Friday, September 30, 2011


Casiola Fernandes
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011: We are on a GreenLine trail, literally.  The school is abuzz with a host of activities – from waste audit, waste segregation and composting to greening workshops and field trips, thanks to the trail left behind the GreenLine team.  Introducing the school staff and students to a bank load of exciting and creative initiatives and proposals to a clean environment, Fr. Savio and his team have ensured that the eco values are high up there on our priority list!
A workshop on Organic Gardens at Don Bosco, Matunga came hot on the heels of an interactive session held by the GreenLine team in our school.  A teacher and five of our students attended this workshop for schools participating in Green Schools campaign and conducted by Urban Leaves – a volunteer based organization working on urban food gardens. The resource personnel amazed the audience through their inputs and concrete examples that showed how the smallest of places could be utilized to organically grow plants and vegetables.  There was never a dull moment during the sessions what with a display of collection of living caterpillars, butterflies, tomatoes and the like!
The very next day, on September 29 2011, forty eight of our students together with two our teachers set out for a nature trail conducted by the Godrej Company’s Soonabai Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre (SPGMEC).  They were joined by GreenLine’s own Lyra and Alden, at Vikhroli.  On reaching the spot, our students were given a tour of the halls exhibiting the charts relating to mangroves.  Mr. Hemant Karkhane of the SPGMEC enlightened the students on the mangroves through his brief presentation.  He then led them to a hillock overlooking the vast expanse of land covered with mangroves.  The mangrove trail by our students then followed.  They were introduced to about fifteen different types of mangroves as well as the flora and the fauna therein.  A study tour of the aquarium teeming with marine plants, animals and insects was another highlight of the day’s adventure.  Notes taken, and with a concluding documentary film on the wet lands of India, our students headed back home richer and happier for the experience. It pays to go green!


Philomena Mendes 
KURLA, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011: It was a time of gratitude to God, a celebration of a Salesian vocation and reason to appreciate commitment and fidelity with joy.

Mrs. Theresa Pereira, Mrs. Philomena Mendes, Mrs. Rita D’Souza, Ms. Angeline Mendes, Mrs. Alice D’mello and Mr. Leo Pereira came together on Sunday, September 25, with family, friends and Salesian Co-operators to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of taking their promise as Salesian Co- operators.
At the Eucharist, concelebrated with the Salesian Community of Kurla, Fr. Adolph Furtado the Rector commended and thanked the Jubiliarians for their work and wished them well. He reminded them of Don Bosco’s expectations of the Salesian Co- operators especially in the area of the media. It was an emotional moment when the Jubiliarians renewed their promise surrounded by the Salesian Family.

A Get-together followed wherein the Past Pupils, Salesians, Salesian Co-operators, family and friends felicitated the Jubilarians. The presence of the Provincial Delegate Fr. Wilfred Dsouza as well as Mrs. Claudia Pinto, Provincial Coordinator was an expression of appreciation for the work and commitment of the Kurla Jubiliarians and the Unit.

Thanks to the capable organization of the local delegate Fr. Joe Braganza. It was a day that will be remembered with happiness by all.


Yogita Haldankar 
BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 30, 2011: The under- 14 football team of Don Bosco High School, Borivli emerged as winners of the MSSA- Tournament after two decades.

Melburn Vaz captained his school football team for the past three years. The coaches of Don Bosco, Borivli saw a leader in the youngster and on Wednesday Melburn didn’t disappoint. The twelve-year-old scored the winning goal for Borivli, edging past Campion, Cooperage, 2-1 in the finals played at Azad Maidan.  The game between Campion and Don Bosco, Borivli was a tough match, but the new coaches Mr. Melville Fernandes and Mr. Devdas Shriyan have made a tremendous impact on the boys’ performance.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the PTA, the staff and the coaches for adjusting the timetable to accommodate a dedicated sports period within school hours

Thursday, September 29, 2011


BIS Reporter

WADALA, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: The u-14 basketball team of St. Joseph’s, Wadala is living the dream.  Surpassing all expectations, the team swept aside with ease all the opponents in the Zonal Championships held at Fr. Agnel’s, Vashi on Wednesday September 28, 2011 to lift the championship title.  In the quarterfinals, the team beat Billamong School from Thane city 26-12.  They however reserved their best for the semifinals when they overwhelmed the home favorites, Fr. Agnel’s of New Mumbai 50-15.   Tired, yet determined, they won their finals against Vibgyor, the champions from Mumbai suburbs, by another convincing margin 29-21.  With the District championship title now under their belt, the upbeat team members together with their coaches, Mr. Somnath and Mr. Raju, now proceed for the District championship to be held towards the end of the first week of October.

