gave them what is essential at least for a month: flour and oil to cook 'chapatti,' their basic meal, some beans and medicine. We have children, boys and girls, some of whom are presenting symptoms of cholera and other diseases due to non-treated drinking water."
Salesians are sheltering 1,500 families -- some 150,000 people.
"We have received significant help from Germany and Austria, but we are in need of more," the Salesian said. "[...] We have more than 100 families coming from areas as far as 850 kilometers (530 miles) [away].

"Here the U.N. is not yet present. We are private institutions at work. We have €80,000 ($102,000) and we are the only ones helping around here, looking after the families that are most in need.
"Approaching the local merchants we tell them: 'Look, we are taking care of your Muslim brothers, give us a good discount.' They prepare daily 50 portions for me, containing almost everything, and I don't see anyone else around coming to give any help."
Father Zago noted that when the funds run out he will have to stop the humanitarian aid.

He recounted how the initial distribution of supplies was not easy: "We were literally attacked by people of all ages, men, women and children crying. They quickly surrounded the car in which we were traveling. For security reasons, we took down data through the windows of the car. Then the climate changed when the people had the amount of food that we gave each one."

The other Salesian community in Pakistan, in Lahore, is also directly aiding areas affected by the floods.


Fr. Godfrey D'Souza sdb
ANDHERI, August 26, 2010: Today marked another RED LETTER DAY in the annals of St. Dominic Savio Complex. We had the visit of one of the current NBA star players in our midst, in the person of Pau Gasol who was responsible for the triumphant victory of the 'Lakers' in their recent match. The Lakers have been Champions and have retained their trophy for the last two years.

Pau Gasol was here on behalf of the NBA to conduct a basketball clinic for the youngsters of Mumbai on the basketball courts of St. Dominic Savio Club. He took sessions and training and showed the young how to handle the ball and what they should do to be good and effective players.

Before his arrival Troy the representative for the NBA in India had a training session and got the youngsters warmed up by doing routine exercises in handling the ball and some moves. He did get the mood and the spirits of the young going.

But when Pau Gasol stepped in there was a cheer to see this 7.1 footer walk around our basketball court with ease and a pleasant smile on his face. Being a great played and a current NBA top ranking players saw no airs about him and he mingled and went around meeting all the kids that were present for the clinic.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sr. Premshila Nanda SJS
JHABUA, AUGUST 27, 2010: “Give me a hundred energetic young men and I shall transform India,” said Swami Vivekanda who had much faith in the ability of the youth.
On August 22, 2010, the youth of Jhabua got together for their recollection. There were two hundred youth from all over the diocese. They were divided into four groups and had ice-breakers to know each other and to break the monotony. The preachers for the day were Rev. Fr. Katara Mathew sdb and Rev. Sr. Premshila Nanda SJS. Fr. Katara spoke on the topic ‘Jesus and Youth’, while Sr. Premshila spoke on the topic ‘Our Father who Love us’. Fr. Katara, who has passion for the youth, presided over the mass. In his homily, in a very creative way, he spoke on the theme for the International Year of the Youth, ‘OUR VOICE OUR YEAR’. The Mass was celebrated very prayerfully in which the youth participated meaningfully.

In the afternoon, there was a meeting with the animators and youth officials from various parishes, to discuss about the future programs. They were very happy to share a lot of things that had been done for the youth to enable them to become active and alive. This followed by a patriotic song competition. It was wonderful to see the colorful dresses the youth came in to perform their songs. Thanks to the animators who prepared them well.


R & D (Matunga) Correspondent
MUMBAI, AUGUST 25, 2010: On August 25, a meeting on a Financial and Social Inclusion Initiative was organized by the Don Bosco Research Centre, Matunga in collaboration with Sanmitra Trust, Malad Mumbai. The meeting brought together 35 NGOs working with marginalized and vulnerable communities. Speaking about Social Inclusion, Fr. Barnabe sdb, stressed the need for an identity as imperative for these populations, who face situations of human rights violations, arrest, no citizenrary benefits, etc. Hence, a Social inclusion porgramme needed to begin with citizenship identity.
Ms. Kirit Joshi (In-charge) of Unit Trust of India (UTI), Permanent Account Number (PAN) card services explained the various procedures for obtaining a PAN card. Several questions came from the floor of the house as this was an area of a much felt need at the grassroots level. UTI has appointed several Nodal NGO agencies to help in the procedure of making PAN cards for the marginalized populations. Sanmitra Trust (Nodal Agency) along with Don Bosco Research Centre has taken the lead role in helping NGOs with making PAN cards for their beneficiaries. For vulnerable children in institutions having parents the making of the card has less beauraucratic procedures than those that need to qualify their Directors as their guardians.
Moving on to the next session on Financial Inclusion, it was reiterated that here are many schemes through the Government of India which has been made available for the deprived but sometimes cannot get linked up with the needy because of lack of any grassroot linkages. NGOs are that linking medium between the government schemes and the deprived. It’s a preferred route by the Government of India of outsourcing NGOs to reach to these unreached groups.
Mr.Sanjay Pandit and Mr.Rajaram Korgaonkar (Manager UTI), stated that the Unit Trust of India (UTI) has several beneficial schemes besides the PAN card such as Pension schemes for the low income groups to secure their identity and old age respectively. Knowledge and accessing available government schemes for the poor to the NGOs was one of the benefits of this meeting.