In football circles, our u-14 football team caused a flutter by claiming the third position in the MSSA organized football tournament in the second Division.  In the play-off for the third position held on September 28, our boys defeated St. Mary’s SSC, via the tie breaker. In doing so, the last of our lower division football teams, has now made it to the top flight of the first division in the u-14 category.  The u-16 had made this grade last year, while our u-10 and u-12 are already making their presence felt in the first division.  We congratulate the proud winners of the u-14 category and commend the tireless efforts of the coaches, Mr. Tony Jesus, Mr. Michael and Mr. Avinash.

Well done boys.  We are indeed proud of your achievements.  And… keep up the winning habit!


Sheron Menezes

BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: This is the second year in succession that the Past Pupils Association (P.P.A) of Don Bosco High School, Borivli celebrated a cultural fiesta with great pomp and happiness. The P.P.A organised the Dandiya Rass 2011 with the kind co-operation of the Management, Staff, P.T.A parents and pupils of Don Bosco Borivli.

The programme started with loud sounding beats by the famous beat group Piyush Vakil and His Beats and of course our dynamic and musical Principal Fr. George gave a Saxophone performance to mark the beginning of the evening. The P.P.A had organised the programme well, seeing to it that all arrangements were made to suit the needs of the participants of the event.
Parents, staff and pupils clad in colourful glittering and traditional Ghagara - Cholis graced the occasion. The evening also saw a number of gifts and prizes awarded to the participants like the best dancing couple, best dressed staff member, best child dancer, a prize for senior citizen and also P.P.A members. The music was tantalizing and the compere certainly made every one present get into a festive and joyful mood.
An important factor seen was the active participation from our neighbour schools. We were delighted to see Rev. Sr. Principal of St. Anne's school take part along with many of her school children in the dance.
Thank you Don Bosco P.P.A for organizin such a fun filled event.


VIRAR, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: The Family Cell of Resurrection Church, Virar hosted a get-together for all the couples of the Parish whose marriage anniversaries fall in the second quarter of the year (May – August). Fr. Lawrence Dsouza celebrated the Eucharist.
In his homily, Fr. Lawrence laid emphasis on the ever increasing need for family values – wherein sharing time and sharing presence with each other was so vital towards creating more fulfilling relationships within the family.
An entertainment programme for the families was also held in the Church Hall. Couples participated in a Wedding march followed by the Bridal dance. Various games like musical chairs, thread bonding, balloon games for kids were also organized
All in all, it was a fun filled evening!!!


Briston Britto sdb

AHMEDNAGAR, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: Blood is thicker than water and so after creating a rapport with the MoRD project students, Don Bosco Community College, Ahmednagar organized a blood donation camp for the students.  It was an eye opener for many of them as they had neither seen nor given blood in their lifetime.  It was a long awaited programme of the college but it was held at the time when the number of students was less, as many were already placed in jobs. Nineteen boys along with the director and some members from the staff donated blood.
Dr. Gujarathi, in charge of Anadrishiji Blood Bank said, “The number is not important but the awareness among the students is what is important.” All the donors received a certificate and the college received a memento from the blood bank. Don Bosco Community College has decided that it would conduct the blood donation camp for every batch. The effort and the gesture of saving life were duly appreciated by some of the parishioners of St. Anne’s Church who too donated their blood.  
Fr. Briston thanked the students as it was also their last day in college before they could be placed.  He said, “I appreciate your parting gift for the college as well as the society.”


Neelam Rodrigues

BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: UMRAO Hospitals, one of the leading tertiary care hospitals, organized ‘Heart Carnival’ to commemorate the World Heart Day (September 29) and to spread awareness about lifestyle diseases and their prevention.