Issues such in Financial Inclusion came up that it was important to have small savings today, as our research evidence has shown it helping the family budget, keeping children in education, delaying their entry into the labour force and helping to break the cyclic pattern of living of the past generations. But saving money is not only the prime issue here. It is also important to help generate income through various outsourced methods of companies to maringnalized sections of society. Ms. Prabha Desai (Director Sanmitra Trust) demonstrated how sections of mentally less capable, physically challenged and HIV+ infected groups could be a lesser burden to their families and help the economic situation of their families by contributing to it. Health Insurance, children’s education plans for amounts as low as Rs. 165/- per annum have helped such populations. Hence Financial inclusion is about Savings, Budgeting, Income generation as well as sourcing and accessing Government schemes designed specially for such marginalized populations.

The meeting ended with several NGOs coming forward to the Network coordinators to begin the process of acquiring PAN Cards and micro pension schemes for migrant, casual labour workers and certain vulnerable institutions where the parents can be traced of those children.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


BIS Correspondent
MATUNGA, AUGUST 25, 2010: ‘Keep innovating, Keep motivating, Keep moving ahead’, is the underlining principle at Don Bosco High School, Matunga.
With our Principal, Rev. Fr. Bosco D’Mello at the helm of affairs, the mundane co-curricular activities, wore a festive look and were christened ‘Bosco Kala Utsav’.

Co-curricular Activities are held all through the year at different intervals. This affected the academic progress of the school. It was therefore decided to club all these activities, include those held at inter-school/ward level and add interesting suggestions that were offered.

After days of meeting, debating and meticulous planning the Bosco Kala Utsav took off on August 23 and August 24, 2010. These were non-instructional days filled with team spirit, learning, fun and entertainment for all.
The array of activities now were: Choral Recitation, Elocution – Hindi / Marathi / English, Debates, Spelling Bee, General Quiz, Group Singing- Patriotic Song, Folk Dance, Music Vocals – Indian & Western, Mad Ad Jingle, Antakshari, Mock Rock, I’ve Got Talent, Art & Craft that were all held in the two days that were set aside for them.
The bonus points that the Bosco Kala Utsav earned was the ‘home-coming’ of our Past Pupils to judge the events. On being interviewed, the one word they echoed aloud was AWESOME! They were happy to observe that the school marched with the times and fortified their students with the much needed confidence for the future.

Everyone participated in the Bosco Kala Utsav as one big family – Management, staff and students! One could see growth around. The spectacular festival with food for the mind, music and dance for body and soul and a whole lot of positive energy, was everybody’s delight. The whole event ended with the boys spontaneously breaking into song and the air filled with strains of ‘Raise your Voices’ in gratitude to our father Don Bosco.


Neelam Rodrigues
BORIVILI, AUGUST 25, 2010: On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, our dear principal, Rev. Fr. George Carlos, had invited the Brahmakumaris of the Borivli unit, to share with the boys the sense of love, brotherhood and security that goes with the thread.(rakhi). The beauty of this gathering was the way in which the sadhvis brought about our inner spiritual feelings, virtues and innate values that we need to bring under our power.
And to add to the same, there was an elocution competition organized by the BSA Cycles for the students of standards VIII, IX and X. The topic was “The benefits of cycling”. Two of our students won a cycle each. That was indeed very exciting.
Thanks to the sisters for their very informative talk and also the organizers of the competition. These gestures motivate them to do better and more.