One of the events of this Heart Carnival was the first Medical Science Quiz comprising of four rounds: Preliminary round, Semi-final, Intra-regional finals and the Inter-regional finals.
Tejas Sawant and Kunj Rawani, students of Don Bosco High School, Borivli excelled with flying colours in all the rounds of the medical quiz and bagged the first place. They performed brilliantly in the inter-regional finals held on September 25, 2011. They received a glaring trophy, gold medals, certificates and medical coupons worth Rs. 5000.
The honours were done by Dr. Banerjee, Chief Executive Officer of Umrao Hospitals. Our students happily commented, “The quiz was a multi-media adventure through the world of medical science.”
Kudos Tejas and Kunj. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.


Praful Zhaveri

BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: The Indian Chess School's Inter-Class Chess Tournament held at Don Bosco High School, Borivili had attracted a record hundred and fifty two participants, including students from Don Bosco High School, Borivili and Matunga and the trainees of the Indian Chess School.
The tournament was conducted on a 5-Round Swiss League System with a time-control of 25m+10s per player in the four categories namely; Under-08, Under-10, Under-12 and Above-12.
The event was blessed by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes in a small but well attended opening ceremony. The support extended by the management of Don Bosco High School, Borivili to the game of Chess has propelled it to an altogether new dimension. The Principal of the School, Rev. Fr. George Carlos has introduced 'Chess' as an optional subject ('Chess-in-Schools' project) in the sports curricula from the current academic year, which has found unparallel response. The Administrator of the School, Rev. Fr. Allwyn is at the forefront in extending support for allowing the use of School premises for conducting Chess tournaments of importance.


Lyra Pinto 
MATUNGA, SEPTEMBER 29, 2011: Don Bosco Development Society’s GreenLine, an environmental endeavor, hosted a workshop for schools participating in the Green Schools Campaign, on Organic Farming on September 28, 2011. This workshop was conducted by Urban Leaves, an organization with expert understanding of how even the smallest places can be used for the propagation of a new garden. The event was attended by fifteen teachers and fifty five students, from fourteen different schools.
The event began at 10 A.M. and continued for three hours. The resource team from Urban Leaves included Ms. Purvita Kapadia, Mr. Harshal Deshmukh and Mr. Julius Rego. Fr. Savio Silveira, director of Don Bosco Development Society introduced the resource team to the participants, and also gave the resource team a glimpse of the objectives, work and the successes of the Green Schools Campaign. Following this, Ms. Kapadia explained about the organization, and then began explaining the finer details of the work they carried out. When this was done, and as the presentation carried out, a movie clip on the community farming projects in the city of Mumbai was shown. Amazement and awe was seen on all of the students’ and teachers’ faces, as they saw hundreds of vegetables growing organically in small spaces all over the city.  Following this a short movie called She’s Alive…Planet Earth by Vivek Chauhan was also screened.
Ms. Kapadia told the participants, how Amrut-Mitti, a very fertile, chemical-free soil was prepared by mixing organic waste with red soil and Amrit Jal. This Amrut-Mitti, according to Ms. Kapadia could be used to start plantations anywhere and everywhere, as it was nutrient rich, and could be used on any surface, at any height. Mr. Rego then showed a number of different plants that had been grown in Amrut-Mitti. Besides that, he also spoke on the importance of co-existence among all elements in nature, and this was resonated through his collection of living caterpillars and butterflies. He also showed an interesting collection of tomato, chili, and curry leaf and lemon plants. He also showed how canna plants could be used to recycle wastewater.
The students and teachers seemed very keen in beginning gardens in their schools. Some of the schools with lesser campus space said that they would look into the option of terrace gardens. Ms. Sarita Tiwari, from St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri said that the students would not only work on their own garden, but would be looking to take the gardens to their buildings and homes. All in all, with fourteen new gardens coming up in the city, here’s to a growing green cover, which will hopefully encourage others to start their own garden projects too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Shelden and Joyston
 DIVYADAAN, SEPTEMBER 28, 2011: The grounds of Divyadaan and Salesian Training Institute, Nashik, were bubbling to life with football damaka that witnessed young boys of the various oratories to which our brothers cater to on Sundays. The youthful enthusiasm and vigour was noticed in the manner in which the boys displayed their skills and talents with the ball.
This event has drawn many poor and under privileged youngsters and provided them with a platform where they experienced, the gay of being together and playing foot ball.
The hundred and eighty youngsters who participated in the tournament cherished every moment of their play from dawn to dusk. From the very first moment where they all gathered for a prayer-service and a welcome speech by Fr. Nelson to the end in the evening with the prize distribution there was a constant remittent and zeal in the youngsters. There was also a continuous support which the teams received from the sidelines during and after the game – whether they won or they lost.
The finals were played between Godavari I and Kamgar Nagar. It was indeed a sight to see Kamgar Nagar till the end with 4-0 win. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Maulla Sayyad, the Commissioner for the Traffic Police Nasik who is his simple but yet profound speech won the hearts of all the boys. He also instructed the boys about the disadvantages of not following traffic rules and urged all the youngsters to treasure their life and be careful especially while using their vehicles. The chief guest was very well pleased by the work and approach of Don Bosco fathers and brothers for the poor youngsters through the various oratories.
Every boy left the ground happy and satisfied after enjoying a wonderful day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Akshay Wasan
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011: The second session of the GreenLine project conducted by the GreenLine team during this scholastic year was held on September 23. Fr. Savio Silveira and his team were here ,this time to take stock of the new and recent developments in the Project initiated by them, and also to give their valuable inputs to better the environment. Our teachers, Ms. Padmini, Ms. Pavita and Ms. Sunita, along with the students – and computer software expertise from Mr. Bosco – made elaborate preparations for this exercise.