Wilfred D'Souza sdb
MATUNGA, AUGUST 25, 2010: On August 22 2010, hundred and ninety four children of Std. V & VI, from the Sunday school of seven different parishes met together at Don Bosco School, Matunga. They were accompanied by eighteen teachers.
The program began at 9.00 am and concluded at 12.30 pm. The theme of the program was “God’s Wonderful Creation”.
The celebration began with a meaningful Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Wilfred D’Souza, sdb, wherein he summarized on the inputs of the sessions and emphasized several points about God’s creation. The liturgy was well prepared by St. Dominic Savio’s (Wadala East) and the choir by St. Paul’s (Dadar).
The backdrop was very well designed by Our Lady of Dolours (Wadala West).
We then had a lively ice-breaker session “Bombing the Seasons” for all the children organized by Our Lady of Fatima (Sewri).
After a good break of yummy snacks, the children were then divided into fifteen groups according to the badges prepared by the Parishes. The badges represented different symbols of God’s various creations.
Christabelle Godinho of St. Dominic Savio, presented a very informative and interesting session on the importance of “Importance and Appreciation of God’s Creation” – Session I. Michelle D’Souza of Our Lady of Dolours, presented “My Faith Response to God’s Creation” – Session II. The children were very attentive and actively participated in responding to the questions asked. The power point presentations prepared by both the Catechist’s were very effective in making the children understand their responsibility as stewards of creation.

Lloyd Nunes was the compere for the programme.
Each of the parishes accepted different responsibilities assigned to them.


Rochelle Rodricks
Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga organized a Master Your Mind Workshop for students, teachers and adults at Don Bosco, Matunga from August 6 to 22, 2010. Mr. D. P. Mahesha, Director of Masterminds International, Bangalore, conducted this workshop in Mumbai for the fifth time in association with Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications.

Mr. Mahesha is a pioneer in the field of Creative Memory and Mind Management. By virtue of trained memory, he gained entry into the Limca Book of Records and was the proud recipient of the “Memory Wizard Award” in the Memory Asiad Competition held in 2001. He has conducted these workshops for a number of companies in different parts of India and abroad.

Fifteen teachers from Don Bosco School, Matunga attended the Master Your Mind workshop on August 6 & 13, 2010. The session was conducted by Mr. D. P. Mahesha and Fr. Joaquim Fernandes on the various memory techniques, rapid reading, Neurobics, super accelerative learning skills and Enlightened Leadership for Teachers. They were also made aware of the seven major types of intelligence and how they could use this knowledge in the classroom while dealing with children with different types of intelligence. The teachers will now break the rote memory system of learning and train the children through association techniques and new learning strategies developed in the 21st century.
A four day Master Your Mind Workshop was held at Don Bosco Provincial House for Sixteen adults. During the workshop the participants were introduced to multiple intelligence, ambidexterity, concentration, memory techniques, speed reading, mind maps, neurobics and a number of techniques to help the brain perform to its optimum best. Another important aspect during this workshop was to learn total relaxation techniques where the body is completely relaxed but the mind is fully alert. “This workshop provides a complete change of perspective and is one of the best courses that I have attended,” said Mr. Vailanci D’Souza, Head of Investigation and Fraud Management, Barclays Bank. “It was a very good and well organized course. I enjoyed learning about mind-maps, Alpha waves and the different types of intelligence,” said Mr. Peter Noronha who is a journalist by profession. The chief guest Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial of the Mumbai Province speaking on this occasion congratulated the participants on the amazing skills presented by the participants during the demo at the conclusion of the seminar. The Master Your Mind certificates were distributed to all the participants of the seminar.

Mr. D. P. Mahesha trained the boarders of Don Bosco, Matunga in Master your Mind workshop and the children were delighted to see the amazing powers of the brain.

This seminar taught each one of us to work smarter and to use our potentials to our optimum level. Instead of teaching the individual facts about other things, we must teach him facts about himself… like how he can learn, think, recall, create and solve problems. This Brain Training program was indeed an inner journey to know our self and enjoy life to the full.