During the reporting session, Ms. Padmini began with the address, explaining the procedures and tools used to prepare the report.  The students Vignesh Swamy, Jay Chedda, Wilfred Donakanty and the head boy Rishabh Deshpande presented the reports of the school's participation and involvement in the GreenLine project.  Fr. Silveira congratulated the staff and students of St. Joseph’s for their tremendous efforts to help carry out a successful audit waste report on the school campus through waste segregation. 

In the power point presentation on Waste Management that followed, Fr. Silveira and Ms. Lyra got the students to participate actively through some relevant and practical inputs.  The students were made to realize the deeper implications and the importance of the Waste Management Pyramid whose bottom layers contained the words Dispose and Treat, while Avoid, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover made up the top most layers in that order.  While the present focus was on disposal, and to some extent treat, recover and reuse, the ideal was to AVOID waste. Also in the course of the session, the leaders were given some options and suggestions to segregate waste in the future as also the importance and functions of the compost pit. 

Fr. Silveira and his team proved to be a source of great inspiration to our students and leaders. As they took our leave, they left us a small gift (a neat bird house and bird feeder) – a reminder that we need to nurture nature and care for the environment every moment!


Joyce D'mello Fernandes
NERUL, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011: Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul organized an 'EXHIBITION BONANZA' on September 24, 2011 from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm, for Classes III to VIII with a view to enhancing knowledge through a `hands-on' approach. Mr. Jose Kurian, Principal of DAV Public School, Nerul, inaugurated the Event.
All the students from classes III to VIII were divided into eight faculties, namely: English, Hindi, Marathi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer and Art/Craft. Each faculty displayed twenty-two exhibits each, in venues allotted to them.
Teachers and experts in their respective fields were invited as judges for each faculty. Prizes were given per group as follows:
Group A - Classes III and IV – three prizes
Group B - Classes V and VI – three prizes
Group C - Classes VII and VIII – two   prizes.
One got to witness beautiful working models in Science and Social Sciences. The Mathematics faculty inculcated craft in their exhibits. The language faculties had puppet shows, role-playing and explained scientific reasons for simple word formations. There were word-building games to enrich vocabulary skills. The Computer faculty used PowerPoint presentations to explain different aspects. The Art and Craft faculty showcased students’ talents through various displays.
This Exhibition Bonanza was truly the culmination of weeks of brainstorming, hard work, creativity and expression. It beautifully encapsulated the ‘Don Bosco Way’ of Expressive Education.
This one-of-a-kind exhibition provided students and visitors loads of information in innovative ways. Students and their teachers from the neighbouring schools also visited and expressed their appreciation as they went around.
All in all, it was an enriching experience for the participants as well as the visitors.


Melissa Mascarenhas 
KUWAIT, SEPTEMBER 27, 2011: Annually, the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia conducts a seminar for the Catechists (a three year cycle). Although it is mainly for the fresh catechists, yet those who have spent years teaching catechism also attend it to refresh themselves. At the end of the seminar, the participants receive a certificate from the Catechetical Moderator and the Bishop which is a requirement to teach catechism.

Fr. Franco Pereira sdb, who heads the catechetical ministry of the Vicariate, organizes the seminar annually. The seminar is spread over nine weeks beginning from September 24. The catechists meet every Saturday in the evening for two hours at the Holy Family Cathedral. There are hundred and sixteen participants from the four parishes in Kuwait and thirty six from St. Therese’s parish, Salmiya.
The main content of the final (third year) seminar includes: The new Roman Missal, the Gospels of Mathew and John, Mass Animation, Basic Christian Communities, Educational System, Psychology of the Child and Youcat.

The first day centered on “The New Roman Missal”. Fr. Pereira shed light on how the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of our Christian Life. He made the participants aware of the changes introduced in the new liturgy and enlightened all with his constant references to the scriptures, theology and history. He took great pains to explain how these words, gestures, signs and symbols used during this Sacred Mystery of our Faith, will ‘deepen our faith, nurture hope and celebrate life’.
All in all, the seminar was very fruitful and each participant thanked God for giving them the opportunity to attend the seminar and thanked Fr. Pereira for organizing it.

Monday, September 26, 2011


BIS Correspondent
WADALA, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011: Our u-14 Basketball team players were at their ruthless best in the recently held DSO basketball tournament to clinch the Mumbai city championship title. In their run up to the finals they made short work of the teams through a tremendous display of speed and skill. They beat Our Lady of Good Counsel 29-8, Bombay Scottish 27-2 and outplayed Shishuvan 36-19 in the semifinals. However it was the mouthwatering clash in the finals against Don Bosco, Matunga on their home ground that brought to fore the class of our young hoopsters. True grit and determination were writ large on their faces as they set out to bring home the title. And win they did! They defeated Don Bosco in style. The final score read 26-19. Kudos to our team for playing so well to be the Mumbai city champs. They now go on to play the zonals at Vashi later this month. We wish them success in this tourney too.
In the same tournament, our u-17 Basketball team did creditably well to reach the finals. Just like their young counterparts, they outclassed the opposition (Bombay Scottish, Xavier’s - Fort and Cathedral) by convincing margins: 29-15, 27-6 and 28-19 respectively. In the finals our team was once again pitted against the arch rivals Don Bosco, Matunga at Don Bosco, Matunga. In the first two quarters of the finals, both the teams were engaged in a see-saw battle to gain supremacy. However our boys choked in the latter stages of the game and allowed Don Bosco Matunga to gain the upper hand and thus lost the game and the title 31-38. Well played boys to reach thus far! On a happy note, four of our players, Ajay Sawla, Atul Yadav, Moneel Bheda and Venil Maru, were selected for the zonals to be played at Vashi.
The u-14 winners’ title and the runners-up title in the u-17 category were a fitting tribute to the hard work and planning of the two dedicated basketball coaches, Mr. Somnath and Mr. Raju. Carry on the good work boys… and the coaches.


CL. Dinesh Vasava sdb

NARUKOT, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011: Gujarat State U-17 hockey tournament was organized on the Piloo Mody Don Bosco High School ground by the Sport Authority of Gujarat from September 23- 25, 2011.
The tournament began with a prayer service in the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Harshing Baria, Taluka Pramukh, Mr. Mayank Desai the Sarpanch of Jambughoda, Mr. Navalsing Nayaka the Sarpanch of Narukot Village, and other local leaders. The Chief Guests were welcomed with a prayer dance and a bouquet of flowers. Mr. Harsing Baria, in his speech, spoke about how to become a good sports man. Fr. Stanny the Manager, in his speech, presented an example of Yuvraj Walmiki a slum boy who played for India at the recent Asia Hockey Champion Trophy. He used his quote, “Hard work always pays and never accept defeat in life”
On the first day, thirty District teams from all over Gujarat began proving their supremacy in hockey. There were five hundred participants together with the Managers, Coaches, Referees, and the staff of Sport Authority of Gujarat. Mr. Amrut Katara the district sport officer and convener in- charge of the tournament expressed his complete satisfaction in the arrangement provided and thanked the management for the excellent organization of the event. Many parents and various leaders got a chance to exchange their views. Finally, the Rajkot team emerged as champions by beating Amreli in the finals.
The Management also expressed gratitude for the arrangement of Boarding, Lodging and Organization, which were taken care of by the dedicated Staff of the School, the Technical and the Don Bosco Development Office Staff. It was a great day to promote our National sport. May tournaments like these promote more sportsmen like Yuvraj Walmiki.