Patrick Corda
UTTAN, AUGUST 24, 2010: At Bosco Boys Training Institute Borivali (West) we focus on community development especially for women and youth on Tailoring, Beautician, Candle Making, Mehendi designing, Soft toys , Flower making, Hand and Machine Embroidery, and Bakery Product. All this comes under the self empowerment.
In all we have trained approximately around seventy women specialized in Bakery products. Out of these seventy women there is a group of fifteen women who completed their twenty- two days training with Bosco Boys Training Institute learning around twenty-two bakery products under the guidance of Bakery Chef Salil, these women travelled all the way from Uttan Pali to learn the trade and with great interest picked up the trade towards which they were present a certificate in the particular trade.
The fruit of this training was seen when one fine day all these fifteen women of Pali Uttan gathered together and decided to start a bakery of their own in the village they resided. August 22, 2010 was the Day to remember where they had an inauguration of the Bakery under the Banner of Our Lady of Lourdes Self Help Group.
Along with the inauguration of the Bakery the women of candle making St. Francis Self Help Group also were about to start with a unit in candle making. The program started at 11.00 am in the morning the dignitaries present were Fr. Bonna (Parish Priest uttan) Fr. James (ex Parish Priest) Br. Alex (Bosco Boys technical Training Institute) Mr. Daynand Patil (Centre Coordinator Bosco Boys technical Training Institute) Ms. Surekha (Social worker Don Bosco Matunga) Mr. Melwin Pangya ( Social worker Don Bosco Jawhar).

The Day started with a prayer service by Fr. Bonna parish priest praying for the entire place and the blessing of the machine that were installed. Br. Alex was given the privilege to inaugurate the bakery by cutting of the ribbon; the breaking of coconut was done by Fr. James, Mr. Dayanand Patil, Sr. Smitha. After this the group who were present almost around hundred of them were led to the Hall for the further program. The Guest was then welcomed especially with a bouquet and a shawl.
Br. Alex gave a small speech by encouraging and motivating the women that it was a big step that all these women have taken in their life and appreciated their hard work and effort that they have put to start with a new establishment. Mr. Daynand Patil said that how these women put their time and sacrifice to learn the trade in bakery and now that their hard work has shown the fruit, he explained how this is going to help not only the women but also the children and the villagers, being fishing their main occupation they have managed to start something different which is normally handled by the Muslims and the North Indians what these women have done is a great job. He also explained how the Director of the Institute Fr. Anthony Santarita has supported the project and always provided a help whenever required.

The entire team of Our Lady of Lourdes Self Help Group and St. Francis Self Help Group thanked the guest who were present and also appreciated the support of Fr. Anthony Santarita. Mrs. Lucy Pereira and Mrs. Mable Noon with all the other women put in a lot of hard work to make this Day a memorable one.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Anil Mallavarapu sdb
NASHIK, AUGUST 24, 2010: The inter parish youth animation program for the youth of city parishes of Nashik Diocese was held at Divyadaan on August 22. About forty-five youth from various parishes such as Don Bosco, Holy Cross, St. Anne’s, St. Patrick’s - Devalali and Sacred Heart - Igatpuri attended the youth meet. The one-day youth animation programme was well organized by Holy Cross and St Ann’s Parish youth under the able guidance of Fr Ivo Coelho and especially with the help of two youth members Sagar and Shirley. Jesus the Sadguru said: “Love as I have loved you” and he showed us his pierced heart. “It is not enough to love the young but make them know that you love them” says Don Bosco, the father and friend of youth. These were the guiding and motivating words for the organizers of this youth meet.

The day commenced at 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon with Fr Anton D’Souza, sdb, the youth director of Nasik diocese explaining the relevance and the importance of youth group in the parishes. He also explained the objectives, aims and the motto of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM). He challenged the youngsters to be more faithful to the youth gatherings locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Fr Robert, the principal of Divyadaan, then beautifully and skillfully made the youngsters to taste the sweetness of emotions. He made them realize that emotions like anger and fear are good but they must be channeled rightly and controlled properly for the holistic personality. His lively and friendly communication was appreciated by all. The brothers of Divyadaan were also of a great help.

The organizers of the youth animation gave fitting conclusion to the first of this sought by celebration of the Eucharist. It was celebrated by Fr Ivo Coelho, who in his sermon urged the youngsters to be united and to be promoters of peace with oneself and with others.

As felt by youngsters, the day was really enriching, inspiring and experiential and it left an indelible mark in the heart of every youngster. All the youngsters left the premise uttering “captivating and excellent animation”.


Crescens Lemos sdb
LONAVLA, AUGUST 24, 2010: Don Bosco Lonavla is constantly alive vibrating with activities. Just after concluding the Marian Month on August 15 Don Bosco was already gearing up to host the ‘5-aside Indoor Football Mania’.
With the breaking of the dawn on August 22, 2010 Don Bosco Lonavla witnessed the arrival of twenty seven teams from all over Mumbai, Pune and Lonavla. The teams gathered in the down hall for the inauguration ceremony. Mr. Vartak the Vice President of Lonavla Municipal Council and Mrs. Chaudary Woman and Child Welfare Council graced the occasion along with the other Councilors’ with their presence.

Spades, X-men, Unicorn, MIT -Loni, Beach Boys, Don Bosco Borivli, Gex- Pune, and 5-stars were some of the teams participating in the tournament. From the first round of Knock –out, to the quarter finals. Beach boys Vasai, MIT, Bayern Mumbai and Invincible reached the semi-finals. However the battle of the titans in the finals i.e. the Beach boys Vasai and MIT-Loni (Pune District) ended up into the penalties as both scored 3 each. However MIT just seemed to run out of luck leading the Beach boys Vasai to claim the trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. The Council Members of Lonavla Municipal Council were present for the prize distribution ceremony.
The teams participated in a spirit of Sportsmanship. Thanks to the Don Bosco Past Pupils Association Lonavla for organizing the tournament in collaboration with the Lonavla Municipal Council. For many of the past pupils in the teams, it was a Home Coming experience. May such reunions keep the zeal of Don Bosco flying high. Viva Don Bosco!!! Long Live Don Bosco!!!


Surekha Pednekar
MUMBAI, AUGUST 24, 2010: Many of the residents of Garib Niwas Nagar had reason to celebrate on Saturday, August 21, 2010 as their long cherished dream of owning a Ration Card, became a reality. Being pavement dwellers, with no proof of residence, securing a ration card was no simple task. After almost six months of struggle, the Development Office was able to secure this facility for forty one families. These cards were distributed to the respective families at a simple function, held at Provincial House, Matunga.

The Chief Guest for the function was Fr Ajoy Fernandes, Vice Provincial, and the Guest of Honour was Mr Gajbhiye, Ration Inspector. Addressing the gathering, Fr Ajoy Fernandes complimented the Development Office for securing the ration cards for these disadvantaged and needy people. He further pointed out that this card would not only enable the people to access grain and other commodities through the public distribution system, but it would also serve as a proof of identity for them. Speaking next, Mr Gajbhiye explained that most government offices were understaffed and the officials were overburdened with responsibilities, hence they were often unable to reach out to those who needed public services the most. He said it was good that NGOs like Don Bosco had come forward to assist underprivileged communities to benefit from urban public services. He expressed his confidence that this partnership between government agencies and non governmental organizations would help poor urban communities to draw substantial benefit from government services and schemes.

Garib Niwas Nagar is a community of pavement dwellers in the vicinity of Don Bosco, Matunga, made up of about 300 households. While some of these pavement dwellers are daily wage labourers, most of the others earn a living by collecting and selling garbage. The Development Office has been working in Garib Niwas Nagar since the past one year. Enabling the people here to secure their right to food is the first project that has been taken with this community.


Leon Cruz Ratinam
PUNE, AUGUST 24, 2010: The Salesian Catechetical Team animated by Fr. Edison Fernandes and Sr. Caroline D’Souza organised a four day Catholic Teacher’s Basic Training (CTBT) programme from August 19 to August 22. Twenty six first time catechetical teachers from various schools and parishes participated actively in the various sessions. The aim of the course was to give a basic training in catechesis to the teachers so that they are competent in teaching. The sessions were based on four themes: to grow in Jesus, to relate like Jesus, to teach as Jesus and to personalize the vision of Jesus.

The participants also had an opportunity to animate and participate in the daily Eucharist. Each day concluded with a short review and briefing of the day’s sessions. Preparation and presentation of syllabus and lessons formed an integral part of the course. The pinnacle of the CTBT programme was the Eucharistic Celebration on the final day during which the catechists were commissioned and certificates were distributed. The participants had an educative and enriching experience.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Blany Pinto
VIRAR, AUGUST 23, 2010: When the whole nation was celebrating the Independence Day, the Family Cell of the Resurrection Parish made it a very special day for families of the parish. On Sunday, August 15 the Family Cell, under the guidance of Fr. Augustine, organized an evening for the families whose wedding anniversary occurs in the month of May, June, July and August.
The evening program began with a Solemn Eucharist at 6.00 pm. After the communion, a power point presentation on the topic of interpersonal relationship enlightened the couples about the basics of communication within a family. The couples were reminded that it is love, humility and prayer which will finally cement relationships in a family.
After the Eucharist, the families proceeded to the hall for a get-together. There was a march past and couples dance which reminded them of their wedding day. A few games and spot prizes made the evening ever more enjoyable.


Ketan Gala
MATUNGA, AUGUST 23, 2010: The Salesian animation program for the members of the Salesian family was held on August 22, 2010 at Don Bosco Provincial house Mumbai. The animators were Rev Fr. Joaqim D’Souza Provincial of UPS and Fr. Elias Dias the Provincial delegate of the Salesian family Mumbai Province.
The theme of the animation was the historical aspect of the life of Don Bosco. There were seventy members from different branches of the Salesian family present for the program.

At the Eucharist Fr. Joaqim D’Souza was the main celebrant. In his homily he said that god wants us to be saints but he will not do it without our co-operation. We all are the members of the Salesian family and we want to be saved by following the spirituality of Don Bosco. Once Don Bosco said to his students that all are called to be saved. It is easy to be saved. God rewards to those who achieve his holiness. How can we achieve this holiness? Don Bosco gave us a short way to holiness. Be cheerful, do your duties well and engage in the apostolate. We will be able to do this only when we have apostolic charity in our hearts.

The topic of animation was dealt by Fr. Elias Dias. In the first part he explained the reason why we should study Don Bosco. He then spoke on the ancestry, childhood days; schooldays, seminary days, and the ordination of Don Bosco. In the second part he explained his life at the Convitto Eccelesiastico, Wandering Oratory and his settlement at the Penardi shed. In the third part he spoke about the development of the Oratory, founding and the spread of the congregation, his missionary zeal, his death and beatification and canonization.

The members of the Salesian family were very pleased to know and learn the whole life of don Bosco. Mrs. Claudina Pinto the Provincial coordinator of the Salesian co-operators proposed the vote of thanks.


Justus Mendis sdb
NARUKOT, AUGUST 23, 2010: On Monday August 8, Don Bosco Technical Narukot began its new course for the batch of August 2010- January 2011. Seventy-five boys entered into the technical institute of Narukot from which fifty are boarders.

The program began with the inaugural service at 9.00pm. The initial prayer service created an environment of gratitude to God for this opportunity. The later shorter program was conducted by the ex-students who whole heartedly welcomed the new students by their songs and skits under the guidance of Cl. Justus Mendis. The ex-students then got their passing certificates and their job placement which gave them a reason to feel extremely happy about their hard work. Fr. Stanny in his speech spoke about the success stories of the ex-students and assured the present students that they will reach heights if they are open to the teaching methods of Don Bosco. Bro. Damodar congratulated the ex-students for their success and introduced the whole management and staff to the new students and wished success for all.

The students experienced a tremendous joy to be privileged in such institution. They pledged to begin this year with full zeal and vigor.
Boys given Job Placement
Kemrock Asoj Va TOTAL = 12
Yashi enter praises TOTAL= 8
Inspiron Engineering private limited TOTAL = 8
Devidayal Agro Chemical, TOTAL= 4


NARUKOT, AUGUST 23, 2010: On August 12, the mission superior, Fr. Klement Vacklav visited the house of Don Bosco Narukot. He was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the people of Don Bosco Narukot. After having his breakfast, he was lead to the hall with the accompaniment of the cultural Rathwa dance.
The turban symbolizing the uniqueness of the Rathwas was also invested on him. The school and technical students held a magnificent programme, in showing him the richness of their culture. Fr. Klement Vacklav was very much impressed by this and in his speech he asked the students to pray their daily rosary for the intention of the tribal people around the world. The students were impressed by his informative speech about the various mission works of the Salesians. Later, he had a good chat with the confreres privately in the community hall. There was a healthy sharing which brought forth exchange of news and views.
At the conclusion, Fr. Vacklav left the house of Narukot at 11.30 with great pride and satisfaction after witnessing the tireless zeal of the Salesians of Don Bosco.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Bro Johnson and Anthony sdb
DAKOR, AUGUST 21, 2010: The feast of the Assumption was celebrated with great energy and gusto by the parishioners of Don Bosco Dakor. It was an overwhelming sight for each one of us to see that the boys from the morning were praying to our Blessed mother. A lot of preparation was done by the students and unfortunately the outpouring of the rain in heavy measure discouraged them all. In spite of all these the boarders with the help of the brother’s assistance prepared a new backdrop for the celebration early that morning.
The chief guest for the flag hoisting program was Mr Vagehela and he mentioned in his speech that besides the existing corruption in our country and number of vices we still love to stay in India because some where in the heart of the other there is love for someone. That makes life beautiful. The student performed a patriotic song and a speech given by the professor of Don Bosco P.T.C College. A number of programs had to be cancelled due to the heavy rain. At the end of the program the snacks were distributed to all the students. The Principal congratulated the students that in spite of the heavy rains they came for the program. This shows the love they have for their country. After which the parish had a Eucharistic celebration in which Fr Alex the main celebrant mentioned in his homily the vices in the country of India and how to fight against it.

The boys were all awaiting for the lightening tournament in which they took part with full enthusiasm and energy. In the afternoon the boys had the opportunity to grab away some prizes through the game of tombola of which the prizes were sponsored by Fr. Rector and Bro Assistants. The boys enjoyed the tombola game because the prizes were given to the boys who had the least number marked in the housie ticket. In the evening the boys were all decked up to perform for the cultural program organized by the brother assistants and Fr. Ignas, the prefect of studies. The cultural program had a number of varieties of programs like mono acting, garba, Gujarati mini musical and many others. At last the boys and girls prayed to our Blessed mother to help them in their studies and bless their family members at home. It was a nice experience for the boys to walk a month with our blessed mother and continue to do so with as she guides them and leads them closer to God.
The celebration ended the next day with celebration of Don Bosco’s birthday as Rectors day. We thank our Blessed Mother for her numerous blessing and her continuous love and concern. To put it rightly in the words of a host elite from Pushpanjali she said " Ever since I have entered the boarding I have seen here hand over me and guiding me not only that but also taking care of my family at home. Thank you dear Mother and we love you.


Justus Mendis sdb
NARUKOT, AUGUST 21, 2010: This August 15 was very unique to Don Bosco Narukot institution since the school was called to perform a Yoga session with hundred and fifty students and a patriotic dance in the presence of the forest minister.
All the school and technical students of Don Bosco Narukot showed their participation at Jambughoda in witnessing the flag hoisting ceremony at the Taluka level. The minister….was a chief guest and so a large gathering of the shole Taluka and the other school students had gathered. Out of the fantastic programmes, performed by the schools, the school of Don Bosco Narukot too performed a patriotic dance on the song titled ‘Vande Mataram’ which was choreographed by Cl. Placidus himself. For this dance, a financial reward of Rs. 501/- was given to the school by the minister and TS501/- by the Jambughoda Sarpanch for getting thrilled with it. Our five hundred students also performed the Yoga at this place to show the importance of yoga for a healthy life.

In the evening, there was solemn Eucharist celebrated in honor of our lady. Fr. Brian’s creativity of making minus track for the hymns truly made the people of God to participate in the celebration wholeheartedly. After the Mass, the girls from the hostel were given sufficient snacks and solemn supper for students teaching and domestic staff. The confreres too participated in this fellowship meal and involved in the lifestyle of the people. After supper there was a jam session in Rathwi organized for all of them with disco lights and theatre effect sound. They danced tirelessly for around three hours. The day ended with the night prayers and a good night on Our Lady.


BIS Correspondent
MUMBAI, AUGUST 21, 2010: St Joseph’s High School, Wadala celebrated India’s Sixty Third Independence Day at a fervour-filled programme at 8.00 a.m. on August 15, 2010 in the School Hall.

Fr Vinod Mascarenhas sdb was the guest of honour at the Celebration. A group of NCC cadets escorted Fr Mascarenhas, Ms. Nicole Britto (Vice Principal), Mrs Sangita Bhattacharya (Supervisor, Secondary Section) and Mrs Matilda Fernandes (Primary Head Teacher) to the saluting base.

The guest of honour unfurled the “tri-colour.” All those present in the Hall, then, saluted the National Flag, and – with great pride – sang the National Anthem.

The students highlighted the uniqueness of the states of North, South, East and West India through a very well scripted presentation. Another group of students danced to the tunes of A.R. Rehman’s “Vande Mataram” and “Wavin’ Flag.”
In his speech, the guest of honour emphasized – through illustrations – that extraordinary men and women do not ask the question “what can I do?” They, rather, make a statement “I do what I can,” and then do just that – whatever they can. He challenged the students and the educators of St Joseph’s to “do what they can;” small beginnings have a “ripple effect,” and lead to movements.

The entire program was well coordinated; it was not just entertainment, but also information-giving, and a celebration of fervour and patriotism. Congratulations to the Josephites – staff and students.


Flovi D’Souza sdb
AHMEDNAGAR, AUGUST 21, 2010: Don Bosco parish Savedi, Ahmednagar celebrated Vianney Sunday on August 8. The highlight of the celebration was the well animated Eucharist held in the school hall to accommodate the big numbers. Fr, Manuel presided over the Eucharist; Fr. Gregory and Fr. Flovi were the concelebrants. The Eucharist was made livelier by the harmonious singing of the “Grace Choir”. Children who had secured first class and above in the recently conducted X and XII exams were felicitated immediately after the Mass. The boarders then put up a small dance performance. In the afternoon, the parish council members hosted a fellowship meal for the priest and brothers of the community. Vianney Sunday was celebrated after a very long time at Savedi. Fr. Manuel sought to revive the feast so that people learn to accept their priest regardless of their shortcomings, appreciate them, support them and participate whole heartedly in the parish activities. The enthusiasm generated during the celebration was very hopeful.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Nikhil John
NASHIK, AUGUST 20, 2010: On August 15 Don Bosco Parish, Nashik had an evening with Mary. The whole Parish, brothers, sisters, priests and the laity got together to venerate Our Lady on her day of Assumption into Heaven. The traditional Marian Academy was well conducted. Each of the zones and the Institutions gave a Marian Item. There was a rich variety of song, dance, music, drama and poetry. The whole of the Marian Serenade was interspersed with some comments by the two comperes of the Evening Show, namely, Miss Tina Thomas and Master Nikhil John.

The youth helped out, so also did the zonal and area leaders as well as all the religious from the various Institutions. I am sure Our Lady would be happy with the devotion and veneration showed to her on the day of her Assumption. Since it was the Sixty Third Independence Day of India, Mother India was not forgotten. The last item was one of National Integration. It consisted of the classical Bharat Natyam which had the theme of man becoming one’s own enemy and destroying oneself due to the abuse of creation and finally, the hope and new life in God.

Earlier during the Holy Eucharist, the Parish Marian Month was inaugurated. The Parish Priest, Fr. Nelson Falcao sdb, at the post-communion handed over the three statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the various zonal and area leaders from the three main zones of the Parish. The Marian Month at Don Bosco Parish, Nashik is held from August 15 to September 15.
Every day the three statues move in the three zones, from one family to another. Most of the people from each of the zones, gather in the particular families of the zones where the statues are taken respectively and pray the Holy Rosary. It is a devotion which brings the families and eventually the whole Parish together in unity and action.


Vinod Mascarenhas sdb
WADALA, AUGUST 20, 2010: The Church of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala celebrated the Solemnity of the Assumption – and India’s Sixty Fourth Independence Day – with “Marian Moments 2010” for the Sunday school children of the Parish. This annual feature of fun, games and a quiz started at 3.30 p.m. on August 15, 2010 in the St Joseph’s School Hall.

The “Moments” began with the catechists forming the children into teams. The eight teams marched into the Hall, each striving to out-march the other. Fr Aloysius Furtado, the Rector and Parish Priest, lit the lamp and declared “Marian Moments” open.
There was something new in the annual feature and a surprise for the catechists – the organizers pulled them out of the teams, and formed them into a team of their own.

The children (and the organizers) had great fun solving crossword puzzles, decoding messages, composing a rhyme. The Marian Qs and As had everyone on the edge of their seats; and there were a few perfect scores. The children had done their homework!
“Marian Moments 2010” ended at 6.30 p.m. after each child received a prize for his/her presence and participation.

We thank Fr Edwin D’Souza, the Rector of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna, for sponsoring the prizes for the event. Our gratitude to Fr Aloysius Furtado and the Cultural Cell of the Parish… and the children for a delightful evening of “Marian Moments.” All those present went back with a wee bit more knowledge about Jesus and Mary.


Wilfred D’Souza sdb
MATUNGA, AUGUST 20, 2010: ADMA – The Association of Mary Help of Christians celebrated the Commitment made by twenty of its first Members on Saturday August 14, 2010. The occasion was even more special due to the presence of Fr. Klement Vaclav. They received their commitment at the 8.15 Mass. As they stood before God’s altar answered the questions put to them about their understanding of their enrollment and then recited the formula of the Commitment. Each of them received a Badge of Mary Help of Christians and Membership Card from Turin and the book of Regulations printed in the National Centre of the Salesian Family.

The Association started at the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna, Matunga on September 8, 2009 and has been regularly holding their formation meetings on the first Saturday of every month under the direction of Fr. Wilfred D’Souza. On the May 24, 2010 the local unit was officially aggregated to the Primary Association at the Basilica in Turin and a Diploma to this effect has been received.