Paul Antao sdb

SUKET, SEPTEMBER 26, 2011: The parish community of St. Michael’s Church, Suket (Rajasthan) celebrated their parish feast on September 25, 2011. Rt. Rev. Bishop Igantius Menezes was the principal celebrant for the Holy Eucharist which was well attended by parishioners, some of whom are scattered within a radius of fifteen kilometres of the Parish. The Bishop, in his homily, exhorted the faithful to have faith in the intercessions of Archangel St. Michael and to be diligent in combating the evils present in society today. After mass, the people participated in the traditional housie game which was followed by the fellowship meal organized by the youth of the parish under the direction of Fr. Glen Fernandes. The day concluded with a delightful cultural programme comprising of folk and contemporary songs and dances showcasing the talents of the parishioners both young and old.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Patrick Corda
BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 24, 2011: The Hotel Management students of MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) who are training at Bosco Boys Home had a wonderful experience as they remembered their journey from the village mela to the city exhibition NESCO Mumbai Exhibition Centre on September 23, 2011 had organised Times Hospitality Expo presented by Times of India an Exhibition focusing on food and beverages, housekeeping, health and fitness, spa and wellness, hotel management institutes and other. The twenty two students were privileged to witness the opening ceremony which was done by Mr. Chagan Bujbal the Food Minister. The pride of Indian Kitchen Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and the very famous Tarla Dalal were present at the event. It was a golden opportunity for the students as they observed and learnt many new things. They came across equipments that were used in the hotel industry, many counters offered catalogues which turned out to be very helpful for their training purpose. Some food counters also took care of their tummies where in they got to taste some food items. The students spent almost two hours in the exhibition centre and walked out with a lot of materials which they promised to use for their training. A special thanks to the Director Fr. Anthony Santarita who motivated the students to go for this exhibition. We also thank Mr. Sachin Pyati who took care of the entire visit.


Dear Friends,

AID SIKKIM 6.8 is a venture by the Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC) and the GreenLine to join hands in solidarity to bring Light and Hope to students in Earthquake affected SIKKIM. Your contributions will go a long way in making this initiative come alive. Please support us by forwarding this letter and Poster to all your friends and well wishers.

Here is a cause YOU and I just cant ignore! Earthquake 6.8 brought Sikkim to its knees, let AID SIKKIM 6.8 bring HOPE to them.

God bless you all as you join hands with us.

Thank you,

Fr. Lowe Glenford sdb
Archdiocesan Value Education Centre (AVEC)
Don Bosco Youth Services (DBYS)
Matunga, MUMBAI 400 019

Mobile: +919619699940
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Sandhya Jain

BORIVLI, SEPTEMBER 24, 2011: The choral recitation competition of the primary section of Don Bosco High School, Borivli was a feather in the cap. The primary section was into two groups mainly; juniors and the seniors. The students of Std I and II belonged to the juniors category and the students of Std III and IV to the seniors category. Our little ones presented the choral recitation with real gusto and vigour, impressive facial expression and apt voice modulation. It was a truly brilliant performance with confidence radiating at each small move and gesture. Each group had a thorough command over its pronunciation.The competition was judged by competent judges Mrs. Charmaine D'lima and Mrs. Kajal Kamath, who are well experienced in the field of art and education. The critical appreciation by Mrs. Charmaine D'lima highlighted the do's and don’ts of choral recitation that shall go a long way in improvising upon the same.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Bento D’souza sdb

BHINGAR, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011: On September 22, 2011 ten members of ADMA met for half an hour in the chapel to pray for the needs of the parish and of the world of youth. Before the Eucharist, Ms. Victoria Solomon spoke on various aspects of the life of Fr. Johnny Bosco as a young priest. They were as follows: Discernment of the call to work with youth by Fr. Cafasso, the first entrant into his life, Bartholomew Garelli, the work with Baronness Barolo and the invitation to work for girls, his difficulties in finding shelter and in working for the troublesome boys, his escapade in being driven to the mad house by two of the priests and finally on the inauguration of the Oratory - first Salesian house - at Easter. The previous month, Theresa Patole spoke about the first prophetic dream of the young adolescent Johnny Bosco. Next month, Shobha Dette will speak about the role of Mamma Margaret in the life, work and spirituality of Don Bosco and the beginnings of the Congregation.

“The ADMA group is not a group for formation per se,” states Fr. Elias Dias, “but is the group that sees to the care of the church and the celebration of the Eucharist.” This is the type of training given to the members of the ADMA not just in public communication but also in imbibing the spirit of Don Bosco through the year, before they make their promise at the end.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Moneel Bheda

WADALA, SEPTEMBER 22, 2011: St. Joseph’s, Wadala are back to where they belong – yes, in Handball!  After experiencing an indifferent outing in the last scholastic year, our boys were back with a bang this year.  At the recently (and hurriedly) concluded DSO handball tourney, our u-14 and u-17 handball teams came up trumps by bagging the Mumbai city championship in both the categories.

The u-14 Handball team won their semi-finals and finals against G.D. Somani School and I.E.S. Dadar by comprehensive margins; 7-0 and 13-7 respectively. The outstanding player of the game was Mayank Chavan who was ably assisted by all his team-mates. The tournament was held at Panchgani grounds, Dadar on September 19, 2011.

The tournament for the u-17 was held at the same venue on September 21 and here too our boys did not have to break a sweat to clinch the title.  They did however have to overcome the slippery and mucky condition of the playing field given the incessant downpour on the day of the tournament.  Our team had identical opponents as our u-14 handball team in the semi finals and finals, and here too they outshone the opponents with emphatic victories.  In the semis they overpowered Somani School 8-0 and in the finals they humbled IES Dadar 7-0.  Moneel Bheda, Atul Yadav, Bhavya Gala and Shivam Thakar did the bulk of the scoring, while Eshpreet Bajwa was brilliant under the bar.
The teams now qualify for the zonal finals that will be played in a week’s time.  We wish our teams’ success in this tournament too. Our congratulations to the handball coach Raj, together with his assistant, Avinash, for the hard work and their encouragement in producing such outstanding teams year after year!


Adolph Furtado

KURLA, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011: The Centre for Social Change is the latest initiative of Don Bosco Centre for Learning, Kurla. This Centre will focus on the three foundation pillars of DBCL namely. Learning, Empowerment and Transformation.

In the area of Learning, the Centre will create an awareness of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship among potential entrepreneurs who could be students or otherwise. For this purpose the Centre will use PanIIT and iCreate. DBIT has already signed an MOU with iCreate and PanIIT to provide access to Entrepreneurship Development to the students on the DBCL campus as well as participants in the outreach programs.

The Centre will also have other Partners like Grameen Creative Lab, the Hub, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), National Economic and social Forum (NESF) and so on. These partners will work in collaboration or independently to empower young entrepreneurs with inputs, mentoring and funding. The young entrepreneurs will come up with pure commercial business proposals or social business proposals.

The business proposals will be screened and the ones which will have a greater probability to succeed will be selected to be part of the incubation cell. The Centre will also address the issues of Not for Profit outfits (NGOs) by empowering the field workers with relevant skills and the Coordinators/Heads with Leadership skills. The Centre will also examine how complementary skills can be offered to students in the vocational training space as well as see if the current curriculum of the vocational training needs to be revisited in order to make it more industry relevant.

The Centre will mobilize students from all the institutes on the campus to actively participate in the achievement of its aims and objectives. Thus the Centre will be the fulcrum and the focus of the Campus. It will strive for synergy among the Institutes and the knowledge and skills they provide. It will also ensure that the goals set are in alignment with the Don Bosco ideals.

The Centre through this process aims at empowering youth to become skilled entrepreneurs and transformational leaders who change the paradigm under which business is currently being transacted.
The Centre for Social Change will be headed by Dr. Sarika Kulkarni.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Royal D’Souza

KURLA, SEPTEMBER 21, 2011:Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha, Karjat for the third year in succession welcomed sixty five NSS volunteers from thirty colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai for a five day residential ‘Leadership Training Camp’ between September 6-10, 2011. This was jointly organized by the NSS Unit of Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla and NSS Central Suburb Zone, University of Mumbai

The objective of this program was to help the participants develop as leaders of five thousand two hundred NSS  volunteers belonging to the zone and take full responsibility to lead NSS programs in their college during the academic year.

The inaugural program was graced by Prof. Atul Salunke, NSS Program Coordinator - University of Mumbai; Dr. Satish Kolte, NSS District Coordinator – Mumbai City Zone and Fr. Xavier, Director - Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha, Karjat.

The aims and objectives of NSS, its administrative and financial structure as well as the various NSS schemes were explained in detail. Dr. N. G. Joag, Principal - DBIT animated the group with an interactive session on goal setting and Leadership skills which was much appreciated.

“DBYS was an ideal setting for this camp” said Leandra Menezes. The BPL youth residing there for a short period of six months are offered life skills and vocational skills that make them employable thus becoming assets to society. The methodology used by the Salesians is simple yet life transforming. The emphasis on preserving eco systems, recycling and care for environment were lived out experiences as Shubankar one of the NSS participants put it; “I was amazed at these young boys who interacted with us so confidently. What surprised me was that they had goals for themselves and some even wanted to become entrepreneurs! That was a lesson in leadership.”

The NSS program focused on skills development including the art of communications, report writing, editing and time management. Disaster and safety management, environment consciousness like conservation of Water and Energy and empowerment of women were topics that received good coverage. For students accustomed to having all their needs taken care of by their family this camp challenged them to take charge of several responsibilities in the running of the camp. Well, they had the Karjat boys to emulate who displayed self reliance, resourcefulness and diligence in getting their job done on a daily basis. DBYS boys too benefited as they had the opportunity to learn English from the University students.

The Leadership Training Camp’s success was largely due to the overwhelming support received from Fr. Xavier and the careful planning of Dr. Joag and Mr. Royal from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Joyce Dias 
MATUNGA, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011: As an ongoing process in the Vocation Guidance Ministry, Don Bosco Youth Services, Matunga, organized an interesting program for twenty-five youngsters from Std. VIII and IX of our Junior Bosco Youth Group (BYG).  The program was planned taking into account suggestions given by the youngsters themselves.   

The kids were welcomed warmly by Fr. Brian Moras who then conducted a creative prayer session.  This was followed by the highlight of the evening which was an inspirational movie “The Mighty”.  This movie enlightened the youngsters on how to rise above themselves, how to face difficulties without giving in or giving up.   At the end of the Movie we had a meaningful discussion on the same.  The presence of Fr. Glenn Lowe added deeper meaning to the event and was appreciated by the youngsters.

A good break of yummy snacks was then served following which the youngsters got ready for a football tournament.

The programme ended with the distribution of prizes by Joyce Dias the secretary of the Youth Services.  Each group won a prize depending on the place that they stood at the tournament.


Ranald Lopez 
CHOTTAUDEPUR, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011: On September 8, 2011 twenty five trucks parked along our main entrance to fill up the sand from our riverbank which borders our property. There were two dozen of tractors for this operation of which we were not informed. On further investigation we were told that the portion of the river was leased out to traders to trade the sand elsewhere.

On the first day they were caught stealing the sand from the river portion of our compound after which we complained to the authorities. This huge undertaking is a huge loss to the river ecosystem and the water levels in the neighbourhood. The students also faced a risk of being run over by the constant movement of trucks parked in front of our gate and approach road. Repeated written complaints were made to the mamlatdar and this was also reported in the papers. The parents of the students met the government authorities regarding this serious problem who conveniently washed their hands saying that it had legal approval. We have succeeded in removing the trucks from our front entrance and on the road but the activity continues. We have also approached the collector of Baroda to intervene in this erroneous crime to the river habitat and hope that it will reach a sound solution.


BIS Mumbai                                  



Ranald Lopez


CHOTTAUDEPUR, SEPTEMBER 20, 2011: On September 8, 2011 twenty five trucks parked along our main entrance to fill up the sand from our riverbank which borders our property. There were two dozen of tractors for this operation of which we were not informed. On further investigation we were told that the portion of the river was leased out to traders to trade the sand elsewhere.

On the first day they were caught stealing the sand from the river portion of our compound after which we complained to the authorities. This huge undertaking is a huge loss to the river ecosystem and the water levels in the neighbourhood. The students also faced a risk of being run over by the constant movement of trucks parked in front of our gate and approach road. Repeated written complaints were made to the mamlatdar and this was also reported in the papers. The parents of the students met the government authorities regarding this serious problem who conveniently washed their hands saying that it had legal approval. We have succeeded in removing the trucks from our front entrance and on the road but the activity continues. We have also approached the collector of Baroda to intervene in this erroneous crime to the river habitat and hope that it will reach a sound solution. 


Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA